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Saturday, Shabbat April 3 Pesach VII

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Friday, March 26 Burning of Chametz before Evening Services Livestreamed Candle Lighting

Sunday, April 4 Pesach VIII Yizkor (Cantor Boaz joins us!)

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Saturday, Shabbat, March 27 Morning Services Stop eating chametz Erev Pesach Services—Livestream First Seder Candle Lighting

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Thursday, April 8 —Yom Hashoa Wednesday April 14—Yom Hazikaron

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Sunday, March 28 Pesach I (Cantor Boaz joins us!) Morning Services Services—Livestream Second Seder (Rabbi & Family) Candle Lighting

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am pm pm pm

Monday, March 29 Pesach II Morning Services Evening Services & Havdalah—Livestream

10:00 am 8:09 pm

Cantor Boaz in Israel, along with a group of singers will perform for all of us at SZ’s spectacular event—watch for more details.

Tuesday, March 30 Pesach III—Hol Hamo’ed Morning services Evening Services

Friday April 30—Lag B’Omer

8:45 am 6:00 pm

Sunday, May 16 Eve of Shavuot

Wednesday, March 31 Pesach IV—Hol Hamo’ed Morning services Evening Services

8:45 am 6:00 pm

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Candle Lighting

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Friday, April 2—Office Closed Pesach VI—Hol Hamo’ed Morning Services Services—Livestream

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Monday, May 17—Shavuot I

Thursday, April 1 Pesach V—Hol Hamo’ed Morning services Evening Services

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Tuesday, May 18—Shavuot II Yizkor 10:00 am 6:00 pm

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S a r a Wa t s o n

Again, this year, Rabbi Bright and his lovely family open their home to all of you. Join them for the Second Seder Passover night, around your table and theirs. This interactive Seder night via Zoom will be lively, educational and fun! Once again, we can’t all be around the table with our family and friends, but we can be connected as we celebrate together.

Seder Passover Box Seder plate on platter (Lettuce, Celery, Wing, Horseradish, Charoset & Egg) Kedem Grape Juice Shmura Matzah Disposable Kiddush Cup

$36 per box includes delivery. Order through Shaare Zedek, It’s that easy! Visit www.shaarezedek.ca and fill out the online form now to receive your Passover Seder box. 4

Message from the Rabbi One of the defining characteristics of a slave is that a slave does not have freedom of movement. The slave does not get to go where they want to go, when they want to go. The last year has given all of us a taste of what it’s like for slaves, not free to travel, not free to see friends and family, living restricted lives. “Mitzrayim,” our word for Egypt, means a strait, or narrow place, a restricted place. We’ve all been living in Mitzrayim this year. With the rollout of the vaccine, we can see salvation coming – but unfortunately, it won’t arrive in time for us to leave our personal “Mitzrayim” and celebrate Passover in the usual way with large seders. The shul, if open, will be restricted in numbers allowed to attend, but probably still be closed, and most of us will still be waiting to get vaccinated and will be celebrating seder with no one other than immediate family physically present. Unlike slaves, however, we have been free to adapt to our restricted circumstances in creative ways. Despite the many restrictions we have faced, we have managed to keep together as a community. We may be gathering in cyberspace instead of in our building, but our minyanim have continued to run smoothly, and both minyanim and other programs have been very well attended. In this time of isolation, we need our community more than ever, even if we can’t gather the way we normally do. We are fortunate to have had Gershon Katz join us as Hazzan Sheini. Together with Hazzan Boaz Davidoff who officially joined us as well in January, they have helped our spirits soar free while our bodies may be locked at home. Pesach is the holiday when we celebrate God redeeming us from bondage, God taking us out from the slavery in Egypt to freedom, first in the desert and then in the Promised Land. The redemption from our coronavirus restrictions may not be fully here in time for Pesach, but we can see it coming. I look forward to life going back to something close to normal in the coming months and being able to see you and gather in person. In the meanwhile, may our entire community enjoy a Hag Kasher v’Sameach! Rabbi Bright

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Ensuring that the less fortunate, the marginalized, the sick were taken care of? I am reaching out to you to remind you that your donations to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund are needed more than ever now… we are only able to help as much as we can based on the donations received. Please give generously; no one should be alone, or without on the Holiest days of the year, nor should they for any part of the year. I truly thank you for your continued financial support to help me assist our less fortunate community. For those of you who have already donated to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, your desperately needed contributions are very much appreciated. We are always in need of further donations to allow us to continue to provide for children whose families need assistance in providing for their basic needs (and, in particular, for making a Bar/Bat Mitzvah). Please consider making your donation to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. All donations are tax deductible. 5

Message from the President Dear Friends, I would like to thank you all for your deep expression of concern and support during this very trying period of my life. I cannot express how deeply touched I am by the many words and acts of kindness. It has now been three months since my 4-hour open heart surgery. It was a complicated and unusual procedure. I had what they call constrictive pericarditis, which translates to my heart being suffocated by my pericardial sac. The surgeon expertly removed the sac and then took the heart in his hand, scraped off the film, and reinserted it into my chest cavity.

I am happy to report that my last echocardiogram showed much improvement and I am on my way to recovery. Unfortunately, I have a number of underlying issues which are impeding the recovery process. I have an excellent team at the Jewish General Hospital, who are confident that they will get me through the many obstacles I still face. Right now, the hardest part is to remain patient. Meanwhile, even with Covid still raging, the business of the synagogue continues unabated. I must thank our interim president Mark Merson and the Executive Committee; Marion Caplan, Nancy Cooperberg Mac Brotman, and all my Board of Directors who took the reins during my absence. We are looking for qualified, motivated individuals who wish to volunteer to join our board. The office staff, led by our Executive Director, Billy Booth, have been working mostly from home, without skipping a beat. We even hired a third staff member to improve the office environment and efficiency. Lastly, I need to thank our distinguished Rabbi Bright and his clerical team. They continue to provide uninterrupted religious services and programs along with spiritual and mental guidance during this Covid period. What the Rabbi and his team have accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. During my absence we were able to hire Hazzan Sheini, Gershon Katz and a world-renowned Cantor, Boaz Davidoff, to join our clerical team. We are well positioned to come out of this pandemic stronger than ever. The Capital Campaign and Renovation project is in a consolidation phase. Pledges, which cover a 4 -year period, are being collected and we are still seeking additional contributors to the program. It is never too late. We should be in position to tackle Phase 2, ‘The Windows’, in the second or third quarter of 2022. The work we, originally, hoped to do on the windows, is not economically or strategically possible. We are currently working on different solutions. The key is to address the structural issues. I will keep you posted. These days I do not take many calls, however, if you would like to make a donation to the Campaign, I am available to speak. On behalf of myself and my family, I want to wish you all a joyful Passover, filled with happiness and success and most importantly GOOD HEALTH. Sincerely,

Benjamin Topor President, Shaare Zedek

We still need your support as we move into Phase 2 of the renovations. It would be great if every congregant contributed to the best of their ability. As a team we can accomplish great things. All donations are fully tax deductible.


Benjamin Topor

Judy Pell

Judy Hagshi

Nancy Cooperberg Mark Merson Marion Caplan Milton Joseph

Mac Brotman Shawn Martel Miles Herer Bebe Newman

Diana Schweitzer Carole Burke Len Miller Gary Ornstein

Message from the Interim President As your interim president, my first duty, which I am happy to do, is to report to you that our President, Ben Topor, is on the mend and will, I pray, be in a position to resume his rightful position in the not too distant future. The last twelve months have been unique. I am, however, happy to report all the positive and exciting advancements at Shaare Zedek since Ben’s last message at Rosh Hashanah. In December, as most of you know, my father, a long-time shul member and minyanaire, passed away. As part of the mourning process, I have been attending daily minyanim morning and evening. I want to begin by recognizing and thanking those of you who attend our daily services. Your commitment to ensuring the continuity of our services and saying kaddish, daily, is truly remarkable. The friendship, which has evolved amongst the minyanaires, is uplifting and gratifying. Since the beginning of this pandemic, our daily online services have continued unabated and are recognized throughout the community. Everyone is welcome to join in on our daily services, as we are very grateful to continue unabated, considering many congregations, even online, are unable to put together a minyan. During our Passover seders we sing Dayeinu....“it would have been enough”. This catchy Passover song has special meaning for us today, as we relate it to our shul.

Had our minyanim remained just a small group, and not expanded to the daily success it has become – Dayeinu - it would have been enough. Had we only been able to hire one new clergy to help Rabbi Bright, who has worked tirelessly and beyond the call of duty during the pandemic, rather than two – Hazzan Sheini, Gershon Katz and Cantor Boaz Davidoff – Dayeinu. Had we needed to halt the remodeling and renovating of our building, until after the pandemic, rather than refurbishing and replacing broken mechanics - Dayeinu. Had we not been able to hire Pamela to assist Wendy and Sara with the increased workload due to the vibrancy of our programming and increased membership - Dayeinu. Had our Board and Executive Director, Billy Booth, been only half as committed and driven as they are to the success and the future of our shul - Dayeinu.

And to you, our beloved and committed members, had you been a little less devoted and dedicated to your shul, and not responded to our frequent calls of fundraising - Dayeinu. As your interim president, and someone who has been associated with Shaare Zedek since 1955 attending Hebrew afternoon school five days a week, I am more proud today of our shul than I have ever been. This Passover will be similar to last year when, once again, we will be separated from our loved ones. Let us remember Dayeinu. We will make the best of what we have. We will be grateful that there is an end in sight. As we pass from the bondage of this pandemic, to freedom through vaccination, let us count our blessings. From my family to yours, Bonnie joins me in wishing you a happy and a healthy Passover. ‫חג פסח שמח‬ Mark Merson 7

Religious/Ritual Committee Report Wow! What a different and exciting time we have been living through since I last wrote a report. Our High Holy days were outstanding with the new way of offering services to our Congregation through “Streaming” over the Internet. Rabbi Bright was outstanding as he presented the entire Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. It was his first time live streaming our High Holy Days and doing a solo performance. We must all wish him a Yasher Koach and applaud his commitment and dedication to Shaare Zedek. Our Choir, under the direction of Dr. Earl Karanofsky, defied the Covid pandemic, who accompanied the Rabbi throughout the services, did an unbelievable job. We sincerely thank Dr.Karanofsky and our members who participated in this venture. We continue, unabated, bringing our morning and evening services to the Community via ‘Zoom’. Our Minyanaires and our members have become experts at “Zooming” and “Streaming”. In doing this, we have been able to participate in the many events and programs that Shaare Zedek has brought forth. Our Tu B’Shevat Seder, with our very own Cantor Boaz, live from Israel, was so well received with so many of you participating. Purim was celebrated with Hazzan Sheini, Gershon Katz reciting the original Megillah and Rabbi Bright doing an amazing modern satire version, chapter by chapter, in English. It was, by far, the best Megillah reading ever. The efforts of our Executive Director, Billy Booth and our Board Member, Miles Herer, in obtaining the equipment needed to bring to life these wonderful events, is very much appreciated and we offer a heartfelt thank you. Passover is quickly approaching and we are excited that Rabbi Bight will be joined by Cantor Boaz Davidoff from Israel along with Hazzan Sheini, Gershon Katz, on Sunday, March 28 at 10 am. During the week, we will continue to have our regular services and end the Passover festival on Sunday, April 4. Once again, Cantor Boaz will be joining us for services, including our Yizkor service. Stay tuned for more exciting services to come. I must take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement during this difficult time...you are truly an inspiration. From my family to yours; a Happy Passover to all. Stay safe. Stay well. Nancy Cooperberg, Chair


Message from the Cantor Shalom and Happy Passover. I am so pleased and delighted to write to all of you, as your new Cantor. Wow! This is so wonderful – to come back to Montreal after all these years and to the warmth of the Shaare Zedek community. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you and to sing, pray, learn and celebrate altogether. As you might already be aware, I was meant to visit all of you this coming Yom Ha’atzmaut, however with the restrictions and guidelines of the government surrounding Covid-19, we are not allowed to physically meet yet. This does not mean that we will not have fun together via zoom, as B”H, we will! We are just in front of our freedom, this Passover holy day, and what is touching my heart is the fact that almost all (over 90%) of Israelis, will be celebrating the Passover ‘Seder’, despite that Israel is predominantly a secular country. Already this is magical. The main question you will hear on the street (or ‘WhatsApp’...) is: “Where are you going to celebrate the Seder?” And after the Seder, the main question is; “Nu, did you also continue to recite the Haggadah after the meal?” Israel is a beautiful and attractive country, all year long, and if there is a specific time that is extra special to come and visit the “Good Land”, it is now, during Passover. Israel is decorated with spring flowers and Israeli flags (for our upcoming Yom Ha-Ha’atzmaut Celebration). The country fragrance and the climate is perfect. In Israel we celebrate one Seder night (one is enough...) and there are many different musical versions and traditions. When you are invited to a Seder, and a friend’s house, you learn (and adopt) new traditions, melodies, food recipes, “Afikomen” games, and more. The below are some traditions that we have adopted through the years, please, of course, enjoy them too. 1.

“Kadesh ur’hats...”: we sing this order of the Seder three times at the beginning of the Seder, and whenever we reach a certain section in the Seder - we sing the ‘Seder song’ until that point, and perform this part (for example; if we reached “Karpas” we will sing: Kadesh Ur’hats and a looooong “Karpas”, pause there, and do the Karpas eating).

2. “Ha Lahma Anya”: Traditionally, in my home, (Bukhara - Asian Russia) each and every one of the participants have to stand up, hold the Matsot and say the: “Ha Lahma Anya” section, in the original Aramaic language, as if he, or she, is testifying to the history of all of us in Egypt. It takes time and patience but it is a strong tradition. It is a big challenge, especially for the children, to stand on a chair and recite the Aramaic text in front of everyone (you can imagine the drama...). 3. “Eliyahu Ha-Navee”: We open the door for the prophet Elijah to come... AND HE COMES!!! (One person exits from the house, prior to this, and puts a white sheet over his body. At the precise time he, or she, enters the home slowly, drinking from the wine, blessing and then leaving the home), the kids are still and stunned! There is so much to share, but, for now, I will stop here. I wish for all of us to celebrate and be happy altogether in this special freedom Holy Day. I am looking so forward to seeing you all very soon and give you a REAL hug. In the meantime, I wish you all the very best of health and happiness. Your Cantor, Boaz Davidoff


Message from the Hazzan Sheini The Torah through a set of thematic elements, makes a connection between the birth of Isaac, which is the start of the Jewish people, and the time of Passover, the beginning of our birth as a nation. In a narrative that has several parallels with the Passover story, the Torah (Genesis 18) recounts how Abraham and Sarah are visited by three mystery men who foretell the birth of Isaac. The visit is narrated in detail and begins with a description of Abraham preparing a meal of bread and delicacies for his guests. Remarking on the preparation of the breads by Abraham for his guests, Rashi comments that it was Passover. Several thematic elements in the text allude to the Passover narrative such as the rush to prepare food for the guests, which parallel the haste under which the Matzot were baked, the term for the cake breads – Oogot- only used here and elsewhere in connection with Matzot, and the word mo-ed -meaning “in a set time” that occurs three times in connection with the birth of Isaac, in reference to the observance of Passover, and in reference to the eating of Matzot. It is noteworthy that in the account of the birth of Isaac, the Torah does not link his birth to a particular place say Mount Sinai, or Mount Moriah – the location of the temple, but to a specific time. A Mo-ed. Judaism maybe more than other religions, aims to carve out religious practice in time. Indeed, much of our practice is set in time, and is only “effective” in its’ right time. Throughout the past year, we have continued to meet at set times for morning and evening services, committed to Mo-ed – set times though restricted in joining in one place. The meeting place in the Mishkan- Tabernacle from which the modern Synagogue evolved from is termed Ohel Mo-ed – Ohel is a tent and Mo-ed a set time – a word joining place-and time together. With the coming of Passover – the Mo-ed that marks the beginning of history, we hope for a healed world and for a return to Ohel-Moed where we can meet together at set times and in communal space. With best wishes for a joyous and kosher Pesach, Gershon Katz

Prohibition of Chametz on Pesach On Pesach it is prohibited to possess chametz (leaven). All chametz that will not be eaten or burned before Pesach must be sold to a non-Jew. All chametz utensils that will not be thoroughly cleaned by then, are stored away in closets or rooms while preparing for Pesach. The storage area is locked or taped-shut, and leased to a non-Jew at the time of the sale. There are many legal intricacies in this sale, thus, only competent Clergy should be entrusted with its execution. Hazzan Sheini, Gershon Katz, acts as our agent both to sell the chametz to the non-Jew on the morning before Pesach starts and also to buy it back the evening after Pesach ends. Locking your chametz away and emailing Hazzan Sheini, Gershon Katz, the Chametz Contract is an easy way of observing one of the most important laws in the Torah. Chametz, which remains in the possession of a Jew over Pesach, may not be used, eaten, bought or sold even after Pesach.

All contracts must be submitted before sundown on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2021 Please visit: https://www.shaarezedek.ca/form/contract_authorizing_the_sale_of_chametz and fill out the selling of chametz form. 10

Message from the Program Committee Co -Chairs First of all, we hope that everyone is doing well during this Pandemic. Although, we have not been able to, unfortunately, provide in shul programming, we have deferred to Zoom and Live Streaming to bring you a wealth of important events and programs. Due to Covid our usual in shul medical programmes were cancelled, however we were still able to present some others. First up, was Dr. Jon Davine who spoke on "Coping with the Pandemic" and gave us several good ideas and tips for handling our anxieties during these unprecedented times. Then, in January, we had Guillermo Glujovsky, a Professor of Sociology at UQAM, whose topic was 'Argentina's Military Dictatorship in the 1970s and the effect it had on the Jewish population.

Our latest program was "Roman Lesniak; The Last Canadian Survivor from Schindler’s List." We had an outstanding turnout and will continue to present, in his honour, a 'Roman Lesniak Holocaust Series". A huge Thank you goes out to Irving Rabinovitch; a good friend of Roman’s. It was Irving, a longtime member of Shaare Zedek, who encouraged Roman Lesniak to tell his story so that the youth of today would be aware of the meaning of ‘NEVER AGAIN’. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Irving and Family for their dedication and commitment in preparing this very important, special program to Shaare Zedek. Rabbi Alan Bright, who was instrumental in moderating Roman's story did an unbelievable job asking the questions we all wanted answers for. Thank you! All stops were pulled out by Wendy Tessler in handling the registration of 2,000 plus ironing out all the glitches that occur in presenting a program of this magnitude. Kudos to Billy Booth, Shaare Zedek’s Executive Director, for handling the logistics of the presentation done through Live Streaming and much more. Thanks to Gary Ornstein for being the contact with Federation CJA and the Montreal Holocaust Museum. Lists of students were then made available to us. The video was seen by many outside of North America, and internationally, including Israel, UK, Europe and Asia. This program was also recognized on CBC's Daybreak, CTV news, CJAD radio, The Suburban and The Montreal Gazette (article written by Bill Brownstein). Thanks to all of you! The final statistics had over 2.7K unique viewers from across Canada, USA, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, United Kingdom, Mexico & many other countries which would be over 4000 people watching. Average view time was 41 minutes. Very impressive!

Marion Caplan and Judy Pell

In honour of Roman Lesniak and the gratitude and appreciation we have to him, at Shaare Zedek, for entrusting us with the important responsibility of presenting his story; ‘remember...and never forget’, to thousands of people, we will continue ’telling his story’ and so many others through the development of programs under the title;


Roman Lesniak—The Last Canadian Survivor from Schindler’s List Roman was born in 1921 in Krakov, Poland, and lived a typical religious Jewish life until WWII. His family was eventually removed from their well-to-do home and business and forced to live in the Ghetto. They were eventually all sent to different Concentration Camps where his parents perished for “just being Jews”. He remained with his brother throughout the war moving from camp to camp. Ultimately, they were sent to Auschwitz where Oskar Schindler went to get them to work in his factory, and changed the course of their eventual demise, (as the six million Jews that perished in the massacre, that was the Holocaust). They became “Schindler’s Jews”. This move saved their lives. When the war was over in 1945, Oskar Schindler became the “hunted”. All the survivors, who had been on his list, saved him and his wife and protected them for the rest of their lives. Roman and the rest of the Schindler survivors made sure that Schindler’s dying wish to be buried in Jerusalem came to pass. Every decade (10 years), these survivors visited Schindler’s grave, on the anniversary of his death, to pay their respect. The last time his grave was visited was in 2014, Roman was the last survivor there. If you wish to watch the recording of his life, in testimonial, it is available on our Shaare Zedek website: www.shaarezedek.ca The video was seen by approximately 4,000 viewers all over the world. Thanks to Irving Rabinovitch for bringing this remarkable program to the Shaare Zedek. We are forever grateful to Roman for gifting Shaare Zedek in telling his life story through us. This program was advertised on CTV, CBC radio, Montreal Radio CJAD 800, and The Gazette featured an amazing article on the front page of the newspaper. The Suburban also reviewed the program, and the CJN did a write up. The recording of this program has been shared with The Montreal Holocaust Museum. We, at Shaare Zedek, are establishing a ‘Roman Lesniak Holocaust Series’ in order to continue to educate the younger generations to be able truly grasp and deeply understand the meaning of ”NEVER AGAIN “.

The below and on the following page, are just some of the outpouring of gratitude and sentiments to Roman and SZ for sharing this incredibly important event with the public….’remember...and never forget’. Just watched this live broadcast of Roman's experience and it was intense for me. I studied European history with emphasis on WW2 and the Holocaust, but nothing connected me to the names, places and people as much as this lecture did. Even as a gentile, this has had a deep impact. I shall assuredly pass on your message to never forget. Blessings be upon you and yours now, and forevermore. Shalom. Bob Marcy My husband and I will never forget this evening and Roman’s story. Thank you for presenting it to us. Sandra Weinstein “Even as a gentile, this has had a deep impact. I shall assuredly pass on your message to never forget.” “Chilling and mind-numbing at the same time.”

I would like to express my gratitude for having organized the meeting with Roman Lesniak. I brought my 2 older children (12 years old) so they could witness and remember in the future. We are a practicing Catholic family that moved from France to Canada 3 years ago. Could you please convey to Roman my deepest thanks for his testimony? I've been very moved by the account of his story, his life in the ghetto, his farewell to his mother, the feelings he had while he was working for Schindler's company etc. I am baffled by his energy to continue to witness despite his age. There are questions I would have loved to ask. I would have asked if he had ever contemplated to forgive the people who did to him what he and his family suffered and/or if he knew other survivors who did. Not that I am not judging. I would perfectly understand a "No". I am wondering how taking that leap is possible, if this is something that he contemplated to do but refused to, or if a part of him tells him despite all their atrocities he wouldn't say all their humanity was gone, a part of them was still the image of God. Another question I would have is what he thought of the attitude of Polish Catholics during the war. Though I was raised at a probably different era (I was born in '84), where the Church taught us Christians great respect towards the Jews, calling them our eldest brothers in faith (I can testify the sincerity of it from different moments with various priests in different times and places), I would have liked to hear how it was like before the war. Even if truth is unpleasant to hear. Were the communities very much antagonized against one another? No history book can speak as good as a vivid testimony of what it was like. We'll keep Roman and your whole congregation in our prayers. I'd be happy to meet you when covid days are over, so my children can get to know better our Jewish brothers. Not to just to avoid doing evil, but to grow in sincere esteem. À bientôt! Antoine Rousseau 12

Roman Lesniak Event—February 15, 2021 Dear Rabbi Bright, I just wanted to write you a brief note to thank you for the event last night. It was very moving to hear Roman Lesniak’s story and remarkable not only to see a 99-yearold man’s crisp memory of the events, but also his ability and will to contextualize the story for us. I could see that a number of times you tried bring him back to his more intimate memories and I appreciated this. I am not Jewish – I am Catholic - but I have always cultivated Jewish friends because I have always felt such an affinity to Jews. I think my father instilled this in me from when I was growing up in Toronto. I recall as a child that he would occasionally, after Sunday mass and lunch, read us Rabbi Stuart Rosenberg’s column in the Toronto Star. I was so struck yesterday to hear Mr. Lesniak say that Schindler was essentially a man out on the make, an opportunist who somehow came to see that these 1100 Jews were fundamentally important for his life, in fact so much so that even the money that he so craved was used to feed his Jewish employees in the last months of the war. In the same way, Mr. Lesniak’s life was determined by Schindler to the point that he fought for his burial in Jerusalem, and that he visited the grave – in a Catholic cemetery - as late as 2014. These are just signs for me of how much we need each other with all of our diversity to understand our own humanity. So thank you for this and I do hope that we will have an opportunity to meet one day.

Chilling and mind-numbing at the same time ... We should ALL never let this happen AND NEVER FORGET the atrocities committed against the Jewish people. This guy is 99 and he said he drove HIMSELF to Cavendish Mall ... WITH ONLY ONE EYE!!! This is the "indomitable" human spirit that we only read about. How insightful to hear a coherent and surprisingly lucid account of what actually went on during the occupation and ultimate annihilation of a people solely because THEY were JEWS! I believe that everyone watching was hanging on every word, trying to feel what it must have been like to be HATED that much. I am status Indian ... my grandmother was the medicine woman of the Anishinabeg (Algonquin) reserve at Kitigan Zibi, just south of Maniwaki, QC. Our people (I am only 1/4 Indigenous, but I really do espouse their history and their ways) have also sufferred to great extents hatred from those in power who wished for them NOT to be around. Mr. Lesniak inspires many who have heard his story this evening that we must be tolerant and understanding of those we have little or no knowledge about. It was an honour watching this important testimonial, one I will never forget! Very best regards and ... MEEGWETCH ("thank you" in the Algonquin language)!!! S H A L O M Marc Latour

Thank you for showing ‘Roman Lesniak – The last Canadian survivor from Schindler’s list’ I hope a copy was made. It could be called- one man’s trip to hell and back It should be put on DVDs and hundreds of thousands of copies made, perhaps omitting or editing the Q@A, to be distributed to countries all over the world and shown on TV, in schools, universities, mosques, churches, governing bodies, etc, hopefully to dispel un-believers, and combat anti-Semitism. Jack Hoffman

My husband and I listened to all of the Livestream with our 4 children from Voorhees, NJ. Appreciate so much that you all put that together- priceless! Mira Aumiller John Zucchi “Roman is a man of his word in my dealings with him.” Roman Lesniak’s presentation yesterday was so extraordinarily moving, heartfelt and unforgettable! Thank you to Rabbi Bright, all the event planners and Being Jewish and both educated and aware of the Holocaust of course to Roman Lesniak for a very moving makes us think that we could not be further enraged or "conversation." emotionally pulled apart as we were yesterday evening. But we Selma were.....There is so much to say and not enough to understand about man’s complete inhumanity to another. Please convey our deep appreciation to Mr. Lesniak for his sharing of his unforgettable story. We are forever changed. We will never forget. I have tears as I remember well all the unspeakable stories told to me by family members who survived the unimaginable..... As well I have been very fortunate to have visited Mr. Schindler’s grave in Jerusalem. That was so so special especially since I lived in Jerusalem for three years right near where he is buried! Thank Mr. Lesniak again.....please. Frances Winterstein & Michael Lowsky I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful lecture tonight. Mr. Lesniak spoke so eloquently from his heart. I hope his talk was recorded for future generations to see. I look forward to hearing about other such programming that the Shul puts on. Ann Weiszmann 13

Message from the Executive Director Although the pandemic has shut down in-house services, we have been very busy providing services online and a full range of programs. This has presented some interesting challenges to navigate the virtual world and ensure that our broadcasts run properly and on time. There were a few issues with sound and video resulting in a black screen or upside-down image, but for the most part, it has been very successful. In fact, attendance at all services is higher than before the pandemic. Here are some analytics from recent Live Streams.

Each unique viewer represents someone logging on with a computer, tablet or phone. These numbers should be considered almost double as many people watch as couples or families. The upgrade to our Audio/Visual needs is ongoing with the major purchase high resolution 4K cameras, computer, and streaming software to equip the main sanctuary and chapel to broadcast services 365 days per year. We will be installing a new microphone to improve the sound quality. As well, we purchased a second computer to allow us to simulcast on Live Stream as well as Zoom. There are nuances in the tech world and Zoom is not compatible with other software. Fortunately, we found a workaround which is being implemented at the time of this writing. Check out the Audio/Visual room. This is a space next to the Davine Hall that leads to the roof. Prior to Covid, it was a storage closet without heat. Now we have multiple computers, monitors, encoders, switchers, and software to Live Stream, Zoom and integrate Videos during our events. What a transformation!

Audio-Visual System Fund During these difficult times we are frequently streaming services and special events from our Daily Chapel. Our interim president, Mark Merson, developed the important project to honour the memory of his beloved father, Ben, a frequent, longtime attendee of the daily minyanim in the Chapel, matching all donations to this fund. 14

continued...Message from the Executive Director Building Maintenance Thanks to the foresight of our Board of Directors, we recently installed new Boilers to heat our building and the daycare next door (our tenant). This will save us thousands of dollars per year in natural gas and avoid costly repairs on old equipment. As well, we have updated the elevator with a new CPU (Central Processing Unit) to ensure that all is running smoothly.



Shaare Zedek’s Boiler Room looks unbelievable after the floors were freshly painted, thanks to SZ’s Roberto Ortiz.

Roberto Ortiz has been cleaning and organizing throughout the building. Wendy Tessler has been producing weekly Shabbat newsletters, the Koleinus, and created all of the advertising materials for our programs and events. Special thanks to Wendy for her behind the scenes work on Roman’s program. Sara Watson (bookkeeper) along with Mac Brotman (treasurer) closed our fiscal year end to the satisfaction of KPMG (accountant). They are now focusing on preparing a Budget for 2021 to cover all operations. Shaare Zedek is monitoring all expenses especially during these difficult times. Pamela Lecker recently joined the office staff (in November) answering the phone, processing donations, and helping wherever needed. We welcome Pamela to our team and wish her much success. Billy Booth By now, may of you have begun using ShulCloud which is the software for our daily operations. It is very powerful and allows you access to view your account, make donations and pay for events. All transactions are encrypted and completely secure. https://www.shaarezedek.ca/member Login with your email address Set your own password

Message from the Human Resources Committee On behalf of the Human Resources Committee we would like to welcome Pamela to the staff of Shaare Zedek. She assists in the office, answering the phone, processing donations and helping out wherever needed. You may reach her at local 101 if you have any questions, or want to make a donation to the Shul. In accordance with Covid 19 protocols, the office staff have primarily been working from home with the exception of Billy Booth who comes in as required. The office is in full adherence with all social distancing and masking requirements . At this time the HR Committee would like to wish all our members Chag Sameach. 15

Synagogue Email Addresses Rabbi Alan W. Bright: Cantor Boaz Davidoff: Hazzan Sheini, Gershon Katz: Benjamin Topor, President: Billy Booth, Executive Director: Wendy Tessler: Sara Watson: Pamela Lecker: Roberto Ortiz, Building Supervisor:

rabbi@shaarezedek.ca cantorboaz@shaarezedek.ca hazzansheini@shaarezedek.ca president@shaarezedek.ca execdirector@shaarezedek.ca wendy@shaarezedek.ca sara@shaarezedek.ca pamela@shaarezedek.ca roberto@shaarezedek.ca

5305 Rosedale Avenue, Montreal, QC H4V 2H7 Tel: 514-484-1122 Fax: 514-484-1454 shaarezedek@shaarezedek.ca www.shaarezedek.ca Rabbi President Cantor Hazzan Sheini Parnass

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When we do open to a ‘new normal’, we look forward to hosting your next Simcha at Shaare Zedek…Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Bris, Baby Naming, Events And so much more! ♦♦♦♦♦ Contact our Executive Director, Billy Booth at: 514.484.1122 ext. 105 execdirector@shaarezedek.ca


Bernard Leffell, z”l Mendel Fogel z”l Dr. Earl Karanofsky Billy Booth

Lovely Purim Mishloach Manot baskets were delivered to 100 addresses this year. Order early next year as we sold out quickly!

SZ is always working hard to bring our community, services, events and programs, to stay connected with all of you!


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Eva Busgang - In Memory of friend Joy Chenoy Fondation d'Aide aux Personnes Handicapées du Quebec Elizabeth Garfunkel-Katz - In Memory of Marilla and Jacob Garfunkel Peggy Garonce - In Honour of husband, Ron Garonce's 75th birthday Judy Pollack - In Memory of daughter Debbie Pollack Gutenplan Paula Sacks - In Honour of Ron Garonce’s 75th birthday, In Memory of mother Evelyn Sacks Brian Gutenplan on behalf of Victory Lodge 94 18

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Berel and Frances Bokser Jack and Nancy Cooperberg - In Memory of Nat Ladenheim Lolita Hasid - In Memory of Dr. J. Bernard Tonchin Dorothy Tonchin - In Memory of father Harry Sol Wexler In Memory of - mother-in-law Mary Tonchin In Memory of father-in-law Peretz Tonchin Arnold Yesovitch and Lili Nusbaum Yesovitch

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Jane Zeidler - In Memory of Pepi Greenberg Jane Litwack - In Memory of Rose Deutsch Gombay - In Memory of husband Emanuel Litwack Norman Small and Judy Joseph Small - Refuah Shleyma to Norman Small In Memory of Poley Joseph Jeffrey Wolff and Sandra Korman Wolff In Memory of Sybil Wolff Jason and Shirley Nyman In Memory of father Samuel Nyman, In Memory of mother Fanny Dunn Lillian Coisman Steinberg In Memory of father-in-law Oscar Steinberg, In Memory of husband Bryant Steinberg Mark and Bonnie Merson In Memory of father Melvin Stober, In Memory of Frances Solomon Philip and Judy Weinstein In Memory of grandfather Philip Weinstein Richard Venor and Carole Seidman Venor In Memory of grandfather Isaac Venor, In Memory of aunt Rae Green, In Memory of father Robert Venor, Lawrence Rabinovitch In Honour of Ephraim Rabinovitch for using the online service during his mourning time 20

Lewis Cooper and Pearl Zaritsky Cooper— In Memory of mother Cecille Cooper, In Memory father Abraham Cooper, In Memory of mother Mary Zaritsky Louis Grossbaum and Karen Dubman Grossbaum In Memory of mother Sybil Israel Dubman, In Memory of mother Anna Grossbaum Robert Pell and Judith Cohen Pell - Refuah Shleyma to Mark Merson Paula Sacks - In Honour of Billy and Sheila Booth on the occasion of the birth of their grandson Charlie Miller Booth Isaac and Marlene Schwartz - In Memory of mother Bella Sternberg Schwartz Morris and Diana Schweitzer - Refuah Shleyma to Mark Merson, In Memory of father Peter Schweitzer Philip Shuster and Ruth Mendelsohn Shuster - In Memory of Ben Merson Benjamin Topor and Joanne Topor - In Honour of Myer Bick's appointment to the Order of Canada, - Wishing a speedy recovery to Mark Merson Brian Trottenberg and Leonora Lalla - In Memory of uncle Stephen Rothman Ruth Kizner Friedman - In Memory of sister Sophia Jaschik, In Memory of brother Joseph Kizner, In Memory of mother Celia Kizner, In Memory of husband Wolfe Friedman QC Allan Zuckerman and Kathy Eidinger Zuckerman - In Memory of grandfather Joseph Eidinger, In Memory of father Melvin Eidinger, In Memory of grandfather Eruchem Prashker Ron Nelson - In Memory of mother Nina Nelson, In Memory of brother Marc Nelson Maxwell and Arlene Brotman - Refuah Shleyma to Mark Merson Nathan Brotman - Refuah Shleyma to Ben Topor, In Memory of father Jack Brotman, In Memory of mother Mary Brotman, In Memory of brother David Brotman, In Memory of sister Elsie Iscoe In Memory of wife, Lila Brotman, In Memory of brother, Aaron Brotman Eddie Burack and Carole Lowsky Burack - In Memory of father Morris Burack Harvey and Rosalie Faigan - In Honour of Roman Lesniak's fantastic performance Marvin Fenster and Debbie Kohen Fenster - In Memory of Sarah Fenster Marilyn Miller - In Memory of father Joe Kohn Regina and Nahum Halpern - In Memory of brother Isak Perera Danny Kaufer and Judith Lifshitz - In Honour of Myer Bick's appointment to the Order of Canada Adeline Mandelcorn Bratz - In Memory of mother Molly Mandelcorn and husband Bernard Bratz Gerald and Sheila Kirstenberg - In Memory of Ida and Nathan Kirstenberg Jack and Lil Margolis - In Honour of Reva Toeman's birthday Louri Merkoulovitch - In Memory of Zelda Plotkin Harvey Gradinger and Sheila Soifer Gradinger In honour of The birth of Sheila and Dr. Harvey Gradinger's grandson Harrison Evan Gradinger Ellen Obrand Pesner - In Honour of Myer Bick's appointment to the Order of Canada Marvin Oppen and Lynda Novolker Oppen - In Memory of Rona Steinman Bernstein Dr. Ann Grisaru Wechsler - In Memory of husband Morris Wechsler Carole Blank - In Honour of Elizabeth Bright with thanks for your concern for my husband Howard and in appreciation of your great classes

Adam Schneiderman and Janice Bell - In Memory of father Isadore (Isser) Bell Daniel and Samarra Wolff - In Memory of mother Sandra Klein 21

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Marvin and Marian Frackt - In Memory of grandfather Israel Frackt Philip Goldig and Lorna Gerson Goldig - In Memory of father William Gerson Jason and Shirley Nyman - In Memory of mother Sara Nyman Claire Prashker Eidinger - In Memory of mother Polly Prashker and mother-in-law Rebecca Eidinger Allan Rakofsky and Sarah Polsky Rakofsky - Refuah Shleyma to Ben Topor Sandy Rossner - In Memory of grandmother Tillie Juliver Leon and Lila Sailofsky - In Memory of father Srul Goldberg, In Memory of son Steven Sailofsky Richard Venor and Carole Seidman Venor - In Memory of aunt Rae Green, In Memory of grandmother Hinda Greenbaum Theodore Wein and Lisa Needleman - In Honour of Jonathan Wein's Call up Arnold Yesovitch and Lili Nusbaum Yesovitch - In Memory of Lila Brotman

Nathan Agensky and Sheila Wexler Agensky - In Honour of Evelyn Rabinovitch's special birthday Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Honour of Sheilah Zaitlin's 80th birthday Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Honour of Buddy Manis' 80th birthday Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Memory of mother Lily Rabinovitch Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch— In Honour of Myer Bick's appointment to the Order of Canada Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Honour of a special birthday for Gloria Coen Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Memory of Ben Merson Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - Refuah Shleyma to Ben Topor Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Memory of Ruth Horowitz Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Memory of father Louis Rabinovitch Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Memory of Paul Pinsler Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - In Memory of Arthur Newman’s sister, Sunya P. Newman Aiken

Carol Blitstein Berall - In Memory of husband Leonard Berall Mark Fergenbaum and Marcie Krane Fergenbaum - In Honour of Buddy Manis' 80th birthday Ann Grisaru Wechsler - Wishing everyone a Happy Chanukah and good health and peace. Ann Grisaru Wechsler - On Behalf of Lili and Arnie Yesovitch Ann Grisaru Wechsler - In appreciation of Ron Karpman Sheila Horwitz Pinsler - In Memory of father-in-law Alex Pinsler, In Memory of father Ben Horwitz, In Memory of grandmother Jeanette Herscovitch, In Honour of Buddy Manis's 80th birthday Milton and Paula Joseph - In Honour of Roman Lesniak, In Memory of brother Carl Frai, In Memory of brother Joey Frai, In appreciation of Aliyah given Vera Kahn - In Memory of grandmother Honora Frankel, mother-in-law Esther Kahn, father-in-law Sam Kahn Danny Kaufer and Judith Lifshitz -In Memory of father Hyman Bernard Lifshitz, In Memory of father Leslie Kaufer, In Memory of Arthur Newman’s sister, Sunya P. Newman Aiken, In Memory of friend David Marcus Eibel Howard Kobernick and Sharon Peletz Kobernick - In Memory of father David Pelet, In Memory of mother Lillian Kobernick Muriel Lichter - In Memory of mother Ruth Dolansky, In Memory of husband Michael Lichter 22

Harvey Lyman and Anita Carpman Lyman - In Memory of mother Sandra Cohen, In Memory of father David Lyman Marilyn Miller - In Memory of mother Frieda Kohn Paul Morton and Sandy Baitel - In Memory of mother Reba Morton, In Memory of brother Abie Baitel, In Memory of father Jack Baitel, In Honour of Myer Bick being appointed to the Order of Canada, In Memory of Ben Merson Arthur and Diane Newman - In Memory of Ben Merson Norma Nutkevitch - In Memory of the Arthur Newman’s brother-in-law, Herbert Aiken Pearl Nutkevitch - In Memory of Arthur Newman’s sister, Sunja P. Newman Aiken Roberto Ortiz - In appreciation of the Mishloach Manot basket Ethel Phillips - In appreciation of Lili Yesovitch Sherri Pinsler - In Honour of Buddy Manis on his 80th birthday Claire Prashker Eidinger - In Memory of husband Melvin Eidinger, In memory of father-in-law Joseph Eidinger, In Memory of father Eruchem Prashker Sandra Rabin - In Memory of father Henry Rabin Paula Sacks - In Honour of Myer Bick's appointment to the Order of Canada Danny Samra and Sarah Reingewirtz Samra - In Memory of father Joseph Reingewirtz, In Memory of Uncle Selig Reingewirtz, In Memory of Ben Merson, In Memory of Arthur Newman’s brother-in-law, Herbert Aiken, Refuah Shleyma to Dr. Howie Goldstein, Refuah Shleyma to David Joseph, In Memory of Arthur Newman’s sister, Sunya P. Newman Aiken In Memory of father Dr. Ihsan Samra, In Memory of Frances Fogel, In Memory of mother Pnina Reingewirtz, In Memory of Dr. J. Bernard Tonchin. Jeffrey Segel and Pauline Pozniak Segel - In Memory of Arthur Newman’s brother-in-law, Herbert Aiken, In Memory of Arthur Newman’s sister, Sunya P. Newman Aiken. Brian Trottenberg and Leonora Lalla - In Memory of mother Barbara Rothman Michael Wasser - In Memory of Ben Merson Sara Watson - In Appreciation of Lili and Arnie Yesovitch Daniel Wechsler - In Appreciation of Elizabeth Bright Aron and Lee Wohl - In Memory of mother Sadie Wohl Stephen Wohl and Elaine Brock Wohl - In Memory of mother Ruth Brock, In Memory of mother Sadie Wohl

Lea Nemes - In Honour of Rona Rosenblatt's special birthday

Nathan Agensky and Sheila Wexler Agensky - In Memory of Lila Strezavsky Brotman Maxwell and Arlene Brotman - In Memory of sister-in-law Lila Brotman Nathan Brotman - Refuah Shleyma to Ben Topor, In appreciation of Rabbi Bright Carole Burke - In Memory of Ben Merson, In Memory of aunt Evelyn Rose, In Memory of father Sidney Burke, In Appreciation of Rabbi Bright Conrad and Denise Cape - In Appreciation of Rabbi Bright Stephanie Caplan - In Honour of Mom Marion Caplan being year 5781’s Simchat Torah Honouree Eishet Chayil Andrea Caplan Grostern - In Honour of Mom Marion Caplan being year 5781’s Simchat Torah Honouree Eishet Chayil Jack and Leba Cooperstone - In Appreciation of Rabbi Bright 23

Harvey and Rosalie Faigan - In Memory of mother Goldie Faigan, In Memory of mother Ida Rosenthal, In Honour of Rabbi Bright's birthday, In appreciation of Rabbi Bright. Ann Grisaru Wechsler - In appreciation of Rabbi Bright and Family Fran and Murray Krane - In Memory of father Ben Horwitz Irina Guler - In Memory of Alexander and Maria Guler Marion Harris Caplan - In Appreciation of Rabbi Bright, In Memory of Lila Brotman Freya Hirsch Gordon and Martin Gordon - In Memory of father Jack Hirsch, In Memory of mother Lilian Gordon Thelma Itcovitch Lesser - In Memory of mother Ida Itcovitch, In Memory of father Henry Itcovitch Robin Joy Goodman - In Memory of mother Gertrude Goodman Debbie Kalisky - In Memory of mother Libby Kalisky Janet Kasnoff - In appreciation of Rabbi Bright Danny Kaufer and Judith Lifshitz - In appreciation of Rabbi Bright and Family Sheldon Keesal - In Honour of mother Micki Keesal Gerald and Sheila Kirstenberg - In Memory of mother Blanche Stober, In Memory of brother Avrum Stober, In Memory of father Moses Stober Carolyn Klein and David Salkovitz— In appreciation of Rabbi Bright Helen Kossy - In appreciation of Rebbetzin Elizabeth Bright Neal and Miriam Levine - In appreciation of Rabbi Bright, In appreciation of Carole Burke Julian Lewin - In Honour of mother Tema's 100th birthday Gitty Libman Harte - In gratitude, - In Honour of Maurice Kershaw's 90th Birthday, In appreciation of Rabbi Bright. Jane Litwack - In Memory of mother Rose Deutsch Gombay, In Memory of husband Emanuel Litwack, In appreciation of Rabbi Bright. Mel Mandelbaum - In Memory of father Isaac Mandelbaum In Memory of grandmother Hilda Blatt, In memory of grandfather Melvin Blatt. Estate Melvyn Heft - In Memory of Melvyn Heft Lionel and Zeldie Mincoff - In Memory of uncle Philip Prosterman Paul Morton and Sandy Baitel - In Memory of son Igal Morton, In Memory of father Irving Morton Norman Nemetz - In Memory of mother Ada Nemetz Betty Nerwen Goldenberg - In Memory of David Kahn Robert Pell and Judith Cohen Pell - In Memory of mother Fanny Cohen Sandra Rabin - In Memory of mother Esther Rabin, In Memory of zaidie Johanan Sklar Irving Rabinovitch and Evelyn Berkow Rabinovitch - Refuah Shleyma to Cindy Heller Mark Reinish and Sharon Wurst Reinish - In Honour of the birth and Simchat Bat of their precious granddaughter Harlow Michaela Feiden Frank Rudner - In Memory of Edith Rudner ♦ Paula Sacks - In appreciation of Rabbi Bright Robert Samuel - In Honour of Rebbetzin Bright's Torah Class Isaac and Marlene Schwartz - In Memory of father Joseph Katz, In appreciation of honours given to them. Marilyn Segal - In Memory of mother Beatrice Ruth Segal, In Memory of father Moe Segal. Jack Shaicovitch - In Honour of Bill Greenberg’s birthday Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman - In Honour of Arthur Newman 82nd birthday Sondra Sherman - Refuah Shleyma to niece Addie Tepper Philip Shuster and Ruth Mendelsohn Shuster - In appreciation of Rabbi and Elizabeth Bright David Stein and Teri Pozniak Stein - In Memory of father Jacob Stein Mark Steinman and Marla Hopkins - in appreciation of Rabbi Bright and Wendy Tessler for their help to fulfill Corey Steinman’s dream of going to medical school, In Memory of brother Mitchell Allan Hopkins. Dorothy Tonchin - In Honour of Nancy and Jack Cooperberg's 60th wedding anniversary, In Memory of mother Sara Wexler. 24

Michael Wasser - In appreciation of Ben Topor, In appreciation of Rabbi Bright Ben and Marilyn Weksler - In Memory of brother Melvin Shafer Stephanie and Dan Wechsler - In appreciation of Elizabeth Bright Earle Wiseman and Heidi Miller Wiseman - In Memory of father Jack Wiseman, In Memory of mother Doris Mayoff Jeffrey Wolff and Sandra Korman Wolff - In Memory of mother Rose Korman Arnold Yesovitch and Lili Nusbaum Yesovitch - Refuah Shleyma to Ben Topor Arnold Yesovitch and Lili Nusbaum Yesovitch - In Memory of Elaine Dalfen Moscovitch Millie Zwecker Stroll - In Memory of Kerry Stone

Norman and Judith Kronick - In Honour of Thelma Lesser's birthday Jane Litwack - In Memory of mother Rose Deutsch Gombay, In Memory of husband Emanuel Litwack Dorothy Tonchin - Refuah Shleyma to David Joseph

Carole Blank - In appreciation to Elizabeth Bright for honouring Carole's mother, Miriam Prussin Levitan in her Hebrew class

Allan Berger - In Memory of mother Eva Berger, In Memory of grandmother Mollie Bigler, In Memory of grandfather Jack Bigler. Myer and Carole Bick - In Memory of David Kahn Zalman and Sonia Bitensky - In Memory of Parents; Ethel and Moses Halperin Berel Bokser and Frances Rubin Bokser - In Memory of sister Beverly Feldman, In Memory of Sister Florence Samuels, In Memory of father Louis Rubin, In Memory of sister Shulamit Karger, In Memory of mother Masia Bokser, In Memory of mother Ronnie Rubin, In Honour of Rabbi Eligberg and Family, In Memory of father Hersh Bokser. Gertie Brodkin - In Honour of father-in-law David Brodkin, In Memory of grandfather Gershon Dov Kozlick, In Memory of mother Dora Kozlick. Maxwell and Arlene Brotman - Refuah Shleyma to Cindy Rabinovitch, Refuah Shleyma to Beverly Goldbloom, Refuah Shleyma to Harris Mitchell, Refuah Shleyma to Ben Topor, In appreciation of Billy Booth and Miles Herer, Refuah Shleyma to Clifford Faigan. Nathan Brotman - Refuah Shleyma to Ben Topor, Nathan Brotman - In Memory of brother David Brotman. Anna Brown Nadler - In Memory of father Ben Nadler Carole Burke - In Memory of friend David Berlin Stanley and Lorna Clamen - In Honour of Gordon Shore's 101st birthday, In Memory of Irving Aaron, Rebecca Clayman - In Memory of nephew Liam ♦ Carlos Diaz Lopez - On Behalf of Purim Sheila Cohen Silverberg - In Memory of mother-in-law Mildred Silverberg Stephen Coplan and Barbara Flanders Coplan - In Memory of father Sidney Flanders Flo and Burt Dalfen - In Honour of the Anniversary of Steven and Rosalind Pearson Harvey and Doreen Levine - In Memory of mother Zelda Zrill, In Memory of mother Golda Levine, In Memory of father Sol Levine, In Memory of father Sam Zrill. Marilyn E. Levy - In Memory of grandfather Bennie Bercovitch, In Memory of grandmother Celia Bercovitch, In Memory of aunt Freda Bercovitch, In Memory of aunt Doris Bercovitch Grodinsky, In Memory of mother Eva Bercovitch Levy, In Memory of father Harold Levy, In Memory of uncle Jack Birks, In Memory of uncle Isadore Levy, In Memory of grandmother Millie Levy, In Memory of grandfather Simon Levy, In Memory of aunt Sylvia Levy Katz, In Memory of aunt Beatrice Levy Safran, In Memory of uncle Joseph Lawrence Levy. 25

Stephen Errington - On Behalf of Claire Levy for Simchat Torah honours received Marvin Fisher and Sylvia Gold Fisher - In Memory of father Jacob, In Memory of mother Pearl Gold Jeffrey and Felice Flegg - In Memory of father Riven Oshowski Mark Galler - In Memory of father-in-law Andrew Glynn In Memory of daughter Karen Rose Galler, In Memory of father Berl Galler Howard Golberg - In Memory of David Kahn Philip Goldig and Lorna Gerson Goldig - In Memory of father William Gerson, In Memory of mother Sylvia Gerson Arvin Gorodensky - In Memory of David Kahn Harvey Gradinger and Sheila Soifer Gradinger - In Memory of Sarah Lieberman, In Memory of Aaron Rubin, Harvey Gradinger and Sheila Soifer Gradinger In Memory of cousin Norma Moscovitz. Ann Grisaru Wechsler - Wishing Lili and Arnie Yesovitch a Chag Purim Sameach, In appreciation of Shaare Zedek Congregation, In Memory of brother-in-law Dr. Joseph Sternberg, In Memory of sister-in-law Ghitta Sternberg, In Memory of sister-in-law Rebecca Goldsmith, In Memory of mother-in-law Pearl Wexler, Happy Chanukah Wishes to Rabbi & Elizabeth Bright and Family, In Memory of father Abraham Gisaru, In Memory of father in-law Frank Wechsler, In Honour of Carole Burke's birthday. Paul and Gail Gross - In Memory of father Nissel Shirin ♦ Carl Gutman - In Memory of sister Celia Sultan Regina and Nahum Halpern - In Memory of mother Ela Perera, In Memory of brother Izak (Ivo) Perera, In Memory of father Moric Terera. Marion Harris Caplan - In Memory of Wendy Stratton Tesher Lolita Hasid - In Memory of father Godel Hasid, In Memory of father-in-law Pinchas Weintraub Helaine Herman – Refuah Shlemah to Ben Topor, In Memory of father Henry Hayes Jack and Miriam Hoffman - In Memory of father Paul Hoffman, In Memory of nephew Eric Hoffman, In Memory of mother Esther Hoffman, In Memory of brother Roy Joseph Hoffman. Milton and Paula Joseph - In Memory of mother Nettie Joseph Norman Kadanoff - In Memory of mother Doris Kadanoff Archie and Ruth Katz - In Memory of brother Phil Katz, In Honour of Archie & Ruth's 64th Anniversary, In Memory of brother Sam Teitelbaum, In Memory of mother Esther Katz. Linda Kimelman - In Memory of David Kahn ♦ Helen Kossy - In Memory of husband Billy Kossy Murray and Fran Krane - In Memory of father Ben Horwitz, In Memory of grandmother Jeanette Herscovitch Shirley Lang Meltzer - In Memory of mother Rae Lang ♦ Anik Lehouiller - In Memory of David Kahn Gloria Lichter - In celebration of Judy and Norman Small's 60th anniversary Jane Litwack - In appreciation of Lili & Arnie Yesovitch's generosity and dedication, In Memory of mother Rose Deutsch Gombay. Harvey Lyman and Anita Carpman Lyman - In Memory of Irving Aaron, In Memory of mother Lily Lyman Eli and Marlene Manis - In Honour of Evelyn Rabinovitch's 80th birthday Jack and Lil Margolis - In Memory of May Fine, In Memory of Ian Karper Leonard Miller – Refuah Shleyma to Mark Merson Rita Morantz Shapiro - In Honour of a special birthday Manny Morton - In Memory of father Julius Morton, In Memory of wife Roslyn Morton Martin and Paula Nadler - In Memory of father Samuel Nyman, In Memory of mother Sara Nyman Irving Narvey and Rona Speisman Narvey - In Honour of Buddy Manis' 80th birthday Joseph Nuss - In Memory of mother Piroska Nuss, In Memory of father Eugene Nuss Jason and Shirley Nyman - In Memory of father Myer Dunn Ethel Phillips – Refuah Shleyma Ben Topor, In Memory of David Kahn Allan Rakofsky and Sarah Polsky Rakofsky - In Memory of Ben Merson 26

Gerry Rudick - In Honour of Roman Lesniak's presentation Paula Sacks - Refuah Shleyma to Cindy Rabinovitch Heller, In Memory of David Kahn Roslyn Schneidman - In Memory of Leona Eligberg ♦ In Memory of aunt Brauna Salmonvitz Mel Schwartz and Shirley Blaichman - In Memory of mother Hanka Blaichman, In Memory of father Sam Blaichman. Morris and Diana Schweitzer - In Memory of father Issie Teitelbaum Bonnie Sharfman - In Memory of Arthur Newman’s sister, Sunja P. Newman Aiken Hyman Sheffer - In Memory of mother Fanny Sheffer ♦ Sandra Wiernik - In Memory of David Kahn Sondra Sherman - In Memory of mother Minnie and father Max Edelstein Gordon Shore and Edythe Daniels Shore - In Memory of Marla Grodinsky Katz Shirley Simand - In Memory of David Kahn ♦ Bernard and Sarah Victor - In Memory of Irving Aaron Norman Small and Judy Joseph Small - Refuah Shleyma to grandson Ethan Eisenberg, Reisha Sofer - In Memory of David Kahn ♦ Marcy Stein - In appreciation of Rabbi Bright Lorne and Nadine Switzer - In Memory of father Sam Switzer Raymond and Sarah Toledano - In Memory of mother Rudy Clora Dorothy Tonchin - In Memory of Ben Merson, In Memory of David Kahn Adelaida Wainder - In Memory of father Dr. Nathan Wainder Philip and Judy Weinstein - In Memory of David Kahn, In Memory of Rona Bernstein In Memory of father J. David Weinstein Robert Zelman and Carolyn Sher Zelman - In Memory of father Avrum Sher, In Memory of mother Marla Sher, In Memory of mother Sarah Esther Zelman, In Memory of father Gerald Zelman.


Message from the Chair of Legacy Dear Shaare Zedek community, I hope that you and yours are doing well. The first year of our Legacy commitment is in the books, and we are thrilled with the success we have had! We achieved our stretch goal of 25 letters of intent (LOI) totaling $519,300 in future commitments to Shaare Zedek’s prosperity. By hitting 25 LOIs, we are entitled to a $10,000 grant from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF), which can be used towards programming & other improvements at SZC today. To each one of our Legacy donors: thank you! Your commitment to the longevity of SZC is so appreciated. For those that still may not be familiar with the Legacy committee, our sole objective is securing a brighter future for Shaare Zedek. A Legacy gift can be a gift in your will, a life insurance policy and more, with Shaare Zedek listed as the beneficiary of said gift. The beauty of a legacy gift is you can make a huge impact without paying a single dollar out of pocket today. The beautiful Martel Family

Our work on year 2 is underway. Another 18 LOIs this year will secure another $7,000 in grants, and 25 will secure $10,000. Given our success in 2020, we are aiming for our stretch goal once again! We are encouraging anyone who already has Shaare Zedek named in their will, life insurance policy or other to please let us know, as existing commitments can secure us grants from the HGF. At the same time, if you have not considered a Legacy gift before and would like to understand what it is and what the Legacy initiative is all about, we would be more than happy to set up some time to discuss the benefits and impact with you. On behalf of myself, my family, the Legacy committee & the Board, I wish you and yours Chag Purim Sameach! Shawn Martel Chair of the Legacy Committee


Life and Legacy Top 10 Legacy Giving Myths 10. I already give money annually. Thank you so much! Regular giving to an annual appeal or fundraiser is an important part of how area nonprofits keep their doors open. But what happens to the organization you have supported when you are no longer here to make that gift? A legacy gift can help ensure that your support continues, even when you can’t attend that fundraiser. 9. I don’t want the publicity associated with Legacy Giving. Part of our philanthropic practice involves thanking those who have made a legacy commitment. Publishing a list of legacy society members and offering special opportunities to legacy givers can inspire others to participate in this important program. But if you’re not the kind of person who wants the world to know about your generosity, you can choose to remain anonymous. 8. Only seniors can leave a legacy gift. Seniors are an important and influential group, but any person-no matter their age-- can plan to support the causes and organizations they cherish after they are gone. If you have assets, you'll want to be the one to decide how they should be divided... at any age. 7. I will need to hire a lawyer. There are many Legacy gift vehicles that don't require hiring an attorney. Consider making your favorite nonprofit a beneficiary of a portion of your life insurance policy or retirement fund. This change can usually be made with a single phone call and a signature, no attorney necessary. 6. I won’t get to decide what happens to my gift. Even though you won’t be here to see the impact your legacy gift will be making, you can pre-determine where your dollars will go and stipulate how they should be spent. If you’d like to fund a technology upgrade, purchase books for the library, or make sure extra scholarships are available, just stipulate that as part of your gift. Don’t imagine that you restrict your gift though… sometimes general funding is just the thing that an organization most needs. 5. If the organization dissolves, so will my money. It’s hard to predict where any of us will be in 10, 20, even 50 years. If you are worried that your organization might not be around when your gift is ready, you can indicate that you’d like it to go to a particular cause (Jewish education) as a second choice to your favorite organization (Shalom School). 4. My kids are getting all my money. Every parent wants to make sure their kids are well taken care of. Consider leaving just a portion of your estate to charitable causes. A gift like this will leave your children with both financial support and an ethical lesson in the importance building a better world. 3. I might need my money. It's true, you might. And it'll be there for you if and when you do. This type of gift represents what you want to give once you are no longer here to need your assets. 2. I want my money to go where it’s most needed. Sometimes it’s not an organization that moves us, but the idea that we can make a difference in the world. If you have a mission that you’d like to accomplish, the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal can help you plan your legacy gift around accomplishing that mission. 1. I have to be a millionaire to leave a legacy. The beauty of legacy giving is that you can make a gift of any amount of your estate. If your estate is worth a few shekels or a few billion, your gift is your legacy. And your legacy should live on! Contact Billy Booth at execdirector@shaarezedek.ca to get started.


FAMILY NEWS Emily Rachel Wener, daughter of Susan and Alan Wener, granddaughter of Marion and Jack Druker, and great niece of Joanne and Ben Topor. Emily was accepted into the Medical Program at University of Ottawa. She received her white coat. Debbie and Fred Fuchs who were proud to announce the birth of their granddaughter born on September 18, 2020, Emmy June, daughter of Jaimee Kravitz and Bryan Fuchs, special great granddaughter of Estelle Caplan. Also proud grandparents are Linda and Harry Kravitz. Elise Abramowicz and Jonathan Cohen-Domanus on the birth of their son. Proud grandparents are Karen and Henry Abramowicz and Michele Cohen and Jerry Domanus. Benjamin Bright on his graduation convocation from Dalhousie University, earning his B.A. in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Ben is currently in Law School at the University of Ottawa. Elizabeth and Rabbi Bright are very proud of their son’s great achievement. Ellen Pesner on the birth of her grandson, Jamie Phillip Berens, grandson of the late Alan Pesner z”l, Mark Berens and the late Pearl Berens z”l, great-grandson of the late Bess and Moe Obrand z”l. Proud parents are Gillian Pesner and Barry Berens, and excited big sister is Noa Allyn. Frances Wilk and Simon booth, on the birth of their son, Charlie Miller Booth. Proud older sister is Juliet. Proud grandparents are Sheila & Billy Booth, Robin Chadnick & Danny Wilk. Proud great grand-parents are Sylvia & Sam Chadnick, Morris Wilk. Dearly missed at this time are Jaclyn Wilk z”l, Resi Wilk z”l, Sonny Booth z”l, Raisie Booth z”l, Charles Fishman z”l, and Malka Fishman z”l. Stacey Ilana Yunger, daughter of Reesa and Bernard Yunger, on her engagement to Alex Melkonian, son of Karen and the late Armen Melkonian z”l, granddaughter of Dorothy and the late Dr. J. Bernard Tonchin z”l. Annette and David Joseph on the marriage of their son, Brian Solomon Joseph to Rachel Elizabeth Pearl in Nashville, Tennessee. Rachel is the daughter of Jane and Michael Pearl of Bowling Green, Kentucky Carolyn Booth, daughter of Sheila and Billy Booth, on passing the Quebec Bar Exam. Carolyn has completed her Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.), Juris Doctor (J.D.), and Master's of Social Work (M.S.W.). We wish her luck as she begins what will surely be a bright future as a lawyer in Montreal. Kol hakavod!

Have some wonderful news and want to share it with your Shaare Zedek family? Please reach out! Email shaarezedek@shaarezedek.ca and let us know! 30

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FAMILY NEWS Dr. Mark and Marla Steinman, on the loss of his sister, Rona Bernstein (Steinman) z"l. Marianne Nemtin-Suliteanu and Rodney Suliteanu, on the loss of their sister-in-law, Ruth Eliasoph (née Nemtin) z"l.

Gitty Harte on the loss of her nephew Arthur Herscovitch z”l, son of Suzanne and the late Bill Herscovitch z”l, and nephew of the late Robert Harte z”l Our deepest sympathies to Ted Adler and Sandy Lipkus, on the loss of his brother, Sid Adler z"l. Sheila Horwitz Pinsler on the loss of her beloved mother, Ruth Horwitz z"l, mother-in-law of the late Paul Pinsler z"l, and mother and mother-in-law to Fran and Murray Krane, grandmother of Lorne Krane, Sherri and Philip Lieberman, Marcie and Mark Fergenbaum, and to Marla Pinsler. Laynie Stein on the loss of her beloved mother, Frances Solomon z"l. Ronnie Karpman and his family on the loss of his loving partner, best friend, confidante and cherished companion, Julie Brown z"l. Debby and Manny Vineberg on the loss of her Uncle, Henry Hayes z"l, brother-in-law of the late Eunice and Gordon Cohen z"l. Bernice and Harold Yancovich on the loss of her Brother, Herbert (Herbie) Cooner z"l. Sary and Earl Karanofsky on the loss of her Brother, Jack Klaiman z"l. Joel Raskin and Natalie Gasparini on the loss of his father, Essar Raskin z"l. Joshua Virag (Stampler) on the loss of his beloved mother, Sherry Stampler z”l. Sandra and Jeffrey Wolff on the loss of their sister-in-law, Judy Wolff z”l. Gwen Segall-Blidner on the loss of her beloved husband, Barry Blidner z”l, father of Aron Blidner, and the late Alana Blidner-Hildebrand z”l, grandfather of Griffin and Aliyah Blidner, brother and brother-in-law of Rosemary Blidner-Steinberg and Brian Steinberg, and the late Sharon Blidner z”l, and brother-in-law of Sheldon and Judy Segall. 32

FAMILY NEWS Our interim president Mark Merson, his wife Bonnie Merson, children and grandchildren and great grandchildren on the passing of his father Ben Merson z"l. Ben was the devoted husband of Suzanne (Rusinek) Merson and the late Evelyn Albert) Merson z"l. Devoted father and father-in-law of Doreen (Merson) and Jerry Levine, Bonnie and Mark Merson and Beverly Merson. Proud Zaida of Noah and Jennifer (Gryfe) Levine, Adam and Diana (Pomeranz) Levine, David Merson, Cara Merson and Celso Louro. Adoring great grandfather of Rhea, Malou, Joshua, Kate, Jesse, Shane, Sacha and Luca. Admired by many nieces and nephews, brother-in-law of Kenny Albert (Andrea), Claire Spevack, and Robert Rusinek. Ben was a staunch supporter of his beloved shul and, more importantly, a stalwart of its daily minyanim. He will be sorely missed. Rita Shapiro, on the loss of her sister-in-law, Louise Shapiro (née Elman), sister-in-law of the late Buzzie Shapiro z”l.

Rosalyn Pantel on the loss of her beloved husband, Charles (Chuck) Brandman z”l, father and father-in-law of Jody and Steven Gruber, Amy and Alan Ginsberg, Stephanie and Howard Smith, first cousin of the late Lazarus Caplan z"l who was the husband of Shaare Zedek's Vice President, Marion Caplan. Our deepest sympathies to Maureen Grodinsky on the loss of her beloved sister-in-law, Marla Klein (Grodinsky) z"l, sister of the late William Grodinsky z"l. Our deepest sympathies to Lili and Arnie Yesovitch on the loss of his cousin, Sybil Burns Dorfman z”l . Our deepest sympathies to Cindy and Mark Heller and family on the loss of his father, Stephen Heller z”l.

Our deepest sympathies to Anita Fainbloom Fischer on the loss of her beloved husband, Walter Fischer z"l, father and father-in-law of Stephen Fischer and Mona Noonoo, Lorraine Fischer and Marc Kremer, Bruce Fischer and Marian Kneitz. ‘Poppi’ of Lila and Toby Fischer; Marnie Kremer, Michael Kremer and Darcy Frear, Tess Fischer and Jon Viner; Nikki Fischer and David Yeager. Barbara Schultz Seal on the loss of her beloved husband, Moishe (Morris) Shiveck z"l. 33

Shaare Zedek & Summit School In an effort to bring an abundance of joy and spring colours to its members Shaare Zedek Congregation has teamed up with Summit School’s TECC program for a beautiful “win-win” initiative. Founded in 1963, Summit School provides a supportive, special education environment that meets each student’s needs and fosters learning, personal growth, well-being and independence. Summit Flora is a work-oriented training program for students between the age of 16 and 21. Its primary objective is to provide an environment where its students can develop problem solving, fine motor, and social skills through a creative and hands on approach. This is not a fundraising program, but rather an opportunity to provide critical job-training experience to their students. Each order provides Summit students with the opportunity to practice their skills and gain valuable working experience that will hopefully increase the likelihood of future employment.

With many of their congregants making arrangements to hold virtual Seders this Passover, interim president, Mark Merson, came up with a creative way to share the program with the Shaare Zedek Congregation. 34

Shaare Zedek & Summit School The synagogue collected orders online from their members providing the Summit School students with the job of assembling flowers and delivering them. Each bouquet arrived at the SZC members doorsteps in an organic cloth wrapping and a special holiday greeting from the students and synagogue clergy. Dr. Judy Hagshi and her daughters, Nicole and Nathalie, received their Summit School flowers from the Shaare Zedek. They also ordered several bouquets that were delivered to family and friends. "What a great way to support our shul and show a little encouragement to some very deserving young students," Dr. Hagshi said. "Partnering with the Summit School has been a win-win experience for us at Shaare Zedek. We are excited to learn about the impact the school is making in the lives of so many wonderful students and to contribute, even in this small way, to their success," said Mark Merson, interim president of Shaare Zedek Congregation. "Many of our members were happy to participate and benefit two incredible community organizations." “We envision a future where our students become engaged members of their community, having acquired the skills and confidence that lead to a fulfilling life,” said Stu Guttman, Director of Development at Summit School. “Partnered programs like this really gives them the opportunity to show their skills and shine.”

Stu Guttman, MAJPS, MBA Director of Development Summit School Office: (514) 744-2867 Ext. 226 Cell: (514) 823-3422 Email: sguttman@summit-school.com 35

Billy Booth Executive Director Shaare Zedek Congregation T: 514.484.1122 ext. 105 E: execdirector@shaarezedek.ca www.shaarezedek.ca

As always Rabbi Bright Words of wisdom and uplifting as we all face these trying times. May G-D look down upon us and take care of us. Harriet and Ronnie Diamond Dear Rabbi, Just wanted to let you know how good it felt to “zoomdaven” with the rest of the group! Thank you so much for organizing this - it really was surprisingly Great YouTube! A Rabbi with meaningful! a forward thinking way of Dr. Ann Weschler remaining connected to the Thank you. It is congregants! Fantastic! important for each to be part of the Stuart Korne greater community. Joyce Ross

Thank you!

Rabbi, I just want you to know that what you are doing is unprecedented and so comforting to those of us who are in isolation. I could never image, that this would or could happen. It is obvious that in difficult times you stand up to the situation and provide comfort to your congregation beyond traditional ideology. I now have a reason to wake up early, shave, shower, get dressed and put on my taliit and Tefillin. I find comfort in knowing that I am not alone and that I am virtually connected to my friends. Please don’t stop!!! Best regards, Ronnie Karpman

Dear Rabbi, I do not know if I was on or off today. There was a tiny picture of me in the bottom right hand corner. I could see everyone and hear you. Although I am not good at technology I want to tell you how comforting it is to see and hear all my friends. We are so lucky to be able to do this. I found your words particularly striking because I have a picture on my mind of a merciful and caring deity. You made it clearer to me that although it is natural to be afraid and even panic a little, a measure of calm will let God in! I also enjoyed the discussion afterwards. When I was a child in Southampton the Pesach order came in a box from London or Bournemouth. We couldn't get anything locally. The box was placed in the front room. We were banned until it was time to open it! On that day, usually after my mother had scrubbed the kitchen until it almost disappeared, I raced home from school to watch the wine and the matzos and matzo meal etc. emerging from the protective straw! No bubble wrap then! When my mother came to spend Pesach one year I took her what was then Steinberg not IGA. It was like taking a child to Toys are Us! She had never seen so much kosher le Pesach food in one place! Have a peaceful day, Carole Burke Dear Bright Family, Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed being part of your extended family. Brought back memories of when we used to travel en mass to our uncle’s in Albany. We always went reluctantly (as kids) but now we look back at those times fondly! Chaotic, loud, annoying cousins, lots of noise... aggravated uncle trying to get us to follow... those were the best of times we realize now! We will add your lovely Seder to our “do you remember “ times. And I loved your husband’s suggestion that we reverse the order of the 4 children! Never considered that before. Thank you again. The Blank Family

Thank you Rabbi Bright for your encouraging and spiritual words. We wish everyone and families to stay healthy and be safe. Better times are coming with our patience and listening to the safe instructional news. All the best to all. Carole & Lawrence Lerman

SHAARE ZEDEK Any feedback/comments? Please send your emails to: info@shaarezedek.ca 36

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Hebrew Program 4 Kids The “Hebrew Program 4 Kids” is an after school Hebrew supplemental program offering Jewish education for children in Kindergarten - Grade 6 not attending Jewish day schools. The children receive quality teaching through the passion and experience of their teachers. This is the third year that this program has been supported by Shaare Zedek Congregation. Needless to say this has been a very different year than any of us could have imagined. We were hoping to have classes at the shul, but as this was not possible we quickly pivoted our teaching to Zoom classes. The school aims to enrich the children with a strong Jewish identity and appreciation of their Jewish heritage. At Chanukah the children celebrated online and received beautiful presents delivered to their homes. During Tu B'Shevat the students had a Tu B'Shevat Seder and tasted various new fruits and drinking the specified number of glasses of “wine”. At Purim we "partied on zoom together, in costume, reading the Megilla and learning the story of Queen Esther and Mordechai, and all families received a beautiful Mishlaoch Basket sent to their homes. At the end of each class, we have created the tradition of having the students sing Hatikvah, waving their blue and white flags, strengthening their connection to the State of Israel. We thank the Board of Directors, the clergy and the entire staff of Shaare Zedek Congregation for their unwavering support and cooperation in making this program the success that it is! Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now open, visit www.shaarezedek.ca, and fill out the registration form. For further information about the program - please call 514-484-1122 or email adelia@shaarezedek.ca. Adelia Bensoussan Director- Hebrew Program for Kids

Adelia at Purim

Children from the Hebrew Program 4 Kids on Zoom—very excited to dress up and show their off their costumes to one another 38

Message from the Sisterhood President This is the year that Sisterhood, like everyone, has learned new tricks. At first, we hesitated. How long could this last? Now we know! On October 7, 2020, we took our first hesitant steps, helped by Billy Booth, when Craig Morrison's programme went on to Zoom. Gaining courage, and helped again by Billy, we were treated to an eye opening account of Jewish life in Africa from Dr. Jack Hershberg this past December. We realized that Zoom would not bite us, well not all the time. With help from Pamela Lecker and Caryn Roll we have reinstated Book Club. We mute ourselves so that we don't all talk at once and the ‘Speaker View’ enables us to see each other at Carole Burke once. This was a joyful reunion even if we were only on the screen. This activity is open to everyone. We hope you will attend our next Book Club session on April 5 at 1 pm, watch for the flyer prepared by Wendy Tessler, and that will be put in the Shabbat Newsletter. On March 24, the Sisterhood Torah Fund Event will take place in conjunction with the Shaare Zion Sisterhood. Rivka Campbell, a Jew of Jamaican descent, will be our speaker. Please watch for details about registration, donation and link for this event, which is open to all. Open to Sisterhood members only will be the regional conference of International Northeast Region of Women's League for Conservative Judaism. This conference will be held on April 25. Please watch for details. There is no cost for this but registration will be necessary. Your Sisterhood Board has been meeting and planning programs and events on Zoom. We want to thank you for your Sisterhood dues and donations. Your kindness has enabled us to make a donation to the Toy Tea. While the event did not take place, the toys and gift tokens were very much needed and distributed. You have also helped to fund a new heating system for Shaare Zedek which will actually save money. May we soon enjoy its warmth in the sanctuary and chapel. The candlesticks and Kiddush cups are ready for the time when Bar and Bat Mitzvah events can resume. Our long term project is to furnish the room set aside for Brides and other Simchas. Sisterhood furnished the original Brides' room and discussions will begin soon. Sisterhood relies heavily on the kindness of Billy Booth, Wendy Tessler, Sara Watson and Pamela Lecker, who help us from the Shaare Zedek office, and we look forward to the day that we can plan with Roberto again. Many thanks! We are experiencing a year like no other , and, of course, we are missing physical contact with family and friends, but we have been strengthened by the technology which has enabled us to enjoy services with Rabbi Bright, Gershon Katz, and our new Cantor, Boaz Davidoff. The same technology and a few other methods have kept us in touch with each other near and far. The days are getting longer, the flowers are waiting to bloom and prospect of vaccinations give us hope.

Craig Morrison & the Fifties—Sisterhood Zoom Event

Sisterhood wishes everyone a peaceful Pesach celebrated in the best way that that we can. Stay healthy! STAY SAFE! Shaare Zedek Sisterhood



The Shaare Zedek Sisterhood Book Club Meets again on Zoom on

The sisterhood book club re-Zoomed in November. We meet remotely every six weeks to review and discuss selected books and engage in lively conversation.

Monday, April 5 at 1 pm. Watch out for details in the upcoming Shabbat Newsletter for the novel that will be discussed.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Join us for a friendly get-together and morale boost.

Hope to ‘see’ you there! Everyone is welcome to attend.

Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are.

Meeting ID: 832 5349 7680 Passcode: 238962 The SZ Sisterhood always brings interesting programs for our SZ community to participate in.

Crypto Jews presented by Dr. Jack J. Hirschberg 40

Sisterhood Torah Fund Torah Fund Women Ensuring Conservative/Masorti Jewish Education The Torah Fund Campaign of Women's League for Conservative Judaism is a grassroots fundraising campaign dedicated to perpetuating Conservative/Masorti Judaism by supporting its 5 international seminaries: The Jewish Theological Seminary - JTS - (New York, NY); Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles, CA.); Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem); Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires); the Zacharias Frankel College (Potsdam, Germany). Help us to ensure our legacy to future generations of Conservative Jews by providing Rabbis, Cantors, Educators and Administrators, Social Workers, Scholars, Professional and Lay Leaders, Researchers and more.... Every gift counts and any amount is welcome! Become a BENEFACTOR with a contribution of $180.00 and in recognition of your generous support, receive the 5781 B'Yachad pin as our gift to you. Click on the poster to watch the recording of this wonderful evening. We hope you will register early and join us at our Zoom Annual Torah Fund event on Wednesday evening, March 24, 2021. Please see details on our colourful flyer in this section. You can also go to the website: www.shaarezion.org to register directly for this evening. Please click off ‘Shaare Zedek’ upon registration,. For further information, please contact Torah Fund Co-Chairs: Dorothy Tonchin at 514-487-3234 or Lorna Gerson-Goldig at 514-481-6904 41

In Memoriam We record the sacred memory of our dearly departed on the occasion of their yahrzeit anniversaries. Please note that a name preceded by an asterisk denotes a memorial plaque purchased in their honour. Should you wish to purchase a plaque in honour of your loved one, please call the SZ office. March 20 – March 26, 2021 ** 7 Nissan – 13 Nissan 5781 Rose Yesovitch Joshua Halpern Lily Plant Norma Pozniak Betty Kling Mark Zunder *Gertrude Rubenstein Maier Levac

Joseph Sternberg Abraham Waldman Tillie Juliver Dr. Paul Telner Donald Braziller Moe Brock Ida Coen Sam Kahn

*Irving Deckelbaum Ruth Rosen Lacey Zysal Averback Esther Zohar Norman Sirota Jacob Lang Moshe Altman Ben Herman

*Dorothy Bratz Knobovitch Klara Weiser Hersh Bokser Jenny Shiroky *Fannie Silverman

March 27 – April 2, 2021 ** 14 Nissan – 20 Nissan 5781 Rejeanne Shevell *Max Pearl Sara Halpern *Sam Blaichman Sarah Sable Elaine Dalfen Moscovitch Sarah Ikeman *Louis Deckelbaum

Ralph Orleans *David Wolff Alice Brodkin *Hyman Brodkin Gita Rachel Tomarkin Molly Kaufman Freda Lackman *Ethel Glickman

David Choran Alex (Sinai) Prizant Baruch Goldig *Douglas Shapiro Howard Berlin Flora Ilovitch *Jay Michael Finiffter Elia Lerman

Isaac Rubinstein Beatrice Lawrence Bella Rozen *Morris Pozniak

April 3 – April 9 ** 21 Nissan – 27 Nissan 5781 Evelyn Tower Mildred Keyes *Louis Handelsman Sam Kadanoff Elayne Caron Sarah Shinder Rae Heisler Michael Wolfe *Barnet Mindlin

Sandra Cohen *Mitchell Allan Hopkins Saidye Felsher Blant Laura Schwartz Jacob Strulovitch Edie Baboushkin Laura Pantel Alvin Pearson *Molly Rosencweig

Morris Dankoff Samuel Newman George Krulewitz Peter Schweitzer Jenny Weissfeld Sydney Ross Diana Barza Harry Greenberg Leo Speisman

Estelle Ruth Aspler Victoria Heller Morris Smith Herzl Cohen Doris Gershuny Bloomfield Norma Gradinger Moscovitz

ETERNAL GARDENS CEMETERY, BEACONSFIELD We would like to advise you that cemetery plots are available. Please call or email our Executive Director, Billy Booth 514.484.1122 ext. 105 or execdirector@shaarezedek.ca May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life. 42

In Memoriam *Azriel Gershon Wolfstein Jack Prosterman Freda Eva Cohen *Sabina Buksbaum Benjamin Beutel *Nelson Bailey Joseph Davis Gershon Krepel Lil Kolker Eileen Propst

April 10 – April 16, 2021 ** 28 Nissan – 4 Iyar 5781 *Hyman Herman *Elisabet Neufeld Gross *Rose Rosenfeld Annie Strezavsky John Bernetsky *Gloria Steinman David Mann Freda Greenstone Dr. Martin Harrow Emery Isaac Gombay Ben Manis Etta Serchuk *Sybil Plotnick Rose Brooks Samuel Kanter Jerry Henry Silverberg Hyman Diamond *Issie Mendel Soifer Seigfred Kling Fred Kalisky

Libby Zelda Schaefer Harry Irving Lubin Eva Rosenthall Irwin Shier Norman Copoloff Luba Coviensky *Maurice Phillips Zelda Solak

April 17 – April 23, 2021 ** 5 Iyar – 11 Iyar 5781 Eva Kahan Adele Ziss (nee Gross) Baruch Fischer *Herman Deckelbaum *Jack Wexler David Bergman Toba Gerstein

*Betsy Kanofsky Stanley Rabinovitch *Sam Yudin Harriet Grumet Ada Daniels Cecille Cooper Joseph Reinish

*Ilona Ikeman Louis Schneiderman Harry Lang Harvey Cwinn Jack Ilovitch Morris Juliver William Rottenberg

Nathan Jacobson *Peter Yudin Alice Grau Harry Mandelcorn *Kenneth Martin Vineberg *Lila Strezavsky Brotman

April 24 – April 30, 2021 ** 12 Iyar – 18 Iyar 5781 *Hyman Dubman Saul Fainbloom George Goodman Molly Morton Eddy Levine David Lyman

*Max Fuchs *Judit Luger Felix Abourbih Rose Indig Pollock Miriam Kaufman *Jack Hopkins

Issie Silverstone Morris Prosterman Bunny Binder Hyman Schwartz *Esther Marovitch Rose Cooper

Cyrille Hopkins Joey Frai *Roy Joseph Hoffman, Q.C.

May 1 – May 7, 2021 ** 20 Iyar – 25 Iyar 5781 *Ethel Meilman *Mortimer Frackt Ettie Kahn Leah Goldenberg Elenor Hubscher George Enkin *Mortimer Obront

Henry Itcovitch Pnina Reingewirtz Albert S. Resnick Charles Furman *Esther Vineberg Benjamin Meltzer Abraham Rosenthal

Dora Goldstein Mendel Tomarkin Joseph Schmerer Sally Levinson Harry Smith David Simcoe *Judith Fuchs

Issie Barrack Freda Lang *Benjamin Silverman Dorothy Sulsky (nee Cohen)

If you would like to memorialize your loved one at Shaare Zedek Congregation, you can purchase a Memorial Tablet that can be mounted on the Congregation’s Memorial Board. The cost for each plaque is $395. You can also purchase a ‘Reserved’ tablet as well to ensure the space is available on the Memorial Board: office@shaarezedek.ca

May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life. 43

In Memoriam May 8 – May 14 2021 ** 26 Iyar- 3 Sivan 5781 Rose Bergman *Annette Rusinek Hershel Majnemer Seymour Rosenthal Riva Fallis Rachel Burack Stefania Domanus Norman Libman *Charles Winikoff

Florence Teitelbaum Etta Segal Jay Saks Rachel Beutel Esther Shulman Philip Dankner Leah Silverman Janet Smilovitch Bick Barnett Nusselman

*Michael Vineberg Sara Mermelstein Michael Goldenberg *Solomon Buksbaum Israel Obrand Osias Leckner Saul Karanofsky *Denise G. Guadagno Miller Etta Shein Marilyn Pearl Rosenbloom Lyle Goldsmith Wendy Stratton Tesher Aaron Tanny Marvin Warren Smith

May 15 – May 21 2021 ** 4 Sivan – 10 Sivan 5781 Allan Flegg Reva Forman Bela Herman Harry Tanny Fanny Weiner *Benjamin Cytrynbaum George Coviensky Moses Cohen

Mollie Fishman Israel "Issie" Eisenberg Lou Weinstein *Eunice Cohen *David Margolis Mary Greenstone Thelma Schneiderman Solomon Korman

Jenny Wasserman Jacob Cohen Bleema Jacobson Irene Steinberg Reuben Solomon Ronnie Rubin Sara Pinsler Isaac Tanny Sally Kohen Phil Salzman Sara Litwin Elizabeth (Beth) Goodman *Jacques Rusinek *Leonard Cytrynbaum

May 22 – May 28 2021 ** 11 Sivan – 17 Sivan 5781 *Shirley Finkelberg Bella Lewin Esther Kaufman *Ralph Kronick Lilian Boidman

David Slater *Cyla Galler Ralph Rothstein Rose Katsof *Louis Diskin

Michel Yancovich David Rozen Roslyn Lesser *Jack Ginsberg Ida Smith

Leon Hasid *Sam Miller *James Leo Lackman *Michael Lawrence Cape

May 29 – June 4, 2021 ** 18 Sivan – 24 Sivan 5781 Philip Gershuny Fae Abrahams Saul Cobrin Edmond Elkaim Adolph Pesner *Tillie Levin

Lazarus David Caplan Leah Marchand Harry Rottenberg *Miriam Gross *Esther Baron Leah Schweitzer

Sadie Wohl Evelyn Levine Maurice Segall Abraham Greenstone Allan Greenstone Sarah Harris

Tobias Brown Percy Shore Jerry Usheroff

June 5 – June 11 2021 ** 25 Sivan – 1 Tammuz 5781 Michael Burke *Louis Cobrin Naomi Coisman Faye Freedman Lydia Freedman Minkin Annie Lackman *Michael Zuckerman

Leah Krasovitsky Dr. Alan Ship Cyril Sidel Lana (Lilian) Goloff Annie Herman *Harry Cooperstone Sam Zrill

Nancy Kershaw David Goodman Mordechai Abramovitch Judy Cooner Fanny Kershaw Harry Coen William Gross

Celia Sultan Steven Silverberg Marci Silverberg *Bathsheba Gelbart Daniel Daniels Seymour Reisman

May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life. 44

In Memoriam June 12 – June 18, 2021 ** 2 Tammuz -8 Tammuz 5781 Asher Indech *Joe Schneidman *Louis Fine *Jack Goloff Shirley Levine *Fannie Gradinger Gertie Ginsbarg Joseph Nadler

Sol Levine Joseph Shinder Sydney Moscovitz Bernard Gralnick David Marcus Eibel Henry (Hank) Kaplan Hinda King Jacob Malkin

Sarah Strulovitch Ella Bubis Esther Shuster Jack Lipson Fania Griner Sam Switzer Martin Jonathan Kirsch Pearl Cudzinowski

Sosia Schlepak Bennie Bellman Saul Rozansky Fred Levine Sally Lutterman Yetta Deckelbaum *Lewis Rosenstein

June 19– June 25, 2021 ** 9 Tammuz – 15 Tammuz 5781 Sarah Stone Rosita Bissell Louis Schenker Joseph Katsof Jack Kuzmarov

Jennie Bercovitch Issie Bubis Joseph Silverstone Lily Karel *Etta Miller

Carl Frai Ruth Simcoe Louis Herman Hyman Burack Lola Levine

Sunya Newman Aiken Steve Ovadia *Blossom Friedman Katya Eibel Dr. Ihsan Samra

June 26 – July 2, 2021 ** 16 Tammuz – 22 Tammuz 5781 *Jack Klein Philip Keyes Evelyn Israelovitch Sara Goldberg *Sam Kligman Charles Simcovitch Marty Kowarsky

Arthur Stroll Joseph Goldenberg Ida Reinish *Leza Mehlman Edith Rosenblatt *Irving Morton *Nat Ikeman

*Brian Agensky *Leonard Berall Paul Pinsler Irwin Levinson Sam Lackman Charles (Chuck) Lazarus Ida Libman

*Pauline Birenbaum Helena Fuchs Julia Manis Eva Saks *Fanny Kronick

July 3 - July 9, 2021 ** 23 Tammuz – 29 Tammuz 5781 Chaya Weinstein *Goldie Hittner *Arnold Sonny Blauer Edna Enkin *Joseph Fisher *Robert Wexler

Sylvia Diamond *Elsie Rubenstein *Abe Aptacker Sabina Rottenberg Manny Eisenstat *Chana Topor

Lola Makowski Helen Starr Chaskel Berkowitz Mary Fleischman Chaye Buksbaum Louis Bonder

Rose Lutsky Louis Litwin Richard Davine Aaron Bitensky

TREE OF LIFE Our Tree of Life is growing – the leaves and rocks are waiting for inscriptions. Commemorate a special occasion or a memoriam by purchasing a rock or a leaf. Call the office for further information 514-484-1122 or office@shaarezedek.ca 45

In Memoriam We record the sacred memory of our dearly departed on the occasion of their yahrzeit anniversaries. Please note that a name preceded by an asterisk denotes a memorial plaque purchased in their honour. Should you wish to purchase a plaque in honour of your loved one, please call the SZ office. July 10 – July 16, 2021 ** 1 Av – 7 Av 5781 Ibolya Teszler David Samra *Joel Jeffrey Birenbaum *Eleanor Nadel Louis Fruchter Phillip Prosterman

*Mina Eisenthal *Louis Rabinovitch Isabelle Kobernick Hyman Cohen *Abe Morantz *Tzipora Grisaru

Katherine Mackler Florence Herman Frank Browman Sam Pecher *Nathan Kaplan Pearl Levine

Ida Kirstenberg Moe Herscovitch *Dylan Lee Wolff Peter Shore

July 17 – July 23, 2021 ** 8 Av – 14 Av 5781 Ida Gesser Alfred Irving Canter *David Segel Annie Frackt *Mary Nadler William Katz Lily Rozansky Sandra Klein

Adele Malkin *Carol Luger Rachel Lerner *Sylvia Joseph *Harry Raider Rhea Lazarus Jenny Helfenbaum Bassia Marmerstein

Rebecca Schenker Sam Wexler Alex Stroll Samuel Mackler Jack Greenberg *Donna Barmish Goloff Abe Levine Leah Krepel

*Michael Shapiro *Nat Raider Max Liverman Norman Handelsman *Ann Rose Suliteanu Mirel Wolfe

July 24 – July 30, 2021 ** 15 Av – 21 Av 5781 *Ruth Karpman Jack Brandman Myer Brodkin Dora Grossman Sara Narvey Israel Fuchs Manuel Melamed Moe Segal Sabina Kimelman *Ralph Vineberg

*Abraham Grisaru Betty Ludwick Israel Rothfleisch Bluma Pozniak Dora Orleans Joe Levett Joseph Fisher Joseph Schwartz *Louis Birenbaum Ralph Gerstein

Minnie Friedman Sol Choran Leo Cytrynbaum Ettie Yancovich Bess Shulman Zener Rose Cooner Ruth Godine Phillips Jack Yancovich Samuel Bercovitch Abraham Averback

Sam Meilman Samuel Lederman Harry Kizner Lou Krane *Norman Zuker *Morris Silver Abraham Kronish

ETERNAL GARDENS CEMETERY, BEACONSFIELD We would like to advise you that cemetery plots are available. Please call or email our Executive Director, Billy Booth 514.484.1122 ext. 105 or execdirector@shaarezedek.ca May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life. 46

In Memoriam July 31 – August 6, 2021 ** 22 Av – 28 Av 5781 *Louie Berall Cecil Shinder Jack Grossbaum *Fanny Shapiro Irwin Beutel Samuel Levine Gerald Zelman Sylvia Liederman Dora Cohen

Miriam Altman David Kahn Maurice Kaufman Lea Stark Charles Brown *Sarah Kligman *Clarice Finiffter Jennie Arshinoff Moise Zarmati

Joseph Tager *Frank Wechsler Rose Kutzin Joseph Shore Marc Nelson *Jack Birenbaum *Howard Finkelberg Victor Sulsky Jenny Severs

Devorah Rabiner Rosenthall *Louis Nathaniel Joseph Gerald (Yanky) Blitstein *Fern Stacey Vineberg Karpman Nathan Kirstenberg

August 7 – August 13, 2021 ** 29 Av – 5 Elul 5781 Isaac Kolomeir Hinda Carol Hefter Alice Cohen Louis Zidulka Ben Finkel Julius Strezavsky

Esther Katz *Max Rabiner Sascha Marmerstein Jacob Liberman *Annie Auerbach Ron Leibovitch

Sara Rothstein *Joseph Hefter Elezar Ginsberg Renée Ava Berlin *Rose Bailey *Bernard Harris

*Richard Kozlick Alex Ship Harry Stark Kenneth Joseph Shulman

August 14 – August 20, 2021 ** 6 Elul – 12 Elul 5781 Michael Shulman Moishe Applebaum Rifka (Becky) Karpman Doris Kadanoff *Edith Lehrer Lil Sonin Fanny Sheffer Golda Levine

*Ben Plotnick Nina Nelson Harry Brotman Moe Faigan Berl Galler *Leonard Rosen Charles Aspler Marvin Tucker

Abe Silverberg Sydney Smith Ethel Kronish Rebie Schwartz Sam Caplovitch Nathan Lewin Marilyn Lewin Furman Frances Schwartz

*Samuel Auerbach Fannie Blostein Libby Cwinn Charles Lassner *Sam Kozlick

August 21 – August 27, 2021 ** 13 Elul – 19 Elul 5781 Rona Bernstein *Claire Beer Abraham Kurland *Bernard Gradinger Ben Harris Arthur Herscovitch Helen Schneidman Edith Zuker Rachel Kurland

Joe Yesovitch *Nathan Auerbach Fanny Weintraub Mollie Schwartz Marie Blitz Sophie Samler Aneta Switzer Izela Heitner Louis Schneidman

Sam Wasserman Miriam Gelbart Phillip Chafetz Morris Kurland Lena Stuzin Samuels Bella Shier George Ziss Aaron Moses Halperin *Mordechai Baron

Jaclyn Wilk Branna Salmonovitch Fela Abramowicz Rosalie Padoksin Shulman Seymour Blumer Harold Novolker Judge Edwin Kimelman

August 28 – September 3, 2021 ** 20 Elul – 26 Elul 5781 Ida Dubinsky Joshua Wiseman Fanny Cohen *Leo Schwartz Ada Davis

Jacob Levy *Elsie Kaplan *Evelyn Rosenstein Adele Segall Eva Herman

Fanny (Faye) Pessin Dr. Sydney Weller Ruben Agensky Henry Cohen Shalom Kreinovitz 47

Rose Wolfstein *Louis Mindlin Julius Zikman Nathan Teitelbaum

Raffle 2021………………………Resilience! So, last March, 2020, the world came apart and it was extremely difficult to keep it together. The resilience of all of us at Shaare Zedek came out to play. And we persevered. We realized many successes , we didn’t think possible, including our Annual SZ Raffle. When we speak of success in a world plagued by a pandemic, successes become more like miracles. And so it was with Raffle 2020, the first virtual fundraiser of Shaare Zedek. We all know that the raffle is a fundamental component in meeting our budget goals, something we really cannot live without. Our committee, finding its way through unknown territory with the experience of putting on a virtual live streamed Raffle, found comfort and support by the tremendous support of you from all of our members.

The usual suspects have re-assembled to guide our raffle to prominence once again, virtually of course. Manny Vineberg, our seasoned veteran. Howard Braziller, our Sophomore, and Jack Cooperberg, our retired Chair, who is back again. And, the most important piece of the structure, you, our Congregants. Your support is what makes the engine run smoothly. This year, 2021, our Raffle draw will take place on Thursday, July 15, 2021. Still too soon to congregate for dinner, we will continue our live streaming and hope you will all join us that eventful evening for our most important fundraising virtual event. The grand prize, for which we wish you luck, is still $15,000. And there will be a few select auction items for you to bid on. This will all be Live Streamed. Tickets are now available from our office at 514-484-1122. You can choose to speak with Wendy, Sara, Pamela, and Billy, for your ticket purchases. We encourage you to fulfill a very important Mitzvah by supporting our Raffle 2021. Our Board of Directors, our Clergy, our staff, are all on board for another successful raffle culminating on July 15. Please stay well and Yasher Koach to you for your invaluable support. Jack Cooperberg, Manny Vineberg & Howard Braziller Co-Chairs of the Raffle Committee


Who will be this year’s Raffle Winner?

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Shaare Zedek's Passover Koleinu 2021 -5781  

Shaare Zedek's Passover Koleinu 2021-5781 - Full Digital Version

Shaare Zedek's Passover Koleinu 2021 -5781  

Shaare Zedek's Passover Koleinu 2021-5781 - Full Digital Version