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Fantastic weather, Fantaslic

lriends all helped to make Hillsborough Fundraising a great success. Thank you to all our kind buyers

Registered Charity Number-


of gifts and tombola...and lhank

Daytime telephone- 0114 2457181

you to afl our su pporlers who

Patron- Jackie Longley

provided the donalions that


made this all possible,




Hopefully we will see you all

Friencls ln Birminsham. Grateful thanks to Joan Blackwell, in, Birmingham. A long term supporter of C.A.T.S . With your hard work and dedication over the years you have helped enabled us to continue this vital work. Jackie and her Truslees are very sad to announce the passing of one of the

Also a BIG thank you to Patti, Emma of Birmingham for

Sanctuary's best loved characters. Jerry was an extremely popular and friendly

their fundraising and support.

resident at the Sanctuary. When Jerry arrived the vet identified health problems which had stunted his groMh and his condition was such that he becarne a permanent resident. Visitors to the Sancluary fell in love with this cheeky

C.A.T.S would also like to say a BIG lhank you to everyone who has supported us over the past months and years. No matter how you help us and what you do C.A,T,S couldn't function without out you, so gtve advance for the help you will hopeiully continue to give us this year and onward.

-:..;\.,{ ,:

kitten due to his diminutive stature, but his personality filled the room. Jerry loved human companionship, but every kitten season he shone like the little

yourself a pat on the back, We would also like to say thank you in

'if,i lt

ginger gentleman as soon as they saw him, He was always mislaken for a

star he was. Every kitten which had been rescued from distressing and

kaumatic circumstances would gravilate to Jerry. He was their "uncle' and would comfort them, cuddle them and be a stable rock in their turbulent young

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It is impossible to state how many kittens Uncle Jerry helped during his years


at the Sanctuary, but he possessed a natural talent for giving them the comfort. they so desperately needed during their recovery. Jerry will be tremendously missed.

Make C.A.T,S your search engine on Easysearch, its FREE, each search that

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you make raises funds for the charity.



http ://sh eff ieldcats. k

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lf you have a car you no longer want ring 020 0011 t664 for

nationwide wont cost you a penny but will give us


http://www.siveacalco. uk/charities/cat-abuse-treatmentsocietv?cat=animal Would you like to make

a donation to CATS you can do so

via pay pal on

the C,A.T.S website, via our Facebook page or via cheque, lf you wish to make a donation via chEue then please contact Jackie. Contact details are available on lhe front of this newsletter.

This little bundle of fluff came to Jackie in dire need of medical attention. However love and cuddles from Jackie as well as every volunteer, (that Mie-Mie managed to wrap around her little paw,) seemed to pay off. Though

All donalions no matter how big or small are gratefully received and

small for her size Mie - Mie has now grown into a healthy, beautiful little girl.

desperately needed to care for the cats. Whether that be buying food or

She has recently moved into a loving forever home and all the volunteers

getting them urgent medical attention your donations ensure C.A.T.S

are sad to see her go but are happy that she beat the odd. Jackie would like

continues to provide help for as many long term abused cats as it can in our

to say a big thank you to all the cats supporters wilhout whose help success

Forever Home.

stories like this wouldn't be possible.

Thank you from Jackie, the cats and volunteers.

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Jackie, Patron of the Charity, has been nominated for Sheffield's Lifetime Achievement Cat Abuse Treatment Society gained charitable status on the 18th January

Award20ll being awarded at lhe Sheffield Night of Honour at

Sheffield City Hall, ln order to qualify, nominees need to fit the criteria

1995. Since then it has been run entirely by volunteers whose only reward is to see the cats happy and healthy. The cats are cared for using donations from

below: "This person truly is a hero. They have spent years pouring their lives into

our generous supporters along with any money raised at fundraising events

olhers and endeavouring to make Shefiield a belter place. They have

organised by the trustees and volunteers.

lnfluenced many through lheir achievements and their life. They may not

The charity currenlly operates from a purpose built sanctuary at the rear of

have been recognised for lheir work but they have truly made a difference

Jackie's council house. All work is undertaken by volunteers who monitor the

to olhers". Thank you to all who support Jackie and Cat Abuse Trealment Sociely. lt

cats and tend to their needs.

was a wonderful evening for Jackie and all who attended and Jackie would like lo thank everyone for giving her this opporlunity


E s-T

The sanctuary itself consists of a number of chalets where each cat can have their own personal space. Central to these chalels are communal areas where the cats can eat, play or just watch the world go by. ln addition there is a separate area of the sanctuary, accessible to cats from Jackie's front garden.

This area provides food and shelter for the local stray and feral cats. lt has also become an area where the local wildlife will come for food and water.

This poor Tom cat was found dirty and hungry living round the Bet Fred shop in December 2010. Jackie iook him in, fed him and cleaned him up and he was quickly rehomed in 2011 and is now neulered, happy and loved,


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The sancluary is in dire need of refurbishment. lt is a wooden, mesh and Perspex struclure, most ofwhich has been slanding for over 20 years, is in need of repairing. The Perspex roof has holes in it where fireworks came

through in November of 2011, Please can you help by giving desperately needed donations to replace this section of roof. These repairs will keep our traumatised cats and kittens ,many of lhem are cruelty cases, safe and secure within lhe sanctuary. lf you know of any roofer willing to donate his time or materials towards this project contact Jackie on (0114) 2451781.


A BIG THANK YOU to all the customers and staff at Pets at Home for contributing to a wonderful collection over lhe Christmas period. We thank you so much for caring. Here is a picture of Star a disabled rescue cat, who is the C.A.T.S mascot, wilh patron Jackie

Due to the mobility problems of some of our cats such as those with Cerebral

Longley accepting the cheque

Palsy, the sanctuary is in need of more (larger version) litter trays, Financial

for f 218.00 at the Pets At

restraints, caused by a reduction in donalions to the charity, have meant that

Home Store, Kilner Way,

we are slruggling to purchase even the most basic equipment



Sheffield CATS newsletter July 2012  

The first online newsletter for our Cats charity

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