Ursula Baby Sandal

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Ursula Baby Sandal A soft sole leather shoe for a baby that requires no sewing. www.opensourceshoes.tumblr.com

For babies

9-15 m

with foot size


Supplies and Tools Use ecoleather and a safe glue if you expect your baby to put the shoes in the mouth.

OR 11x14� Cowhide

Cowhide scraps


Strong glue

Bring already cut paper pattern when checking for discounted leather and scraps at the fabric store. You will need enough leather to cut each pattern twice in order to make a left and a right shoe. If several colors appeal to you or there is not enough of a particular material, consider mixing and matching.

Ursula Baby Sandal is open source shoe that is open for use, reproduction and sale by individual crafters, makers and artisans. To manufacture and sell this product at scale larger than 30 units, organized entities and companies must acquire a permission and licence from shaganebl@gmail.com.

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Instructions 1

Cut out the paper pattern.

Layout the pattern and trace it.

Cut out the leather.


Make the appropriate incisions.

Pick the interior side and glue the sole. Weave the strap through the back.


Weave the strap on the sides.

Pull the flaps through the middle incision to the top of the shoe.

Make sure the fit is tight under.

Pull the strap endings to the top of the shoe and then under on both sides.

Once the first shoe is complete, repeat the steps to make the other.


Weave the flaps under and over.

Enjoy walking around in Ursula Baby Sandal! Tell you what you think at shaganebl@gmail. com. Spread the word and share the project!


Slip the front of the shoe on.

Using the back pull the shoe up.

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Pattern The pattern is identical for both feet. The green lines represent incisions.

Sole cut 2

Sandal cut 2


Check the scale of your printout, the square should be 1x1 inches.

Proceed to cutting out this paper pattern.

Strap cut 2