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Macaroni Salad


4 c. diced cooked ch icken 1 c. diced celery 2 T. grate d onion ½ c. slice d black o lives 15 oz. can pineapple chunks, d 1 lg. can m rained andarin o ranges, dr 1 c. mayo ained nnaise 1 T. spicy brown m usta 1 lg. can c how mein rd noodles In a large bowl, toss the chick olives, pin en, celery eapple ch , onion, b unks and small bow lack m andarin o l mix the ranges. In mayonna into fruit ise and chick en mixtur and mustard. Fold ing fold in e. Chill. B ½ can of efore serv th remainin g noodles e noodles. Garnis h top with .

1 c. mayonnaise 2 tsp. celery seed 2 tsp. seasoned salt 2 T. minced onion 1 tsp. dry mustard 4 c. cooked elbow macaroni ¼ c. diced carrots In large bowl, mix mayonnaise , celery seed, seasoned salt, minced onion and dry musta rd. Stir in the macaroni and dic ed carrots. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving.

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Editor’s Note..... School is out, our routines are changing and we are enjoying the summer. Our gardens are blooming and producing vegetables and fruit. The hummingbirds are humming and the squirrels are eating all the bird feed. They have been known to drink the hummingbird food also! There is still time to plan that vacation or weekend getaway. Head out to a park for the day, and enjoy the outdoors. If it is too warm during the day, plan an evening outing. We enjoy attending the weekly concerts in the park, which is a cooler evening event. Do not forget to watch for fireflies! Enjoy your Summer! We had a fantastic year with our magazine on the newsstand and with our subscribers. Thanks so much to all of our subscribers! This magazine would not be possible without our newsstand customers, our subscribers, contributors, sponsors, and our advertisers. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful 2011 & 2012! Please visit all of our advertisers, contributors, and sponsors, as they work very hard to put the magazine together for you. Heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to this lovely, Summer issue. Special thanks to Mary Manahan of who provided us with our lovely front cover and to Karen of Karen Hillman Photography for our lovely back cover. We have 2 wonderful sponsors for this issue - Carol of & Nancy & Julie of Thank you ladies for your sponsorship of the Summer Splendor 2012 issue! Catherine Monceaux Editor & Publisher Summer Splendor 2012

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Summer Splendor 2012

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7 Beauty in the Bluebonnets of Texas by Laura Desmarais 14 Renaissance Antiques by Tanya Estes 15 Wining with Cindy by Cindy Houot 17 Frugal but Fun Family Vacations by Cherie Perry 19 Summer Memories with your Children by Karen Berezin 20 Pack the Perfect Picnic by Catherine Monceaux 23 Southern Sweet Tea - Sweet as can be! by Barbara Tuson 29 Decorating Tips from the Serial Collector by Martha Cook 30 Mimi’s Armchair Adventures by Marie Rodgers 33 How to Block a Crocheted Doily by Pamela Kellogg 35 Thrifting it Chic by Suzanne Davenport 39 Simply Thank You by Carey Grund 40 A Simple Guide to Choosing Paint Color by Cherie Perry

Chic Bird House This can be as whimsical and as magical as you wish. I will explain the basics. Let your imagination take over! Supplies: • Wooden bird house - raw wood craft style is fine • Scrapbook, music sheet, or vintage paper of your choice • Craft faux bird • Glass or decorative knob • Frame to fit around hole or other embellishments • Extra scraps of lace, crystals, moss, faux eggs, paper roses, ribbon, and scrap book embellishments that inspire you • Mod Podge, brushes, hot glue, scissors First I used scrap paper to make a template of the roof, sides, front, and back. Where ever you are not going to cover in paper, paint your desired color. I used white. Cut out paper you find appealing. Apply Mod Podge on the surface you wish to cover. Try to do a nice even coat. Do one side at a time. Top with the paper you selected and start smoothing it out. Be sure it reaches all the edges. You can use your fingers to smooth out the paper and affix properly. When the paper is settled, top with another coat of Mod Podge. Repeat with one more coat of Mod Podge to protect. These coats should be even and try not to leave puddles. But no worries, it will dry clear! Once the paper is fully dry add the knob to or in place of where the perch should be. I added moss to the base of the house along with eggs and paper flowers. Embellish however you wish. This is where you add your own personal touch. Enjoy!

Bunny Kouba

Beauty in Blue Photos courtesy of Karen Hillman Photography ~

Beauty in the Bluebonnets of Texas Once upon a springtime weekend, nine women from around the country gathered in Texas for “Beauty in Blue”, an artistic retreat focused on escaping, creating, and celebrating the coming of a new season. I count myself lucky to have been one of those nine ladies! South Florida Photographer/Artist Karen Hillman wished to combine her talents and bring to fruition a long time dream: to photograph among the splendor of the blue bonnet fields. Karen has been a photographer for 20 years and had seen the stunning beauty of the Texas state flower, and vowed that “someday,” she would plan a special event and make her long-time dream a reality. The idea was to gather a group of artistic women in a wonderful setting to create some beautiful projects, shop, and forge new friendships. Karen traveled to Texas in the winter to plan Beauty in Blue and found the perfect place to host the event, The Whitworth Ranch Retreat located in Scurry, Texas. Not only did Whitworth Retreat have its own purpose built craft house where the ladies could create, but warm hearted owner Stacy Seely is a top notch chef who would provide all of the meals. “Meals” meaning home cooked, chef created, delicious food including local Tex-Mex favorite dishes! The plan was set in motion and women registered for the retreat from Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, and California. The décor Karen brought was amazing, having planned all decor and projects around the tranquil color of blue. Fingers were crossed that the event would fall within the blooming time of the blue bonnets. This past winter was very mild and rainy in Texas and the big question remained ...Will we see the Blue Bonnets? Dreams DO come true... It was a picture perfect weekend. The retreat was welcoming and intimate and Stacy did everything to make it wonderful for us from sending us out the door with delicious “to go” breakfasts (in gift bags!), to presenting an English high tea. Every meal was a treat for the taste buds. A favorite was Stacy’s homemade marmalade jam and orange pecan butter served with scones. It was heaven on earth! Friday was reserved for shopping at The Canton Market, known as the largest outdoor market in America. It began in 1852! This is THE venue to scout out the most treasured antiques, collectables, and vintage finds! The highlight of the Canton shopping day was being hosted by Girl’s Gone Junkin’ for a special afternoon craft project and wine and cheese. This is a shop not to miss! Texas hospitality and love shines as big as the treasures you will find there! We met so many wonderful people! Anyone interested in making a trip to Canton or knowing more about the many great vendors and shops we visited feel free to contact Laura, Karen, or Stacy. After a full day of projects on Saturday, including the “Blue Elegance Shadow” box, “Belle in the Blue Bonnets” statement necklace, and the” Bountiful Bucket in Blue”, we ladies dressed up and headed out to a local blue bonnet field for our photo opportunity with Karen. It was an emotional experience for all to be in the midst of such BLUE SPLENDOR! A blue bonnet field is one of the most peaceful and beautiful sights the eyes will ever behold. It felt to us like heaven on earth. The afternoon ended with wine and cheese and a signature blue wine spritzer along with a blessing of thanks among the blue bonnets for the beauty around us and the grace of being with good people. Memories were made on this special weekend and the group has vowed to gather each and every future spring time. Dreams came true at Beauty in Blue.......

Laura Desmarais

For more information please visit: Karen’s photography Official site for Canton Market Whitworth Ranch Retreat

Beach Cottage Memories Whether enjoying your stay at a special beach cottage, or just beachcombing along your favorite shore, you and your family can always find beautiful shells, driftwood, sea glass, and other free treasures to bring home as souvenirs of your summertime activities. One way to save and display these family memories is to build your own beach cottage. This simple project is fun and one in which the whole family can share. You will need a small cardboard house, which you can purchase at a craft store, or construct one yourself from cardboard or chipboard using the pattern on the following page. Other supplies: shells, sea glass, driftwood ~ 30” string of small faux pearls ~ faux pearls, several sizes and colors ~ rhinestones ~ acrylic paint (white for base coat and color of your choice for house) ~ white or clear glitter ~ spray adhesive (or mixture of 1 part white glue to 1 part water) ~ hot glue gun ~ bleach Once you have your supplies, just follow these simple steps: Step 1: Soak shells in 1 part bleach to 1 part water. Rinse. Dry. Step 2: Apply white basecoat to house. Let dry 1-2 hours. Paint house the color of your choice. Paint some of the shells if desired, leaving some white. Allow paint on house and shells dry 2-3 hours. Step 3: Add shells and embellishments: Using hot glue gun, glue string of small faux pearls along rooflines and sides of house. Glue shells, sea glass, and driftwood randomly on all sides of house. Fill in with faux pearls and rhinestones. Step 4: Glitter: Beginning with roof, apply spray adhesive to one side. Sprinkle on glitter, shaking off excess. Repeat with other side. You can let roof dry for ease of handling before applying adhesive and glitter to each side, front and back of house, letting glitter fall over shells and embellishments. Optional: As an afterthought, I painted a small piece of driftwood white and added the words, “The Beach Cottage” for a little sign. I hot glued it right over the glittered front. You could also add a small family picture to the front using Mod Podge before adding glitter. Frame the picture in small shells or pearl string. This project can be adapted to other family vacations. For a cabin/camping trip, collect and glue small pinecones, acorns, pebbles, or small sticks to a brown painted cottage. For a fishing trip, paint your cottage brown or green and glue on bobbers, cork, or small fishing lures (be sure to remove any hooks). Add “fishing poles” made of small sticks and string. Whatever family adventures you share this summer, take time to collect some free souvenirs and preserve the memories on one of these little houses.

Regina Pocopanni ~

You can lay a piece of paper over this template and trace your pattern

Summer Porch Splendor

Summer Porch Pillows Re-purposing vintage tablecloths One of my favorite ways to dress up my porch patio area during the summer is with soft comfy pillows in colorful fabrics. Since I am a lover and collector of vintage linens, the old tablecloths are perfect fabrics. I have a rule about never cutting up pristine cloths, so I only use those that have those charmed imperfections that can’t be used on the table anymore. You can also use new fabric; I often have purchased new tablecloths on clearance for this very purpose. Simple to slip on and off for laundering. These are very simple to stitch up. The styles I have created here are a flange edged sham using a standard size bed pillow and an 18” pillow form. Begin by cutting your front facing fabric 3 inches wider and longer than your pillow measurements…i.e.: a 18” square pillow would have a square piece at 21”. A 20”x 28” bed pillow would have a cut size of 23” x 31”. For the back facing side, you will need to cut 2 pieces as they will overlap like an envelope. General rule of thumb is to take half the size of the pillow and add 6”-12” For the 18” pillow, cut 2 pieces approximately 16”sqaure. The bed pillow cut 2 pieces at approximately 23”x 25”. Rule of thumb here is that you need a generous overlap. For the back side, press 1” to the inside, then press another 1” over that, and stitch. Repeat for other side. With right sides together, pin front piece to back overlapping pieces. Stitch along all four sides, taking a moment to double stitch at the overlapping points. Trim corners, turn right side out and press. Next step is to create your 1” flanged edge. I used my 1” ruler and a fabric marking pen. These pens are great as the markings can be removed. Once all four sides are marked, stitch all four sides. Done is less than an hour and you have something soft, inviting and colorful for summer relaxing and entertaining. Debbi Oeltjen

Altered Art Frame - You can do this! Supplies: Scissors Scrapbooking papers Mod Podge Brush

Unfinished Frame Paint Various scraps of lace, buttons etc.

For this project, I used a 5” by 7” unfinished frame that I bought at the crafts store. To begin, paint the back, sides and inside of your frame. I used black paint for this, because it went well with the papers I was going to use. You can use whatever color you like. Paint two coats of black making sure the paint has plenty of time to dry in between coats. On the unfinished side of your frame, begin laying out the placement of your scrapbooking papers. Measure and cut the first piece. When you know where you want it, use the Mod Podge and brush over the area where you want your first paper to go. Place the paper and smooth the top out so it’s laying flat. Continue with the rest of the papers until the frame front is covered. Tip: I like to Mod Podge two of the papers in place and wait to dry before continuing with the rest of the frame. Once you have the frame front covered with your papers, be sure to cover the inside insert of the frame. (the part where the photo would normally go) After the frame is covered and everything has dried, Mod Podge the back, sides, inside and front. I like to do two to three coats to make sure the frame is well sealed. Now you can begin to play with decorating the inside of the frame insert. Start from the bottom up. For example, I placed bits of lace toward the bottom, then layered with some fringe. I then added ribbons at the top with some roses. Have fun adding things you like and watch your frame come to life. The only limit to this project is your imagination. I also added a key on a ribbon. I was thinking faux pearls would be nice, maybe some gems etc. I put a little nest with some beads for eggs on the lower corner. I made sure the nest was over the rim so there would be a three dimensional look. What a nice gift to give someone special. If you could find some items that mean something to someone, use those too. I hope you have enjoyed this DIY project and I hope you will try it out. It’s lots of fun.


Renaissance Antiques Vintage Bohemian Spirit in a Texas Beach Town

There is a store in a little row of antique shops in my hometown that speaks to the vintage bohemian spirit of this small coastal city. Every nook in the shop has its own story and no matter what you’re looking for, you will find a story that feels as though it was meant just for you. Why is this? What sets this store apart from all the others on this row of shops? The answer is simple…personality. Renaissance Antiques started as a booth in a small flea market by owner Jean Oakes and her mother, and blossomed into a two story labyrinth of delicious vintage fun. As a teenager, Jean’s flair for decorating with vintage style started in her room. “I was always studying magazines about interior design and rearranging my room.” Like any teenage girl, fashion was also a way to express herself. “ I was the only one in my high school who would dress with vintage clothes. To this day, the clothes are my favorite part of the store. Now kids come here all the time to buy clothes because vintage is cool.” The gaggle of teenagers in the store during our interview is a testament to this statement. Fashion is indeed a major attraction for Renaissance Antiques customers. Every year people eagerly await her Vintage Fashion Show, a major event where the parking lot is transformed into an array of music, food ,and fabulous vintage fashion assembled with their signature bohemian look. (The more layers and accessories the better!) This year we also got to enjoy the new Mannequin Sidewalk Show, where several mannequins were dressed in clothes and accessories from the shop and lined up on the front sidewalk which served as a sort of static catwalk. I asked Jean about her events, which aren’t just your average trunk shows. Renaissance events are highly anticipated functions that people attend to socialize as well as see what she has to offer. “Our customers become friends over the years. There are so many people that have a ‘Renaissance home’ because they’ve shopped with us for so long.” When I asked about how the events evolved, she said “They were literally ideas that just popped into my head. I believe that if you don’t act on an idea, it will never happen.” One of the most interesting things about the appeal of the shop is that it’s comprised of other vendors that share her aesthetic. While everyone brings something unique to the shop, they also blend seamlessly. Jean attributes that as much to relationships with each other as with a shared aesthetic. “We were all good friends before I moved from having a booth in a flea market to having a shop. Without that close friendship and respect for each other, this wouldn’t work.” All of these vendors have contributed to the look of my home and the memories of my life as well. My favorite item of all time…that would be the groom cake topper I found a few weeks before my wedding. I was shopping in Renaissance with a close friend of mine who fell in love with a vintage bird cage in the store. We continued browsing when I was struck by something odd and stopped in my tracks. A groom cake topper that bore a striking resemblance to my future husband was sitting on a shelf next to a pile of dishes. I simply had to purchase it to sit beside the groom’s cake at our wedding. My friend, a photographer, used her skills to make her own contribution to this serendipitous moment. Should you ever find yourself in Corpus Christi, Texas, stop by Renaissance Antiques. You’ll feel like you’re in a wonderland of vintage fun, but you‘ll also feel like you’re at home.

Tanya Estes

Wining with Cindy It all began with a cupcake! Doesn’t it always! My husband and I had started our road trip from Washington State down through Oregon, to the wine country of CaliforniaNapa Valley and Sonoma. It was gorgeous. We were driving for quite a while and just wanted to find a little bistro, and have a relaxing dinner in gorgeous wine country! We found a small shopping center, with several small shops. It looked very busy toward the back of the shopping center. My husband said, “CUPCAKES, even in wine country.” Right in front of us was an adorable cupcake store, decorated just for me. The aroma of butter and baking permeated the air. Next door was a small, rustic looking little bistro, red brick, and stucco, very Spanish and California looking, and a huge sign that read “great wood fired pizza, great wines!” He walked to the restaurant and waited in line -it was a 30 minute wait, while I went to the cupcake store, of course! Well, I came out with 2 red velvet cupcake earrings, a cupcake oven mitt, and a cupcake purse, what’s wrong with shopping!? We finally were seated after a 30 minute wait, and guess what? My husband orders wine and they bring a bottle of CUPCAKE Chardonnay! I thought I was in heaven -are you kidding me! This was a lovely wine, crisp, not too dry, a bit creamy in texture. I wanted to drink it with a straw but darn I couldn’t, at least not here! Who knew, a winery in New Zealand has come up with assorted wines under the label “Cupcakes Vineyards”. They are average in price and I would say worth it. We had the Sauvignon Blanc. It was delicious with a cool crisp finish; we enjoyed it with a garden salad, and a lovely assorted fresh vegetable and dip. We also enjoyed it with a thin crust pizza of fresh basil, mozzarella, and fresh tomato. Since our road trip I can only think of how cupcakes and wine might be my two favorite things that have come together. I can’t wait to try the Chardonnay, Prosecco, and the 2010 Barossa Shiraz. So many cupcakes, so much wine, so little time! Cindy Houot

941 302-1720

Blending Vintage, New & Salvaged Cottage Chic Treasures

Frugal but Fun Family Vacations As gas and airline ticket prices continue to soar, eating up more and more of our vacation budget, there are some things you can do to help get the most mileage out of your vacation dollar. Don’t cringe, being frugal need not take the joy out of your trip – in fact, it can be quite a bit of fun as well as a great way to draw the family together. Why not have a daily challenge to see who can come up with the best money saving idea for the day? To encourage participation, reward each day’s winner with a special treat – no cost, of course – for example, a “get out of dishes for a day” coupon. Or perhaps the winner gets to choose the menu for the next day. Simple things that will create anticipation and excitement and make the business of saving money a fun and rewarding one. To get the ideas flowing, I’ll start with some suggestions in two of the categories that can really destroy the budget. Meals – As we all know, eating out is expensive and it’s usually not the healthiest option either. It really isn’t necessary to eat out at every meal. For the easier, daytime meals, instead of hitting the local greasy spoon, why not hit the local grocery store instead? Breakfast can consist of fresh fruit, cereal and milk, yogurt, fruit and grain bars. For lunch try sandwiches made from fresh sliced deli chicken or turkey or canned tuna. Include fresh vegetables – many veggies, such as baby carrots, as well as salads, come ready to eat these days. They are a bit more expensive than those prepped at home, but still a substantial savings over eating out. Don’t forget to stock up on some snacks in case hunger strikes in between meals – granola bars, raisins, and nuts are all good options for a boost of energy to tide one over until the next meal. This also serves to keep eating out from becoming a chore – and most of us do get tired of restaurants after awhile! By limiting dining out to one meal per day, it will be something to look forward to. When you do eat out, try to encourage everyone to sample the local favorites on the menu rather than going with their typical choices – everyone will learn a little bit about the local culture and someone may even find a new favorite food. Entertainment – This is another area in which the budget can get eaten up very quickly. The typical tourist destinations are notoriously expensive – not to mention crowded – and often do not live up to the hype. Rather than spending a mint and ending up disappointed, why not do a little planning ahead and scout out the more unconventional local attractions? It’s certainly not difficult when you go online. Simply enter the name of the city or cities you will be visiting for more information. Most have a local tourist office or Chamber of Commerce where you can stop and get information, pick up free maps and guides, and find great discount coupons for local attractions, restaurants, lodging, etc. The staff will also be able to give you tips and suggestions as they know their town best! Research the local historical society for excellent possibilities – most societies have historical homes as well as museums open for low-cost tours which are both fascinating and educational. Be sure to check the operating hours ahead of time though as the historical societies are usually staffed by volunteers which means limited availability. Another great option is the local parks, many which have walking paths, lookout towers, etc. To get the younger set more interested in their surroundings try holding a photo contest, awarding prizes (no cost, of course!). Examples of contest categories might be most unique insect or animal, most colorful flower, prettiest tree or most interesting cloud formation. These can also be turned into learning opportunities as you research the photos taken to learn the names of the trees, types of cloud formation, etc. Most cell phones have cameras now or you can share the family camera. Another option would be to buy inexpensive disposable cameras and postpone the developing and contest voting until after you return home from vacation. This would make a great, inexpensive family night as everyone enjoys the pictures, reminiscing about the vacation and votes for the contest winners. I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas you can use when planning your next vacation. With a bit of thought, not only will you save money but you may very well create the most fun and memorable vacation yet! Enjoy! Cherie Perry

Make your own Beach Vacation Souvenir Beach vacations are what many summer memories are made of. As a child I would always bring home cups of sand and sand buckets full of sea shells. Last summer I took a beach vacation to the US Virgin Islands and once again brought home a baggie of sand and several beautiful shells. Not wanting to just put the sand and shells in a jar once I got home, I made a beautiful, keepsake souvenir that reminds me daily of the relaxing week spent on the beach. What you will need: 1 plastic or glass Christmas ornament Tag Ribbon Small sea shells Beach sand • First, pour sand into the ornament. I used a small funnel to prevent spilling sand. • Drop in your small shells. Don’t worry that as you move the ornament around the shells will disappear in the sand – they will come back up to the top. • Next, if you plan to hang this on the tree at Christmas time you must hot glue the top back onto the ornament. Because of the weight of the sand, if the top is not glued on it will pull loose from the top and fall, spilling sand all over your floor and tree. • On a tag write the beach you went to and the date. • Attach tag with ribbon to the ornament. Now you have a beautiful keepsake of your beach vacation. I have mine on a shelf and plan to add many more as we discover many more beaches on our annual beach vacation.

Karen Berezin

Making Summer Memories with your Children Those long days of summer when the dreaded “Mom, I’m bored!” becomes a daily statement is the perfect time to make memories your children will never forget. Here are some fun activities that will keep your children whether young or older, busy and content in the summer. • Water balloons and water gun fights. • Chalk drawing on the drive way! • Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. • Picnic lunches in the back yard. (This is a favorite memory of mine – thanks mom!) • Plant and grow a garden or flower bed. • Bird watching - make a game to see how many you can count. • Star gazing at night – blanket on the ground in the back yard – you will be surprised at all the falling stars you will see. Don’t forget to make a wish! • Make your own water table for your toddlers. All you need is a large plastic bin – filled with water. Add little boats, funnels, spoons, droppers etc… • Make your own sand table. Another large plastic bin - filled with sand or rice. Add shovels, bowls, cars, etc… • Visit the library. Most libraries have reading programs throughout the summer, if yours does not then create your own. Reward your child after so many books are read. • Visit a park. • Build a water garden. This is easier than you think. All you need is a LARGE container. Put aquarium gravel at the bottom, add aquatic plants – you can find these at the home improvement stores or pet store for just a few dollars. Add water. Then purchase 2 or 3 feeder gold fish from the pet store – about .10 each. These are very hardy fish and do not need a pump. You do need to put drops in the water to remove the chlorine –your pet store can assist you in that. They will grow to be about 5 inches and will live for several years. You will need to feed them for a week or two then you can cut back as the ecosystem of the aquarium will feed them. • While at the pet store ask them if they have any bullfrog tadpoles. They come in with the feeder fish and most pet store will give then to you for free. Put the tadpole (which is about 4-5 inches) long into a large fish bowl filled with water – you will also need to remove the chlorine. Your children will love watching the tadpole turn into a frog! You will need to move the tadpole into another type of container once he starts getting legs as he will need to be able to get on land. I used a large plastic dish pan – with gravel at one end and water at the other. He will eat corn meal and fish food. When he turns into a frog, release him close to a pond. Your children will learn so much from this activity. • Evening walks through your neighborhood while your child rides his bicycle will give your child the exercise he needs. • Turn your backyard into a soccer field or base ball diamond and enjoy playing with your children. • If you live close to a beach, go sea shell collecting. When you return home you can make something special with the sea shells. • Have story time every day with your child. Even if he/she is old enough to read on their own they still enjoy being read to. • Teach your child to cook. Have one day a week that you teach your child a favorite recipe. • Throw a tea party for your child and her friends. • Have a coloring contest with your children – make sure you participate. • Go bug collecting. • Go on a nature hike – take a bag to collect fun things you find. • Teach your child to roller skate – don’t forget the helmets! • Visit your local zoo and pick out a favorite animal. • Help your children build a lemonade stand in your front yard. But make sure you stay out there with them as they sell. This is a great lesson to teach business skill – cost, profit, etc… • Go to garage sales with your children. Give them a few dollars and let them find something special! These are just a few ideas. I am sure you can come up with many fun activities to keep your children active during the summer months. Make those memories! Karen Berezin

Packing the Perfect Summer Picnic One of my favorite things about summer is eating outdoors. Packing a picnic basket and heading outdoors is a treat for my family, even if it is just in our backyard. Packing the perfect picnic is easy; just pack what your family enjoys. If you picnic often, keep your picnic basket filled with the basics like plastic ware, napkins, wet wipes for the messier foods, and even your plates. You can get a disposable type table cloth, which you can wipe clean & use several times. It folds up small and is a perfect backup to your picnic blanket. Especially if you forgot your blanket at home, you will always have something. I keep antibacterial wipes on hand for washing hands, especially for little ones before eating. We keep a picnic blanket in our car so we are always ready. We also keep bottled water handy to throw into the cooler. I keep 2 bottles of water frozen in the freezer that I add to my cooler to keep the food and other drinks cool. As they thaw, you have extra bottles of really cold water! Your picnic menu can be simple to elaborate depending on your and your family’s preference. I have been to outdoor events, where many have home cooked meals, pasta, chicken and even a bottle of wine. Before bringing that bottle of wine, I would check with the park’s alcohol beverage policy. A ticket or removal from a park could put a damper on a great day. Fruit is always a good menu choice as it is refreshing and great for you. Bananas are perfect, as they are a great before meal snack and easy to pass around and eat. Watermelon of course is fun, but messy. Rather than bring the whole melon, cut it up and place slices or chunks in a plastic container. When making a simple menu of sandwiches, I always wrap each sandwich up in a napkin 1st, before placing them in a container. The napkin absorbs any moisture while the sandwich sits in the cooler and everyone has a napkin while they are eating. Pack a book or magazine to read if your picnic will include some quiet time. A ball for the kids to kick around or play with at the park is always a great idea. Do not forget the sunscreen. While vacationing, we always picnic to and from our destination, as we prefer a picnic lunch over fast food drive thrus. We also have at least 1 picnic during our vacation or weekend getaway. This saves on eating out and we tend to be outdoors anyway. Many of the places we visit, in the mountains and woodsy areas, do not have eating establishments. So, we are not searching for a place to eat, we already have our food. You do not have to plan far in advance for an outdoor picnic. On a nice day, just decide to do it. Many of us live near great parks or outdoor attractions, so you do not have to go far. Or even on your back deck, your grill is handy, just fire it up, throw dinner on, and enjoy! So get your picnic basket, gather your essential items and pack a fun lunch or dinner for your family and get outdoors! Catherine Monceaux Shabby Lane Shops

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Across Perfect cool beverage for summer Device used to keep above water Keeps food and drinks cool A vintage style of shorts Shoes normally worn at the beach Perfect cold summer treat Perfect for packing lunches in for outdoor picnics Worn at the beach to swim in the water

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Down Great to collect on the beach Needed in the summer to put in cold drinks Great summer melon perfect for picnics Transportion option for getaways Used to pack clothes in Vacation on a large boat Safety device used while boating Great fruit for summer desserts Time away from work Lunch or dinner outside usually on a blanket Place with sand and water and lots of visitors in the Answers on page 52 summer

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Southern Sweet Tea ~ Sweet as can be! The House Wine of the South There are two traditional iced teas in the United States. The only difference between them is sugar. Southerners swear by their traditional, sweet ice tea and drink it by the gallons. In the South, ice tea is not just a summertime drink; it is served year round with most meals. When people order tea in a Southern restaurant, chances are they will get sweet ice tea. When served at home, simple sugar syrup is often added instead of granulated sugar. Surveys have shown that around 2.2 billion gallons of tea are consumed in the USA every year, and at least 85% is served iced. With the start of refrigeration in the 18th century iced tea gained popularity as ice became more readily available to all. The oldest sweet iced tea recipe in print comes from a community cookbook published in 1879, called Housekeeping in Old Virginia, by Marion Cabel Tyree. Here are the instructions as printed then: “Ice Tea---After scalding the teapot, put in one quart of boiling water and two teaspoons full of tea. If wanted for supper, do this at breakfast. At dinner time, strain, without stirring, through a tea strainer into a pitcher. Let it stand till tea time and pour into decanters, leaving the sediment in the bottom of the pitcher. Fill the goblets with ice, put two teaspoons full of granulated sugar in each, and pour the tea over the ice and sugar. A squeeze of lemon will make this delicious and healthful, as it will correct the astringent tendency.” Lemon was, and still is, hugely popular in iced teas. In 1904, the World’s Fair was held in St. Louis. Richard Blechynden, the Commissioner of Tea for India, prepared samples of hot black tea for fairgoers, but noticed that no one was drinking them because it was an extremely hot day. He got the idea of icing down his hot teas. The crowds thoroughly enjoyed their free samples of iced down tea. After 1904, the popularity of iced tea continued to grow. By the time World War 1 became a reality, people were purchasing special tall glasses, known as “iced tea” glasses, long spoons for stirring their iced tea, and lemon forks. During prohibition, iced tea became even more popular as people had no choice, but to choose alternative beverages to beer, wine, and alcohol. The tea bag was also invented around 1904. A merchant from Boston sent samples of his teas in nylon bags. He discovered that people were brewing the leaves without taking them out of the bags so they wouldn’t have to deal with loose tea leaves. Thus, the tea bag as we know it was born. Iced tea is so beloved in the South that it is called the “House Wine of the South.” Southerners believe in sweetening their drinks and this practice has spread to other parts of the country. No matter how it is prepared, iced tea is here to stay. Barbara Tuson SBS Teas

t Tea

Southern Swee

Ingredients: a bags n) 3 family sized te out 1/4 teaspoo b (a a d so g in a pinch of bak of sugar 1 to 1 1/3 cups

ing soda to the ak b f o s: ch n o in ti p a ec ir D il. Add cover. of water to a bo from heat and ve o em R s. Bring 3-4 cups ag b a cher and 3 family sized te r into gallon pit u o P s. te water and add u in m at least 10-15 te. Allow to sit for water. Refrigera ld co is small h it w ll fi ens the k ar d d add sugar. Then an s es out the bittern Simple Suga *the soda takes r Syrup for S ge the taste. an ch t n’ es o d t weet Tea amoun Makes abou t 1 ž cups Bring 2 cups sugar and on e cup water to a bo il in a mediu m saucepan over me dium high h eat. Boil, stirring occa sionally, 4 m inutes or until sugar is dissolved an d mixture is clear.

Cool to room

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Peach-Basil Iced Tea

Ingredients : 2 family siz ed tea bags 1 cup loose ly packed fr esh basil lea 2/3 cup sug ves ar 2 cups peac h nectar Garnish: fr esh basil sp rigs Directions: Bring 8 cup s water to a boil over tea bag s and basil in in a large saucepan. Po ur boiling w a pitcher. C Remove an ater over and ste d discard te ep for 6 min a bags and b as that relea u a sil. Do not tes. ses bitter ta squeeze the nnins. Add Stir in peac tea bags sugar and st h nectar. Se ir until diss rve over cru olved. shed ice. M akes about 3 quarts.

Recipes courtesy of

Fresh B lu

eberry -Raspb 2 cups erry Pi fresh r List g aspber n i 3 table e p ries sp hop S 1 cup s oons tapioca 2 c u p s fr ug 9” dou ar 1 table esh blueberri rries e b ble pie s e p e s o o u n lemo crust ( h Bl n juice deep d butter s e rries r e F i b s h) Mix to p s ge h Ra s Pour in ther raspber e r F rie to with se one pie cru s, blueberrie s s, cond p t ecans P ie crus . Top with 4 sugar, tapioc t. Crim p a p edge ats (1 tsp. ea , and lemon Bake in c jui s h and cu p t slits i ) of butter. C ce. 350 de reheated 425 n crust over gr d . golden ees and bake egrees oven f for an brown additio or 10 minute . s. nal 4550 min Reduce hea t utes, o r until to crust is

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2-3 cup Cake sf ½ cup s resh blueberri es ug 1 small ar can of c hu 1 box D uncan H nk pineapples ,d 1 stick ines Bu bu tter Rec rain half of li quid ipe Cak ½ cup c tter, melted e Mix hopped pecans Spread blueber ri ar. Lay er pine es in bottom o a f 9” X 1 p butter o p 2” n top o le chunks. Sp f cake m read ca glass dish. Sp Bake at k rin ix e 350 deg rees for , but do not st mix over fruit kle with sugir. Top . 30 min with ch Add melted utes. Option o pped p al: ecans. white, a Use half blue berries nd blue and hal dessert f raspbe . rries fo r a nice red, recipes courtesy of

Delicious Buttermilk Pound Cake Cake 3 c. all-purpose flour ½ tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. salt 1 c. (2 sticks) butter, softened ½ c. vegetable shortening 2 2/3 c. granulated sugar 2 tsp. vanilla extract 2 tsp. lemon extract 6 lg. eggs, room temperature 1 c. buttermilk Lemon Syrup Glaze ½ c. water ½ c. sugar 1/3 c. lemon juice 2 tsp. vanilla extract Berry Compote 1 pint strawberries, rinse, hull and half ½ pint raspberries ½ pint blueberries ¼ c. granulated sugar Preheat oven to 325°F. Grease and flour a 12-cup Bundt or 10-inch tube pan or spray with nonstick baking spray containing flour. Sift together flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Sift again. Set aside. In large mixing bowl, cream the butter, shortening, sugar, and extracts on medium speed for 10 minutes, or until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Reduce the mixer speed to low, and add the flour mixture by thirds, alternating with the buttermilk, and ending with the dry ingredients. Mix just enough to blend the batter after each addition. Spoon the batter into pan and spread evenly. Bake 65-75 or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Let cake cool in the pan on a wire rack for 20 minutes. Remove the pan and place the cake on a wire rack with a piece of wax paper under the rack. Spoon glaze evenly over warm cake. Cool completely and serve with berry compote. Serves 16. Glaze: Combine water and sugar in small saucepan and bring to boil stirring until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in lemon juice and vanilla extract. Use immediately. Berry compote: Combine all compote ingredients. Cover and refrigerate several hours.

Kathleen Green

Heavenly Chocolate Cake Cake 3 c. sifted cake flour 2 tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. salt 1 c. unsweetened cocoa powder 1 c. boiling water 1 c. butter, softened 2 ½ c. granulated sugar 4 lg. eggs, room temperature 2 tsp. vanilla extract 1 c. sour cream Chocolate Frosting 6 c. confectioners’ sugar, sifted ½ c. unsweetened cocoa powder 1 ½ cups (3 sticks) butter, softened 6 oz. semisweet chocolate, melted and cooled 1 T. dark corn syrup 2 T. vanilla extract ½ c. heavy whipping cream Garnish: chocolate candy sprinkles or chocolate curls Preheat oven to 350ºF. Spray 3 (9-inch) round cake pans with nonstick baking spray containing flour. Sift together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Set aside. Dissolve the cocoa powder in the boiling water. Cool. In large mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar on medium speed until light and fluffy. Gradually add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in the vanilla extract. Reduce mixer speed to low and add the flour mixture in thirds, alternating with the sour cream, and ending with the dry ingredients. Add cocoa mixture slowly and beat until well blended. Divide the batter evenly between the prepared pans and tap pans once on counter to remove air bubbles. Bake for 25-35 minutes or until a wooden toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool cakes in pans on wire racks for 10 minutes. Remove the pans and place cakes on wire racks to cool completely. Frosting: Sift together the confectioners’ sugar and cocoa powder. In large mixing bowl, cream the butter with mixer on medium speed. Beat in the cooled chocolate, corn syrup and vanilla extract. Reduce the speed to low and gradually beat in the sugar mixture and cream until the sugar is incorporated. Add a little more cream if necessary. Whip frosting on high until light and creamy. To complete cake: Spread the frosting between the layers and on top and sides of cake. Garnish top with chocolate candy sprinkles or chocolate curls. Serves 12.

Kathleen Green


With Elegant Ladies

Decorating Tips from the Serial Collector Can I get a cheer from all the creative, collectors out there?! Sometimes I think that only other collectors can understand my passion. Outsiders or non-collectors often don’t see the beauty or value in our collections. They don’t see my newest piece with the bright eyes of a child on Christmas like I do. They can’t feel the pride I have when I acquire a piece that I have been looking for and finally found on sale no less! Our collections are both comforting and charming and I truly believe that they are an extension of who we are. Our collections are the finishing touches that truly make our house a home. I find that when I am acquiring beautiful objects for my collections, I don’t look for items with “usefulness” and their value to me rarely has anything to do with price. The thrill of finding that perfect piece is what brings me the most joy as I’m sure it does for you, fellow collectors. One of my favorite collections is one that I have been working on for at least thirty years, elegant ladies. I love porcelain figurines, especially figurines of lovely ladies. I love that they are available in all shapes and sizes and adorn plates and portrait tea cups. The detailing on these figurines is exquisite and I love that these women are always dressed to the “nines.” These figurines have recently become quite popular in Cottage Decor and between you and me, who knows, maybe, I helped to I started that trend. They are available in many colors and styles but even though they can be obtained at a relatively low cost, don’t underestimate the impact they have on any vignette in your home. These beautiful porcelain figurines add endless versatility, making a wonderful focal point on any tablescape. Add some vintage lace and they instantly create a mood or call to mind a special memory. In the bedroom, they add romance; in the bathroom, glamour. Whether you collect just the porcelain figurines or maybe the beautiful plates, these beauties add the “frosting on the cake” to any vintage collection. Beautiful objects such as these figurines continue to inspire me to collect. But remember my friends, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to create a Romantic Home. You can find endless versatility in collectibles, whether humble or grand. It doesn’t matter what you collect, just find your passion whether that be in plates, tea cups, or porcelain figurines. What is important is the joy that your collection brings you and the passion you have to follow your pursuits. So this summer, remember the Serial Collector and go “hunting!” Confessions of a Serial Collector,

Martha M. Cook (blog)

Mimi’s Armchair Adventures It started when Mimi inherited her grandmother’s overstuffed wingback chair. She treasured memories of sitting there with her grandmother and listening to stories about Granny’s life, especially when Granny herself was a young girl. When the chair arrived, Mimi immediately sank into the worn blue velvet chair and thought of Granny. But something curious happened every time Mimi sat in the chair. At first, she thought she was dozing off, but soon she realized she was lost in time. Now she’s sharing her adventures in the past with us. Today’s adventure took Mimi to a very special place. After a busy day of cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen, Mimi decided to relax in the chair and look through Granny’s recipe box. She found lots of recipes that she remembered: Granny’s sugar cookies, her meatloaf, and those wonderful crab cakes. Then she saw the recipe for Veal Oscar. It was printed on a card with the Waldorf=Astoria logo. Mimi immediately knew where that card came from. It was a dish she and Granny loved, made with veal, crab, asparagus, and topped with Bearnaise Sauce. She thought about the day they shared it, but tired from her long day of cleaning, she soon dozed off. “…Welcome to the Waldorf. My name is James and I’ll be your guide. After the tour, we’ll have lunch at Oscar’s. First let’s look at the clock. It was originally designed for the 1893 World’s Fair. The Waldorf purchased it for the lobby, where it has become a legendary meeting place. It’s made of carved bronze and sits on a marble base. Total weight is about two tons. Each of the eight panels has an image of a U. S. President. On top, you’ll recognize a carving of the Statue of Liberty.” It was the most ornate clock Mimi had ever seen. Mimi felt Granny’s hand wrapped around hers. Granny was so tall and everything around her seemed so large. She quickly realized that she was reliving the day that she and her grandmother took the tour of the famous Waldorf=Astoria Hotel in midtown Manhattan. It was one of her favorite childhood memories. She and Granny were both enchanted by the elegance and opulence of the Waldorf. “Before we begin our tour, I’d like to tell you a little about the history of the Waldorf. It was originally located where the Empire State Building now stands. The Waldorf and Astoria hotels were built across from each other by members of the Astor family. The Waldorf-Astoria moved uptown and reopened on October 1, 1931 here at 301 Park Avenue. At that time, it was the world’s largest hotel. Eventually, even though the hotels had merged into one, the hyphen in the title was replaced with an equal sign, signifying the equality between the Waldorf and the Astoria. That’s why you see our brand as The Waldorf=Astoria.” Mimi looked up at Granny and squeezed her hand. She was thrilled to be in this memory with her grandmother. The group turned towards Peacock Alley, also located in the lobby. They were in awe of the gilded ceiling, warm wood paneling, and gilded black marble columns. Granny adored the art deco design of the furniture. James, the tour guide, said, “The bar and restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s known as one of the best spots for people watching. He motioned the group to move to the left. “Let’s continue our tour. The hotel has a total of 1,413 guest rooms and suites. Each room has a marble bath and is unique; no two rooms are decorated the same.”

“Oh Mimi, can you imagine being on the design team. What a challenge, and what fun it must be,” Granny said. Even as a young girl, Mimi knew about her Granny’s love of decorating. The family never knew what they’d find when they walked into Granny’s home. Something was always changed or painted or moved. “We’re now headed to the Park Avenue lobby. This lobby was originally designed for women to wait while their husbands took care of the business end of checking in. Now follow me upstairs to the Cocktail Terrace.” Mimi immediately saw the warm glow of a wood-grained grand piano in the midst of dusty rose damask sofas and soft powder blue chairs. Everything blended in beautifully. “Over here ladies and gentlemen, we have the Steinway piano used by a famous resident of the hotel, composer Cole Porter.” Granny loved the history of the Waldorf. She would probably be shocked to know that today the Park Avenue lobby is also home to Starbuck’s. “The Waldorf has had many famous guests and residents. The Presidential Suite is available for every President of the United States. Our Royal Suite, once the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor has been entirely redecorated. Other famous residents include retired General Douglas MacArthur and former President Herbert Hoover. Marilyn Monroe spent several months here. Frank Sinatra performed here and lived here when he was in New York. Among the infamous residents of the Waldorf were gangsters Frank Costello, Benjamin “Bugsy” Segal, and Charles “Lucky“ Luciano.” “Wow Granny. How can gangsters stay here?” “Well Mimi, they could afford it, and at the time, even though they may have been bad men, as long as they were not found guilty of their crimes, they could live wherever they wanted to. But eventually the law caught up with each one of them.” James paused and the group moved closer as he told them it was the Waldorf that first made room service an integral part of hotel service. The Waldorf was the first hotel to open its doors to unescorted ladies. NBC’s first program was broadcasted from the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf. Lena Horne was the first African American to break the color barrier and perform at the Waldorf. Lena’s appearance was a milestone. Just about 20 years earlier, Olympian Jesse Owens had to take a freight elevator to an event honoring him after a ticker-tape parade in New York City. “And now everyone, follow me to Oscar’s, one of the hotel’s restaurants, where we’ll end our tour with a lunch featuring some of the Waldorf ’s world famous recipes.” There was so much to choose from: Eggs Benedict, Veal Oscar, and Waldorf Salad. James told them Thousand Island dressing was made popular by the Waldorf and Lobster Newburg was another Waldorf specialty. Even Red Velvet Cake is part of Waldorf legend. The story, which can’t be confirmed, is that a woman who was staying at the Waldorf had Red Velvet Cake with one of her meals. She loved it so much that she asked for the recipe. The recipe was brought to her, and when she received her bill, a $200 charge for the recipe had been added. Mimi and Granny learned a lot and had a wonderful lunch that day. On the way home Granny told her all about going to her high school prom at the Waldorf. She and Mimi’s Grandpop were high school sweethearts. As a student of the Bronx High School of Science, Grandpop and his date, Granny, would attend his prom which was traditionally held in the Grand Ballroom . It had been a long day, and Mimi and Granny both dozed off in front of the TV when they got home. Little Mimi’s dreams were filled with lunch at the Waldorf, her future prom, and Red Velvet Cake. “Look what I bought home for dessert!” Mimi was jolted back to the present. It was Ted, home from work. Jack and Katie were literally jumping up and down to see the treasure their Dad had in the bakery box. It was Red Velvet Cake.

Marie Rodgers

Artwork: Monica Dollison ~

References: Waldorf=Astoria New York Wikipedia.

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How To Block A Crocheted Doily Small crocheted pieces can usually be ironed into shape but large doilies require blocking. Blocking a crocheted doily means “to shape it” so that it holds it’s shape. You will need a cardboard cutting board, a big box of pins and a misting bottle of water. I scent mine with lavender. Step 1: Lay out your crocheted piece on the cutting board. Step 2: Start pinning it to the board: I just started with the center of each scallop around the outside. One pin in the center of each scallop. After going all the way around, you may have to make some adjustments for shaping purposes. It’s a matter of eyeballing it. Step 3: Add more pins around the scallops. This rounds them out. Add as many pins around the outside as you have to in order to shape it properly. It seems like it might be a lot of work but it actually only takes a few minutes. Once you have all the pins in place and the doily is shaped appropriately, mist the entire piece with water and let air dry. It takes about an hour for a large doily and about 1/2 an hour for a small one. Here’s another type of doily that needs to be shaped this way: Those little flowers are terribly difficult to iron. Just pin the flowers open, spritz with water, let dry and then remove the pins and enjoy the beauty! If you have small children, dogs or cats, you may want to do this in a room where you can close the door while it’s drying. They may be a little too fascinated with the pins. In the photo you will see my large doily, all blocked and on a little sewing cabinet that my husband bought for me. Pamela Kellogg

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Thrifting it Chic Thrift store shopping is a great way to find unique, inexpensive items from clothing and shoes to appliances and furniture. I have always loved thrift store shopping and was hitting the stores looking for a deal, way before thrift shopping ever became chic. Now it has become all the rage and not only do I shop it thrifty but I have several friends and business acquaintances that share my interest in secondhand shopping. We love to share our adventures in thrifting and hear about each other’s special finds. I have to admit, I love a cheap thrill! I do realize thrift store shopping is not for everyone although many of us are wide eyed with excitement when we hit the stores, looking for our trendy designer shirt or a piece of vintage style furniture at a bargain price. If you have never tried shopping the thrift store route, you might want to give it a try. A good thrift store will have a wide variety of items that come in and go out on a regular basis. You may have to sift through some junk in the process, but to me that is all part of the thrill of the hunt. There are however a few thing I always try to keep in mind when scouring the thrift stores. The first thing I try to remember, and actually do, is not buy what I do not need. I will admit it is easy for me to go overboard when I am in one of these stores and then I end up with a piece I really didn’t need and will likely not wear or use. Remember, a bargain is not always a bargain. Another thing to watch for when shopping second hand is always inspect your items and make sure zippers work and there are no holes or stains. Nothing is more disappointing than getting home with your purchase and finding out the zipper is broke on that cute pair of jeans or that adorable little lamp you bought unfortunately doesn’t work. If it isn’t functional it ceases to become that bargain we thought we had. Another thing I try to do is visit the stores regularly as new items come in and out daily. I usually do my thrifting and junk store shopping on Mondays as that seems to be my best chance at the good stuff around where I live and shop. You may want to check with the stores in your area and ask when they put out new merchandise. It never hurts to ask questions. I have not only found designer clothing at great prices but I occasionally will find a vintage piece of furniture or an old frame that will be perfect for my next rose painting. Sometimes it may be something as simple as an occasional table to brighten a corner of my home. One of my recent finds is this old wooden frame. The frame has carved roses all around the edge so it will be a perfect accompaniment to my vintage style, rose paintings. Inspect vintage items thoroughly before you pay as this one needed new hardware and a new wire hanger. I cut a new piece of artist board as well since the old one inside was in poor shape. If you have an old frame and you want to give it a new chic look, simply find your frame, paint it your favorite color of shabby white, and then use sandpaper to distress the edges. Although I do not get that lucky every time I thrift shop, many times I come home empty handed and that’s ok too. But for me it is all worth my time and effort. It’s an enjoyable day when I can be out seeking out my little diamond in the rough or special treasure. Maybe you will want to give thrift shopping a try too and just one day we might cross each other’s paths somewhere out there, thrifting it chic. Until next time, Happy Thrifting!

Suzanne Davenport

“Oh So Feminine”, “Romantic”, “Rustic and Unique”. I only use the finest quality of silver, gemstones and pearls. Gail M. Caldwell Artist/Boutique Owner/Sole Proprietor email

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Repair your own Broken Beaded Necklace I wanted to share with you how easily you can fix a beaded necklace that has been broken. Please remember most arts and crafts stores or bead stores will loan you the tools free and let you work at their shop so they can help. Supplies: Extra Beads, Beadalon wire, jewelry repair tools 1. Lay out all the beads including the ones that did not fall off the broken strand, onto a nylon bead mat so they do not move or roll away. (These mats can be purchased at any art/craft store in almost any color. Try to pick out a color that is a different contrast than the item you are fixing so you can easily find all your beads.) 2. I always take the beads, etc. that fell off and divide them by color and style into small crystal ring bowls so I can find what I need at a glance while working. 3. Roll out a length of Beadalon (this is my preference as I find it holds up the best) then put the plastic ring back on so that you do not have your Beadalon unravel or get tangled up. 4. Take one end of the broken strand and carefully cut it off the clasp, being careful not to cut the clasp. Then lay it back down; you might want to wrap tape around the other end to prevent any more beads from falling off. 5. Carefully string your new piece of wire onto the beads that are still on the broken wire (this is a short cut so you do not have to restring all of the beads plus it keeps the pattern in order so it is easier to recreate.) 6. Once you have reached the end of your first piece of broken wire, you will start to add the beads that have fallen off to continue with your pattern. Remember that you need to keep in mind where the center of your necklace will be so you can add your focal point piece back on in the middle of your necklace. 7. Lay out the beads that have fallen off, at the broken end of the other side of your piece. 8. Make sure you even out both sides with the beads that you have. 9. String on your loose beads after you have laid them out on both sides to make sure you have even sides. 10. String on your center focal point (center of the necklace)before starting to add beads to your other side. 11. Continue to string your loose beads until you have strung all of them and are at the end of your other side that still has the beads on it. 12. Same as the other side string your Beadalon through the beads that are still on the broken wire until you reach the end. 13. Make sure you check every one and that you are getting your wire through all the beads and not missing any. 14. Now that you have all the beads strung on the other side, it is time to pull out the broken wire. 15. Make sure you pull the broken wire all the way out. 16. Add two crimp beads, string them through the clasp, and back through the crimp beads. 17. Make sure to pull your wire taught from side to side so you do not have any gaps in the beads. 18. Use the middle moon shape on your crimping tool to make the first crimp 19. Use the end moon to finish crimping your crimp bead so it ends up round and tight on your wire. Admire your finished piece knowing you repaired it, and had fun doing it yourself.

Gail Caldwell

Memory Keeper Through the year, especially during the summer, you may find yourself taking day trips or minivacations. It is time to unwind and experience something that you may not usually do, something that you have always wanted to do or maybe something you have done often and wish to preserve the memory. These trips may be experienced on our own or with a friend or two or even family members. Sometimes, just coming across that one ticket stub, match book, brochure, photograph or other simple item can awaken the fondest of memories at a later time. Even in the worst mood, a smile can creep upon your face just experiencing the memory of such a happy and fun time. I am a huge scrapbooker. I can go through photographs, arrange, re-arrange and re – arrange again, just to get the right layout. I find that spending time adding captions, embellishments and journaling very relaxing. I also love to share my photographs. I am someone who always keeps stubs, maps and all sorts of items to remember and also to share my experience with my friends and family. Although, even I will admit, there are times I just do not have enough items to fill up a large scale book. This petite “Memory Keeper” is just the perfect size for all those times I want to put together a sort of ‘day in the life’ book. I have seen crafters make it all sorts of ways, from elegant to casual, large to small and different materials such as paper bags, cd cases and envelopes. This memory keeper uses envelopes. You can buy all sorts of envelopes that suit your taste at office supply stores and craft stores. The ones I used were left over from holiday cards, which I love because they were just hanging around taking up space. The only thing, they must be envelopes of the same size. I used five, but you may add as many as you need. I found it seems to fold up nicer when an odd number of envelopes is used. Materials Needed Five envelopes (same size) Five sheets of coordinating papers (12 x 12 size), cut ¼ inch smaller than envelope size (thicker pages work best). Large rubber stamp with text (I used Stampendous/Dream Text). Water based ink pad (I used Stampin’ Up/Brocade Blue) Paper Trimmer Glue stick (not washable) Embellishments 1. Using glue stick, glue flaps of one envelope to front side of next envelope until you have a ‘chain’. Fronts on one side, backs on the other. 2. Using the large rubber stamp and ink pad, stamp all over from and back, especially edges since some will peek through. 3. Glue five sheets (cut down to the appropriate size) of the coordinating papers onto front of envelopes (this way you will cover the flaps). 4. Turn the chain over. 5. Insert a piece of the scrapbook paper into each of the envelope openings. This is where it helps it you use thicker paper, as it will be sturdier. You can embellish each paper, add photographs and use the back side of each for journaling. Or, if you have ticket stubs, brochures, napkins, etc. – any sort of memorabilia, these openings are the perfect spot to hold these wonderful memories. 6. Trace out a piece of scrapbook paper to use on the gummy side on the remaining flap& glue on. 7. Using a hole punch, place a small hole in the middle of the flap. Insert a long piece of ribbon though this hole to use to tie up the book. I also added a paper flower that I constructed using a sizzix die, a pre-made turquoise paper flower and a brad which I inserted in the same hole as the ribbon (which I wrapped around the brad to secure it). 8. Fold pages ‘accordian’ style so none of your goodies slip out. 9. Embellish any way you choose. Enjoy & Happy Scrapping!


Simply Thank You Are your kids asking to write “thank you notes?” Probably not! Although most of us Moms still believe in the powerful words “thank you” we often don’t find the time to sit with our children and write the note. Maybe we are too busy with everyday life or maybe it’s because our kids aren’t jumping up and down with their favorite pencil in hand ready to write. Thank you notes are a special way to tell Grandma and Grandpa how much you liked their present or a nice way to make your soccer coach feel appreciated. If you minimize the obligation and play up the gratitude, you’ll have your little one excited about this once upon a time, daunting task. Writing thank you notes is also a great activity to do with your child. Regardless of the reason for the note, you have the opportunity to spend some time together encouraging writing, and your child will learn an important etiquette skill that will serve him or her for a lifetime. How do we explain the value and purpose of a thank you note? Share with you child that showing appreciation makes the recipient feel warm and good. It often can make someone’s day brighter. Teach appreciation during your daily activities for example, saying thank you at the grocery store or to the delivery man on your front porch. At best, you’ll get a slight smile but more likely the recipient feels good and positive feelings are contagious. Follow these tips and you’ll have your kids saying “Mom, let’s write thank you notes” in no time! • Explain that receiving thank you notes makes people feel special and it also lets them know that the gift arrived safely and is appreciated. • Have fun, age appropriate materials on hand to get your child interested in the project: colorful notepaper, mark¬ers, fun pens, stickers, and stamps. • Talk about the gift they received, what did they like about it? • If you have a camera, take a picture of your child and the gift. Include the photo with the thank you note - kids love this! •Remember to keep it fun! If you view this as drudgery, so will your kids. Carey Grund

A Simple Guide to Choosing Paint Color Have you been putting off painting your rooms because selecting a color is too intimidating or just plain overwhelming? Well, fear no more, choosing a paint color really is not as difficult as it seems. Color is a wonderful thing, it has the power to change your mood and turn your home from boring and blah into warm and inviting not to mention, it is one of the least expensive home improvement projects and yet one that has the most impact. I’ve come up with some questions that will help guide you in your quest to choose the perfect color for your home so let’s get started. Let’s start with a basic primer on the properties of color which will help determine which color will best convey the feeling you want to create in a room. Cool Colors – Cool colors are calming and create a sense of serenity. Cool colors include blues and greens, such as aqua and turquoise....think of the ocean and how calming the water is. Warm Colors – Warm colors seem to draw one in, causing excitement and increased energy. Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow....the colors found in fire, a beautiful sunset. Neutral Colors – Neutral colors are your whites, browns, grays, and ivories. Let’s think about the room you are going to paint. What is the room’s purpose? Is it a place of rest and relaxation -- your haven from the outside world, some place where you go to kick off your shoes and relax after a long day? Rooms in which you wish to rest and unwind call for serene, calming colors such as soft greens and tranquil blues – in general, cool colors. A dining room is just the opposite – this room can be bold and colorful. Have you ever noticed that the color red is often used in restaurants? That is because red stimulates the appetite. Warm colors are great for the family room as they will tend to draw everyone in and inspire lively conversation and fun times. Now that you are getting a sense of what color you need to create the mood you want for your room(s), we also need to think about the physical properties of the room. It is important to take into consideration the lighting, size, and other things that affect the feel of a room. In general, lighter colors expand space and darker colors create a cozier feel. So, for example, if the room you are painting is small, it is usually best to go with the lightest shade of the color you have chosen. If you have an expansive family room and wish to cozy it up, go for a darker shade – and don’t be afraid to paint the ceiling something other than the standard white! High ceilings can make a room seem anything but cozy, but painting it a darker color will do wonders to give the illusion of closeness. If you are still not ready to dive into color but prefer to stick with white, that can work too. One of the easiest but most elegant color schemes is a monochromatic color palette. To make it look intentional rather than indecisive, carry the color throughout your furniture and accessories but add a touch of dark color here and there to ground the room – for example, a deep mahogany coffee table or end tables. Add a few ivory or taupe pillows and throws to warm things up and keep the white from feeling too sterile. So easy and yet so stylish! One last important tip when it comes to choosing color – those little paint samples from the store are deceiving. What looks perfect on a small paint chip will actually look much more dramatic when the color covers an entire room. A good rule of thumb is to choose a color one shade lighter than the one you like best. That said, don’t be afraid to take a chance – it’s only paint and if you aren’t happy with the end result, well, you are just that much closer to finding the right color!

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Summer Fun - Answers from page 21 1

S W E T E A A T S 7 I C E C H R E A M L E L 12 L I P F L O P S I O F N E A M 15 V 16 J P A A I C C N I C B A S K K N T E I I T C O N 2





F L O A T I 9 B E R M U D P 10 11 C L F R A U N 13 I C E C R 14 B S E E R 18 R P I I E 19 S WI M S U I Across Perfect cool beverage for summer Device used to keep above water Keeps food and drinks cool A vintage style of shorts Shoes normally worn at the beach Perfect cold summer treat Perfect for packing lunches in for outdoor picnics Worn at the beach to swim in the water



1 2 3 6 8 10 12 14 15 16

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Down Great to collect on the beach Needed in the summer to put in cold drinks Great summer melon perfect for picnics Transportion option for getaways Used to pack clothes in Vacation on a large boat Safety device used while boating Great fruit for summer desserts Time away from work Lunch or dinner outside usually on a blanket

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