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The Story of Xstamper

While doing R&D we discovered that the addition of salt into an experimental rubber compound resulted in the development of our proprietary salt-leached rubber. This allowed us to develop the world’s first pre-inked stamp, the Xstamper®.

Recognized the world over for unsurpassed quality and innovation, we stand behind every Xstamper® with a lifetime guarantee. Our guarantee covers the entire stamp, not just the mechanical parts.

Our precision laser-cut proprietary rubber results in the sharpest, most crisp impressions possible for detailed images.

The custom Xstamper® is pre-inked with enough ink for up 50,000 impressions before re-inking is needed. Which means that if you were to use your Xstamper 30 times a day, you wouldn’t need to refill the ink for nearly 5 years! And when the time does come, re-inking is clean and easy.

Featured on the TV series “World’s Greatest!...”, the Xstamper is the premier, pre-inked stamp, assembled by expert stamp-makers to your exact needs.

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