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GREEN Tuesday, October, 05, 2010 55p

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Local Talent Goes Global

Gun wielder goes on the rampage at party Screams as shots fire in the darkness

Almost 150 party goers scattered as men suprisingly started firing shots at one another.

Police were called out at 4am on Sunday as a party came to a screeching halt after fire arms were used near The Acorn on Winson Greed Road. FULL STORY: PAGE 4

Duo ‘2 Can Do’ goes global this week, Marcel (to the left) & Adrian (to the right) gained over 1million hits on youtube this week after audition on X-Factor was aired on the 02, Saturday, October. These lads amazed the judges with there incredible singing ability... FULL STORY: PAGE 6



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Tuesday, October, 05, 2010

Car thieves warned by police, take the wrong route & end up in PRISON...

POLICE have warned prolific car thieves to stop stealing sat navs – or their next destination will be prison. Dozens of hard-hitting postcards have been hand-delivered to prolific car thieves, warning them to stop committing crime. The postcard shows a Sat Nav holder on the dashboard of a car, holding a map instead of the Sat Nav, which is missing or stolen. The map gives directions to jail.

Murderer on the block ...?

A man who seriously injured an innocent guy using a firearm has today been sentenced to 16 years in jail. Dean Rowe & a group of friends gatecrashed a family party at ‘Club Sensations’ Mosely Rd, Ballsall Heath. Rowe got into a minor conflict with one of the party goers ending in a fatal result. The 23 year old of Perrott St, Winson Green carried a firearm around with him with the intention of harming someone without the fear of inflicting death. This all occured in the early hours on September 30th, last year. Raged gunman and friends were told to leave the party and was somewhat angered by this decision, whilst his friends left after shouting abuse and disrupting the party. Previous offender Dean Rowe refused. Micheal Duck tryed to play ‘hero’ by trying to negotiate with Rowe but this all turned sour after both males became imp;atient. Witnesses state Rowe was shouting things like ‘if you want me out then someones gonna’ have to physically get me out’ but the in the same breath saying ‘ if anyone touches me, i garuntee someone is not leaving here alive’, which means he intended to harm and possibly kill. Duck tryed to physically get him out and thats when all hell broke loose, Rowe pulled out his firearm and shot Michael Duck, Leaving him with serious long term injuries. Rowe, of Perrott Street, Winson Green, was arrested nine days later, still in possession of the 9mm pistol & 7 other firearms. The court hearing was yesterday, Tuesday October 4th where Dean Rowe Was Charged with attempted murder and has

Teachers drown their sorrows as downpour suffers school Children at a local school in winson green have to put up with the regular occurance of a leaking roof everytime it rains. Staff at Foundry Primary School have to literally go around the main hall placing buckets underneath each leak and mopping up the wet areas. They express that this is very inconvenient but has to be done. Head teacher Ingrid Hynes has made many appeals to have the run down roof reconstructed. The school was just a few months away from recieving funding to ‘spuce up’ the old Victorian- Era building. Scaffolding had already been put up in preparation for work to be done on the school but then had to be taken down when it was confirmed that these alterations would no longer take place, as

funding was drawn. Headteacher, Miss Hynes has expressed her sincere concern for the school and the buildings state “There have also been attempts to steal lead from the roof. It is totally depressing and what we need is the money to make the place look fresh and clean.”

(Angered gun-man Rowe, the press release head-shot on the left , victim Michael Duck to the right )

been sentenced for 16 years. Rowe & Duck have had previous altercations, Rowe, 24, of Perrott Street, Winson Green, had previously admitted attempting to murder Michael Harris and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

( the 8 firearms seized from Rowes perrott street home, the circled red firearm is the actual firearm used in this attack)

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