Howling At The New World

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Anne Grootjen

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AN INTRODUCTION Many young individuals this day and age wish to join one of the many profession guilds our Fennec clan has to offer. You can share your stories as Entertainer or help the economy as a member of the Merchant’s Guild. Others may want to help govern the law as Politician or make marvelous new inventions as a Scientist. Or if you are like me, you might want to get out there and discover the world as a member of the Explorer’s Guild. Getting accepted into these guilds may seem difficult at first, but the journey may well be worth it. In this journal I will tell you all about my own journey on becoming a member of the Explorer’s Guild. And if you yourself are a young Fennec interested in becoming an Explorer, I hope my work will inspire you and help you discover the secrets of our world known as Lupinos.

Lupinos is a big world with many fascinating places. And each place is filled with interesting people and stories. I want to discover them all. But to do that, I must first be recognized as an official member of the Fennec’s Explorer’s Guild.

Getting accepted into the Guild is not an easy task. They do not want just any rookie adventurer! So, I have been assigned a task by the Guild Master himself: Explore impact zones created by the Starfall and document anything of interest in their vicinity.


As you may know, ‘Starfall’ is a phenomenon that occurred around 2000 years ago. During this time, many stars fell from the sky and created big craters all over the world, as can be easily seen in any modern map of Lupinos. The land is completely covered with them, so finding a good research spot should not be a problem! If you are a Fennec like me, you might even be more familiar with these craters than you realize. Because our Capital, The City of Scattered Light, is built in one of these craters. Since I am already there, I might just start my field research right here…


FENNECS Every journey must begin somewhere… And mine is starting right here at home! My first place of visit is the Fennecs and their capital: The City of Scattered Light. Though I would rather just get out there and discover some new and exciting places, it is a good start to rediscover the things I’m already familiar with. Once I understand the known, I will also be able to better understand the unknown! And perhaps I can grab a meal before I head out on the real journey….

CITY OF SCATTERED LIGHT The City of Scattered Light, sometimes also referred to as simply ‘The Glass City’, is the Fennec capital and owes its name to its glass pillars, which reflect the sunlight in colorful patterns all over the city. These pillars of glass were formed during the Starfall that created the City’s crater, when the hot meteorite hit the desert’s sand. The glass serves as a reflector against the warm desert sun, but also holds enough heat to keep the city warm during the freezing desert nights. Ancient Fennecs discovered the crater and began to make a home here.

FENNEC BIOLOGY Fennecs, sometimes also referred to as Fennecaines, have a few sub-species from different regions. The known races of Fennecs are: Gold Fennecs, from the Glass Desert. Silver Fennecs (or Snow Fennecs), from the North. And Bronze Fennecs, from the Red Desert. Keep in mind though, that these names do not refer to their rank or value and are purely based on their color. I myself am a Bronze Fennec, though I spent most of my childhood in the Glass Desert and on the road. Even though the City of Scattered Light is in the Glass Desert, it is a capital for all the races.

FENNEC GADGETS Because the Fennecs travel far, mostly through deserts, they can usually be seen wearing similar getups. They wear leather ‘shoes’ on their paws, to help protect against the hot sand. They usually wear goggles with darkened glass, to protect against the sun and the Glass city’s reflected light. The Fennecs’ main currency comes in the form of glass shards, which many may wear in the form of jewelry, mostly around their neck, to show off their wealth.

FENNEC GUILDS Within the Fennec clan there are several guilds. Each guild specializes in a certain field, which helps contribute to the Fennec society. Any Fennec who wishes to choose a profession will most likely become part of one of these guilds.

Explorer’s Guild

The guild I personally wish to become a part of! Explorers travel to document the undocumented and relay their findings back to the other groups. They also find the best travel and trading routes. Some are researchers in history, archeology and geography.

Scientist’s Guild They are inventors and researchers, always working on new discoveries in the fields of science and healthcare.

Political Guild

These Fennecs focus on official matters like the law and connections with trading partners.

Entertainers Guild Masters of recreation and art. Entertainers travel the world to share songs and stories. They also bring news and messages.

Merchants Guild The Fennec group of merchants travels

through the land to trade and buy different materials and objects. Their main business is transporting goods and selling them.



My next goal was to find a ship that could bring me to the jungle, so I could go to a different crater there; a place know as the Emerald Caldera. It is said that the Tropicaines, brightly feathered wolves, live around this area. After I left the Fennec City, I met with Grianne, a great captain from the Tropicaine clan. She herself was also going on an expedition to the jungle and agreed to take me there.

We sailed a ship all the way there, but sadly I got quite seasick and do not remember much else about my time at sea. Right now, we are navigating the jungle rivers in a little boat. I truly hope Grianne knows where she is going.

EMERALD CALDERA Like the city of Scattered Light, the Emerald Caldera is a crater that was formed during Starfall. Over time this crater was filled with rain and river water and formed a large lake.

As soon as we arrived here, we were met with many ancient ruins made of stone, which I can only assume have been made by ancestors of the Tropicaines, the tribe that now inhabits these ruins. The architecture here seems to be much older than that of the Fennec City. Perhaps this crater was formed during a different Starfall?

TROPICAINES Fennecs and Tropicaines have known about each others existence for some time already, though they do not interact much. Tropicaines are a tropical wolf species with colorful feathers, which help them against diseases and the warm climate. Tropicaines are intelligent but they are not as technologically advanced as Fennecs. They are also tribe- and familyoriented, as opposed to Fennecs’ being more individualistic.

TROPICAINE TRIBE Being a Tropicaine, I thought Grianne must be quite familiar with this place and the tribe that lives here. Turns out there are a lot of different tribes living in the jungle forests, but the one living in the Emerald Caldera is by far the largest. They made their home in the Caldera’s old ruins and worship some “God”. Honestly, I am kind of glad Grianne is not from here, I find these Tropicaines’ lifestyle quite… unique, to say the least.

TROPIKING During my time with the Tropicaine clan I came to understand more about their customs and religion. The Tropicaines worship their own God, the “Tropiking”, for which they take time out of their day to bring offers and pray to.

It is said that the Tropiking lives deep in the temples. Occasionally he comes out and attends ceremonies. I have seen the guy on one of these gatherings, but I am honestly not impressed. I think he is just a regular Tropicaine wearing a costume. And if he really were some sort of God, I would very much doubt he has nothing better to do than attend festivals.

I spoke my mind about the Tropiking to some of the tribe but was met with resistance. They got angry at me for disrespecting their God and threatened to burn me and my book in his honor. I told my troubles to Grianne, but she just laughed at me… She said that even though the Tropiking might be fake, it still brings a sense of pride and unity for the Tropicaines to worship something together. I could never imagine committing myself to something I don’t have proof of, but I also realize that part of that is what being an explorer is about: Going on a hunch and discovering the truth for yourself!

I suppose if these Tropicaines are happy like this I should just let them be. I think I overstayed my welcome. It is about time I continue my journey anyways…


AEROCAINES The Tropicaines told me there is a different clan living in a Starfall crater north of the jungle, so that was where I planned to go next. Grianne knows the jungle quite well, so once again she would help me traverse it. But as soon as we left the forest behind us and headed for the mountains, we were attacked by some monstrous wolves! We were nearly goners, but we were saved by a hair… All thanks to the warriors of the Aerocaine clan. They helped us escape and took us into their city…


FLOATING ISLES The cool thing about this crater and its city is that it is floating mid air. I suppose this has something to do with when the Starfall occurred. My theory is that the impact sent pieces of magical debris, that had been laying dormant in the earth, flying into the formation we see here today. Or perhaps the debris came from the fallen star itself? Truly fascinating indeed. If only Fennecs could replicate this technology… Perhaps I’m going to borrow some rock samples when no one is looking.

The only way you can possibly enter this city is when you have been personally invited by the Aerocaines, the winged wolf species that lives here. The city is built high up in the air, so the only way to reach it is to fly there oneself. The location’s vantage point gives excellent protection, which has aided the Aerocaines in their survival. This has however also gained the attention of many jealous eyes of other Clans, who wish to take the city for themselves.

AEROCAINES The Aerocaine species is very interesting. Both their culture and anatomy are all about flight. I suppose living in a biome made of floating rocks, flight would be an advantageous ability to have. One thing is for certain, Aerocaines being able to fly and produce weapons and armor, they would be very terrifying to encounter if not on your side…

Aerocaines’ main form of flight has developed around feathers. Which makes me wonder, did these wolves evolve from Tropicaines who found their way up to the Floating Isles?

THE ARCHIVES Aerocaines have had a difficult past filled with tragedies and wars. This resulted in the Aerocaines keeping track of their histories and storing their written texts in a great archive, here in the Aerocaine City. I was quite curious about this city’s past myself, so I paid this Great Archive a visit and learned some valuable information about the Aerocaines.

VAMPIRICAINES Apparently, these where what we encountered last night before we were saved by the Aerocaine Guard. They are vicious wolves who have been infected by a virus and became completely mindless as a result. Aerocaines have been fighting against them for a long time. The Aerocaines need to constantly be alert and often patrol the area around their city. Quite lucky for Grianne and me, otherwise we might not have been saved from those monsters we saw.

CAPTAIN OF A DIFFERENT COLOR Captain Nora was the leading Aerocaine that saved us from the Vampiricaines yesterday. Though she is a captain too, her job is quite different from Grianne’s. Grianne is the captain of her ship and crew, whereas Nora commands a small squad of Aerocaines to guard the city. But I suppose they are similar in liking to boss others around… Hopefully, they can get along for a little while.

STARFALL AND THE VAMPIRICAINE WARS I came to learn that the city did not form over the course of a single Starfall, but two. The first crater was formed many, many years ago and the floating rocks we see here today were a result of it. Ancient Aerocaines built their first city on these cliffs. But centuries later a second Starfall occurred, and the city was hit again. A part of the city was destroyed and sunk into the waters below.

During this disaster, another problem occurred: The rise of Vampiricaines. The rising dust and ash from the Second Starfall proved to be excellent conditions for their numbers to grow, and they invaded the Aerocaine City. Some of the Aerocaines were turned into Vampiricaines as a result. Eventually a cure was found and most of them could recover. But the cure did not come without side effects….

Cured Aerocaines began to show odd symptoms. Their minds were cured, but most of their bodies were forever changed. These ‘cured’ Aerocaines became labeled as ‘Demonicaines’ by the others. The Demonicaines continued to live in the city for a short time, but through growing distrust and many conflicts, they decided to leave the city and move to the old ruins of the fallen city below...

The Demonicaines were never seen again after their departure from the city. Common belief is that their decreased flight ability and small numbers eventually led to their demise. Overall, the Demonicaines were a short-lived sub-species of the Aerocaines with much evidence and even memories eventually being lost in time. But I wonder if that is true…


AQUATICAINES My visit to the Aerocaine archives made me quite interested in the second Starfall’s impact zone and the disappearance of the Demonicaines in this location. So, I asked Nora, the Aerocaine that had saved us from the Vampiricaines previously, to help guide me to the crater’s location. Grianne, who has been my companion on this journey so far, agreed to come with me one final time, so she could go back to the sea and reunite with her ship and crew.

Although I did not find much evidence about the missing Demonicaines, I did find traces of another civilization living here. And somehow, ever since we arrived here, I can not help but feel like we are being watched…


ANOTHER SPECIES My questions would soon be answered, as I discovered a young, odd-looking individual that I assume had been following us for some time now. He introduced himself as Koji, of the Aquaticaine Kingdom, which happens to be the ruling clan of this region. He is a curious creature, not being suspicious of us in the slightest and instead very interested in us. Of course, I proudly presented my research to him. But he seemed disappointed there was no mention of his own species. So, he offered to give me some help.

The Second Starfall’s impact on the Aerocaine City can still be seen today, in the form of mountains and archipelagos that surround the area. Most of the crater is at the bottom of the sea now, as well as the part of the city that was hit. Various ruins and debris can be found on the islands, but after 2000 or so years, it is no wonder there is not much else to be seen here. At first glance, at least. Upon closer inspection, some ruins I found do not match the style of the Aerocaines. Instead, I suspected they might be of a different civilization entirely.

AQUATICAINES First off, Koji told me the main species that live in this area are Aquaticaines. As their name would suggest, they spend most of their time in and around water. Quite interesting, as I never learned about wolves who could hold their breath for so long! On analysis, Koji appears to have gills, like a fish. This must aid the Aquaticaines to be able to spend a long time underwater. They also have fins and parts that are bioluminescent. This would aid them in seeing each other underwater, even in the darkest depths of the ocean…

Their tails appear to be quite strong, which would be needed if they are to propel themselves forward through the water. It kind of reminds me of the way Aerocaines use their tail to fly. Could the two possibly be related?

KINGDOM As Koji told me, the Aquaticaines are a monarchy, with a king as ruler. When the king comes of old age, or passes away, his child will become the new monarch. Whatever the king says, goes. Although he is not officially labeled as a real God by the Aquaticaines, I am starting to get some bad flashbacks from my time with the Tropicaine Clan….

Aquaticaines are not as great at preserving their history as the Aerocaines are. Salt and seawater make it hard for anything to not degrade over time.

NEBULO CITY Most of the Aquaticaine kingdom is, as expected from an ocean clan, mostly underwater. At the bottom of the sea, in the Second Starfall’s crater, lies their main capital: Nebulo City. Of course, with it being underwater, I will have a hard time ever reaching it and seeing it in person. But Koji was happy to help me get some visual ideas for what it looks like…

It is quite interesting to see how we have found yet another crater where a civilization came to inhabit it. And each time the species has perfectly adapted to the area. I would have loved to explore and research them all further, but that will have to wait until I am officially part of the Explorers Guild! I think it is about time I head home and share my findings…

CONCLUSION With so many different species, clans and cultures, I had never imagined we would have anything in common. On my journey I came to realize that, even if we do not share a religion, or have different rulers, deep down we all have ambitions and are part of the same world. We might all even be part of the same family! In the future I will continue my research and exploration in my ambition of becoming a great adventurer. And, if you are a Tropicaine, Aquaticaine, Aerocaine or even a Fennec like me, I hope you too will find your place in the world.

Benji is an ambitious explorer from the Fennec Clan. His goal is to become the greatest explorer in the world. To achieve this, he sets out on a Journey through Lupinos, a world ruled by wolves. This is his journal, filled with illustrations and discoveries he made on his trip. In which he discovers not just the bizarre and unique wolf clans, but also himself.