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A multiple identity is‌ When you have a multiple identity you have different cultural outlooks in your life. You may also have different values and beliefs in your family.

People in your family may also have different ancestry i.e. from different countries.

A shared identity is‌ People have local identities because they involved with their community, such as a church group.

Local identity

National/ British identity

People have a national identity because they are allowed to vote and have a voice in who governs them

People have a global identity because we travel and visit other places. People have family members from other countries too.

EU & Global

My multiple identity is‌ My brothers and sisters in law are from Italy and Nicaragua

I am student in London

My mother is English

Personal identity

I grew up in Italy

My brother is from italy

My father is from Italy

multiple and shared identities  
multiple and shared identities  

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