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We provide fully integrated marketing and technology solutions. This means we put together all the bits and pieces for you to provide an accountable, measurable, testable solution that is up to world class standards and tied to performance goals. We don’t just build websites, we apply digital technologies at all levels of the consumer/patient funnel, from Lead Acquisition, to Conversion, to Customer/Patient/Client Retention, across all digital sectors, from Email, to Wireless/Mobile, to Web-based, Social Media and beyond, at all times measuring and optimizing outcomes to build an ever increasing and more efficient online marketing machine.

OUR APPROACH In an increasingly competitive world, surviving as a healthcare business or practitioner is starting to mean you must apply the same rigor to your business and marketing processes as you might to your Dental, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy or Medical Practice. Our processes are drawn from best practice of some of the world’s leading Marketing Organizations and you can trust that our strategic planning has only one goal in mind: to help your business thrive and achieve its mission through efficient and accountable digital strategy.

ABOUT US Bringing the latest in interactive technologies with the complexities of health. Health is an area where communication is most needed. Health is vital to survival but it can also bring about a high quality of life when you have it. Health is intensely personal and at the same time intensely technical. Health is one of the things our society spends the most amount of money on. Health incorporates everything we do in life, from how we think to how we act, talk, what we do, what we buy. Health is amazingly complex and that why it is why health is so hard to communicate. Communication has also been essential however with the growth of the internet, there has never been a time when being able to communicate to, engage and interact with you market, clients or patients has ever been more important.

When 80% of consumers search our health information online, and the internet is the third most trusted source of information behind a doctor or family member, your business or practice could be affected before you know it by information that was found online.

Here at Interactive Health Technologies, we bring together the latest in interactive communicative technologies to the field of health communications.

Our company serves individuals, businesses and organizations in the health, wellness and lifestyle space. Our team consists of top level designers, programmers, writers, copywriters, legal experts, and technical experts who work together to help you communicate your business or organization more effectively, using the latest in online media. We specialize in the field of health and have all the resources required, to quickly, efficiently and effectively communicate your organization through a number of online and offline channels.

Whether you need an engaging health content campaign where our technical experts, designers, programmers, copy writers and legal experts to create materials that engage and communicate your business, and then distribute them down digital channels, such as effective blog posts, web 2.0 properties, online video platforms and relevant public forums, or you need help building a current up-to-date and stable web platform to communicate from, or you just need some marketing advice, we have all the specialists you need.

Founded in 2011, Interactive Health Technologies has grown quickly and now comprises a core team of 11 between Australia and the United States.

OUR STAFF Dr. Hien Nguyen


Dr Hien Nguyen holds degrees in Medicine and Healthcare Management. In addition to many years training as a medical clinician, Hien as worked for years at the intersection between technology and health. With experiences ranging across many fields of medical technology, including commercialization, finance, capital raising, consulting and development, Hien has found a passion in facilitating health through digital health communications.

Mr. Barry Nguyen

Managing Director

Barry is an entrepreneur and investor in the health and wellness space. He holds a physiotherapy degree from the University of Melbourne and is one of the youngest Graduates of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Barry has had extensive experience in multidisciplinary primary healthcare start ups, commercialisation of medical devices, cloud-based practice management software development and chronic disease clinical research. He currently holds directorships in a management consulting firm specialising in business development & venture fund raising (Synergist Ventures), a multidisciplinary allied health network specialising in chronic disease care and obstructive sleep apnoea diagnostics & therapy (YouFirst Health), a dental professional teeth whitening brand sponsoring Miss World Australia (The Whitening Clinic), a digital health marketing agency (Interactive Health Technologies) and an online functional health food & beverages shop (Essential Tea). Barry also assists in the venture capital raising process for early-stage technology startups, property developments and recently, movies in the production pipeline involving A-list Hollywood celebrity casts. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program (Melbourne Chapter).

Nadasha Zhang

Legal Counsel and Consultant

Nadasha holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hon)/Arts (International Studies) and a Masters in Laws (Intellectual Property) from the University of Melbourne. She is a Trademark Attorney in Australia and New Zealand and manages a legal practice in Corporate and IP law, specializing in entertainment, media, digital technology, health and life sciences. She has extensive experience in for-profit and social entrepreneurship; business development; business and marketing planning and documentation; systematisation of business processes; intellectual property management and commercialization including copyrighting, patenting and trademarking; legal advisory; corporate advisory; public relations/media and communications; and human resource management. Nadasha has worked with small to medium sized businesses, corporates, venture capitalists, franchise groups, corporate healthcare companies such as a national pharmacy group at Joint Venture and Executive levels. She is currently the National Head of a high profile international non-for-profit organization and holds directorship in a business development & capital venture firm than manages a portfolio of advant-garde companies in the health, life sciences, technology and social sectors.

Satoshi Payne

CTO/Programming Lead

Satoshi is an experienced web developer and programmer with degrees from RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. With many years of experience at the highest levels of programming, Satoshi has developed a wide range of websites, online shops, custom applications, and internal applications for clients and agencies. Having previously worked with some of Australia’s leading web agencies, including Bliss Media and Reactive, Satoshi brings years of top tier development and programming success to the team at Interactive Health.

Kevin Jones

Project Manager

Kevin Jones is a project manager. He was raised in Southern California. Kevin had a distinguished with the United States Air Force where he specialized in project management. His projects led him through England, Spain, and Germany. Kevin has managed multi million dollar programs including flight line operations, new equipment acquisition, and Quality Assurance programs USAF wide. He has also liaised and taught project management with all NATO counterparts. Specializing in personnel and technology management, Kevin brings a wealth of Project Management Experience to Interactive Health Technologies.

Aysun Shack

Interaction and Graphic Designer

With formal training in engineering, Aysun started design as a hobby, which developed into a passion and career. His current focus is in user experience design and overall interactivity between the user and web interfaces. Through understanding users, he dedicates life to creating better products with better user experiences. After many years of working in the industry across a multitude of clients, Aysun prides himself on both communication and a high level of service. In the design business where concepts are sometimes hard to express in words, this has become essential. Aysun’s primary interest is in creating powerful user experiences and user interfaces and in particular, in the field of conversion optimisation.

CASE STUDY Building a Mobile Health App: Fever Aid Case Study Background: Online paediatric health information has been shown to be unreliable for accuracy. Yet more than 50% of parents look for health information online, and on average, 20% of clinic patients have searched the internet for health information relevant to the day’s presentation to a doctor. Fever is one of the most common presentations of children to a docor, comprising up to 20% of emergency department visits. Fever can be a cause for significant distress to parents and can represent a wide spectrum of benign illnesses, to severe and life threatening infection.

Challenge: Interactve Health Technologies was engaged to advise My Care Apps LLC, a health informatics startup based out of Boston, Massachusetts in developing an evidence based information tool distributed through an iOS app video distribution platform and risk assessment tool for parents and their febrile children. The mobile application was designed to provide anxious parents with some evidence based decision making information regarding potential risk to their children who had fevers.

Step 1: Scope of Project and Content Plan Interactive Health Technologies’ resident ehealth epidemiology expert was engaged to conduct a literature review of evidence surrounding presentation of fever in order to build an evidence based risk model. Content surrounding clinical symptoms, signs, and a user interface to support these processes were developed in collaboration with physicians from the prominent Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Step 2: Scope of Project and Content Plan A usability study was conducted with parents visiting a local hospital to understand what their needs in terms the clinical context of having a child with a fever was – how comfortable they would feel in self assessment of their children and common technology platforms.


CASE STUDY Step 3: Wireframe and functional specifications Using the gathered data, user interface, wireframes and graphic designs were completed and coded into the

Step 4: Legal Compliance A visit to specialist technology legal counsel provided by M.I.T.s Venture Capital Mentoring Service primarily centered around risk management and liability from giving health information online. This included the structuring of appropriate disclaimer statements and content scripts.

Step 5: Content Production Graphic Design Application Development Filmed video content and published written content and completed programming of the application.

Step 6: Testing and QA Testing and bug fixing on the iOS platform.

Step 7: Launch and release on Apple App Store ‘FeverAid’ was published in 2012 on the US and UK





Interactive Health Tech  

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Interactive Health Tech  

Interactive Health Tech Brochure Presentation