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By Alex A Fo ox William Lu uis Brad dley Ma ak Hao Xu

Dedicated to Family, Friends and Ms. Olmedo The Best Health Teacher

In order to live a healthy life, you must have a good physical, mental, and social health. You have to focus on each one to make it better but overall they are all important. Physical health is important for physical look and shape. Mental health is important for your emotions and how you think. Social health is important for your relationships and interactions with other people. Together they are equally important.

Physical health is the physical state an individual is in to be able to perform in physical activities like sports and yoga. It is important to maintain a good physical health to help in everyday life. Poor physical health could mean something as not being able to pick up and move something around. So physical health is important for a healthy life and everyday life.

Mental health is important for having good thought and emotions and protecting yourself from mental disorders. Having a good mental health can mean that you won’t be in threat of severe mental disorders. Good mental health is also needed for a good education. So having good mental health is an important aspect of a healthy life.

Social health is important to live a good life with friends and family. Relationships with other people are an important part in everyone’s life. Friends and family will always be there for you, so why not have a good relationship with them. Social health is important for having a good life with others

For good physical health an individual should perform moderate physical activity for 20-30 minutes a day. This is important to maintain a healthy stamina, strength, and body weight. It is also needed to live a long life because people who maintain a good physical health will live longer.

Managing a healtthy weight cre eates a good outlet ffor good ov verall health and a phyysical h health. If you ma anage your he ealth, you y will be ab ble to m manage e other o th hings in n your life like e time a and mo oney. Ma anaging your weightt will allso be g good fo or yourr ph hysical health when you tryy to kee ep a co onstantt weight. w

Eating healthy also helps with fitness and it creates a good image in the future as well.

Go to the doctor occasionally to check with your body for anything wrong that may go haywire in the future.

There are 6 major, vital types of nutrients. Water is necessary for keeping your body hydrated. Minerals are needed to perform your everyday life functions and to maintain homeostasis in your body. Vitamins help fight disease and keep your body at the best it can be. Proteins are needed for keeping your bones in top condition and for other life processes. Fats carry some vitamins and are needed for energy. Carbohydrates are also needed as the main source of energy in your body.

Maintaining a healthy weight is also good for you.

Eating three meals a day is an important part of good health.

Everything contains some kind of nutrients.

If you have an eating disorder seeking help is your number one priority. Eating disorders like anorexia are a major problem and should not be dealt with lightly. If you know something is wrong seek professional help like a doctor. If you think there is a problem, join a support group who can guide you in the right direction.

The media usually gets people to change their body image.

The media partially is the cause of anorexia in some people.

Many people are concerned with their own body image and they alter their own bodies in their image.

Spending time with friends and family is important for good mental health. Having good time and getting pleasure to your brain is important for having good mental health. Spend time with friends and family for a good time and not spend it doing drugs.

Do not do anything unethical, for the harm it will do to the brain.

Learn to control and maintain your emotions, for they can get the best of you.

The things that go on in the brain are variable, resulting in stress.

Learn to manage stress and find a safe outlet for stress. Managing stress is important in dealing with it. If you learn to not be too stressed out at one time you will be able to live a healthy life. Finding an outlet for stress is important too. Take up a hobby, or do yoga are two common places to relieve stress.

Use healthy ways to cope with stress and not drugs.

Always stay calm and remain oblivious to your feelings.

Always talk to someone if available to unlock your troubles.

Enjoy life and not let others change your mind and decisions. A large part of self-esteem is selfconfidence and making your own choices in life. If a person can make their own decisions they will believe in themselves and their own life. Peer pressure is a major problem with self-esteem and should be avoided.

Always maintain a high self-esteem and let nothing slow you down.

A low self-esteem may lead depression, which may also lead to suicide.

Never let people disappoint you in any way possible and try to defend yourself as a result.

Medicine should only be used in moderation and when consulted by a doctor. If you take too little or too much drugs this could have a terrible effect on your health. The misuse of drugs could even be illegal and addiction is a big problem as well.

Using the drugs legally can help very much with pain and sickness.

Using the drugs illegally, however, can result in long term pain and sickness as well as addiction.

Becoming addicted to a drug can replace chemicals in the body making the person more dependent on it.

Treat others the way you would want yourself to be treated is a golden rule. The world has a goes around comes around system and if you want to be treated nicely and fairly treat others the same way. If you want respect then you should give others the same. This is important in having a healthy social life.

Do not leave other people out because of some form of prejudice.

Help others when they need help.

Be friendly towards strangers.

William Luis w was born n on Sep ptember 17th, 1998. Born in Ne ew Yorkk, he is a hardworkking stude ent enro olled in th he Bronx x High Scchool of Science e. He cu urrently rresides in n Queen ns, New York, while also writin ng a bookk with his h collea agues, A Alex Fox, Hao Xu u and Bradley B M Mak. Alex “Wa aldo� Fo ox was bo orn Augu ust 21st, 1947 in Transylvvania. Affter yearss of fleeing Dracula D w with his ffamily, A Alex fled the country to go to the United States S wh here he took the pseudon nym of "C Cave Joh hnson". Here, he e started the t small friendlyy testing compan ny Aperture e Sciencce. In 197 73, he boug ght a time e machin ne and trraveled into the futurre to writte a self help boo ok. When n he retu urned ba ack to 1973, he expanded hiss company into Aperture e Industrries and hired hiss lovely intern Carolyn. H He removved her soul and putt it in the body off a psychop pathic rob bot. He d died of moon rock can ncer in 1991. Unffortunate ely the first and o only copyy of half life 3 was cremate ed along with his body

Bradley B M Mak wass born on n March 9th 1997, an nd is currrently a soon to be sophomo s ore at Brronx High h School of Science e. He enjjoys playying vide eo games, sleeping g and tryying to fin nd mbie plan n. He live es the perffect zom with hiss parentss in Queens, New w York. He has won awards for outstand o ding succcess with h his boo ok, Livin ng Health hy During g the Zo ombie Ap pocalypse. and is currently y working on ano other, Livving Hea althy

Ha ao Xu wa as born o on Augusst 30th 1 1997. He e is exttremely confiden c nt in himsself and a always h has a positiv ve attitud de toward ds everyything he e enc counters s. Beside es being confiden nt not mu uch of him h is rev vealed, e everythin ng else a about him m is sim mply a my ystery. N No one kknows wh ho he rea ally is. In this book, b he shared all his sttrategies to have h a positive p a attitude to owards llife. Most peo ople who o read this book h have exp perience ed a dra amatic im mprovem ment on tthe way they thin nk.

Living Healthy: Tips for Good Health is an amazing book that every person should read – Dr. Oz Amazing tips for everyone of all ages and gives an outstanding road map for your life – Oprah Are you someone who wants to get on the right track to a healthy life? Living Healhy: Tips for Good Health is an extraordinary guide book for that.– New York Times

Published New York, New York AFWLBMHX Pub. Company

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