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Horizontal Blinds

The Excellent Sunshade for Your Home

What is Horizontal Blinds?  Horizontal blinds display an ageless and classic ability to inflection any room, bringing both function and fashion to the windows of your home.

 They are available in aluminum and vinyl, in a wide range of colors and finishes. These blinds will offer you all the privacy and light control you need, with the design flexibility you desire.

Choose right fabrics for blinds  Choosing the right fabric for your venetian blinds and awnings is also very important. In addition, there are various colors and patterns available to suit everybody’s interest.  You can consider the following guidelines to select the right fabric that will compliment your home, office or landscape.  First, determine if you want your blinds or awnings to blend with the façade or become a focal point, choose your pattern and color accordingly.

Also consider the settings of your home or business, you can go for light hues if you have a woodland areas and bright shades for a poolside patio, and if you want to stick to classic, you can go for black and white stripes.


Keep your home cool

If you want to maintain your view, minimise glare and get a more modern slim line look to your home, Shadewell have a complete range of horizontal blind systems that can be installed to ground or upper storey windows.

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