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Spring, 2008

SPRING TIME IN KENTUCKY Dante out of Surany (Zoe) by Shagya XLII-1 x Bint Ghasala

The spring of 2008 has been an excellent time for ASAV. The annual members meeting, held in Finchville, Kentucky, was a rousing success. The meeting was not only open to ASAV members, but also NASS members, ISG members and the general public. We had numerous international participants and north American luminaries take part in the three days of clinics. All in all, we had 80 people show for that weekend. Additionally, junior members of horse organizations and clubs, such as 4H, attended for free. ASAV achieved another milestone as ASAV membership reached the 50 member level– all active members. Our goal for next year is set for 100 member level. Because of our growth and activity in the international Shagya community, we have elected to apply for membership in the ISG. Acceptance in this organization will bring us a step up in the international level. This effort was accomplished through many hard working board members that spent extensive hours completing stud books and legal papers, which ISG needed to see. Denis Atam will be making our case in Slovakia. It is with great sadness that during the spring period the Shagya community has lost several dear and well known horses. Judy Moore lost the *Oman daughter, Shomani. Adele Furby has lost her stallion *Shandor. Finally, the Stellis lost their stallion *Amurath Samurai. Our heart felt condolences to the owners. We all look forward to a great summer, which has arrived, at times, in the northwest. Kilian Dill

A unanimous vote by the membership has established the ASAV Meritorious Award. The idea was proposed by Donna Coss and Valerie Bullock during the ASAV national business meeting on Friday night.It was so well received that the membership in attendance gave its full approval to the program. The purpose is to recognize any person or any Shagya bred horse, that has achieved outstanding accomplishments in any performance discipline, breeding and or promotion of the Shagya breed. During the following 24 hours, the ASAV Board of Directors made the decision to induct the first honoree. Carolyn Tucker and her stallion *OMAN would share the dual honors. Ms Tucker was honored at the Banquet on Saturday night. Carolyn attended the meeting as a key-note speaker during the 3-day event. Carolyn and *Oman were a moving force within the horse world and *Oman’s performance record and ISR approval, their endurance record together, and then the ever lasting impact with his progeny is without a rival. *Oman was also given the honor of becoming one of the ASAV Blood Stock stallions and will be in the first Stud book. Carolyn received a gift of her choice commemorating the Award donated by Fashion Graphics and Shagyas West. A lovely desk clock bearing an engraved plaque was the choice and Carolyn reports that is sits on her desk where she can enjoy it daily. The ASAV Winter Newsletter was devoted to *OMAN, his accomplishments, his offspring and his life with Carolyn. If you would like to read the entire story, please go to and go to the newsletter section. It can be downloaded or read in its entirety online. A permanent plaque will be established showing Carolyn/OMAN as the first recipient of this Award

20th of May, 2008 Referring to the decision and the ISG letter from 02/12/2008 (Resolution of the ISG BOD to the “USA-Shagya-Araber situation”), which states that another breeding association in America can obtain membership with ISG. ASAV (American Shagya Arabian Verband) herewith submits an application and is applying for membership and recognition by ISG. ASAV is a breeding association founded and properly registered in 2003 for the purpose of supporting breeders and the preservation and promotion of the Shagya-Arabian breed in North America. The association is in compliance with all legal and tax requirements for breeding associations in USA and is managed in a democratic and membership friendly manner. The number of active members is currently 48 (May 2008). ASAV maintains a computerized registry (Studbook) with separate sections (books) for Purebred ShagyaArabians, Part-Shagya-Arabians, Part-Shagyas (Shagya-Sportlos), and Anglo-Shagyas. While ASAV is not yet recognized by ISG – ASAV voluntarily has followed rules and regulations of the ISG-RZBO in the past. Therefore the ASAV registry fulfills the ISG requirements already. Currently there are: 63 Purebred Shagya-Arabians, 47 Part-Shagya-Arabians, 15 Part-Shagyas (ShagyaSportlos), and 10 Anglo-Shagyas registered with ASAV. ASAV commits to fulfill the rules of the ISG “General Studbook Rules & Regulations” (RZBO) and to recognize ISG as the umbrella organization and to support ISG accordingly. Accompanying this application will be a submission of photocopies available for review during the next delegates meeting in Topolcianky. This will substantiate the correct legal status of ASAV. We will also provide a current version of the studbook then. In case ISG has specific requirements or needs additional information in regards to the studbook, ASAV is eager to fulfill those requirements and submit any missing information as soon as possible. ASAV is looking forward to a collaborative and successful relationship with ISG and its member associations. Please contact the ASAV BOD in case of any questions. Kind regards President: BOD:

Kilian Dill - Darlene Steven - Daunna Sellers - Donna Coss - Valerie Bullock - Denis Atam –

ASAV – American Shagya Arabian Verband P.O. Box 169 Finchville, Ky. 40022

Booth Creek Ranch 7547 Wycliffe Rd.

Cranbrook, BC, V1C 7C4

FOR SALE Imported Mare (grey) 6 Years old; RAA’s Pashera with German and NA pedigree, breeding proven; Dam: Philomena (also in Canada) Sire: Octavian (Performance Tested ) she is the only one on this continent with those bloodlines and absolutely purebred Shagya, without any Arabian crossed in. She had one filly and is an easygoing broodmare; 153 cm height; She is very cool, safe and sound also with kids, Green broke , was hand and packhorse on trails; and shows with all gaits of her proven bloodlines. This horse has all dressage gaits you need, very impressive; she needs only to be taught when to show them. Very good hooves, easy with farrier and trailer; Asking price 13,500 CAD Could be bred to the imported stallion, MURAD (Performance test winner in Germany, 2001) Licensing winner in Germany 200l. Placed in top three in Jumping and Dressage. (breeding fee)

RAA’S Pashera

RAA’s Marah Grey filly, born in 2006; Dam imported RAA’s Pashera and imported Sire Murad; she will look like her mom later; very smart and cool young lady; easy with farrier, very nice gaits like her mom and well balanced for her age.

RAA’s Dumah, Will turn grey! born 2006 Imported Dam, Dahri -- Sire: Murad; Very flashy Lady , will have the size of her dam 156 cm; Very good all around horse, will bond close to her owner; will turn out the heavier type of Shagya;

Here some photos from the parents and / or grandparents

Murad Jumping & Dressage Shows in Germany as the only Shagya and �Arabian� with at least 20 other competitors in his class out of 13 starts = 5 x 1 .Place; 4 x 2. Place and 3 x 3.Place

Visitors Are Welcome

Dahri The all around horse

Allan & Anke Brander 7547 Wycliffe Rd. Cranbrook, BC, V1C 7C4

Philomena The endurance horse

Tel: 1 250 489 0065 E-mail

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ASAV REGIONAL REVIEW ASAV has divided the membership into four Districts. The regional directors are also on the Board of Directors. They are:

North District One: Donna Coss, NY, NH, NJ, ME, CT, OH, PA, IN, IL, WI, MN, MI, RI, MD, DE, VT, MA, DC South District Two:

Michelle Detmer




Pacific District Three: Valerie Bullock WA, MT, WY, ND, SD, CO, IA, OR, NE, ID, CANADA West District Four: Kilian Dill, CA, AZ, NV, OK, TX, NM, UT, AK, HI, KS, AR, LA, MO If you have questions, comments or suggestions in any area of our organization, please contact your District representative. They are here to serve the membership

Officers, Board of Directors, Committee Chair President, Kilian Dill Secretary, Elisha Morehead Treasurer, Darlene Steven Registrar, Daunna Sellers Newsletter, Donna Coss Membership chairman, Valerie Bullock ISG liaison, Denis Atam Web Mistress, Michelle Detmer

“Our focus is Sporthorses” Anglo-ShA/Sportlo We are looking for “A few Good Mares” Private treaty/AI

Karen Bish 541.420.1410

ASAV ANNUAL MEETING IS A WELL ATTENDED EVENT Shagya members and enthusiasts met recently near Shelbyville, Ky. for the fifth annual meeting of the Shagya registry, that has seen amazing growth since it’s incorporation in 2002. Nearly 175 guests and members were on hand at the farm of Darlene Steven of Buck Creek farm, Finchville, Ky. Tamas Rombauer, past director of the Hungarian Arabian State Stud located in Babolna, Hungary, was present and gave several presentations during the three days the meeting was in progress. Particular attention was given to the threatened closing of this historic stud farm, founded in 1789 and the ancestral home of the rare and endangered Shagya breed, developed from purebred Arabian bloodstock. Mr. Rombauer is also vice president of the International Shagya Araber Gesellschaft (ISG society for purebred Shagya breeding). He is an internationally renowned speaker and recognized judge of the purebred Arabian, as well as the Shagya. Particular importance was given to the breeding criteria, for this exceptional breed, and a detailed standard for judging was presented to members and guests. There are about 2000 breeding animals worldwide and in the U.S. only about 150. Carolyn Tucker, the owner of *OMAN, a U.S, foundation Shagya stallion, of California, was a special guest and speaker and told of her experience riding *Oman in the Tevis race on two occasions. She also took this, now deceased stallion, through the ISR 100 day testing where he won approval and licensing. Carolyn was awarded the first MERITORIUS AWARD created by ASAV to recognize a Shagya

for it’s lifetime achievement in breeding, equestrian sports or a contribution that brings attention to the Shagya breed. *Oman was also inducted into the ASAV studbook, where he has many offspring and is considered a foundation stallion, Guests were also treated to a breathtaking performance by Frank Bakonyi, founder and member of the Hungarian Cavalry and Hussar Guard which is headquartered in El Gatos, Ca. Frank performed a full charge on his white horse, in full Hussar uniform, saber raised! Mr. Bakonyi is also involved in the “Save Babolna” campaign. Several clinicians were on hand to present their programs, which spanned many aspects of training and health. The main sponsor of this event was KEEP – Kentucky Equine Education Project, is a nonprofit org. who lobbies for horse related legislature. A total of eleven sponsors funded the event. ASAV was established as a registry for purebred Shagya Arabians, partbred Shagya Arabians and to regulate the approval of breeding stock. Most important is the promotion and coordination of Shagya breeders throughout the world and to disseminate information about the breed to the public. Recently a registry for the Anglo Shagya was added to record this cross similar to The Anglo Arab, but with the Shagya. RAMZES, A stallion found in countless warmblood registries was an Anglo Shagya Main Speaker Sponsors: KEEP - Kentucky Equine Education Project Sponsors: KEEP - Kentucky Equine Education Project, Plamp Keen Equine Insurance, Davenport Trucking, Pelphrey Enterprises, Fort Dodge Animal Health, Skychai Racing LLC, Metzger’s Country Store, Redwood Ranch, Washington State. Darlene Steven Stables, Shelby Co.Tourism Commission, Kentucky Farm Bureau


COLUMBIA INSPECTION Denis and Irmi Atam, of Manson, WA. were present at the recent ISG Shagya breed inspections held in South America. Judges included Dr. Walter Huber from Germany, Dr. Jose Luis Canelon Perez, and assistant judge, Denis Atam. The first horses inspected were found at the farm of Gertrud Von Fedak, the Hacienda Rancho Alegre in Venezuela. Ms. Fedak imported horses from the U.S. in the early 1989, especially the stallion, BRAVADO, a half brother to Nancy Skakel’s Shagya stallion BOLD BRAVO. Bold Bravo is by Hungarian Bravo out of *Aminah. Bravado is by H. Bravo out of *Biala. They were both born in 1988. Bravado was exported in 1989 to Venezuela, purchased by Sandor von Fedak. The von Fedak’s also purchased the filly Omani (*Oman x TPR Shatanao ox). Originally they had purchased Shomani (*Oman x Magic Shadow ox) but at shipment time Shomani had a nasal discharge. Omani was substituted and Judy Moore later bought Shomani. Sigi Frei, President of ISG, Bruno and Elizabeth Furrer, Adele Furby, and Nancy Skakel visited the von Fedak’s in 1991. They were able to participate in the first Shagya and Arabian show to be held in Caracas. BRAVADO is the sire of the very productive stallion, GALAN.

A stallion, FABIAN, sired by BRAVADO X

The team then moved on to Bogota, Columbia and the farm of Diane Gaviria and Eduardo Uribe. This is the farm founded by Eduardo Gaviria, who was a renowned horseman. He bred the 1998 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, REAL QUIET. Mr. Gaviria had recently closed his farm in Florida and planned to retire to his farm near Bogota, Columbia S.A. He was interested in breeding fine Shagyas and was especially interested in the Anglo Shagya and endurance stock. His search led him to the farm of Donna Coss and Lily Creek Ridge near Freeport, Il. *KS TRADITION LCR, a dark brown stallion imported by Ms. Coss in 2001, as a weanling, caught his eye. His sire is the well known TATJANUS, bred by Ruth Pack, and his dam was the well bred OBEIDA I. *KS TRADITION (know in the U.S. as TRIBUTE) had just been approved by Dr. Egon Kamarasy at an ASAV inspection where he received a high score. His score at the Columbian inspection was 8.38, which gives credence to his original U.S. rating. An excerpt from the inspection protocol: “Wonderful dark brown stallion of real Shagya Europe he would be considered at a National Stud as a PRIMARY Stallion. He is a win for this breed!” Mr. Gaviria also chose the Lily Creek mare, STEFVANI (SW Selebration X Sarvar PFF) to accompany TRADITION to South America, She was in foal to *DANTE. Since then LILY CREEK STEFVANI has produced also APAPARIS, an 18 month old chestnut filly and a 3 month old colt, that is receiving rave reviews.

FARAH DIVA. was approved with a score of 7.88 The mares, GEOGIA (Ghazzir X Gallarda) and OSIRIS ( Galan X Omara received a score of 7.00 and 7.63 and were approved.

The stallion GENUINO (Nisos X Gazali) was also approved with a score of 7.38 Eduardo Gavira died suddenly in 2006, but his children are carrying on his vision and one would say in the style of their father.




score: 7.88


copyright by Denis Atam--all rights reserved

Diana Gaviria & Eduardo Uribe

*KS Tradition Score: 8.38


Score 7.38

Bogato Columbia South America For more photos, and the complete write-up go to: Copyright Denis Atam--all rights reserved

Lily Creek Stefvani B O G A T A

Three month old stud colt--Tradition X Stefvani

Copyright Denis Atam--all rights reserved

Two beautiful fillies sired by *KS Tribute. both from frozen semen Dam: SW Selebration By *Oman

We have seven foals For Sale Sired by TRIBUTE & BATAAN

Dam: Lily Creek Brielle Bahadur X SW Selebration (Brielle is also from frozen semen)

WWW.SHAGYASPORT.COM 815-541-4552 Special prices If you choose before weaning!

Lily Creek Legacy

Lily Creek Tasarra

European Performance Tested & Approved Stallion Available for Breeding in USA!

NEDDOR, Alsfeld, Germany (L. Woegler)

LEDGER SHG (Neddor x Lutka-62) 2008 Purebred Shagya Colt - For Sale Located in Vermont - Other Shagyas Available Contact: 802.293.5783

NEDDOR, Kreuth, Germany (M. Lussberger).

NEDDOR (Navarra x Nora I by Nasrallah) !"

Performance Test: HLP Marbach, 1993. Won ì Best Shagyaî with a ì 10î for character & temperament.

!" !"

Purebred Shagya Arabian. Born in 1987. Height: 158 cm. Cannon: 19 cm.

Performance: Dressage, jumping, and cross country. Pleasure: fox hunting and cavalry.

!" *

Breeding Licenses: NASS, ZSAA, VZAP and the Trakehner Verband.





Owner/Contact: Monika & H.Günther Lussberger E-mail: Website: Frozen Semen is stored at Yancey Farms, Ocala, FL, U.S.A.

LC Nobelest LC Stetson X SW Naomi Young gelding, just beginning his endurance career

HORSES DACOR Horses Dacor specializes in selling high-quality equine products at reasonable prices Michael & Julia Elias SHOMANI at Pacific Coast Arabian Sport Horse Classic Sherry Harker riding SHOMANI June 26, 1988 to March 23, 2008 Shagya Arabian Mare Shomani lives on in her sons and daughters and in their sons and daughters.

"Seeds spring from seeds. Beauty breedeth beauty,

by law of nature thou art bound to breed, That thine may live, when thou thyself art dead; And so in spite of death thou dost survive, In that thy likeness still is left alive." William Shakespeare

Judith Moore Shomani Enterprises 707-252-3984



815-541-4552 or 815-845-2800

REALITY BY DR. BEECHER This mare is a rare find! She is sired by *OMAN Her pure bred Arabian dam is out of one of the Internationally Renowned “Dr. Beecher’s mares!” foaled 6/4/00

PROVEN brood mare $12,500


Proven FEI top level 100 mile endurance horses


LILY CREEK RIDGE sends congratulations to Michael and Julia Elias upon their purchase of “Bataan” He will be entering upon his new endurance career late this year Four “Bataan” foals out of Trakehner and Anglo Shagya mares Available “They are fantastic!”


Primo Sportlo

Like My Butt!

I Can Run Fast!

My Mommy Loves Me!

Visiting Aunt Sarah

2008 Mares &


AMERICAN SHAGYA ARABIAN VERBAND INC. Why YOU SHOULD BECOME A MEMBER OF asav The Shagya EXCITING and progressive organization whose focus is to promote and register the purebred SHAGYA, the part-bred Shagya and a new book open to the Anglo Shagya. An OPEN and Democratic forum for new and progressive ideas. Membership votes that count; a Board of Directors that works for and with the members, and always the continued promotion and welfare of the Shagya Arabian.

1 If you are a single ShA owner or a ShA breeder, ASAV is for you! We promote all disciplines because we know that the horses can and will excel in all of them. Our books are open to its members and from the beginning, more then five years ago, it has functioned and was incorporated as a legal 501-C5 incorporation. We have an Agenda! It is the promotion of the SHAGYA BREED and its crosses to the public. And we do this through showing, publicity, sponsorship, education, an awards program and a scholarship fund for young riders. PLUS we sponsor a National Distance Challenge ride for Shagya bred horses and a Year end Award Program. SHAGYA VI SASSZE


The following horses are eligible for registration with ASAV

• • • •

Purebred Shagya,,,,,,both parents are Shagya Half Shagya......Shagya/Arabian Anglo Shagya.....Shagya/Throughred Shagya Sportlo.....Shagya/another breed

Transfer.....(from another ISG registry APPLICATIONS CAN BE FOUND AT


And ASAV has sponsored and had well-attended OPEN ANNUAL meetings each year of its existence. The March 14-15-16, 2008 Annual meeting was a huge success. And our special guests, Tamas Rombauer and Carolyn Tucker were welcomed along with the informative line up of clinicians. There is something about coming face to face with other Shagya enthusiasts that cannot be duplicated in any way. We surely had a weekend of fellowship and fun!

ASAV Spring Newsletter  

Newsletter for the AmericanShagya Arabian Verband, Inc.

ASAV Spring Newsletter  

Newsletter for the AmericanShagya Arabian Verband, Inc.