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afsana A collection to usher in the pre-festive season

The evening light gathers on the palace floor. The mystery of night is in the air. There is a sense of expectation of what lies ahead. Invitations awake memories and stir excitement. It is a moment to savour, to think what to wear, to feel feminine, to anticipate the party, to dream, to enjoy the warmth that comes from the confidence of looking good. Afsana means ’Story’ in Urdu. The collection speaks of many stories. It evokes nostalgia and a romanticism that draws on the past. It is inspired by chintz that dazzled Europe in the 18th century when London and Paris discovered for the first time the boldness of colour achieved by prints on cotton that had been hammered until they glowed. The rolls of chintz in floral motifs were brought to Europe on the ships of the East India Company and cut into the flowing dresses that were the pride of any woman of the period. The collection, designed by Mandeep Nagi, draws on prints from vintage textile pieces and translates the motifs into embroideries, patchwork or fresh prints on fine silk blends or sheer organza. Earthy tones of pale yellow and brown are complemented with lilac ad sea green. The cloud blue Nadia cape with hand embroidered three dimensional flowers and the flame orange Raisa kurta provide a splash of colour to celebrate the pre-festive mood. The collection comes in fluid silhouettes and kurta, pyjama, dupatta, sari and blouses can be used in versatile combinations. Kurtas in a sheer fabric can be worn separately or used as a semi-transparent layer that throws a veil over the print or design motif beneath. An innovative interpretation of chintz floral prints into glass bead tassels forms a highlight of the collection. Translucent glass beads have been shaped by hand into three dimensional flowers and leaves to form embellished bouquets. To create a contrast between the historic and the contemporary, the collection draws on polka dots and stripes as abstract forms that balance the floral motifs.

Islava kurta, uliana dupatta

Over time, French and English artists influenced chintz design. They brought in elements such as architectural pillars with scrolling vines and clusters of flowers. The floral prints in the Uliana dupatta and Iona sari have been taken from an old English textile dated 1835.

Iona blouse, kiril saree

The chintz, that inspires this dupatta, was a revelation for its colour and beauty to 18th century Europe. The motifs were mainly bold florals scattered across the fabric. The Vera dupatta draws on a vintage chintz from the late 18th century.

Petia kurta, yeti pyjama, vera dupatta

Taisiya kurta, anfiza pyjama, ezhda dupatta

A mood of reflective calm is created with this Nadia cape in smoke blue sheer organza. Cut-out flowers in an abstract design and embellished with beads are scattered across the fabric.

Taisiya kurta, albina pyjama, liliya dupatta

Agafya kurta, kladia kurta, anfiza pyjama

The East India Company based in Leadenhall Street, London, wrote excitedly to get more. “The greatest ladies will wear chintz for upper garments as well as for petticoats…you can never make or send us too many of them”, they said in a letter to India.

Chintz has inspired these floral motifs on the sheer organza of the Olga dupatta. It has been further embellished with hand embroidered glass beads.

Alyona kurta, arina pyjama, olga dupatta

Yana blouse, zenya saree

Calina kurta natural

Lizave kurta natural

Inna kurta peach

Taisiya kurta natural-tea

Esfir kurta pale yellow-brown

Matrona kurta cloud blue

Vora kurta lime

Iselle kurta sea green

Islava kurta haze

Raisa kurta flame

Anya kurta pale orange

Petia kurta dark blue

Alyona kurta grey

Sueta kurta brown

Klava kurta grey

Kladia kurta dirt brown

Alva kurta lilac

Agafya kurta pale yellow

Tasya dress mud brown

Songya dress dark green

Nadia cape cloud blue

Orna cape dark green

Morley cape natural

Lesya pyjama natural tea

Yeti pyjama rose gold

Albina pyjama mud brown

Makxim pyjama peach

Rufina pyjama flame-natural

Liam pyjama sea green

Ochika pyjama dark green-natural

Sarisha pyjama blue

Masha pyjama indigo

Arina salwar grey

Anfiza pyjama pale yellow

Aira skirt mud brown

Amanda skirt indigo

Yeva skirt yellow

Carla skirt grey

Crystal scarf natural

Nicole scarf cloud blue

Alyra dupatta cloud blue

Allen scarf multi

Julia scarf multi

Yulia dupatta grey

Uliana dupatta mint

Carter scarf mud brown

Zaveta dupatta lilac

Vladi dupatta dark green

Sela scarf grey

Liliya dupatta dirt brown

Nadine dupatta natural

Olga dupatta natural

Abbie scarf mud brown

Vera dupatta mud brown

Ezhda dupatta natural tea

Ilari saree yellow

Osya saree light haze

Gena saree grey

Nastya saree lilac

Iaisia saree natural-multi

Kiril saree haze

Feodora saree dark green

Luiza saree mud brown

Zenya saree dark blue

Darya blouse flame natural

Eve blouse blue natural

Idris blouse stone

Kaira blouse dark green

Yana blouse mud brown

Inka blouse black

Klim blouse old rose

Grigori blouse grey

Madeline blouse dark blue

Grisha blouse pale yellow

Iona blouse blue multi

Core clutch bag gold-green

Zest potli bag tea-dull haze

Crush potli bag grey

Candy clutch bag multi

Samsara sling bag multi

Origami potli bag dark green

Chapman clutch bag gold-silver

Ruby sling bag fuschia-orange

Origami potli bag cream

Shell clutch bag lime

Spike sling bag charcoal

Bob shoulder bag dark grey

Lyla potli bag midnight bloom

Freya sling bag blue-multi

Sand shoulder bag gold

Blush necklace pink

Billyball necklace yellow

Wine necklace copper

Flora necklace multi

Orange weed necklace multi

Sun square necklace light yellow

Bud necklace lilac

Orchid necklace green

blossom necklace blue

Ring flower necklace copper

Vein necklace natural

Gold bloom necklace gold

Sequence squares necklace gold

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Afsana look book  

Afsana look book