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Learning Objectives Be able to explain the layout and the tools in After Effects or Flash

Critique and review the tools in After Effects or Flash

POP ART EXPERIMENT • You need to produce 1 moving design where you have a cartoon character who sings and dances. The project should include text i.e. Feel free to import and picture and rotoscoped. Try to use as many tools as you can. • Remember to keep screen grabbing the stages of develop as this will help you remember what you did, as you’ll need to write paragraphs about; – – – –

What tool is it? How it is useful? Give personal criticism of the tool – is it good or bad? Why? Explain about the layout in Photoshop


Must include The write up and techniques need to include; • Layout (timeline, composition, Effects and Presets, Project , Info and Audio, Preview, Tool bar at top) • Transform ( anchor point, position, scale, rotation, opacity) • Composition (different video options) • Preview (briefly explain function) • Toolbar (Pen tool, text, shapes, Roto brush tool) • Animation (browse presets)

After Effect or Flash write up  

After Effect or Flash write up

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