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Jugni Portraits of Love A Festive Collection by Mandeep Nagi

The light glimmers as she dances into the night. Jugni – Portraits of Love - is inspired by women in harmony, those who empower others and themselves, as they transition through time and life experiences. The ones who believe in the strength of solidarity, the ones who draw power from within. The life of the party, they glow as they move. She is young, while she has the charisma that comes from confidence in her years. The ones who flaunt the wildness of their hair and the ones who choose glamour with streaks of grey. She’s a muse to many, unafraid to reinvent herself. The ones who love and respect each other, our muses, they make of their lives a work of art. This collection is dedicated to them. This festive collection celebrates five colour stories in shades of red, green, natural, olive and purple. Its inspiration lies in an heirloom kurta embroidered with gota - an exquisite technique of metallic- based ribbon used on sumptuous occasions. Adapted to this collection, gota shines with twists and turns of silver and golden-copper thread - like a firefly in flight. It is embroidered on exquisite silks, woven tissue and luxurious velvets.

“I consider boundaries as things to be crossed, and limits as malleable�

Meher Varma - A Delhi based anthropologist, writer, and brand consultant.

Hazra short kurta, rashida sharara, raza dupatta, adaa choker

Kaira blouse, rashida sharara, zikra dupatta, aasia necklace

Hazra short kurta, raza dupatta, adaa choker, dalasa necklace

Nahida kurta, nazam pyjama, heer dupatta, raiwa necklace

Kaira blouse, rashida sharara, noor dupatta, adaa choker

On Jugni, “A Jugni is a jogin. A fierce free floating perceptive spirit. She believes in the truth of her heart and like a wondrous chameleon, embraces and expresses varied aspects of herself, ultimately spreading joy and radiating all that she truly is, without fear of judgment.�

Sonya Khan - A design director of The Yellow Leaf Company - a small yet significant vestiary of fine clothing and textiles.

Afsa kurta, afia pyjama, naina dupatta,

Sajida kurta, huda pyjama, tahir dupatta

Saba kurta, huda pyjama, nargis dupatta

On Jugni, “the quintessential woman, joyous, fashionable and adventurous�

Malavika Rajkotia - Lawyer, author and specialist in family law.

Romaisha saree, kaira blouse, samara choker, raiwa necklace

Nadira kurta, aveza pyjama, tahir dupatta, shaami potli bag

Afsa kurta, afia pyjama, naina dupatta, munira saree, gulnaz blouse

Nadira kurta, aveza pyjama, zikra dupatta

Nadira kurta, aveza pyjama, tahir dupatta

Zakiva saree, kashaf short kurta

Kashaf short kurta, areena skirt, rania dupatta

Kashaf short kurta, areena skirt, adeela dupatta

Kashaf short kurta, rashida sharara, heer dupatta

Suha kurta, areeba dupatta, gazal clutch bag

Suha kurta, hayat pyjama, sana dupatta, rania dupatta, koosam bracelet

Abiha kurta, rashida sharara, raza dupatta

Karima saree, azra blouse

Tara kurta, sakeena pyjama, noor dupatta

Tara kurta, sakeena pyjama, heer dupatta, gazal clutch bag

Safiya blouse, nazam pyjama, kunya sling bag

Erum kurta, sama salwar, nazneem dupatta, adaa choker

Amera saree, safiya blouse, gauhar kurta, firdaus dupatta, katya saree, azra blouse

Hazra kurta gold

Abiha kurta gold

Aliya kurta dark grey

Zayda kurta natural

Nahida kurta natural

Sajida kurta natural

Tara kurta orange

Hayat pyjama stone

Shifa chudidar gold

Sakeena pyjama natural

Rashida sharara natural

Sabiha pyjama natural

Noor dupatta Raza dupatta Sahar dupatta Rania dupatta Heer dupatta Areeba dupatta natural natural natural orange orange gold

Afsha kurta deep blue

Arifa pyjama light mink

Farah kurta light mink

Aafia pyjama deep blue

Zeba pyjama rose pink

Lyla kurta blue/pink

Noshin kurta purple

Naina dupatta Mahira dupatta Samara dupatta blue/pink rose pink deep blue

Zahra kurta mint

Anam kurta mint/peach

Zainab pyjama stone

Najat kurta mint

Suha kurta deep green

Huda pyjama deep forest green

Sania kurta forest green

Fulkat kurta deep green

Sakeena pyjama deep green

Saham kurta dark forest green

Zainab pyjama deep green

Nafisa dupatta Rabia band dupatta deep green deep green

Nargis stripe dupatta Rabia dupatta Sana dupatta Tahir dupatta Rabia dupatta Suhana dupatta deep forest green deep green mint mint deep forest green slate

Erum kurta yellow

Ruhma pyjama charcoal

Gauhar kurta deep olive

Nazam pyjama gold

Gul kurta natural

Sama salwar olive

Hanifa kurta charcoal

Firdaus dupatta Nazneem dupatta yellow olive

Ghazal kurta red

Saba kurta red

Nabiha kurta rose pink

Nada pyjama bright pink

Faiza check dupatta Faiza stripe dupatta red red

Nadira kurta Deep maroon

Ayeza pyjama maroon

Myra dupatta bright pink

Sarah kurta red

Adeela dupatta Areena skirt rose pink/orange rose pink/orange

Raza dupatta red

Zikra dupatta maroon

Abeer dupatta maroon

Aida saree yellow

Amera saree multi

Asmara saree light mink

Katya saree deep grey

Munira saree brown

Nia saree deep green

Azra blouse charcoal

Karima saree natural

Atifa saree deep green

Rehmat saree Romaisha saree deep blue red

Azra blouse stone

Kainaz blouse Gulnaz blouse bright pink maroon

Atiyah saree charcoal

Kaira blouse gold

Zakiya saree charcoal

Dina saree mint

Leher blouse purple

Tehreem blouse Safiya blouse Umera blouse bright pink deep green deep blue

Aasia necklace red

Aasia necklace black

Begu necklace teal

Bida necklace white

Dalasa necklace white

Rajwa necklace coral

Rajwa necklace turquoise

Sanaz necklace red

Ziba necklace gold

Layla necklace orange

Adaa choker gold

Samara choker turquoise

Koosam bracelet maroon

Ruksana bracelet turquoise

Swarna bracelet Gold

Tressa bracelet grey

Idaya potli bag golden

Ajwa potli bag orange

Ruhi potli bag deep blue

Giv potli bag black

Asav potli bag purple

Suri potli bag gold

Bulan potli bag silver

Nilofer potli bag mink

Bhumee potli bag brown

Shaami potli bag navy blue

Kunya sling bag Futun sling bag Gazal clutch bag grey deep green mint

Evram clutch bag

Nusrat potli bag burgundy

Pouria potli bag maroon

Portraits by Nayantara Parikh

Profile for Shades Of India Official

Jugni look book  

Jugni look book