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● Feedback in Seconds, Not Days ● Eliminate Agent ‘Road Warriors’ ● Real-Time Access, Anywhere

“Success” Comes From Luck… “Luck” Comes From Preparation & Work… Stop settling for advertising that “pays for itself” and only do advertising that MULTIPLIES itself.


Brokermint’s powerful linking allows you to track where each lead comes from, and easily generates clear, concise reports that show trends, efficiencies & duds.

Don’t wait until the transaction is over to ask for referrals -- by that time it’s too late. Ask clients for referrals while they are going through the transaction and are in the right frame of mind… Brokermint’s automated checklist system can be set up to remind Agents to ask…



Agents & your Brokerage need to become “Community Leaders”. Use Brokermint’s indexing and grouping to create workable databases of contacts and sponsoring opportunities to promote your brand..

Today’s clientele are all about “relationships”. Brokermint lets you categorize, track and identify past clients quickly so that your Agents can ‘cement’ their relationship with them.

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Beating The Pack In A Shrinking Market The ability for Brokers and Agents to “make a difference” in the eyes of the consumer will continue to evolve, but will always center on one component:

The Relationship Although some would suggest that there are ‘new magic pills’ to solve the relationship challenge, as you implement any tactic you soon discover it always comes back to the interpersonal interaction between Broker, Agent, and Client. What has changed, is the toolkit used in today’s marketplace, and how Brokers and Agents use those tools, integrate them and configure them to work together to deliver as superior client experience as seamlessly as possible. Here are a few ideas to help your business capture the latest trends and ‘stay ahead of the curve’.

1. Inbound Marketing: this is where your marketing efforts cause clients and prospects to contact you first… it is about establishing a brand and attracting customers and converting them to clients. 2. Using Digital Media – Everywhere: the days of carting around folders full of paper, dropping them and having documents “go missing” are nearing an end… You should have a system that lets both Agents and support teams use digital images….

3. Social Media: first seen as a “young person’s timewaster”, the social media industry has evolved to a mainstream way to communicate and convey your Brokerage’s and Agents’ messages to consumers. 4. Integrate Everything: Adding new tools is only as powerful as your ability to manage them effectively and efficiently. This is where the Brokermint system really pays dividends to your business… its ability to seamlessly automate, and provide one viewing point to manage everything Digital.

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Staying Ahead Is Harder Than It Looks

Keeping Your Finger On The Pulse Of Business Is A Full-Time Job BrokerMint lets you, your Agents and team deliver the exceptional client services that drive new referrals and create the “social buzz” that is critical to ongoing business in today’s sociallyconnected world.

Be Pro-Active Instead of Reactive: Brokermint is one of the most cost-effective ways you can increase your competitive stance… The pricing points are amazing, resulting in a real “Positive R.O.I” in Month #1… How many investments can offer that? % Of Agents Who Want More Technology From*: Only 24% of Agents reply to Seller within 30 mins.

77% of sellers expect a response from their agent within 30 mins

● ●

Broker – 49% MLS – 65%

Supplies It, “Real Time”

Take The Brokermint ‘Test Drive’: A “No-Obligation” 30 day offer to use our full system and find out just how easy it can be to take back control of the paperflow in your Brokerage.

* Data Online Source: Properties Online Inc,

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Tame The Competition  

Additionaly try transaction management software at -

Tame The Competition  

Additionaly try transaction management software at -