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Onboarding Gone Wrong: How One Bad Apple Cost a Brokerage $4,500+ in Commissions Here’s How to Make Sure Your Agents Aren’t Sabotaging Your Process through Poor Onboarding Practices

When it comes to onboarding, you not only have to attract the right kind of people, but you have to make sure that their excitement and motivation continues well beyond the onboarding period. But sometimes, the onboarding process can cost much more than time and money. In one instance, an agent at one brokerage was handling deals without doing all the proper paperwork. The agent’s buyers and sellers weren’t being treated well, and the situation escalated. This agent left the brokerage soon afterwards…

But The Damage Had Already Been Done. A Single Agent Cost the Brokerage $4,500+ in Commissions

It Takes Approximately 10 Hours and Costs Up to $750 to Hire and Onboard Each Agent at a Brokerage

With the proper training and onboarding processes in place, the brokerage could have easily seen that this agent would not have been a good fit for their company culture and business goals. With Brokermint, you can review and manage the agent onboarding process using a proven system that makes it easy for everyone to get “on board” with the brokerage’s goals and system while easily integrating into the company culture — creating a perfect fit for all parties involved.

Choose the real estate back office SaaS that’s built by brokers, for brokerages. Try it today for free and see how much more streamlined your office can be.

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Hiring done right  

Additionaly try transaction management software at -

Hiring done right  

Additionaly try transaction management software at -