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A. VOCABULARY Have a shower

Wash my face

Read a book

Clean my teeth

Go to school

Do my homework

Put my pyjamas on

Have breakfast

Watch TV

Go to sleep

B. SPEAKING • I go to bed at ….. • I have a shower at……. • I go to school at …. • I don’t watch TV C. ASKING • What’s your favourite book? It’s……… • What’s your favourite TV programme? It’s …… • Do you read books? -Yes, I do - No, I don’t • What time do you do your homework? • Can you help me with my homework? –Yes, I can - No, I can’t D. STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD • •

A British story is “Harry Potter”. It’s about a wizard. “Baba Yaga” is a Russian book about a witch.

E. I’M AFRAID OF…. A ghost

A spider

A monster

A witch

A shadow

A nightmare

An alien

A bat

F. REMEMBER • I have a shower at …… • I go to school at ….. • I don’t watch TV….. • What time do you go to sleep? • Do you clean your teeth?


my daily routines

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