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Topic 6 (Stress Management): â—?

Get into a support group to deal with the problems that stress you

Joining a support group will help you relate to others and get advice on how to solve your problems that have to do with stress. This can be a calming approach to get rid of your stress. It can take a load of of your back by talking about your problems and you will always have help from others in the support group who know what you are going through.


Take an afternoon nap

Many times the cause of stress for a person may be the fact that they are not getting enough sleep. The effects of not getting enough sleep includes fatigue, moodiness, aggressive behavior and not being able to process information well. These are also symptoms of stress. A person needs 8 hours of sleep and so if you are a person who does not get enough sleep it is recommended to take an afternoon power nap for about 20 minutes. It has been proven that a 20 minute power nap in the afternoon is more energizing than a nap in the morning. This will repay for deprived sleep and make you feel energized


Rechannel your energy into something positive and get some work done

Rechanneling energy is when a person takes the negative energy of stress and uses it to do something positive. This will help move forward in life rather than hold you back. When in a situation that makes you tense you can do something else. For example, if doing a hard homework problem that you cannot understand try to do something else like taking a shower, playing a videogame, organizing your room, read a book or anything else that you like.


Plan ahead

When you know you will have a lot on your hands for the future, make sure you plan ahead. Make sure you do this so there will be procrastination as well. For example, if you have a paper due at the end of the week make sure you have a set time to do it throughout the week instead of procrastinating. This way you will be ready for almost anything that gets in your way and no problems will be on your shoulders. Also by understanding certain stresses that come your way frequently you will be ready to take them on and will have less disappointment then usual

Topic 7 (Self Esteem): â—?

Identify your positive qualities and then embrace them

Stop looking at any of your negative qualities and stop trying to change yourself. This will get you nowhere. It is better for you to notice all of the things that you can do well. If you embrace these qualities they will pay off and help you in the future. People with self confidence do not focus on their negative side because it will only delay them and they focus on the positives because that actually helps them move forward.


Recognize your accomplishments

Look at the past accomplishments that you have made and try to identify which ones were important to you. Looking back at these accomplishments will help you look forward to a future of more great accomplishments. These accomplishments can go from a graduation award or even a competition. You will see that you were able to accomplish many things and this will show you that you are able to accomplish anything.

Participate in something you are good at

Participating in something you are good at will help you gain self confidence. It will help you realize that you are good at things. This will help you focus on a more positive view of life. It doesn’t matter what activity you are doing, whether it is video games or a sport, it does not matter. It matters that you are good at this activity.

Celebrate your success

Anytime you make a huge accomplishment, make sure you celebrate it. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate it as long as you are happy. For example, when you finally graduate from college maybe you will want to throw a party to celebrate yourself. This will help boost your confidence and help you look forward to a brighter future.

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