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Have you seen our lovely print magazine? Shabby Lane Shops Magazine is a lovely publication filled with inspiring stories, wonderful recipes, tea time articles, fun “do it yourself � craft projects, and home decorating, We strive to bring our readers great content while keeping our ad ration low. Shabby Lane Shops Summer Love is a beautiful issue filled with everything we love about summer! Summer articles, great recipes, DIY craft projects, and more!

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Shabby Lane Shops Magazine Po Box 111153 Nashville, TN 37222 866 255-4923

Summer Love We are celebrating all the things we love about summer. Vacations, kids being out of school, cook outs, picnics, the beach and all the wonderful foods of summer. Join us in making the best of our summer, staying cool, staying health, and having a great time with friends and family. We hope you enjoy all of our summer loves! If you are not able to take a vacation, take a “staycation� make staying in your area special. There are many great state & local parks you can visit. Plan a vacation in your own backyard. Cook out with family and friends. Go to your local grocery store and try foods that you would enjoy on vacation and cook them at home. Enjoy all the great things about your home. Most importantly take some time off the rest and unwind. Everyone deserves some time. Catherine Monceaux

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We love our new shop! We opened our doors with great enthusiasm May 2nd and have not looked back! It has been an incredible couple of months! We carried our online shopping mall a bit further and created our own shop, selling our clients products. We have over 40 artisit and merchants that have come together to create this amazing shop! We support small business! This has allowed us to support small businesses even more. Alone we could not have done this. It has taken everyone of our clients to make this possible. Location, location, location! Yes we have the perfect location, but it was not easy. We knew the town we wanted to be in, small, quaint, but beautiful! We hit several dead ends, each time knowing things absolutely happen for a reason. When a door shuts, there is a reason, and I always accept that. Fighting that door, can lead to problems. And as the saying goes, another one opens. And our door opened wide! Now our doors are open 6 days a week! We have 1700 square feet in the Historic District of Nolensville, TN. We are located next door to the Feed Mill, also referred to as the Amish Market. They have wonderful food, incredible deli sandwiches, local grown produce. A famous breakfast buffet on Satudays, along with live music!

We have many great neighbors in the historic district. We feel so blessed to be a part of this great community! When you stop in, be sure and visit all the great shops and our friends, Village Antiques and Gifts, Roses and Rustics, the Tanner House, Three French Hens, Peacock Lane, Nolensville Toy Shop & more! Great food at the Feed Mill/Amish Market place and Nana’s Diner. Make a day of it! It will be a great day for sure! We are closed on Mondays, we do not want to miss you! Here is a peek into our shop. We hope you enjoy the tour!

Catherine Monceaux


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Shabby Lane 7278 Nolensville Rd Nolensville, TN 37135

We love our shop that is filled with so much charm and love!

Shabby Lane- 7278 Nolensville Rd - Nolensville, TN 37135

Shop by Phone Support Small Businesses! Most prices listed on these 3 pages does not reflect shipping.

French barkcloth pillow $52 503-910-8824 Lavender Fleur $5.95 718 882-2516

Vintage hanky crochet handbag $70 503-910-8824

M. Mercure $5.95 718 882-2516

Bird with crown $20 425 802-4838

Blue Crazy Quilt Purse - $124.95 815-344-3442

White birds $22 425 802-4838

Hand Embroidered Decorative Floral Pillow - $35.00 815-344-3442

Vintage photo Happy girl necklace $20 513-907-1514


Cake pushpins $15 513-907-1514 360-477-4128

Royal Cuthbertson Fine Bone China Flower Basket, $25 586-419-3920

handmade note cards w/envelopes Royal Doulton Fine Bone China Flower $8.99 free ship 480-888-1459 Filled Wheelbarrow, $32 586-419-3920

bowl with lid $26 818-249-5288 cup $24 818-249-5288

Dill In a Pikle $39.99 for Complete Pikle 615-426-0106,,

handmade note cards w/envelopes $8.99 free ship 480-888-1459

Haiti Signature Bracelet $18.00 615-533-5938

Moss Rose Tea Set 75.00 662-287-9480

Tutu Dress $45 615-586-5291

Lois Fontinini Tumbler Set $20 662-287-9480

Vintage Madeira Embroidered & Applique Table set 17 pcs. $159 + ship 239-225-9566

Beautiful Tutu dress $45 615-586-5291

Custom made vintage damask standard pillow sham wi/ large embroidery. $95 + ship 239-225-9566

New Nerium Combo Pack: Nerium AD Night Cream Nerium AD Day Cream New Nerium Firm Retail Value: $263 Special Preferred Customer Price: $150 615-330-0391

(615) 948-7353 Ambassador Number: 262218

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My Secret Garden Opening my garden to you... “Mom. I’m going to buy this book. It looks like the author is having fun with Dick and Jane. I think “Why?” it might be fun to show the kids. Could I get one of your originals to show them?” “Sure Mimi. Look there’s a note that this book is for entertainment and not meant to be used to “Hitler’s broken several of terms of the Treaty of Versailles in just this year. He’s reintroduced conscription teach Now that’s pretty funny. ” Germany lost as a result of the treaty. England and France have in the reading. army, and is taking back lands that Back home Mimiactions, sat in her bluehave velvet chair reading thefamily old and thethink new. both protested Hitler’s butgranny’s so far they done nothing toDick stop and him.Jane, Will’s don’t they’re safe anywhere in Europe” She understood the nostalgic feeling that came from the original. She wondered if her Granny had sat in the same chair with the original Dick and Jane. Mimi knew her Granny would have thought that the new “Thank goodness we’re safe here in America.” version was fun just as she knew her kids, Jack and Katie, would. Ted nodded and handed Mimi a package. “I almost forgot. The mailman handed me this. It looks like it’s from your Aunt Rose in Philadelphia.”

Marie Rodgers

Mimi opened it and saw a box of cookies along with a note from Aunt Rose. Girl Scout Troop 127 sold the cookies to raise money. Rose bought several boxes from her neighbor’s girl, Susie. “What a cute idea. Girl Works Cited ” She opened the box and offered one to Ted. “Oh they’re shortbread, my favorite.” Scout Cookies.

phone orders accepted Marie Rodgers Marchesani, Laura. Dick and Jane and Vampires. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 2010. Print. 928-443-3544 Flesch, Rudolf. Why Johnny Can’t Read. NY, NY: Perennial Library, 1985. Print

Toppo, Greg. “See Dick and Jane Again.” USA Today 28 02 04, n. pag. Print.

Sweet Embrace $5.95

Spoil Me $5.00

Cupcake $5.00

Samsara $5.50

Bar of Buttons $5.00

Gabrielle $6.95

Pink Poodle $4.50

Rose d’Amour $6.95

Fleur Noir $5.50

Hand Crafted Soap in Unique Gift Boxes

(718) 882-2516 ~ Marie Rodgers ~

Antiques and Teacups

An elegant tea table, Victoriana, Vintage, Antiques, Collectibles and more!

360-477-4128 Save 15% by using coupon code SHABBY


ift Ite Many G & s r o v a wer F ridal Sho B & y b a B o P e n a i g D vender@

49-9904 idesandla babiesbr 71 or Cell 508-6 -55 508-583 om

and esbrides i b a .b w ww

.c lavender

Blue Heron Studios Custom Painted Pieces, Antiques, Home Decor & Design

Visit our weekly Monday Blog for Tips, Tutorals, and Give Aways.

4628 West Broad, Cookeville, TN 38501 931 678-4477

ReLove Home DĂŠcor Studio

*Furniture *Flowers * Classes * Fun

4628 West Broad Cookeville, TN 38501 931.704.1132

Serving Greater Nashville for Over 30 years

“After we visit your place... it will be a Showplace!” Green Hills 615-292-1110 Bellevue 615-646-9779 Brentwood / Cane Ridge 615-361-7010

Joan G. Chandler 615.366.6498

BEAD SMITTEN Jeannie Burke free shipping!

817-996-6037 Enjoy 10% off with coupon Jude2

Visit for wonderful shops with fabulous gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list! Visit our virtual vendor show for a preview of all the items our shops have to offer! Shop owner? Join us starting at $15 a month! Let us advertise for you!

Shop and Support Small Business Did you know that when you shop a small business, you are helping someone live their dream? So many small businesses are mothers trying to work from home, or someone trying to make additional income. It could be a parent trying to make ends meet in today’s economy. Whether you are shopping our online clients on Shabby Lane Shops, our advertisers in our magazine, or you are shopping a local small business, you are doing a great thing! (Not to mention when you purchase this magazine) I am a very small business. Many think we are a large corporation. I am a work from home mom. I work with other small businesses, publishing this magazine from my kitchen table, with my children playing at my feet. I do send to a printer (who is also a small business). The magazines are delivered to me, via a large freight truck - all 900 lbs! I physically unload them from the pallet, print labels, place them in envelopes, print the postage and mail them off, all from my home. During the holidays 90% of my shopping is from small businesses from our online clients to our local vendor show clients. I feel great knowing that the gifts I purchase are unique, and are helping out a fellow small business owner. So this is a BIG THANK YOU for your support! We, small business owners, could not do what we love to do without you! Catherine Monceaux Shabby Lane Shops

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

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Take a peek into the amazing talent of our Print Magazine - Shabby Lane Shops contributors and advertisers - see their amazing work! This...

FREE E Mag August 2014  

Take a peek into the amazing talent of our Print Magazine - Shabby Lane Shops contributors and advertisers - see their amazing work! This...