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Strand four: Working to a Brief: Evaluation

D4: Evaluation for Working to a Brief

Breakdown PG 1: Introduction Who was the client? What was set by the client? What production you participated in The role you did in the production

Breakdown Paragraph 2

• Description of your learning for the role; making reference you practise sessions we did as a class, or perhaps previous units we have studied • How your skills have progressed mention specific examples, critical comparison. • Mention your client – were they pleased with the planning or did changes need to be made. • How did planning affects the needs of the target audience • Mention new skills learnt like leadership skills, time management, communication skills, achieving agree outcomes, timescales and planning future tasks with specific examples.

Breakdown Paragraph 3 • Talk about the ‘performance’, referencing ‘rehearsals’ and ‘practise’. • Talk about regulation aka problems with the setting that restricted your abilities, i.e. having a dolly at the front of the production because of staging and audience. • What did you learn about yourself, and what skills have you learnt? • Review feedback from others about your performance (both team members, client and outside viewers). • Did you achieve what you set out to? • Did you achieve deadlines? • Was the client happy with your work? • How did you contribute – were you indispensable?

Breakdown Paragraph 4 • Conclude your points into a meaty ending – i.e. I was pleased with my overall performance and have learnt about lots from the experience blah blah blah • What could you do to improve next time? • Bring in a part about ‘professional standards’ i.e. was the production something you’d realistic do in the industry, if not why? • What things would you do next time to improve? • How did you found the ‘client’ based experience? • Do you think the show satisfied the target audience?

Breakdown Side notes:

You’re evaluation MUST address professional and legal standards somewhere within it. For example, ‘When I focused the camera on the band, the footage was quite dark. If this was for television, the footage would be illegal as the black would be too high for the vector scope. Therefore if I was doing this as part of a television production, I would need to making sure there was more lighting on the band. Use technical vocabulary such as 3 pin XLR, composite cable, Tally Light etc.

To Summarise‌ Paragraph 1: Intro Paragraph 2: Learning the role Paragraph 3: Acting the role Paragraph 4: Conclusion Legality and Professionalism

Technical Vocabulary


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working to a brief breakdown  

evaluation for working to a brief breakdown

working to a brief breakdown  

evaluation for working to a brief breakdown