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Karishma Gurung Punitha Raj Shafila Silveira Ashton Gonsalves

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It is sad and unfortunate to hear people often saying 'Goans cannot do any business'. Over the years, we have seen how goans have been migrating to different parts of the world in search of jobs and others are entering into Goa and starting their businesses. Today one is shocked to see hardly any Goans in the business world but on the contrary almost all are outsiders who have captured the business in Goa, be it at the fish market or vegetable market one can see only the outsiders. Gone are the days when women restricted to their homes, today women want to move out of their homes and they want to work and share the financial burden of their husbands. Today's woman is very much in the forefront of the business. We have woman as CEO of companies. They are no less than their counterparts and they are indeed strong and tough contenders in the business world. Besides their regular home duties, women are also doing well in business. I hope this project will help to create interest among Goan youth to take up small scale business instead of all running to foreign soil and leaving us at the mercy to outsiders. Also may this project throw a challenge to women to venture into the business in a big way and create a niche for them in the world of business. All the very best.

BigNess 2017-2018



Mr. Ashton Gonsalves Ms. Karishma Gurung Ms. Punitha Raj Ms. Shafila Silveira

Mr. Dinesh Nirawadkar Project Guide

St.Xavier’s College Mapusa-Goa

BigNess 2017-2018


BigNess 2017-2018


Contents Volume 04.Issue 10

An 'Entrepreneur' is an individual who creatively comes up with ideas that he or she further transforms for the economic benefits while assuming all related risks. The most obvious form of entrepreneurship is starting a new business also referred as a start-up company. Goa is all about sun, sand, siestas, sun-downers and in this laid back, 'susegad' environment, we have our very own aspired and diligent entrepreneurs who contribute major roles in Goa's economy. Goa creates an ideal work-life balance to the perfect environment for innovation. Mostly entrepreneurs in their 20's and early 30's are dedicated in putting forth their talent into setting up their diverse start-ups. In BigNess, we have tried to highlight and create essence to bring forth the small scale as well as the big scale business sectors. We have also ventured out to play the role of a catalyst and create an environment for business and industry to flourish. We also aim to provide a leadership of ideas for the business community, rejoicing entrepreneurship and spirit of teamwork, encouraging civilization and liberalization, forecasting and analysing events and trends, institutions and interviews with various businessmen across the state while all along setting new standards and viewpoints. BigNess is constantly accustomed to the changing needs of its readers and endeavours to satisfy these needs in the best possible way. All in all the main purpose for the publishing of this magazine is to showcase and promote entrepreneurs and businessmen from all the sectors of businesses. The Goans today have been going abroad drastically in search of jobs. This magazine can be helpful to many Goan entrepreneurs to set up their business here and serve the nation.

BigNess 2017-2018


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Dream- The bases of any business is to dream.

There is nothing more exciting than setting up your own business. The simple guide is designed to help you remeber the basic requirements necessary to ensure your business sucess.

What is it that you want to do? How are you going to work on it? What are the necessities? Dreaming is basically coming up with an idea. So for anybody who's starting a business needs come up with a creative idea and it should be realistic.

The BigNess team What is the importance of a good business plan? Each year many business owners see their dreams of success shattered. One important reason why such situations happen is that business owners do not plan carefully before they start to operate. To avoid problems getting accumulated, a business plan should be formulated. What is a business plan? It is a written summary of what you hope to accomplish by being in business and how you intent to organise your resources to meet your goals. Some authors say, it is the road map for operating any business and measuring progress along the way. Others say it is the blue print for. Building a business on solid grounds and making sure that it will with-stand the difficulties and lean first years. Mr. Dattaprasad Shetkar is from a business background. The various companies that he has consulted are Mr Farmer, Galaxy Hospital, Decision Infinity etc. He has also done media and design for Cremeux, Casino carnival, Ruchikas art gallery, Adore etc. The various events he has worked with are Kala Academy, Alcon Mercedes Benz, Tarangini, SNK events. He has come up with six step concept that he follows:

Plan- After you have an idea, Start planning! Find out if your idea is marketable? Will there be customers if you Go and present your products? If it's marketable who will be your customers? If other businesses are already addressing these needs, how will you address it differently? How will you meet your customers? At what rate will you price your products or services?





Monitor Implement

BigNess 2017-2018


Implement- You actually do things and see if it's working out. If it's not working out properly, find put the reason. Set the right expectations by focusing on the actual needs you want to work on. Communicate the plan. Set deadlines and challenge yourselves.

Monitoring- During strategy execution, it is crucial to monitor progress towards business plan objectives so as to assess whether adjustments need to be made. This will involve, at the implementation stage of your plan, being clear what systems and structures are required. Everything needs to be closely looked upon and make sure that everything if working fine if not, then why? BigNess 2017-2018


ZERO TO ONE Improve- Business plans should be reviewed on a regular basis, especially if a business is expanding quickly, experiencing cash flow problems, adding new products or services or reaching into new markets. You find a way to improve by trying out various strategies and think which one would work the best in accordance with your business. After monitoring you see your area of improvement and start improving.

Entrepreneurs are people who come up with ideas and have their business starting from a smaller scale and trying to reach the higher scale. They are individuals or group of people who want to do what they like and achieve the best as they can. Upcoming Entrepreneurs start with creative mindset and boom in the society. The idea which actually is unique and powerful makes an entrepreneur extremely promising. Here are the few young and dynamic entrepreneurs whose ideas and stories are really worth sharing.

Shafila Silveira

WILDWIRE Sustain- Every company wants to grow their business, yet few know how to sustain it. Keep track of everything. One of the most important strategies any one can adopt is to plan ahead as it can help to sustain growth of the business. A few years down the line you will realise that your idea isn't relevant anymore. Your business is changing. So you start dreaming again by reinventing it.

Launch Your Business STEP 1: ‘Market & Promote’ Time to launch by networking! Promote it using social media and word of mouth.

STEP 2: ‘Monitor & Learn’ Keep an eye on your business constantly and on the marketplace too.

Spot opportunities and learn from mistakes.

STEP 3: ‘Enjoy!’ Massive amount of more hard work to come your way but it’s important to enjoy the journey as well. Be proud and work harder!


Working in different fields with different backgrounds in a cubical, the married couple, Apoorva and Deepali quit their jobs for doing something they really like after their marriage. Starting from selling clothes like dealing during exhibitions in Mumbai and as they kept doing their work, something striked onto their minds and hearts. When they saw the Jaipur vendors sitting with handmade jewellery to sell it sparked their interest taking their profession t o a whole new direction. Hence, they immediately bought raw materials from the market and started working with them. Beginning from beading to wire wrapping, Apoorva wasn't really great with the craft so Deepali took over and she created attractive and lovely creations skilfully. The creators of Wild Wirecraft said, “Every work of ours is handmade and we have become experts in our own ways to create more wonderful creations.” Along with having vivid dreams and imaginations for her designs, Deepali took the help from online tutorials to make new and aesthetic creations. The workload got her pressurised

‘Don't give up', 'try to excel in whatever you do', 'Do it yourself and then call yourself a master of art', said Apoorva and Deepali to the young budding entrepreneurs. and burdened, therefore Apoorva tried to work on metal sheets. With the practice of every handmade work, they have become experts in their own ways to create more wonderful creations. “Do it yourself and then call yourself a master of art,” s a i d A p o o r v a enthusiastically. Their daily routine goes by, Deepali doing the wiring work and Apoorva doing the metal work plus clicking pictures and uploading them on different marketing sites like Craftsvilla, eBay, Amazon etc. Being more naturist and nature lovers, their best creations are 'Tree of Life' wherein she creates the tree with the help of wires and he adds something or the other metal work to complete the beautiful piece. Collecting stones from the beaches and making rings out of it is just what a great mind can think of doing and this is what they were inculcated with. The masters of creative craft Apoorva and Deepali conclude by saying, “Don't give up and try to excel in whatever you do.”

Dattaprasad has always followed this concept and so far has achieved success. He designed an effective business plan, prepared his management strategies and equally substituted them where ever needed. Morgan freeman once mentioned in his motivational speech said, "We all have dreams and it's very scary sometimes to accept a dream that you have and scarier still to say okay I want that! It's scary because you're Afraid that if you put your heart and soul into it and fail, and how are you going to feel about yourself?” You need to be fearless and dream by putting yourself out there and going for it no matter what. Not for anybody else but for yourself. The bigger the dream the earlier you have to wake up. BigNess 2017-2018


BigNess 2017-2018


Fred D’souza

As he got recognition from his first event, he started getting requests from many youth to organise more events as the youngsters could relate to him. So he threw another party for the graduates called 'Final Chapter' which meant to be done with college life making this event a success as well . “Organising a party is not really a task but learning about what youngsters like by being more creative in terms of artwork, colour, and creativity in the concept is important,” said Fred with his experience. The outstanding things about Fred's parties are the various distinctive themes he comes up with which excites the people keeping them guessing what's next. Being young and fresh, he didn't take up the business too serious but just a means to pay off his bills. So he thought of starting a company of his own since he wanted to look more professionally prominent.

A young, budding and independent Goan entrepreneur who wants to feel satisfied by saying 'I own it' Working with his dad in his business didn't really seem a good idea as he wanted to be his own boss without working under anybody. He aims to fulfil his own dreams and passion with the freedom of doing his own thing. Pursuing his degree from St. Xavier's College in the BBA stream and having major subjects such as Marketing Management, Events etc., gave him an opportunity to do something as he graduated. 'Socials' is a part of the whole Xavier's experience where they have prom parties and post parties which is not official but that's where the actual fun begins.

Because of the GST he said, “It is very much easy for any person to open a new venture,” adding to that he mentioned the two types of companies that one can start with that is Sole Proprietorship and Private limited. He thought of opening a Sole proprietorship company because he didn't want his hardships to be credited by someone else.

On 8th of September, 2017 he launched his company at club Titos, Baga on his birthday itself and named it as 'Major Milkshake'. The challenging task was to get the domain name. He had to change his idea of having 'Major Milkshake Machine' into 'Major Milkshake' because it was at an affordable price compared to the first one. He had to consult a lawyer and a charted accountant to trade mark the logo, register on GST and host the domain. “The main motive of opening this company is not just to stick to organising parties but mainly to diversify by creating a mascot for the brand, do more corporate events, weddings and also brand consulting for other companies,” said the young

entrepreneur. He has well planned for the future, “After 2-3 years if my company is well grown, I will open a Private limited company and further proceed to buy it. Therefore in order to achieve something in life one needs to have a right goal in mind, proper study of what you want to do and how you want the people to appreciate your work. Though these entrepreneurs are still up coming, they have tried till they have succeeded with full of determination and hard work. There are hurdles throughout but have the strength and say, 'Yes, I Can Do It' and one will excel in your work undoubtedly.

“Believe in a Dream and you have to make sure it works!” he exclaimed as that is what Fred has been doing during his ups and downs, struggling in the society with different perspectives.

For the past few years, an organiser who used to curate parties couldn't relate to the youngsters which led to failure. Fred took this as an opportunity along with friend Jason Nogar and together gave rise to 'Post Socials' which happens every December. In 2015 was when he had his first post socials party which turned out to be a massive success. Though it was very successful through his creative concepts, he did have to endure a lot of difficulties.

BigNess 2017-2018

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“If you focus on doing something be strong towards it till you achieve it,” and that's exactly what Santana Rosy is come doing for the past 65 years in spite of the challenges she came across. There's never been an idle moment for those who work at the Mapusa market. Born in Mandrem, Santana Rosy is the only sister to 5 brothers.

19 53

Punitha Raj


hilst the other vendors shout their lungs out, Santana Rosy sits patiently amidst the chaotic crowd. The pressurised customers choose to visit Santana's store because of her calm, quaint and enchanting beauty. At 76, Rosy is a widow who runs a small store of Goan masalas in Mapusa market for the past 65 years. One of Santana's daughters Rosy Mendonca proudly says, ''We are become very famous now. We sell variety of stuff which was not sold before. People know us very well and prefer to buy stuffs from us because this shop has been running for many years. My mother is very happy and enthusiastically does her work to keep the business going. She has educated us with the money she made out of what she sold and today I am a teacher." She helps her mother handle the business when she's not able to. Santana also takes care of her mentally retarded daughter by paying for medication. When you reach at her store, you will be intoxicated on aroma of extravagant spicy and masala's, pickles and more. Almost every dish at this place, regardless of how it's suppose to be made is given some sort of twist to make it relatable to the customers who are fans of explosions of flavor and spice. Deprived of family support and inheritance of a very low-class family background, built Santana's interest in running a very challenging business. She took this as a stepping stone to build her business and decided to start with little that she could prepare for her customers. BigNess 2017-2018




BUSINESS Rosy Mendonca agreed to help her mother because of the interest and dedication towards this business that she has developed for the past 65 years. ''Sometimes when I'm at the store customers ask me to get my mother at the shop even though she's sick just so they could see her face. That brings them satisfaction and also shows the bond they have with my mother", concludes Rosy Mendonca with reminiscing guffaws. Before marriage Santana had started off with very few things to sale but as years passed on she has better knowledge of how the market ran and what was the particular stuff that the customers came over looking for to buy from her. Despite the difficulties, she continued with the business without giving up on it. Throughout her journey she has been businesssmart, practical and tough as a nail, but also warm, accepting, unpredictable in ways both- good and bad. She took something that is not to her advantage and worked on it until she made it do what she

wanted it to do. She is persistent, tenacious and never takes no for an answer in life which is why she has been running the store for so many years. Despite her weathered skin and frail frame, she still very actively sells locally produced food items. When a customer is lost and realises that no assistance is forthcoming, Santana goes out of her way to make him/her feel welcome and at home. When asked Santana why she takes the trouble to come to the market and spend her whole day amidst the crowd she answers, “This place, my store is where my heart is. It is a place that I have embraced for very long time and would always want it to be running for as long as I can.” What you find at Santana Rosy's store can often be very different from what you set out to seek but there is transformative beauty in all this and especially in Santana.

BigNess 2017-2018


Most people find it convenient to work at home. Some people have emerged far beyond the barriers of working more and earning less. The mindset of people is changing wherein domestic work is also being regarded highly since the value and unique nature of this work done at one's home is more crucial and hectic. People have the freedom to work according to their time without rushing themselves hence living a less-stressful life. But that in no way means they are not fruitful, therefore here are two such individuals who have been working diligently from home and have earned their recognition effortlessly.

Domestic Ventures Ashton Gonsalves

Dayanand Laxman Salgaonkar, originally from the Parra village is well known for providing medicines for several ailments like jaundice, chicken pox, dog bite and more. All this started for him when he was young and watched his father do the noble work of making effective remedies for several diseases and curing ill people. After his father's death, he continued the work with the knowledge his father left him with. Lately he too is quite well known for making home remedy medicines in his village. “Whatever I am today, it's all because of my father. I learned the art of making medicines by helping and watching my dad work since then, I have been doing it too,” said Dayanand reminiscing the past days. It has been almost 50 years for Mr. Dayanand in this domestic pharmaceutical business and his involvement in the business for such a long time makes his medicines as effective as they are today. The story of Mr. Dayanand Salgaonkar doesn't just end in the business of making medicines. He has his involvement in local businesses which includes farming, repairing of rooftops of houses made of tiles and cattle farming. He owns a farm but also takes farms on lease and cultivates crops like chilies, watermelons, sweet

BigNess 2017-2018


potatoes, peanuts as well as selling cow milk etc. On being asked which business has his utmost focus he replied, “I try to make time for both farming as well as my medicine business, but clients mostly visit me for my medicines, particularly on Wednesdays and on Sundays as these are the days I am mostly free.” It was surprising to know that along one single business, the old man handles his other businesses with such positivity as well. When being asked, why continue on his medicine business when he can still get his income from his other businesses, he answered, “I am really thankful to my father for teaching me the skills of making medicines, and honestly, I get a lot of happiness when I help others in staying away from illness.”

Arkangela Montero a resident from Arambol started making cashew 'feni' at the age of 14 and it has been almost 47 years that she has been in this business. The season of making feni is strictly seasonal as it starts somewhere around February to Mid-May. It highly depends on the fruiting of cashew apples for the season. The price of the cashew feni is also speculated on this fruiting season. In the traditional method of making Cashew feni, only tree ripe cashew apples that have fallen are picked and taken for the crush. The workers collect the cashew in a bamboo container and get it to the main spot where the juice is extracted. The cashew apples are de-seeded and kept separately on an area called a "colmbi" (which a rock cut into a basin shape) with a small pipe connected to it which is directly connected to the barrels where the juice is collected. The cashew is smashed with the help of feet-stomping in order to extract the juice out of it.

Further on the juice is filled in barrels and preserved for 2 days in total. Before turning the juice into feni the juice is turned into something known as Urak. Since the juice is too fresh to be turned into Feni, it is filled in 2 barrels where it undergoes the process. The Urak after filled in the barrels is poured in a metal vessel which is closed and then heated up. For the first two times, the heating process is normally but during the third time more of fresh cashew juice is poured into it. Thus the main final outcome is feni. During a particular season of cashew feni, around 50 gallons of feni is produced. People from neighboring villages and bar owners from Siolim, Anjuna and Mapusa are the ones who demand for it. “Most of the purchases done are from Siolim and Anjuna for many purposes including packaging and selling,” says Arkangela Montero.

BigNess 2017-2018


Interview with Prajyot Mainkar Karishma Gurung

BigNess 2017-2018




QA &

The Tech world of Goa is on the rise and there's no shocker it. Information technology experts like Prajyot are to be held responsible for such modernism. Prajyot Mainkar is the founder of Androcid Media Pvt. Ltd. Androcid was one of the awarders for Goa start-up award this year and one of the earliest IT companies that worked with mobile development. Having an expertise in Android and iOS development, it is the only company whose three applications have been funded by Facebook in Goa. Currently they are a team of total 12 people who work on user interface and user experiences, native development of application in android and IOS and testing of the applications. They work with clients like Amdocs, IFP, Government of Goa and more than 100 clients on board. Individually speaking, Prajyot is one of 13 Intel innovators in India and the only one in Goa with a decade plus experience primarily in Android. Also he holds the designation of chairman of Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GCCI) in the IT Committee and Young Entrepreneur's forum. Ÿ

How did you get your idea for the concept of your business?

With Androcid we realized that the world was going global, the mobile ecosystem just grew and we didn't want to work with just the web but for people with multipurpose needs wherein the mobile works in many roles such as our bank plus our personal computer. We wanted to migrate and move as per the market trends because there was a lot of potential seen in it. Ÿ

What was your mission at the outset?

Our mission was to build application that people use. We run after solving our problem therefore our intention and wholly focus is to solve the problem for our client. We focus on retention of users because people easily tend to uninstall the app. Ÿ

When did you charter the business?

I started the business in 2009 where we had proprietorship and 2013 is when we went private limited. We have two branches that are Androcid Company and Androcid HQ wherein HQ entirely focuses on the market research for Goa. Ÿ

How do you advertise your business?

Strange but yeah, we use only 'word of mouth'. We spend 0 on marketing. All our reference has been through word of mouth, our work speaks for ourselves. We also believe that our customers are our salesman. We don't spend a penny on marketing. That's been one of our USPs. We feel that it's partially a disadvantage too but the thing is we can't sell apps to anyone. We're in services so it has to be more related to a precise audience. Recommendation is highly value able. Ÿ

Do you'll do workshops?

Yes, we do a lot of workshops and one of Goa's largest technical event called as Nitrodroid which is the largest android developer conference is organized by us. We organise another event called Droidsync where we have Microsoft as our partner. Every odd year we have Nitrodroid and even year Droidsync. Ÿ

What made you choose your current location?

This place belongs to my father and I was pretty lucky to have it because In IT, location doesn't really matter, it's the convenience if BigNess people that actually matter. Since it's located in the Panjim city traveling gets easier. 2017-2018 19


What do you think of Goa as a business hub?

Goa is a pretty decent market and Panjim itself is a 100 crores market. Everyone has an opportunity and if you know how and whom to sell it to, it would turn up great for you. Targeting the right kind of audience with a good approach is very important. Ÿ

Did you have any difficulties while setting up your business?

Goa always has a lot of difficulties and still there are a lot of difficulties. Setting up initial customers, convincing them why the app could be used is also a tough but an important task. We also saw difficulties to be manpower as well hiring people. Ÿ

Who are your competitors? Are they any threat to your business?

Indeed there are a lot of competitors but when we start, we are competitors to ourselves and I believe that majorly. We study competitors rather we don't study competitors I would say because we don't put forth competitions. We target 4-5 apps per quarter so that's roughly around 18-19 is what we target annually. We don't compete because we build products for startups. Thus any other company starting up there are two major issues- one is good technical consultancy and second is basic amount we need to shed. It's more of an engineering work that we put into. We don't build apps we build relationships in terms of reaching out to right kind of audience; we help them with the entire spectrum of processes. Ÿ

Which is the current project you'll are working on?

We recently launched The Unexplored Go, the first type of app which has got more than 300 jobs and more than 400 service providers in it. And also we're launching a feature where we are going to map Kadamba buses, which comes in handy. It's the fastest one to reach 500 downloads. Ÿ

Who has been a motivation to you throughout your journey?

My Parents certainly and a lot of credits to my professors from BTS Pilani- they have always been helpful. I'm also a student of project management professional from IIT category. I've worked closely with the professors who have been very hard working by themselves so I imbibed the culture. I'm a native of Sattari and I'm always passionate about business. I'm a big fan of my father for the work he has been put up and put in and the work job culture comes from him. I have gained lots of discipline from my mother. I admire Ratan Tata for the work culture he has. Steve Jobs speeches are exceptional as well. Honourable PM Narendra Modi's powerful speeches are so rich in content through which he convinces the audience profoundly. That also depicts that the leader is the one who leads the show. Adding to that, I also take a lot of inspiration from people, borrowing good habits from anyone never goes out of mode. I take in the positivity and highly sideline myself from a lot of negativity. Ÿ

If not for this then what you've been doing?

I think a murderer (jokes). I don't have any second thoughts since I'm always passionate about this. I think if I'm not meant for this I would probably be not doing anything else. I love

BigNess 2017-2018


Blooming Slowly but Steadily

working on computers and that's what brings me here. And I put in two aspects- one is improve on myself everyday and improve on the company. “I have the approach of Day 1 vs. One day”. It's IT or IT, nothing more nothing less. Ÿ

What are your responsibilities as an owner?

I don't consider myself as the owner. We don't have a culture or order; we always try to keep it cool. I believe in productivity. We maintain a lot of cultural ethics in a very short and sweet manner because 12 is a small size. For me I'm not the owner but the slave of the company and I'm the last one who takes all the increments in the company. We are in the same level and that helps in smooth sailing for everybody. Ÿ

What are your achievements till date?

Recently I received the 'Young Business Entrepreneur of the Year' Award that was awarded by Business Goa, most prestigious young award. I was also awarded the CM State Award for Androcid HQ for the work we have put in. Plus in terms of recognition, I'm the only Goan to have the recognition from Intel Innovation and one of the 13 Intel innovators in India. I'm also the manager for Google developer community and have spoken at different Google conferences estimated over 300 talks in almost 9+ countries Ÿ

A piece of advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs?

Go for the kill of the person who says fail fast as he/she doesn't have any right to say that. You are the architect of your own life. Frame the best way possible you can convince yourself about your business. If you're not convinced, you won't be capable to convince your own customers. For entrepreneurs don't listen to negativity at all. Failing sometimes is okay but how you learn from them is important. Whenever there's a stage ready for yourself, prove it that time, you can't wait for tides to cool down. Focus on things that require a solution. It is also important to celebrate, everything we do in life- those little moments are very precious. In today's generation, friends can connect easily and mobile has a seamless connection compared to olden times. When it comes to business your mind should come first rather than your heart. Ÿ

Karishma, Punitha & Shafila

Small business is the most basic. They are seen as a new growing drift that gives rise to new innovation in the production of goods and services in particular niche markets. To do something really creative and to be known to the public, one needs to take a step forward to achieve their goals. Starting from small isn't an easy task but undertaking it with full dedication and commitment will lead one to great heights. Many individuals wish to become entrepreneurs and do something within their comfort zone. Especially the women of Goa are showing up their talents in a wide range by standing up for themselves as independents. Thereby, here are three women who raise businesses of their own kind.

What are your future plans?

Our basic plan goes about working and building some more apps each day. My bigger dream is to set up in San Francisco, I don't know when it's going to happen but I'm always very positive about it. But first I want to see if India grows because I see India as a great market. We as Indians want to see India growing in a bigger level. Bangalore is our next target, I want to set up there but location actually doesn't really matter in fact the more cooler the better. The place has to be really good since we lack in having a great architecture. We need to be a little bit spacious too because excessive amount of working hours on computers can bore you up. Thus we need a place to relax and enjoy physical activities etc.


a y e s h r e e Parwar is a strong and unstoppable women residing in Pilgao who has given a massive start to her career. She along with few women from her village created Saheli, a self help group and decided to start a small factory at her own place to manufacture biodegradable sanitary napkins, namely 'Sakhi'. Unlike other initiatives, she has take n a unique step where she has earned recognition f o r herself in her village. Dr. Shabu Naik from Dona Paula helped her and supplied the machineries to make the napkins. He told her to keep the machineries for herself which motivated her to work more enthusiastically. Hailing from a rural area, she always wanted to be an entrepreneur and this helped her to fulfill her dreams to do something immensely productive for others. She claims her product to be plastic-free, chemical-free, biodegradable and safe one. "There are so many harmful and non-biodegradable wastes that are polluting the environment but I am stress-free as my product is biodegradable and doesn't harm the soil," said Jayshree feeling content.

Jayshree's business has been blooming since the start as initially she sold 1 packet comprising of 8 pads for Rs.25. Looking forward to the growth, she increased her rates to Rs.30 and simultaneously Rs.40. She has also generated employment wherein the women from her village are majorly benefited. "I feel privileged to do this work because at least some women who are idle at homes are getting a chance to do something for themselves and the society," said Jayeshree. Initially she along with other women sold napkins in the Pilgao village itself and gradually started selling them in the cities. She portrayed her product in stalls and created awareness in the society. Doordarshan and many news channels helped her flourish her pad-making business by showcasing her work to the public. Many states of India as well as foreign countries have started purchasing her products. Due to her product's rise in popularity, she got in contact with the Amazon group from where now you can officially buy them too. A few deliveries in Goa are handled by her own hardworking husband who is professionally a bus driver. He delivers all the items whenever he travels making her feel less burdened and boosting her capability to work harder. Her family including her husband and children are also very supportive and proud of her. BigNess 2017-2018




woman has the exceptional capability to do it all and expect an affirmative consequence. One such woman is Mrs. Anuradha Agarwal who is a housewife but has emerged herself into a business woman. Anuradha resides in Miramar and is the owner of 'Nature's Van', a beauty and cosmetic company of natural handmade products. The brand is versatile, extravagant and simply organic that comprises of multiple products namely shower gels, lotions, face wash, shampoos, conditioners, day creams, night creams, foot creams, body butters, bath salts, body scrubs, face scrubs, soaps, essential oils, diffuser oils, coconut oils, hand washes, lip balms and lip scrubs. On questioning her about how she embarked her business, she answered, “My son was allergic to the soaps available in the market and would result in him getting rashes. So that's when I thought of doing something on my own like making natural products and later on it gradually turned into a business.” Though she is a housewife and a mother of two kids yet she manages her venture where she does what she loves effortlessly. Anuradha is gifted with exceptional family support with her husband always lending her a helping hand. Her passion and skills were actually not put into action by herself but by her supportive mother-in-law. She said, “My mother-in-law encouraged me into this business as she just didn't want me to sit at home and rather do something in life.” Her mother-in-law also helped her by taking care of the children while Anuradha worked diligently. Managing the household work and her children, time would permit her only to work in the night once her children were off to bed. Commencing the business 2 years back in October 2015, Anuradha is always on her toes whenever there is an opportunity for her to exhibit her stall. Goa, Hyderabad and Pune have been her chief market places where she showcases

her products every year. Particularly, the Goan customers are very interested in handmade stuff. “Goans are very knowledgeable and are a lot into essential oils. They also love my natural hand-made cold processed soaps,” she said gleefully. She also recalled that initially the business pursuit faced challenges when people were reluctant to give it a try because of its pricing. She added, “Customers gradually realized that my products are actually worth it. They grew immediate fond of it once they used it. The reviews were exceptionally positive and along with themselves, they also recommend it to their family and friends.” Anuradha is a consistent creator and is currently having her trials and errors with the making of organic candles. Nature's Van caters to people of every sector and especially targets local people. For the future, the business woman aspires to object s ome h o tels and probably places where there are many tourists so for the expansion of her business. “Hotel is one place where people really appreciate the products. If you're into the hotel business there's no looking back,” she said. She also said that making it big will take very long but she will never withdraw and keep striving forward.

didn't want to work for someone else as I never liked the work timings. What I used to think is when you own a business, you can come and go at any time, do whatever you want. Basically I wanted to start something on my own.” This gave rise to just another Goan entrepreneur who owns the store Red Carpet. Shweta Sequeira, a ‘Khadi designer’ who calls herself an entrepreneur talks about reviving khadi and working with rural artisans for khadi being an Indian fabric which is handmade from start to finish. Gandhi, khadi and khadi making became a symbol of India's independence, but sadly it is fading off putting the youngsters in a thought that wearing khadi is to like wearing outdated attire. In order to break off this myth, Shweta uses khadi to give shape to evolving sensibilities by molding her work practices. Without using any other material besides khadi and cotton, it's purely handmade giving it a totally elegant look coupled with her designs as well as customers choice. "As a child I was very much into fashion. I studied Mass Communication at St. Xavier's college and after that I did a 2-year fashion designing course in Bangalore. My parents have been a great support and have helped me throughout my Red Carpet journey which started on the 1st of October 2017," the designer explained. As the start-up wasn't really picking well, she with the help of her parents came up with an idea of opening a cafe right in front of the shop. This sprung people up to actually

coming for the cafe and walking into the boutique letting the other business grow. Different designers fall in love with khadi for different reasons. Some fall in love for its feel, some for its texture but for Shweta it was the ability to help the rural people earn a living which is why she came up doing handmade materials. "We have one tailor here, he is supporting his family who has five people, so that was in me, to start something that would benefit me by helping others grow," said Shweta feeling inspired. Fashion for development is an accurate description. The aspiring designer is very much excited about introducing her designs to appeal to the millennial generations in and around the globe, recently giving birth to another outlet in Calangute. She said that she's discovered a certain beauty in poverty and it is the people. "I love my artisans for the wonderful work they do and glad that I got an opportunity to help them. This is my dream, that was a bonus," concluded Shweta dreaming to bring better and bigger aspects with her unique business.

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A Fresh Start It is not often that a brand of Goan endeavour takes the initiate to launch a homecare brand. 'Teddy' is a pristine Goan brand of homecare products that comprises liquid products like dish wash, hand wash, floor wash, toilet wash, glass cleaner, all purpose, car wash, fabric wash and fabric softener. Established 6 months back, Teddy is still in its inception but nevertheless a brand who wants to make it big.

Karishma Gurung

Kunal Bhonsule Kunal Bhonsule (29) is the proprietor of this homecare company which strives for the betterment of the people. Kunal's idea for his concept of his business was because of its uniqueness. Goa as a state needs to develop in a few segments and one of it being the homecare sector. The implementation of liquid homecare products is still not witnessed in India given that it's yet not popularised. However, in developed nations like the U.S, U.K, China, Singapore, South Korea etc have been promptly using this advanced technique. “The mission of manufacturing liquid homecare products was the need of the hour. Alongside its commercial use, people need to BigNess 2017-2018


adapt to new innovations and we are doing it with homecare products,” said Kunal keenly. The name 'Teddy' was born with an interesting learning procedure through literature. “When naming a firm or brand, the name should be easy to pronounce, it should be easily remembered by people, the name should be liked by people and it should be extendable like from Teddy to Teddy association or Teddy enterprise. The word should be simple where in adults as well as children should be able to understand the word,” explained the owner.

As start-up companies have to be vigilant and smart with their moves especially pertaining to marketing, the experiment of direct retailing in super stores did not yield a good response. Consequently Teddy's owner chose not to have direct retailing in the super markets immediately. He is also not in the favour of setting up production stores so soon. They have planned to look at other alternatives like the non-conventional ways of meeting the smaller firms, group of people like self-help groups and Mahila Mandals. “Once the brand is popularised and known by people, then they will try retailing it in shops and stores but for 6 months or so the strategy will remain the same,” said Kunal. The company also has applied the technique of 'regionalised marketing' where they have set to approach the North Goa mainly Mapusa and Panaji for effective brand persistence. He added, “Later we also plan on hiring people specialised in marketing like door-to-door selling with the help of salesmen etc.” Sales and marketing are the important divisions that are being worked upon right now. Apparently business-tobusiness is the type of business on which Teddy is highly focusing at the moment. “Initially the price competitiveness among several homecare products where good pricing is an issue, they want to overcome it among the consumers. We want to help the ease of use of people with making household work troublefree and efficient,” said Kunal. Alongside making profit for themselves, Teddy want to emerge as a Nobel brand. Kunal wishes that they could generate some employment in order the raise the economy of the state. “We would be proud if we could create jobs for the unemployed people and hopefully we will be doing it in the future,” said the entrepreneur. Talking about challenges and issues Kunal said, “There was nothing I couldn't solve. In a new company everything needs to be done by me and my team like marketing, sales, developing products, sourcing the parts etc wherein everything is a challenge in this.” With his experience he mentions that initially in a brand new company, it's all about persisting. Finding an initial shed is kind of an issue because it's not very affordable. Promoting a new brand and changing the mindset of the people is more of a marketing challenge. Businesses are already set in Goa where he finds that the companies already have their standard suppliers. “Some popular brands might not be supplying the best quality products to major firms but the thing is some of these firms look at prices as much as quality or even more. We're not compromising anywhere

in the quality of our product,” assured Kunal. The owner's unhurried pace of working, in order to avail the government schemes they have planned to wait for a year. When they would be in a position to use the borrowed money efficiently and reap the benefits out of it that would be the perfect time when they would be certain enough to use the schemes. The advertisements of this brand have started out as paintings, hoardings and sign boards. They also greatly understand the value of emarketing and that will be the next step they will be taking to advertise and promote the brand. According to Kunal, their achievement currently is that they have developed a basket of products and have planned to vend these packages to some institutes, hotels etc. basically the business-to-business market. Talking about the opportunities that Goa holds as a business hub is huge. He said, “The Goan market is very versatile and acknowledges any kind of business. Despite of Goa being a small market with low volumes compared to other states, it is still an ideal market for businesses to cultivate. Goan business enthusiasts will be highly benefited.” Thus Kunal moreover felt that Goans should establish their own business rather than transferring themselves out of the state or country. Kunal adamantly claimed that failure is never going to be an option for him. Along with the company's approach of appearing crystal clear, their determination will always motivate them to try till everything works out. Instead of taking their result as a failure they will take it as a lesson. Their approach ought to remain as either 'win or learn.' In the coming 5 years, Teddy should be accepted as a good homecare brand in Goa. “People should have the trust in our products and we would want to have a strong brand name in Goa,” said the ambitious owner.

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Attraction Punitha & ShaďŹ la

Wake up to perfect sunsets on the amazing beaches on a sandy ground with mosaic patterned shells and majestic landscapes of Goa. Being well known for its touristic hotspot, Goa can be visited at any time of the year but the best being during the peak season that is from October to January when the coral business men awaken.

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Cottages are an excuse to escape from the hustle and bustle to dwell in peace with the nature. Nowhere else has them quite l i k e G o a . Cola beach is one of the hidden gems of Goa. The most unique features are the blue lagoon and the cottages that this l o v e l y p l a c e o ff e r s . Cottages are trending now especially "blue lagoon" as Ajay, the owner of these 30 cottages has been running this business for the past 15 years. A lot of people go to Cola beach not only to experience and witness the serene beauty it beholds but also to enjoy different occasions by being one with the nature. People who plan to have weddings at tropical destinations often choose this place and refurbish it beautifully. From travel logistics and decorating to activities, family dress code and beyond they cover all the bases. January is the month they get a lot of customers. They make a lot of proďŹ t, estimating around a lakh or so. "We don't advertise much because we don't want to commercialize this beach. With just a website, it's doing much b e t t e r, " s a i d S e j a l , A j a y ' s w i f e . It is a lesser known beach yet the most visited tourist destinations in Goa. Float in still sweet water lagoon. Borrow a kayak, set aoat in the water and enjoy a setting sunset on the balcony of your beach

cottage. The Blue lagoon restaurant is open all day serving refreshments, snacks and meals. During the off season they shut t h e c o t t a g e s . "We are glad to have found this place to run our business and didn't put up any water sports or shacks. We wanted the tourist to feel the natural beauty with no disturbances around leaving just one shack with WiFi and a kayak ride a l l o w a n c e , " c o n c l u d e d A j a y. Basically the peak season is not only the beginning of a new weather but also a period which awakens business owners who lay planning during the off season to implement on their idea doing their best to earn for their living. Be it sweating or s w a y i n g . The above mentioned are some of the main seasonal business through which p e o p l e m a k e m o n e y . Besides these businesses there are a lot of people who give vehicles & rooms on rents. Not to miss on the taxi drivers who are ever ready to cater to the tourists and ensure they reach their destinations. This also invites the outsiders who put up walking stalls around the outskirts of various places offering different types of dishes. The peak season gives birth to new business owners with a leap of faith.

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Water Sports

Fast rivers don't fail to perplex the tourist and can offer every kind of challenge to have adventurous experience through water sports activities. The on-season also known as the 'peak season' sends out invitation to a lot of tourist from all around the world to enjoy the beautiful weather be at casinos or beaches. Some tourists who think there are few better ways to spend a holiday than just getting wet go for an adrenaline-rush-participation. The most important attraction of Goan beaches is the shacks, huts and mainly water sports facility and one such water sports is the 'Thinock Water Sports' at Calangute owned and run by Agustine Thinock and family. Thinock Water Sports at Calangute beach (also known as Queen of the beaches) has been running for more than 15 years. 'I used to work in gulf as a newspaper editor, I was happy with my job. But I always wished to have a business of my own which is why I thought of opening Thinock Water Sports.' says Agustine, the proud owner of Thinock Water Sports. They have a variety of water sports activities for you to choose from that suits your moods and desires, it includes windsurfing, parasailing, waterskiing, island trips, kayaking, banana boat ride etc. Keeping all this in mind the Thinock Water Sports rather than focussing on making money focuses more on the safety of their client keeping it their utmost importance and provides all necessary safety measure to ensure their guidance. Earlier it was very challenging as the vessels of water sports machinery needed to be imported from Japan keeping just few of them in this business but now with growing pace and technology, there have been a lot of people getting into this business. There is a queue system that every owner has to follow so everyone makes equal profit. ''It's just a period of 4 months that we get to make the best out of our business in order to make money for the off season, so we try to put our best foot forward and work hard'' says Augustine's wife Jacinta Thinock They provide the most modern water sports equipment and make sure to keep this one a lifetime experience at a very reasonable and competitive rate. (Customers testimony) ''More than focussing on how much money we are going to make for that day, it is experience and appreciation of clients that fill our stomach. My staff always works hard towards catering to clients needs and building a rapport with them at the same time.'' says Augustine Thinock.


Beach shacks are restaurants where tourists are provided with sunbeds to relax. They are been built for one to sip a drink and gaze at the beautiful sea and the sunsets. Shack owners are said to be people with deep pockets as during the peak season they are packed with tourist throughout. Therefore many of there the beaches are loaded with shacks offering different types of deals to run the business. Here's one of the shacks offering much more than just sun beds. Tom's 3 Square Beach Shack that is located in Calangute along the seashore and provides you with variety of continental food that you may wish to have. Every peak season shacks are on duty from early morning till late nights just to satisfy their daily customers and also walk-ins. The owner of the Tom's 3 square, George Tomson Silveira, the owner of this shack for past 6 years has been doing quite well in his job. He said, "The Government of India should do something for the benefit of the locals," as there are many tourist coming to Goa and the environmental issues have increased. Cleaning the beaches and providing variety of facilities will attract more tourists. Shacks life is dependent on the government and the lotteries, if you win it you can run your business for 3 years, otherwise you cannot. Getting the raw materials after the GST has lowered the business wherein the prices of the food have increased but that doesn't mean shacks will be closed, they are open every day during the peak season. Late night parties during Christmas and New Year's create a massive profit for these shack owners.

The food industry is growing and along its way, it is inspiring people involved to innovate and come up with new ideas for more sales and popularity among the competitors. Hereby, the idea of serving and making food available on wheels is one of them. Food trucks or “meals on wheel” is different than restaurants in two major ways – Firstly, It doesn't have a retail location. You can be in Mapusa today and in Margao the next. In this way, you can benefit your sales directly as you have an independent market and can appeal to more customers. Secondly, you will be your own support. You will be facing your customers yourself, get to know them, interact with them and build a healthy relationship which can benefit the business.

Food trucks have lately become quite a rage in the evolving restaurant space. The advantage of mobility in food truck format provides owners access to multiple locations at an initial capital that is lower than that needed in opening a restaurant or any other kind of format. Hence this business is a lot of fun to run, however, to be successful in this business you've got to put in effort and dedication.

Punitha Raj

The first people to start food truck in Bardez, Goa were the three Noronha brothers. “We started it in 2009 and are doing great today. It is a very affordable food truck serving authentic Goan casual fare. Our beef cutlets bread, sausage bread and chicken cafreal are amazing. Always fresh and served hot. For outsiders as well as Goans, it's worth the long drive to Anjuna. Goa is a very good place for business if you have good location and good quality of what you produce,” said Lazar Noronha (of the three brothers.) Joel Moniz owner of Food Engine had just recently started his business and is currently located in Anjuna. It has just recently opened and is doing great. On asking him why he thought of this as a business he answered, "With a rise in youth spending, mobile lifestyle and requirement of food on the go, Food Trucks have become quite a rage among the young population. I took this as an opportunity and started off with my food engine and with few advertisements on Instagram and Facebook, I'm slowly commencing." He is quite happy with the progress that he has made and is thinking of running it for another 25-30 years before it goes out of trend.




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Feminine Capital by Shafila Silveira

An entrepreneur is someone who searches for the truth, responds and exploits it as an opportunity. They also take risks to explore new netting business opportunities. During past times, only males were considered to be entrepreneurs but as time and trend reformed, women are also encouraged to come forward for entrepreneurship.

Suchita Narvekar One such woman is our very own Goan personality Miss Suchita Narvekar. She plays multiple roles in her life. An entrepreneur, actor, playwright, radio jockey and interior designer, Suchita has almost excelled in the field of art. ''I started my business because I was always thinking that you should be your own boss,” says Suchita just at the beginning of our conversation. Suchi, as called by her friends is a young blooming entrepreneur with the opening of her beauty and slimming center in Taleigao. She believes that the end of her 10 year career as RJ in 2015 marked as an important phase in BigNess 2017-2018


her life. “Although I enjoyed my role as RJ, it restricted my participation in the various departments of theatre. Ending it was a well-thought-out decision as I always wanted to be an entrepreneur” she said with glee. Presently, she runs the salon with a business partner also her life partner. She has a reliable and trustworthy stuff that encourages her to be a successful entrepreneur. The salon is one of its kind in Goa as it has many unique services. They give slimming treatments like toning the body, cavitation machine for managing fats, heating blanket to remove toxins out and

massaging machine. “Every client is like a new friend to me as they all be in contact with me“ She highly believes in maintaining good relationships with her customers and staff as well.She actively manages her other professions in theatre as well. Hence her dedication and hard work paid off as this year she was declared as a recipient of the Yuva Srujan Puraskar Award by Department of Art and Culture, Government of Goa. She has written seven Konkani plays till date and currently working on another one which will be release shortly.

The characters for her stories are inspired from the people she meets on daily basis. As she says, “Mostly all my plays have some kind of strong female characters. I am an outspoken person, but I see many women around me who feel insecure with their issues and aren't courageous enough to be vocal about them. I try my best to give these women a voice by writing about them, portraying them in my plays.” She has been encouraged throughout her career by her parents. “My observant parents noticed my love for theatre and would enrol me in multiple theatre workshops that taught me about the technical aspects of the craft,” she added. This passionate and repeated participation in school and college plays was enough to make her a popular name in theatre industry. She also won Yuva Chetani Award in 2015 by Goa Konkani Academy's, Kashinath Mahale Yuva Award in 2016. She also has her own show on Prime channel. Her routine for a day goes by first meeting her clients in the salon during the morning hours then working for TV show on prime channel and later at home writing the script for her dramas and plays. ''Whatever you're doing, there should be satisfaction'' she said. As stating that she also mentioned that you need to be your own boss and you don't have the necessity to ask for permissions from anyone. It' your business and you are the ruler of your own work and that's the main reason she started her own venture. She also added that Goa is not that great as in business hub because everyone thinks that they need discounts and are not adjustable with the rates so it's difficult to grow in such situations but if your approach is good enough towards your customers, they will like coming to you. As stating that she said, your first impression should be your last impression.” So everyday should be a new beginning. She says that everything she attends a new customer she will forgot all her sorrows and just smile infront of the customer. Her future plans are to setup a business in Australia with her brother who is very supportive and encouraging her to go forward and do what she likes to do. -Advice for young entrepreneurs: As we got into deeper conversation with her, she was very positive and optimistic as a person. ''Only dreaming is not enough, if you want to fulfil your dream than you have to put your first step,” she says. Never hesitate while you're doing something, if you hesitate on anything then you will not get what want. She also stated that “You need to be a solution maker and not a problem creator.”

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A New Way to Ideate TED Karishma Gurung “If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives,” these are compelling words said by Rob Brown. Public speaking is not only a way to communicate but also an art form that has influenced minds and changed lives since centuries. This power of conveying message needs a platform wherein TED is acting as a perfect role model. TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a global media organisation which conducts talk events with many skilled and accomplished speakers all across the world. TED with the slogan 'ideas worth spreading' posts talks for free distribution on their official website ( and also on their YouTube channel. In order to popularise the TED brand so that more people organise it, they launched something called as TEDx is an independently organized TED event where x is something that is independently organised by people. In Goa, Mr. Dattaprasad Shetkar is

organising TEDx called TEDx Panaji. x “The great thing about TED event is that it is merit oriented hence there is no such thing as bias or partiality. If you are good, you get the platform. I liked that concept and therefore I decided to join TED,” he said. The organisers are granted licenses from TED and based on their applications, they get to organise it. 'X' is named at the place, area of institute where it is held. In the TEDx event, different speakers are invited and they will talk about their unique ideas or experienced. “In Goa, the local speakers emerge from the local areas. People with great ideas and mindsets and positive thoughts and messages need to be showcased to be encouraged. We need to do this in Goa because I would like to give such a platform to unique ideas- whoever is there in Goa doing a good deed,” said the organiser.

TED is a very helpful platform both for business persons who are speaking as well as those viewing it. It provides many businessmen and entrepreneurs to share their experiences which will be greatly appreciated by the viewers. Watching the TED talk shows makes the viewer extremely inspired and intellectually stimulated. It never fails to energize a business person when he/she watches it as the motivation generated from these TED talks is huge. Some days running a business could get tiresome and might not seem easy. Inspiration, Productivity, Business, Creativity and Success could be sub titles under which various TED talks have been presented by globally reclaimed and powerful personalities. A few of which are- 'Steve Jobs: How to live before you die', 'Jason Fried: Why work doesn't happen at work', 'Jeff Bezoz: What matter more than your talents', 'Julie Burstein: 4 lessons in creativity and Richard St. John: 8 secrets of success.' These are few talks are not only recommended for watching but also have over billion views on the net. Public speaking is also one of the important factors that TED teaches businessmen. A good businessman should always be capable of putting forth his ideas and communicating them to the best he can. TED encourages and induces businessmen along with making them credible in the public's eye for what they have achieved.

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A good TED talk is expected to go viral as a global idea when it gets published online. 'Publicity' is what the speaker and his idea get as more opportunities come his way and he is granted support in the brilliant work that he puts forth. During the x TED Panaji held on 28 January 2017, the Founder of FUNL/Smartklock Inc and an entrepreneur, Jason Fernandes also spoke regarding during the event. He is the founder of award-winning start-up Record TV. Many other start-ups were founded by the young entrepreneur and his latest venture Smartlock inc. was one of the prominent ones. “At FUNL/SmartKlock Inc, we design technology that filters out distracting smartphone notifications and helps make people more productive. I had a great time presenting ideas battling x smartphone addiction at TED Panaji event last year. It was well organised, well attended and went off without a hitch,” said Jason. Jason won many awards in places like Singapore and California and he claims that his venture is actually been about the interaction between human

Similarly, the Ted Talks India with the tagline 'Nayi Soch' is created in partnership with TED for the first time. The talk show is in Hindi for the Indian audience where speakers from various fields share their ideas in TED's signature format of short, powerful talks. Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan is the host for this show where in he stated that an idea can inspire you with limitless possibilities, gives you an alternative perspective to look at oneself, one's surroundings and future. The show is getting quite a good response from the viewers and it is aimed to be different and realistic than other talk shows. Therefore, TED is not only a global phenomenon but also something that makes you appreciate and inspires you through all the walks of your life.

mind and technology. “In March 2018, TEDx is planning to be conducted in Panaji again,” said Dattaprasad. The speakers have to present it to the audience for 18 minutes and then a video is recorded to be sent to TED in order to upload it. “Last year, 9 speakers spoke x for the TED Panaji event, this year the target is at 6 speakers. From business, you always get inquiries from people who have done something new, unique and creative,” he added. TED is an intellectual platform for people who are thinkers and innovators. Hence there are few people who encourage this as it's not something entertaining like films and movies. The awareness is slightly slow but the organisers promise to build it as the people need to be aware of the TED talks.

Eloquent speakers as well as inquisitive viewers are greatly benefited in this communication. TED has been a brand that is of an immense advantage to businessmen and businesswomen to promote themselves as well as their work. Regardless of it being a one-way communication, the speaking always connects to people and there seems as if there are no cons to it.

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Government Schemes Ashton Gonsalves

The government as a central and state body has implemented many schemes for business startups that have benefited thousands of entrepreneurs. There are many people who want to start their own business but are hesitant when it comes to funding. In such cases these government schemes provide a very helpful and reliable platform for a start-up.


n Goa, one of the most prominent government schemes is the 'Economic Development Corporation Goa' also known as EDC . It is aiming at providing funds to Goan entrepreneurs so that suitable employment opportunities are created within the state. EDC was established in 1975 and till now it has extended financial assistance of over Rs. 80,000 crores by way of term loan to more than 5000 Industrial and service sector project. In simple terms, EDC limited is a developmental bank set up by the government with an objective of promoting and boosting Industrial Investment. EDC offers funding of 10 lakh for Goan startups that is 'innovative', since the government is focusing on innovations. So far EDC has played a pioneering role through its joint ventures in subsidiaries field of engineering, pharmaceuticals, electronics,

BigNess 2017-2018


auto accessories etc. The objective of EDC limited has always been to strengthen the economic powers, mainly throughout enhancing industrial developmental and encouraging entrepreneurial ambitions. Among all the activities that EDC held on to boost entrepreneurs some of the main activities carried out are that they offer term loan and equity assistance for industrial projects they motivate industrialists to set up industries. They also head up with the monitoring of the industries they have been already set up, for the smooth functioning and finally the training and empowerment of entrepreneurs.

Any enterprise or firm that has recently introduced a new product or service that is highly dependent on technology can apply for EDC, provided the startup should be in Goa for at least 2 years. Shradha Sawant is one such individual who with the help of EDC loan has boosted her business. Shraddha Sawant, a diploma holder in Fashion designing and a Post Graduate in Commerce set up her venture Star Agro Industry at home in 2013 which was initially started by her mother in 1987 but as her business started scaling new heights the workplace was inadequate for the production. She said, “We then moved to a bigger unit to a four shop spread structure-based in Marcel. I applied for the loan under the EDC's scheme of CM Rozgar Yojana. After getting the same, I installed a fully automatic machine which gave a boost to my work force and employed 5-6 women from Marcel and Cumbharjua.” “Never compromise on the quality of your product to add Quality to your product to add cents to your Profit you may make losses in billions.” Similarly the 'Start-Up India Action Plan launched on 6 January 2016 was to facilitate startups and entrepreneurs. From schemes to scholarships the government has set up guidelines of how to go about achieving a career. Now the 'Startup India Action Plan' is one scheme that helps each and every entrepreneur to start without a huge amount of investment. The startup India action plan was started in order to facilitate and it was launched on 6 January 2016 which is quite recent the benefits of this startup action plan is that it helps the Entrepreneurs to start up a business in the following beneficial ways. Here are a few benefits provided to the start-ups:

startups, people have to say things about the startup Action Plan. Audiences say they didn't have any idea about startups but many positive comments regarding the startup action plan have hit the social sites. A few comments made are: 1.) The start up hub is a unique platform to start up, that addresses your requirement. It identifies and approaches the right mentor, incubators, accelerators and investors. 2.) Because of the start-up app a lot of people are gaining knowledge and information about the schemes. 3.) According to the start up India learning program which can be accessed through the application many people have got help to know about the business. 4.) Bulk of amounts are saved through opting for the startup plans. Overall the government schemes have benefited and are benefiting many people. Due to such schemes, many small scale businesses are getting benefited with a great deal. After so many opportunities and schemes created by the government for the entrepreneurs, they can have a great start up. Not giving much attention to the business' aftermath, it totally depends on the way you go ahead with the plan.

·No taxes are imposed on startups. ·It exemption the capital gains text on personal property sold by entrepreneurs to invest in their business startup. ·Rupees 10,000 crores setting up of dedicated funds for startups are implemented for startups over a period of 4 years by the Government. ·The government has stopped multi certification at the startups for the Entrepreneurs to feel secure while starting up in order to feel uncomplicated in giving the certification which makes it even easier to set up a business. ·Regulatory inspections are stopped for the first 3 years in the case of startups. Lastly the government has set up a Startup hub. The startup hub basically is a direct form of interaction between the entrepreneur and the government for mutual understanding regarding excess to funding.

As the Government helps entrepreneurs to setup for BigNess 2017-2018


Importance of Marketing in Business Marketing is extensively present all over the world. It affects our day-to-day lives and deals with human and social needs. It is the root cause of everything we do- the clothes we wear, to the websites we click on, to the ads we see etc. It affects our lifestyle massively bringing about a prominent change in our society.

Karishma Gurung In layman's term marketing a product or service is making people aware and persuading them to buy that product or service. An increasingly important ingredient for successful business is 'Good marketing.' Profoundly, the meeting of needs with great value of profit would increase standards of marketing.Marketing is mostly seen in of 10 types of entities that are goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, properties, organizations, information and ideas. Financial business often depends on marketing ability. Finance, operations, accounting and other business functions will not really matter if there is not sufficient demand for products and services so the company can make a profit. Press releases from organizers of all kinds trumpet their latest marketing achievements and can be found on their websites. In the business press, countless articles are devoted to marketing strategies and tactics. Marketing is tricky, however, and it has been the Achilles' heel of many formerly prosperous companies. Large well known businesses have confronted newly empowered customers and new competitors and have to rethink their models. All in all, they cannot afford to relax but making the right decisions is not always easy. The major decisions such as what features to design into a new product, what prices to offer to customers, where to sell the products and how much to spend on advertising sales. They must also make more detailed decisions such as the exact wording or color for the new packaging. Skilful marketing is a neverending pursuit. Digital Marketing- For a fact, people spend twice as much time online as they used to 12 years ago. Online Marketing has seen a significant growth along with its overwhelming effectiveness compared to the offline market. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of the online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. In the 21st century, the internet has the ability to educate and enlighten man

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with fuller information and beneficial facilities. Marketing in Goa also has seen a development and expansion overtime. Many people have actually felt the impactful nature of internet all over the state. A 21-year old young online marketer Richard Pereira is the owner of his online store Based in Vasco, his website began in the year 2015 and was the first website to sell fish online in Goa. The website design is simple and minimal where they list the catch of the day making it easy to use for people to place their orders. Richard hails from a traditional fishing family and regarding the idea for his market he said that, “As online selling was a trend, I also thought of selling fish online since the market reach is wider and striking. Fortunately the idea was successful.” Richard also tells us that the s e c r e t t o h i s e ff e c t i v e business was marketing the website well before it was launched. Hence in the first month itself it was yielding great sales. “Start implementing your idea in college itself, create a brand, write blog posts, c r e a t e awareness and make your voice h e a r d . Solve all t h e problems one by one and make it happen,” s a i d Richard advising the entrepreneurs . He also aims of build a better workflow for the website in the near future.


What are the thoughts of a marketing consultant? Mr. Nigel Quadros, 24, originally from the Divar Island, Goa, is a marketing consultant and also an entrepreneur himself who has opened the minds of the people to the power of digital marketing. Despite of being a college dropout at Don Bosco College, he chose the hard way of making a career and found his success. He strongly believes that, 'certificates don't define or prove the worth of an individual, ideas do.' Nigel shared his involvement and knowledge regarding the field by terming marketing as 'the overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales.' Nigel mentioned that although marketing is hugely important for a business to succeed, it can also be very expensive. “Out of personal experience, I would say that in the first year, a company might spend as much as half of its sales on marketing programs. After the first year, a marketing budget can reach as much as 30 percent--sometimes more--of the annual sales. A marketing program that gives your company the best chance is a healthy mix of different forms of marketing, such as website development, public relations, print and broadcast advertising, design and printing for all print materials, trade shows and other special events,” said Nigel sharing his expertise. Nigel mentions about digital marketing that Mail marketing is not the cheapest marketing method available, but it can be tremendously effective if used correctly. Also talking about online advertising he said, “Today, many ads are based on text, and advertisers only pay when users click on them. On popular platforms, advertisers compete based on price for better ad placement.” He himself being an entrepreneur has better understanding about entrepreneurs feel about business. Hence he elucidates the marketing strategy in an uncomplicated manner to his clients. “If you find me not working, I'll take you on a treat,” said Nigel and this only reveals his passion for his work and his utmost desire to attain success. Time ahead, he is very much excited and looks forward to meeting new people in Europe and growing his business there. BigNess 2017-2018


Initially it used to happen just for occasions but now it's become like a trend, where for every celebration they feel the need of visiting restaurants and treating themselves. Keeping this in mind he thought of opening a restaurant. The most important points, to get customer pleased is the quality of food, behavior of the staff, the ambience and the area where the restaurant is located. He also looks after home delivery in and around Saligao and will soon reach out to a larger crowd in the coming years. Once, an elite mixer for the British and then a street staple in North India, the coddnecked 'Goti Soda' quietly makes an entry in Goa because of Eknath's. "I was in Delhi for a business meeting in a restaurant and suddenly I saw some people being served with a new look of 'Goti Soda.' Immediately I liked the concept and thought to myself, why not starts this in Goa. So than I re- thought of bringing this revived goti soda to Goa in April 2017 when 'Carpet of Joy' was started by Subhod Kerkar," said Eknath. “Couple of my friends owned the old machines but unfortunately the size of the bottle didn't match the new machines. So I had to get the machine from Delhi and then we thought of having a flavored soda as the thought of just plain soda in it didn't seem fine,” he added.

An Entrepreneur’s Mind Punitha Raj Running more than one business is like a task for any businessman in Goa as it is one of the touristic hubs. Eknath Oraskar from Saligao has proved it wrong by handling more than just one business. He is today one of the successful entrepreneurs in Goa. Oraskar is a businessman, hotelier and ex-sarpanch of Raj Saligao village by Punitha panchayat.


knath started his carrier in the hotel industry in 1994, working for a 3-star hotel in Calangute. He was then promoted to General Manager in a period of 1 year after which in 2004 he bought his own hotel with another partner and due to some reasons went through a financial loss and had to sell off an entire take in 2008. "I started taking hotels and small restaurants on lease. I always wanted to do something in my village which is not profit oriented that's when 'Colors' started in 2004 and it's like my baby. I am proud as it's situated in my own village. It's a 14 year old restaurant and is doing really well," said Eknath. Not being a foodie, Eknath's main motto was to open one restaurant in his village so his villagers could visit the restaurant and have a good time. As of now, he runs a resort in Calangute, couple of restaurants and a bakery. On asking Eknath, why did he decide to open a restaurant he replied that the mindsets of people have changed and they prefer going out to the restaurants to have food.

I started taking hotels and small restaurants on lease. I always wanted to do something in my village which is not profit oriented that's when 'Colors' started in 2004 and it's like my baby. I am proud as it's situated in my own village. It's a 14 year old restaurant and is doing really well. -Eknath Oraskar

BigNess 2017-2018


He came up with the idea of having a tangy lemon flavor. He spent a lot of money on the flavor as he needed to get it approved then get it checked by the FDA and send it to the laboratory for testing and to trademark it. Even though it cost him a lot in terms of money especially for the flavor, he found it worth and was glad that he invested into something unique and fine. The bottles are imported from Delhi and as the manufacturing of it is expensive, they don't let the customers have it. With the reviving trend, the goti soda walking carts have been placed in many places so people enjoy the taste and its authenticness.The reason Eknath didn't advertise for the product was because he wanted to ensure that it meets its base first and so people start liking it and as the demand would be too high after advertisement because of which he wouldn't be able to cope with a large amount of order. The machinery is in Saligao itself, where he has taken a premise registered it under FDA license. Presently, he is happy for the fact that his company is doing well today and that he can provide employment to a lot of people in need and is currently supporting 187 staff. He wants to expand the business and grow with no negative results but just with growing with his ability and healthy competition. He doesn't wish to make a lot of money and is happy with whatever savings that he makes. He owes a big credit to Jill Rebeiro, proprietor of Angels Resort because, whatever he is today, is because of him. He has always been Eknath's inspiration and he treats and respects him immensely.

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The Instagram Market Over the years, the use of Instagram has skyrocketed. Instagram, with more than 700 million total monthly active users, now claims over 8 million accounts to be business profiles. #TheBestBusinessMarket undoubtedly goes to this social networking site!

Karishma Gurung That gives rise to another meaning for the mobile based photo and video sharing social networking site. It means that the platform is no longer used just for just sharing pictures and videos but is also used as a platform to promote one's business. S i m i l a r l y, w e h a v e Vi r e s h Vazirini (22) from Panjim, Goa, is an entrepreneur who has worked in online marketing and blogging space for the last five years. He started with “,” a blog about EDM music, initially built to attend music festivals for free but now has turned into a music magazine which at its peak generated massive attention worldwide. Currently he runs a Growth Hacking Startup “GrowthGravy,” is a company which helps businesses grow online. He has three accounts on Instagram of utterly different natures – Food, Goa and Music. Viresh being a curator of such popular pages on Instagram like Food of Goa, Goa, etc said, “It's a great experience curating the content for '' which is Goa's largest online community with about two million followers. The journey of building 'Food of Goa' has been very interesting too, interacting with restaurants in Goa, finding out their best food & recommending what we personally love.” He feels quite a challenge finding the right content for both these online platforms and

Social media is a cost effective method to promote one's business. It helps you target customers based on their age, specific location, gender, interests and more.”

-Viresh Vazirani




involves hours of work every day. “Many a times, I personally take charge of the content creation process to ensure high quality pictures and videos which portray the best food offerings in Goa are selected,” he added. The work that he puts into might look effortless but it is not. He explained, “Our typical schedule includes browsing on different social media platforms & internet for hours. We're one of the few companies in Goa which encourages the employees to productively spend time on Facebook and understand the daily updates in the platform.” Years back, traditional advertising was the only tool that the businesses would use but now the social media platforms help businesses grow massively successful. According to Viresh, “Social media is a cost effective method to promote one's business. It helps you target customers based on their age, specific location, gender, interests and more.” Currently with the explosion of instagram, their choice is being highly influenced by it. “People simply won't go to the restaurant by seeing a newspaper ad but if their friend tags them on an instagram post by a restaurant they're highly likely to visit the restaurant. Many of my clients are witnessing a good increase in their revenues because they have started using Instagram effectively,” explained the curator about the current instagram trend. Instagram has been a huge help to businesses around the globe as they need their potential customers to find out about their business. Instagram's social nature works to increase more of intangible aspects of marketing such as buyer loyalty, brand equity, and lifetime user value, hereby, giving the business a boost of life. The community and associations of the brand are just as important as the products and Instagram is the tool to promote that brand identity. In order to take the business to a whole new level, go and 'Follow the brand'- and that's exactly what Instagram is making you do.

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GCCI- The Business Association Karishma Gurung

Goa is the smallest state of India yet it is in the limelight for most of the business sectors across the country. It is multipurpose which caters to almost all the business categories. Therefore we have major associations which play a vital role in bringing up Goa's economy. The main local business network and lobbying body in the state is taken care of by the Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI). Most of the Goan businesses are affiliated to the GCCI as its prominence and credibility is exceptionally remarkable.

“The Chamber, acts as a mediator between the Government and the business community and over the years has built strong relations with various State and Central Government Departments. It has emerged as the apex body representing business community in the State and plays a key role in the process of enactment of policies for trade and industry,” quoted by R S Kamat, Director General of GCCI.

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The GCCI is one of the oldest associations of commerce in the whole of India and it represents itself as Goa's premier non-profit business, support-services and networking organisation. In layman's language, GCCI is an association of members all over the state dealing in business and commercial sectors. The GCCI has a deep rooted and

wealthy heritage which is of great significance. Established in the year 1908, this year the GCCI completes its journey of 110 years. It was formed in the Portuguese era when Goa had still not acquired its independence. Till today GCCI holds an upper hand in most of the trade and commercial verdicts of the state. “It is built through major

Committees & Membership: Presently, the GCCI has 18 managing committees that solicit the active cooperation, support and participation by members to enable the Chamber to deal effectively with the problems of overall development of the Territory. The committees are: · Agriculture & Fisheries Development Committee · Basic Infrastructure Committee · Consumer Welfare Committee · Educational Committee · Food Processing Committee · Industry Committee · IR & HRD Committee · IT Committee · Logistics Committee · Medical & Healthcare Committee · Media & Entertainment Committee · Mining & Mining Infrastructure Committee · Real Estate & Housing Construction Committee · Taxation Committee · Trade & Commerce Committee · Tourism Committee · Women's Wing · Young Entrepreneurs' Forum Each committee has a chairman and members wherein the members have businesses/professionals/NGO's having an establishment and registered in the state of Goa, India. The membership opens up a rich-resource of free essential business information advice, a busy events calendar and discounted conference facilities. There are many benefits of the GCCI membership one of which is interacting with the state government and facilitating dialogue with various government institutions on issues such as taxation, zoning, various industry tariffs, sectoral grievances etc. The Chamber also holds many events, meetings, seminars, workshops and other activities that the members get to be a part of. In terms of sending a 'Memorandum', the committee will hold a meeting to discuss and deliberate over the matter. The members will voice out their opinions and if the matter is serious enough, then a memorandum will be prepared by the particular committee of GCCI and sent to the authority it wants to address. For example, if the Tourism sector is facing issues, the members of the committees who hail from various fields of tourism will voice their complications and a memorandum will be sent to the authority like the Tourism Minister/ Chief Minister/ Tourism Secretary etc. Activity of GCCI 2016-2017: GCCI, acknowledged as the Knowledge Chamber of Goa, has emerged as a forceful, pro-active, effective and forward looking institution playing its role as a catalyst between the Government and Industry. “The Chamber, acts as a mediator between the Government and the business community and over the years has built strong relations with various State and

historical events of Goa that gave rise to various business divisions and sectors. The chamber looks after many businesses as well as businessmen and entrepreneurs across the state,” said Pallavi H. Arondekar, Deputy Director of GCCI.

Central Government Departments. It has emerged as the apex body representing business community in the State and plays a key role in the process of enactment of policies for trade and industry,” said by R S Kamat, Director General of GCCI. The association renders its services to over 600 members who include Corporate Houses, MSMEs, Traders, Professionals and Associations representing various sectors. The Chamber brought out several important papers and reports from time to time to broadly suggest the areas needing review. During the period under review, it organized several Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Talks by eminent persons, and conducted Trade Meetings with representatives of various Foreign Trade Delegations. The Chamber also submitted memoranda/ representations to the authorities, held meetings and discussions with the Government officials and distinguished personalities, on various matters concerning industry, trade and commerce, taxation, customs & central excise, foreign trade, labour and management, tourism and information technology. Each committee had at least 4-5 meetings and programmes per year pertaining to the interests of its members. There are different set of targets for each committee while holding such events. National as well as international delegates meet the GCCI. They maintain a record of all important statistical reports received from the Government including the annual Economic Survey of the State. A few notable events were; 'State Advisory Committee (SAC)' meeting by the Basic Infrastructure Committee, 'Education-Industry' connect by the Education Committee, 'ESIC Goa State Executive Committee' meeting and Seminar on 'Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace' by IR & HR Committee, Interaction with members of Goa Air Cargo Association by Logistics Committee, Seminar on 'Goods and Service Tax (GST)' by Taxation Committee, 'Traders' Meet' and 'Ban on sale of Liquor' by Trade & Commerce Committee , Commissioning of 'Multilevel Car Parking Facility at Dabolim (Goa) International Airport' by Tourism Committee, Sensitization Workshop on 'Food Safety, Licensing and Registration for Food Operators of Self Help Groups (SHG's)' by Women's Wing and BRICS Business Council Meeting.

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B R I G H T Punitha & Shafila

Working has always been a challenge but it tends to become more challenging when you're still studying. The handwork and dedication put by the students is immense in their own way in inspiring young lives. They learn to weigh priorities, sometimes skipping fun activities to finish their responsibilities. These young entrepreneurs have shown that having a part time job shows that the student is at least somewhat accustomed to the professional world which will make the transition.

Musical Inspiration: Georgie Dias, 19, has been working as a 'professional musician.' He is a student of Chowgule College, currently doing his first year in Arts and has his own band namely 'The Runks' which has been his dream venture. Starting up this band was his vision because he worked professionally since the young age of 12 and the challenges he faces now is to get the world to know the band. His main aim is to make the band well-known in Goa first. "There are many challenges that come our way but I like taking challenges," said Georgie confidently. He has been performing for so many years and especially for his own band, he has got a lot of support from his parents and the veteran musicians in Goa. Being a student, Georgie believes that, studying is not the only thing to do; you need to explore your dreams because everything is not taught in the syllabus. Georgie claimed, “Studying what you like will always help one to achieve their goals.”

Jigyasaa Malhotra, 21, is a fashion and lifestyle blogger apart from being a Mass Communication student at St. Xavier's college Mapusa, Goa. Her blog is called 'The Bohospiration' was started almost a year ago. The term 'Bohospiration' stands for inspiration from the bohemian style of living where she defines herself as 'unconventional and free.' She basically started blogging because she had a passion for fashion and wanted to share her personal style with the world. Successively she launched her own professional website. "I think consistency is the most important thing in blogging. You need to make sure you have content going out every week and that was the most difficult challenge for me, keeping up with college assignments and creating new content is no mean feat but I try," said Jigyasaa. After a few months of blogging and creating an online presence for her blog, many offers started coming her way to collaborate with brands. It's basically a barter collaboration where brands owners send her free products and she features them in her blog. Other than these collaborations, she also gets many offers to review restaurants. Travel and fashion blogging is her niche area and concentrates more on that. Other than blogging she also has a part time job as a social media manager and does influencer marketing for a few brands. "The biggest challenge in blogging is growing your audience and getting brands to notice you" concludes the amateur blogger.


Godfrey Rodriguez, 21, is a student from MES College, Vasco is also a member of I-Help Foundation Group. He is currently studying final year Bachelor in Bussiness Administration (BBA.) The I-Help Foundation Group is an organization that strives at serving society. It is involved in helping out at orphanages, old age homes and slum areas. They have also organised various activities like self defence for girls, cleanliness drives and school kit drives which help in building leadership qualities as well as team work. Godfrey is the core-member in Goa and his role is to do his bit for the society by accompanying his fellow members to various places, listening to the old people and advising the children as what is best for them. Recently, the foundation group organised an event namely I-Run which was one of the major public event. It was basically a 'Runathon' which spreads health awareness and majorly helps to raise funds for various other upcoming projects. “Getting sponsorship is a difficult task but unless you are presentable and informed about your idea, nothing is impossible," said Godfrey. He also stated that, time management is a major issue as managing college work as well as the work for foundation. He also added, “If you are dedicated towards doing something good than it's not an issue.” Taking I-Help Foundation to another level where everyone will believe in humanity and help more people is what Godfrey as a member makes efforts for. "Don't lose hope, stay motivated and don't be selfish to help others in whatever ways you can and most important thing is to believe in yourself," said Godfrey as an advice to young entrepreneurs.

Young All-rounder:

Blogger on the rise:

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For a Cause:

Kenneth Alvares is an 18 year old young entrepreneur who has been a massive achiever for his age. Alongside that, he is a self-taught coder, model, writer, musician and also a TEDx speaker acquiring the title of a brilliant all-rounder. Being well known for his skills in coding and technology, he said, “I first started coding when I was in the 7th grade after being introduced to HTML at a computer class in my school. Since then, I have studied web development, app programming and more, using online courses and tutorials and also I began working professionally just after finishing my 12th.” Kenneth's journey has been to the utmost versatility wherein he has a wide array of interests and achievements. “Currently, I have found quite a bit of success in the modeling industry– reaching the semi finals of Elite Model Look, walked for India Beach Fashion Week 2017 and done shoots for Max Fashion. I am extremely passionate about music, playing the guitar and singing as I stood first with 95% in the state for Rockschool UK's Guitar examination. I have also given a TED Talk on coding, one of my life goals, just last year,” said the young lad. He has also won a couple of college coding competitions, one of the prominent ones being at BITS Pilani's techfest called Quark. Currently he is running a web development agency– designing and developing websites for his clients around the world. As a student entrepreneur, he stated that time is often the biggest challenge. “My attendance in college is very low as I prefer to study on my own and work for the majority of the morning. But nevertheless I am my class' topper but it is tiring at times,” confessed Kenneth. He also revealed that proving to his new clients is another challenge too. “Many clients judge me on the basis of my age and supposed lack of experience and when I mention I'm still in college, they doubt how I can manage their websites effectively.” However, his successful results have always spoken for themselves with the websites being 100% uptime and never crashing and always showing up as the first result in a Google search. His plan for the short term future is to continue operating his business while managing college so that he is self-sufficient by the time he finishes his Bachelor's with its earning being a steady stream of income. As an advice to young entrepreneurs Kenneth said, “Always take opportunities and never miss out on something because you are afraid of rejection or failure. It is this mentality that has allowed me to take every opportunity I get and make the most out of it.” BigNess 2017-2018


Shweta Sequeira, The Red Carpet owner, Anjuna-Goa.

1. Nobody is a born business man. But you don't become an entrepreneur until you work for someone else. By learning through experience can you take a decision whether you can stand on your own or not. Just because others are running a business don't do it. It's not that easy. The only way to come up in life is "honesty". If you're honest and dedicated-you are through 100% success.

Eknath Oraskar, Colors restaurant owner, Saligao- Goa.

With time, we reached a phase where we just don't think about business in terms of profitability but your own benefit. Time has come for us to evaluate businesses based on how beneficial they are to the overall humanity because today we are almost 7 billion people and the earth is trying to tell us something. Increase of pollution, garbage, constructions has lead to damage of our mother earth. Dattaraprasad Shetkar, Marketing Consultant, Panjim- Goa. BigNess 2017-2018


Starting up business is always fun but when you come into it; you realize the hardships that come across. So you need to be prepared not look at the loss of it, by working hard towards it at least for few years not focusing on the income. Keep doing whatever you're supposed to do, luckily might be later you can sit back and see whatever you've done is paid off for. Don't stop, if you face failure in the beginning.

Punitha Raj


“Take risk. If you need to grow, you've got to suffer a lot because that's how you learn. But in this process, if you come across failure and hurdles don't go weak. These are just tests for you to make you strong and when you're confused whether to give up or keep moving. Choose to move ahead you'll be happy with your decision someday.”

Fred D'souza, Major Milkshake owner, Porvorim- Goa.

Joel Moniz, Food Engine Owner, Anjuna- Goa.

Now is the perfect time to take that passion and make a living doing what you love. Harness your entrepreneurial skills step by step, it is the ultimate drivers manual for modern business. As you work to achieve your most ambitious goals, push yourself to keep moving forward with these motivational quotes given by these business enthusiasts to inspire and uplift your spirit. Enjoy the ride.

“ “

“ Incentives

The most important thing that will sustain you is, if you're passionate about what you're doing. It excites you it gives you energy when you think about it, because then when there are days which are tough and there will always be tough days; this passion is what will see you through. It is very important to have a perspective on the fact that why are you doing what you are doing and when there are lower days you realize that you know what you really want to do.

Whenever you can, do try to build good team. It doesn't have to be large. It can be small but it's actually people who make the company, because you have to grow them after which they will support you because otherwise it's going to be very lonely. It's really important to have, if not a big team just one or two good people as partners. As people you can rely on who can bounce ideas off and grow them so they are empowered to help you take the company forward.

Simran Lal, a Delhite is the Chief executive of Good Earth has opened up a store 'Nicobar' in Calangute, Goa. The new brand has set out to spearhead modern Indian lifestyle retail at a global level. With seven stores up and running— across Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Jodhpur — and three more in the offing, the label offers an interesting mix of fashion, home and travel accessories with a minimalistic aesthetic, targeted at millennial and globetrotters.

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ShaďŹ la Silveira

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BigNess Partners

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“Businesses need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve.� -Ratan Tata Former chairman of the TATA Group


The most obvious form of entrepreneurship is starting a new business also referred as a start-up company. Goa is all about sun, sand, siesta...


The most obvious form of entrepreneurship is starting a new business also referred as a start-up company. Goa is all about sun, sand, siesta...