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Both of these pieces celebrate women and how the digital age has started to renounce how we see the nudes - as an act of female/self empowerment and giving no power to ‘revenge nudes’.

Aisha (meaning ‘one who is alive in Arabic)

I drew this few years ago when the boy I was talking to wasn’t texting me back (it’s so hilarious to me now that I was so affected by this boy not writing back to me loool). It was created with a range of emotions like frustration, sadness, disappointment and a hint of ‘over it’.

This was drawn to go with a poem my friend wrote. It shows her deep hatred for the bias that the TV and acting industry possess for the lighter skinned women. Her poem was titled ‘2 DIRTY 4 DISNEY’.

Titled Encompasses death and rebirth. Though the person in the drawing’s eye’s are not closed yet you could say they are still alive and ‘sprouting’ .

Trust your gut. I’ve always been told to ‘never ignore your gut’ and so this is how I visualise the saying.