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A Word From Jay Woolford SHAG Properties Update

6 Ways to Have a Healthy Autumn Insurance Enrollment


Connecting Ages through the Arts Hometown Hero A Servant's Heart Ways to Get Involved I AM AGELESS Event Loving Life at Tukwila Village Combating Lonliness


Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup

Crossroads Senior Living, Bellevue GRAND OPENING– November 15 & 16, 11am-3pm


SHAG Community Gazette

News From The Team A Word from Jay My ninth-grade social studies teacher Mr. Dobosch taught us that “Culture is the learned behavior of any given society.” What he meant is we collectively create the ways in which we treat each other and what we do as a group. Mr. Dobosch’s wisdom has been on my mind in recent months. It’s because for the first time, we at SHAG are examining, in depth, the values underlying our stated mission of “Sustaining Homes, Sustaining Lives” and being the place “Where your friends live.” We want to understand how we can together set expectations for behavior and actions that bring these aspirations alive every day. In short, we are working to define SHAG’s culture. This important effort began last year as we changed the meaning of the acronym SHAG to "Sustainable Housing for Ageless Generations." The new statement defines how we have evolved during the three decades since our founding and who we are now. Since then, SHAG team members and partners have been providing us their insights through surveys and formation of a small task force to hone our organization’s values. Our residents are essential to this effort. That’s why SHAG conducted satisfaction surveys at 10 of our communities, with more locations planned in the future. I’d also like to invite you to directly share your thoughts and recommendations about SHAG’s culture with me. Please email me at and tell me how you believe we can build a stronger culture. After all, SHAG is about aging independently in the community where your friends live and that you love to call home. We want to ensure we are that place for you. As always, thank you for being part of SHAG.

Where your friends live.

Jay Woolford Executive Director, SHAG

SHAG Community Gazette


SHAG Properties Update As you may know by now, the owners of 10 communities we operate have decided to transition out of their involvement with SHAG by selling them. SHAG has been in a 5 year legal battle over these communities as we would like to purchase these communities ourselves, however, the proceedings have recently ended in a settlement that includes the sale of the communities at fair market value—a higher price than we could afford. Fortunately, these communities will remain affordable housing regulated by the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program, which means residents can still live there and continue to have their rent regulated by HUD/Washington State Housing and Finance Commission compliance requirements as it is now. Additionally, under the terms of the settlement, SHAG has the option to continue to

provide resident support and services for these communities under the new owners. There are no plans for selling our other communities, and we remain committed to providing sustainable housing and independent lifestyles for our residents. To find out more about these 10 communities, up to date information, transition information and FAQs, please visit

Woodlands at Forbes Lake

Washington State Housing Stability and Affordability Committee Connect with SHAG Residents It was a sunny and crisp Monday morning on October 28, 2019, when members of WA State Housing Stability and Affordability Committee and their staff toured two Eastside SHAG communities: Boulevard Place and Woodlands at Forbes Lake. This group, led by committee chair Senator Patty Kuderer (WA State - 48th District), and two additional state senators, took time to lunch with a group of residents, community staff and SHAG CEO Jay Woolford. Residents shared moving stories of economic and health concerns, along with fears of housing insecurity. Elected officials and their staff listened carefully and asked questions. SHAG residents educated our legislative leaders about challenges they - and other older adults with fixed incomes—face as our region’s cost of living continues escalating. Where your friends live.

(L-R): Dave Pringle, Senate Democratic Caucus Brandon Popovac, Senate Committee Services Jeff Olsen, Senate Committee Services Senator Patty Kuderer Senator Mona Das Aaron Hallenberg, Leg. Asst. to Senator Hans Zeiger Tanya Lavoy, Leg. Asst. to Senator Patty Kuderer Kristie Roy, Community Manager, Woodlands Visit us at


SHAG Community Gazette

Health & Wellness

6 Ways to Have a Healthy Autumn Prevent the Flu

Get vaccinated each year in the fall. Stay home if you get sick.

Get Smart about Antibiotics The common cold and the flu are viral infections, so avoid using antibiotics.

Monitor Batteries

Batteries for carbon monoxide monitor and fire alarm batteries are checked during SHAG inspections. If you have any concerns with your batteries, submit a work order request through your Community Manager.

Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season

Make festivities fun, safe, and healthy for you and party guests.

Wash your hands

Avoid getting sick and spreading germs—wash your hands with soap at least 20 seconds.

Keep Seasonal Foods Safe Separate foods to avoid cross-contamination. Cook to proper temperatures.


For more information on getting enrolled, speak with your community Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) or visit

Where your friends live.

SHAG Community Gazette

Life at SHAG

Connecting Ages through the Arts In 2018, Silver Kite Community Arts, a national leader in intergenerational programming joined forces with SHAG to develop programming at 5 SHAG communities. Funding was made possible through the John F. Wall Service Award in the amount of $30,000. Resident interests within the participating communities were gathered and narrowed down to three options—theater performance, art workshops or community service. Read on to learn more about what residents got involved in.


Gardening: The community received 12 troughs (4 in each courtyard), starter plants, seeds, and seed trays to jump start their community gardens. Select troughs were painted to add pizazz.


Art Workshop Series: Residents along with students from Showalter Middle School and Foster High School participated in improv, collage making, circle dance, watercolor, and drum circle workshops in the Spring and Fall.


Arts Workshop Retreat: All day retreat on September 14 with breakfast, lunch and three workshops that include improv, acrylics, and knitting. The multigenerational event was attended by art lovers from the Federal Way area.

Victoria Park residents doing community park clean-up


Arts Workshop Retreat: All day retreat on September 21 with breakfast, lunch and three workshops that include Dances of the World, pastels and watercolor. For this event, residents were joined by Western Washington Girl Scouts.


Community Service: Lake City Leaders, a club focusing on leadership development for youth of color, partnered with residents on causes that included homelessness, safe walking (sidewalks, crosswalks) and park cleanup.


Silver Kite Snapshots

Hometown Hero The Federal Way Farmers Market couldn’t have observed Memorial Day in a more memorable way! Federal Way Farmers Market patrons had the opportunity to get a photo taken with Korean War veteran and SHAG Meridian Court resident, Robert Hair. The former United States Marine appeared at the photo booth in full uniform with the medals he received while serving in the Korean War including: • Three stars • Front-line medals • Multi-National Team medal • Medal of Freedom awarded by South Korea

Where your friends live. Where your friends live.

Robert was born in 1931 and grew up near Cle Elum, Washington. After his service, he spent the next 36 years working for the Boeing Company as a riveter. During that time he helped build the 727, 737, 747 and the first AirForce One aircraft. At 88, he shows no signs of slowing down and keeps fit by walking daily, staying up with events, celebrations and following current city changes. Robert also enjoys sketching and watercolor painting.

SHAG Community Gazette

A Servant's Heart Judith White, Tukwila Village resident, is 78 years young and retired —although you couldn’t tell from the impact she’s still making with her volunteer work. Judith has always been a trailblazer and a go getter. From obtaining two degrees from two separate institutions to being the first woman to receive the International Christian Booksellers Assocation's Salesperson of the Year Award. In 2000, Judith left the Sales and Marketing industry to be a full-time caregiver for her mother who passed away in 2009. This was the start of Judith's long commitment to volunteering. “The work that I do is totally volunteer, there is no pay involved. Working with an awesome group of advocates we just got ESHB 1582 [...a Senate Bill that addressed manufactured/mobile home tenant protections] for Manufactured Home Owners in Washington State.” “It’s putting aside what I call the "WIIFMs"(What's in it for me) because it definitely involves giving. At the end of the day it's going to bed knowing you helped someone else.”

Manufactured/Mobile Home Community in Washington State where there are 1,592 Communities and 74,434 Lots/Spaces. She is a member of Manufactured/Mobile Home Owners of America (MHOA) and their representative to the Washington State Senior Citizen’s Lobby. Judith loves to read, write, bake, swim, play with her cat “Mr. Jiggers”, sing, and be of service wherever the Lord leads.

It’s putting aside what I call the "WIIFMs" (What's in it for me) because it definitely involves giving. At the end of the day it's going to bed knowing you helped someone else. JUDITH WHITE

Judith currently chairs the all volunteer Legislative Action Team serving the


SHAG Community Gazette

Ways to get involved VolunteerMatch

VolunteerMatch is an opportunity sharing website. Organizations within various fields post their volunteer opportunities. The site allows you to search based on cause, areas of interest, availability, and location.

Get Social

One of the best ways to meet people within your SHAG community is to be a resident leader by way of leading community events and activities. You can make it happen by joining an existing committee, starting your own, or participating in planned events. Contact Community Engagement Coordinator, Star Moss at for more information.

Meetup for Seniors

Meetup is a website that allows you to find like-minded people outside of your SHAG community. Groups are created around interests ranging from writing, fitness,

Toastmasters, and much more. You can join existing groups or if you don’t see an interest of yours, start your own for a small fee. For more information on Meetup, visit

Want opportunities sent straight to you? Programs & Partnerships distributes a monthly e-mail blast that includes a variety of opportunities for Snohomish, Whatcom, Pierce, King, and Thurston counties. To sign up, contact Star Moss at with your name, number, community, and email.

Brain Teasers 1. What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? 2. Two fathers and two sons are in a car, yet there are only three people in the car. How is this possible? 2. They are grandfather, father, and son. 1. A stamp


Where your friends live.

SHAG Community Gazette

Embracing what “age-ing” really means at I AM AGELESS Event. SHAG’s 30th-ish anniversary celebration, the I AM AGELESS Event was held on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at the Sullivan Center in Tukwila Village. This special evening celebrated SHAG’s thirty years of leadership and achievement in the affordable senior living field, and honored our residents, partners, supporters and sponsors. I AM AGELESS was chaired by June Michel, a civil rights attorney and social justice advocate, member of the SHAG Community Life Foundation Board of Directors, and a resident at SHAG’s Terrace community, located in Seattle’s International District.

A New Tradition of Recognizing Outstanding Residents

The Community Builder Award and the AGELESS Award recognizes individuals who embrace what “age-ing” really means – not as a burden of life, but as something to be celebrated. Nearly 20 residents were nominated for the awards; these recipients were chosen by a panel of SHAG stakeholders. Congrats to all of this year's recipients and nominees!


Loren Bliss

At age 79 Loren has been a resident of SHAG’s Conservatory Place in Tacoma for over 15 years. A true writer at heart, Loren has been writing for most of his life. He has been a a print journalist since he was 16. His duty as an Intelligence Office during the Korean War, political affinities and bohemian lifestyle drew him to the alternative press. Loren spent the next three decades spanning the media spectrum. Like many SHAG residents, Loren dealt with profound loss in his life. In 1983, the culmination of his life’s work – a novel titled Glimpses of a Pale Dancer, said to have been the seminal novel of the counterculture – was destroyed in a house fire. After a long bout of clinical depression that ended his career, Loren is a phoenix even now, continuing his writing and photography. He serves as the editor of Conservatory Place newsletter.



SHAG Community Gazette


Betty Gaeng

An Alderwood Court resident for over 16 years, Betty recently relocated to Alaska to be closer to her family, but her impact is lasting. Betty is a locally admired writer and storyteller who holds a deep and rich understanding of Lynnwood and Snohomish County’s history. She’s spent most of her 92 years there, starting back in 1933 when she lived with her family on a ten-acre chicken farm to survive the Depression. A retired paralegal with a passion for history and genealogy, Betty traced her American lineage back to Northern Virginia in 1618 - that’s before the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. In 2018, Betty was proclaimed the City Historian of Lynnwood, and given a key to the city by the Mayor. She has touched thousands of lives in the greater community through her work.


Diane Radischat

Diane is a worker, an organizer, a teacher and a volunteer. During her 35-year career with the US Post Office, she found her calling as an activist —becoming a union steward and eventually an officer. She taught on local, state and national levels for the American Postal Workers Union. Diane is now enjoying a successful small business making beautiful, artful greeting cards. Since becoming resident number five at Arrowhead Gardens in West Seattle over 10 years ago, Diane helped establish the

Where your friends live.

Arrowhead Gardens Resident Association; serves as editor-in-chief of the Straight Arrow News newsletter; co-leads their Dessert Auction fundraiser and organizes annual craft and wellness fairs for her community. She also volunteers for her two local Senior Centers, is politically active and works tirelessly with civic leaders to find solutions to real area concerns, such as neighboring homeless encampments.

SHAG Community Gazette


Amy Nikaitani

A resident at SHAG’s Terrace community since 2004, Amy made vast contributions to Seattle’s AsianAmerican community during her lifetime. As an artist, her work is featured in the Wing Luke Museum, two galleries, and her large murals bring beauty to alleys in Seattle’s International District. Amy’s life has always been challenging and dynamic. She fled with her family to Wyoming to avoid the Japanese internment camps. After returning to Seattle, she attended art schools as a working mother of five while managing a successful graphics arts career at Boeing. When she lived at the Terrace, Amy had an incredibly busy social schedule. She was dedicated to her Silver Sneakers exercise classes, her Bridge club, her rather competitive Bingo games, her Ukulele club, foreign film movie nights and golfing. Amy is survived by a very large and loving family. Her daughter, Dr. Tamiko Olson, graciously accepted the award on behalf of her mother’s life and legacy.

Outstanding Support of Resident & Community Support Fund

Through sponsorships from SHAG’s business partners, associates and friends, the I AM AGELESS Event also raised more than $225,000 which will be directed to our newly established Resident & Community Support Fund (RCSF). This fund strengthens and expands services and resources to those living in SHAG communities; a key to residents being able to age with purpose and meaning. RSCF funds are currently fostering innovations such as: Community Health Advocacy pilot project – Advocates help older adults navigate health care systems.

Intergenerational opportunities – Such as young and old together expanding garden beds to distribute produce to neighbors.

On-site food pantries - Residents struggling to cover food costs can easily access free nutritional staples.

Emergency Financial Assistance – The fund can be used to support emergency funding needs, such as rental assistance.



SHAG Community Gazette


Our residents have a lot to say about Tukwila Village and we’re so excited to hear the positive impact SHAG has had in their lives. Here’s what they enjoy most about the community, in their own words.

ELDER CHUCK My name is Chuck. To some [at Tukwila Village], I am known as Elder Chuck since they attend services at The Church By the Side of the Road, where I am an Elder. My wife Elsie and I moved into a retirement home in Federal Way in the fall of 2017. She suffered a hard fall a year ago that took her life. For economic reasons, I felt I should move to an apartment. My daughter had recently moved her mother-in-law into a SHAG apartment and knowing about the security provided and the quiet atmosphere, she was very insistent (very, very insistent) that I choose SHAG. Since my ties were more in Tukwila instead of Federal Way, I wound up here in this community. Living here is comfortable and the folks are quite friendly. Although there are numerous community activities, I am not involved in many for I am somewhat busy with activities outside of the community.

MARY I am a native Texan. I have been living here at SHAG since 2018 and came to know many, many people who love living here at SHAG. SHAG offers a community of seniors; its so much more than just housing. Their volunteer programs to help others; I just love it. I first heard about Seattle when I was in Houston,Texas at NASA doing lab research. So many people would come from Seattle to Houston for work and say great things about the city, so I eventually took the plunge to move. In Seattle, I started working at the UW Hospital, then moved on to work at the Naval Hospital in Bremerton. I found out about SHAG from an advertisement featuring Stuart Anderson on TV. He was speaking about the future of senior living, and I truly enjoyed his ideas about SHAG. His words left an impression on me, and as I came of age I moved in! Where your friends live. Where your friends live.

Visit us at

SHAG Community Gazette


LOIS After retiring from Lucas County Human Services as an Adult Protection Services and Social Services Case Manager, I decided to relocate to Seattle from Ohio. I moved to my first SHAG community in 2011, and have lived in one ever since. I feel safe and secure at SHAG, something my son insisted on. I also enjoy the many activities their monthly calendar has to offer us. I have enjoyed living at each SHAG community and have no regrets every time. As long as there is a need for me to live in Seattle, I’ll always be a SHAG resident.

Combating Loneliness During the Holidays The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year, but for many, the holidays can be a reminder of how lonely they are. The good news is, loneliness doesn’t have to be an ongoing problem. Here are 4 tips to help combat loneliness during this holiday season: 1. Search online: Community centers, libraries, museums, places of worship, and more offer low-cost or free community events. You can find these events on sites like 2. Reach out: The holidays are a great time to call and catch up with people. If you have friends you haven’t heard from in a while, connect with them.

3. Explore new and familiar hobbies: Local libraries often have free arts and crafts workshops open to all. Give it a try! 4. Seek expert advice: If you still find yourself withdrawn and in low spirits, you may be showing signs of depression. Talk to your primary care provider to help you get the support you need. Have a safe, happy and heartfelt holiday season! Adapted from National Council on Aging, Mental Health This Holiday and Beyond: 4 Steps to Combat Loneliness in Seniors


SHAG Community Gazette

Life Lessons “What Richard Taught Me” by Sally Hamilton


I was at a good place in my life - single and had finally gotten the last child out of my house and on her own. I loved my job and coworkers. What could make my life better? I don’t know why, but decided to try to make the crabbiest, meanestlooking person I could find my friend. Working at an office downtown, I would take the 6 a.m. bus, getting off at the top of Pike Place Market and walking the six or seven blocks to the office. I liked getting there early and that’s where I started looking for a likely candidate.

been a death in my family or my dog got run over. I exclaimed, “He said something to me!” I had been telling her about my goal from the beginning. The next day he mumbled “Hello,” and the day after that I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and said, “Good morning. My name is Sally.” He told me his name was Richard and we talked about the weather for a moment before going our separate ways. I learned, in the following days, that Richard was retired from the Navy. I had been married to a Navy officer so we had that in common. Also, he was Filipino and I had lived in the Philippines for three years and loved my time there. We discussed the food and the country.

“It is our perception of things that can change, and love is the greatest perception changer of all.”

Soon after there he was, walking toward me by the Market. He was hunkered over, wearing a long trench coat and a fedora pulled down, almost covering his eyes. We were walking in opposite directions and as I got ready to pass him I sang out, “Good morning,” in my friendliest voice. He didn’t respond in any way except to glare at me. Wow, he really WAS a grumpy little guy but I wasn’t discouraged.

Soon after, Richard met me at the entrance to the Market with a steaming cup of coffee. We stood, drinking our coffee and getting to know one another. That became our ritual.He would meet me with coffee and we would just visit, as friends do.

One morning I bent down and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “Oh, Richard, I just love you.” And I did love him. I don’t know if he had many friends, but he had no family close by. He enriched my life in a way no other person ever has, and he taught me my most valuable life lesson: never judge a book by its cover or a person by their looks. It is our perception of things that can change, and love is the greatest perception changer of all.

The next morning there he was and once again I gave him a big warm, “Good morning,” only to have him walk hurriedly by. This continued morning after morning and he’d either glare at me or ignored me completely. I admit that I got so I didn’t want to see him and thought about taking a later bus. I am, however, stubborn and I eventually moved to Oregon and never saw determined. Finally, he mumbled something Richard again, but I think of him often, and when as we passed. I cried all the way to the office. I do, I whisper to myself, “Thank you, Richard.” When my office manager saw me she said, “What happened?” She thought there must have

Where your friends live.

SHAG Community Gazette


Bingo Update As you know, SHAG recently distributed the new Entertainment Activities and Games policy. The changes listed in the policy ensure that SHAG is following Washington State law. We heard you loud and clear—you want to change this law because it is prohibitive and does not reflect the spirit in which these games are played in our communities.

SHAG Foundation got their hands

We are currently putting together tools and resources to support you in your advocacy efforts.

dirty as they teamed up to support

Please be on the lookout for these resources, when they become available beginning next year.

hauled nutrient rich soil and fertilizer

Tri-Court gardeners. The team to 12 troughs.

SHAG Snapshots We’re always up to something fun; it’s how we keep things ageless at SHAG! Check out what’s happening across our communities.

Tricourt Fitness Class

Alderwood Door Winner

Boulevard Place Door Winner

Frank & Betty at Woodrose

Tukwila Village residents at the Mariners game

Recipe Corner

Healthy Chicken Broccoli Soup Total Time - Prep/Total Time: 40 min. Makes 6 servings INGREDIENTS: • 1 large onion finely chopped • 2 large carrots peeled and finely chopped • 2 celery ribs finely chopped • 4 garlic cloves crushed • 1 bay leaf • 1 tbsp dried mixed herbs • 1 tsp chilli flakes/red pepper flakes (optional) • 5 cups broccoli stems removed and finely chopped • 6 cups chicken stock/broth (Homemade or good quality store bought ) • 2 cups milk • 2 tbsp cornflour/cornstarch mixed with 2 tbsp water • 2 cups shredded chicken • Salt and pepper to taste • Lemon juice to taste

DIRECTIONS: 1. Sauté the onion, celery, carrot and broccoli stalks in a splash of oil until soft and fragrant and just starting to brown (this takes around 10 minutes). 2. Add the garlic, bay leaf and herbs and sauté for another minute before adding the chicken stock, milk and cornflour mixture. 3. Bring to a simmer then add the broccoli florets and shredded chicken. 4. Allow to cook for 15 minutes then season with salt, pepper and lemon (optional). 5. Serve with crusty bread.


Calories: 197kcal | Carbohydrates: 16g | Protein: 19g | Fat: 7g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 31mg | Sodium: 174mg | Potassium: 753mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 7g | Vitamin A: 4070IU | Vitamin C: 70.8mg | Calcium: 164mg | Iron: 1.7mg Originally published as Easy Health Chicken Broccoli Soup from Simply Delicious Food

Where your friends live.

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