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GUESS THE GENRE A volunteer will look at the screen where an image will flash up for five seconds, they must guess the MAIN GENRE correctly, according to website IMDB/ Wikipedia or they stop their game.

Apply Genre conventions L/O To illustrate what genre convention are by producing ideas for a film poster L/O To create ideas that justify what genre conventions are.   

The Brief: Create your own Film Poster You are now going to design a film poster based on your understanding of genre conventions to a near professional standards. To begin with, this lesson you need to develop 3 ideas on a spider diagram, coming up with actors, taglines, billings etc.


What you MUST include Genre Conventions; genre, star anchor, iconography, billing, tagline, mise en scene optional: marketing Audience: Target audience – age gender lifestyle, primary audience, secondary audience, and Uses and Gratifications Â

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