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Family Race

Student of 12° “A” in classroom of Mr. Pesiri. Together through sport

Student Life Main Designer, Executive Producer, Editor, Writer, Editor: Josue Garcia Special Collaboration Of Edition: Jorghe Ayala Photography: Hugo Gomez Student Life is a noncommercial magazine, any resemblance with a trademark is purely coincidental. It is important to insist that Student Life is only for academic purposes. Any clarification, doubt, demand complain, reclamation can be performed to the general coordinator.

Jorghe Ayala said: “We learn a lot in class, when we finished what we do we can play Plants VS Zombies. Also something that I liked was "testing the endurance" of the tape, on this occasion feints to Bayliss”. “I like it because we learn how to make designs, public stuff and a lot of tips. So it will helps a lot for my career”. “The Business class is a very good class because if I study something with this profile I can have knowledge that my peers do not”.

The students of 12th grade throw the cap into the air in celebration of which are close to finishing the school year 2008-2011.

Student Life  

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