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Cover photography by Vibeke Svenningson

Editors Note Hello my Shabbilicious friends and welcome to another issue of Simply Shabbilicious! A common thread with our contributors this issue is a love of thrifting. In all of their homes you will find many vintage treasures, repurposed finds and transformed furniture pieces… yet all of their homes are quite different. Soft worn fabrics, distressed timber, chippy metals and aging pieces with signs of wear and tear are all indicative of the shabby/vintage decorating style that makes our hearts flutter. So many different styles now fall into this decorating genre and we look forward to celebrating them all here in future issues of Simply Shabbilicious. Thank you for your wonderful feedback and continued support of this magazine. It’s a mammoth task to put it all together each quarter and I’ve toyed with whether or not I can continue this fabulous journey. Rather than close it down, I’ve decided to advertise for co-editors. If you think that you’d be interested in being a part of producing this magazine, please email me at Until next time, Shabbilicious hugs ~ Kerryanne Blog –

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Welcome to our summer home in Norway. My name is Vibeke and I live here with my husband, my two daughters and our little dog Nure. We built our house in 2001 and since we moved in, we have tried to give it that old cottage feeling. Many of our furniture pieces come from flea markets. I love to treasure hunt in these places....and I always find something to bring home. I think these pieces add soul and give our home a cosy feeling. Spring and summer are my favorite time of the year. I just love to work in our garden and have family and friends over for summer parties on a sunny day. Every summer we make our own jam and sell it on summer market in our garden. Lot of people always come to visit that day, it’s such a joy. This summer my favorite colors are red and white. I used them both in my home and outside by adding flowers, fabrics and furniture in these fresh summer colors.

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Welcome to my home where I live with my husband and three teenage children. I had dreamed of living in an older home with character for many years, but since we already owned the property we currently lived on it only made sense to build a new home to look old. It was a good choice and allowed us to have the amenities that fit today’s lifestyle, while still being able to create the look we wanted and add our own character as we went along. One way we've accomplished this is by adding many architectural pieces throughout the house over the years. I have enjoyed decorating this home with my decor changing from a cottage look to more of a simple farmhouse style, which fits the house better. My love for old weathered and worn items has, however, stayed the same. This makes it easy for me to move items around, which I must admit I do quite frequently, with the current neutral background. Most of my furnishings are either white or have been left with their original wood patina.

For years I've gone to Flea Markets, Estate, garage and barn sales where I've found the majority of my furnishings and collections. French farmhouse finds are my new obsession and you can find more and more of them popping up here and there. I also love to decorate with items from nature and fresh flowers are a must in my home. Living in Oregon with all the dark and rainy days can be very depressing, so flowers help to brighten my day. All of the items in my home are chosen to not only fit the style, but be functional as well. A chair sitting in a corner fills the space, but can also be used as extra seating when entertaining. All of the cupboards and drawers in both the kitchen and dining room hold extra ironstone, silver and linens. Most baskets throughout the house are filled with items too. I strive for my decor to be pretty yet practical at the same time.

Gardening is another passion of mine and when time allows you'll find me outside during the warmer months. Whether working in my garden or relaxing on the porch reading a good book or browsing through a magazine, I love to soak up the sun! One of my favourite things about summer is spending time with my family on the patio, which becomes an extension of the kitchen where we eat dinner most nights. I'm continually trying to surround myself with beauty inside and out.

When I was a child I thought that my mum made the ‘bestest’ ever Chocolate Chip Cookies in the world! I’m not sure whether the recipe was one of the many recipes passed down from her mum or one she picked up herself, but we all thought her cookies were legendary! When I grew up and moved out of home, I took my mum’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe with me and it quickly became my ‘go to’ recipe for a fast, sweet treat. My kids grew up loving these cookies too, so when my first born shifted out of home recently, I sent her on her way with some motherly advice and a copy of the family recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. Hopefully, the tradition will continue.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredients:       

125gm (4 oz) butter ½ cup sugar ½ cup brown sugar, lightly packed 1 egg 1 ¾ cup slf raising flour ½ teaspoon salt 125 gms (4 oz) chocolate chips.

Method: Cream together butter, sugars and vanilla. Add lightly beaten egg gradually, beating well after each addition. Mix in sifted flour and salt. Add chocolate chips. Shape teaspoons of mixture into small balls, place on lightly greased oven trays, allowing room for spreading. Bake in moderate oven for 10 – 12 minutes.

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I’m Mary Alice from the blog “Chateau Chic.” I am truly a nester at heart, loving to create a warm, friendly and pleasing to the eye ambiance in my home for family and friends. When we moved into our “cookie-cutter” home in Northern Virginia seventeen years ago, my goal was to make it stand out from the pack. Some of our projects over the years include adding hardwood floors throughout our entire home, installing new hardwood staircases in place of carpeted steps, finishing off the basement, and adding lots of wood moulding. I’ve also enjoyed personalizing our home with vintage and antique furniture and accessories. One of my favorite ways is to add vintage crystal and tole chandeliers in place of builder’s grade fixtures. Vintage collections are also a great way to achieve one-of-a-kind décor. I probably have way too many collections, but I love them all, from ironstone, enamelware, scales to vintage tins, etched mirrors, breadboards, grain sacks, and Paris prints.

Since newer homes often lack the fun nooks and crannies of older homes, I love using all kinds of old architectural pieces to add interest, texture, and charm. Propping doors and shutters, hanging old windows and using architectural elements help make rooms come alive.

My decorating style is somewhat eclectic. I love mixing inherited antiques with painted vintage pieces, especially those with original patina. I am so inspired by the beautiful simplicity of French farmhouse living, that adding French accessories and furniture pieces to my home makes me very happy. Regardless of what my husband may think, our home is never complete. I’m always changing, editing, and adding to the dÊcor to try to incorporate that element of surprise‌and my latest favorite find.

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