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Make Friends the hi5 way FEATURE X SOCIAL NETWORKING

Meet new people and make blogging fun!

Want to make new friends? Join hi5! Sign up, Create your own profile, upload videos and pictures, view different profiles and much more.

This section of your profile allows you to upload and share your pictures with other users. Simply browse your pictures and click the Upload button to upload your pictures on hi5. You can also categorize your photographs by creating different albums.

The Messages section on hi5. Here you would be able to send messages to friends who have an hi5 account. Moreover, you can also send a photo, video or song along with your message.

This is the Home page of your screen. Here you will find your friends that have already joined hi5 and add them to your friends list. At the same time you can also edit your online status and much more.


This is the main page of your account. This page can be simply viewed by anyone who has the link to your profile. You can create a link by simply entering a link name on this page. At the same time you can also edit your basic info, change the skin of the home page and much more.

This is the Friends section on hi5. Here you be able to view all your friends that are on your hi5 list. Simply click on a particular friend to view his or her profile, pictures etc.

With hi5, you can join various groups that are of your interest. If you want to join a particular group, just enter the name of the group you would like to join and specify its category and the language in the Search for Groups section. Moreover, you can also create your own group and ask other members to join in.

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