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Like ignite, like invisible tree frog crescendo, like buzz of cricket then pause. Like crisp fallen leaves, the papery exoskeletons dissolve in the heat. The leaping dog stops short at the buried, invisible fence. Except for this action, we might not know of its existence. Unless we saw the small white flags of warning, low to the ground. The stilled dog yelps. She cannot chase after the wild rabbit, which suddenly seemed to freeze, staring straight ahead. A fence of burning flags imagined.

Imagine there's no countries. It isn't hard to do* In shadow, a silent woman from somewhere else performs her morning exercises, alone in the shallow pool. Sunrise, mist and fog. Motions of long ago and far away transposed. A flicker of protests from the old TV in the basement. After the filming stopped an announcer reports: those people were taken away. Frontiere translates as border. Border, the concept, limits and excludes. Frontier transcends. Dots in the distance bravely wave goodbye/hello.

*John Lennon


Shady Side Review  

Shady Side Review, Fall 2011.

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