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Aronovitch & Leipsic Office, Portage and Main, 1918

At Dimensions Insurance we operate a boutique firm building “old-school” relationships with our clients. All of our clients will know us, the principals of the firm, by name and be able to reach us for any of their needs. We are going to have a smaller number of clients that we are tightly connected to and highly engaged with while providing opportunities for growth.

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Interfaith Model Passover Seder

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 Brought to you by B'nai Brith Canada and Congregation Shaarey Zedek

Photos supplied by B'nai Brith Canada

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Siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, y'hey lanu. Y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. Siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, y'hey anu. Y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey Mazel tov to Laurie Shapiro lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. Siman tov Mazel tov to and Rick Lee on the birth of Bryan Klein theirtov grandson, Leif Alexander u'mazal tov v'siman u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov,withsiman tov who was presented Herbert-Lee, on February 26, the u'l'khol Max and Mollie Shore y'hey 2019. big brother, and lanu. Y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov,Judey'hey Yis'ra'iel, Memorial Award at the parents, Mike and Caroline, Kavod Evening on May 16. y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, couldn’t be more thrilled.y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, anu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. Siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov Mazel to siman tov u'mazal tov,tovsiman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazalMazel tov,tovy'hey lanu. Y'hey lanu, to Dr. Frank Hechter y'hey lanu,whou'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, Sharon Allentuck was honoured with who was presented with the Sol the Canadian Dental l'khol Association’s Yis'ra'iel,Award y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. SimanCommunity tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov Kanee Distinguished of Merit Service Medal at the Kavod for his commitment and u'mazal passion tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov,Evening simanon May tov 16. u'mazal tov v'siman tov in his profession and for his volunteerism and lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol mazal tov, y'hey lanu. Y'hey leadership in education and social causeslanu, for all citizens. Yis'ra'iel, y'hey y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. Siman u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov tov, siman tov Mazelu'mazal tov to Hecht who was mazal tov v'siman Mazel tov u'mazal y'hey lanu. Y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu,Evelyn u'l'khol y'hey Allan Becker tov to Dr.tov, presented withYis'ra'iel, the Larry on receiving the 2018 Dr. John M. Hurtig Jewishy'hey Communal lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'heyRh lanu, lanu, y'hey Bowman Memorial Winnipeg Institute y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, Professional Award at the Foundation Award on April 29. Kavodsiman Evening tov on May 16. anu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. Siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, u'mazal tov Dr. Becker is Professor, Pediatrics and of Health siman tov u'mazalChild tov, Health, simanRadytovFaculty u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, y'hey lanu. Y'hey lanu, Sciences; Scientist, Children’s Hospital Institutey'hey of Manitoba. y'hey lanu, u'l'kholResearch Yis'ra'iel, lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, Mazel to l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. Siman tovtovu'mazal tov v'siman tov Debbie Hoffman who was Mazel tov to Brian and Jeanne Pauls tov u'mazal u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov, with siman tovMax u'mazal tov v'siman tov presented Rose and on the B'nai Mitzvah of their grandchildren, Jewish Community Centre mazal tov, y'hey lanu. y'hey lanu, u'l'kholRady Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol BenjaminY'hey Pauls andlanu, Leia Pauls, Shem Tov Award at the Kavod on May 11, 2019 in Switzerland. Evening on May 16. Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, Proudy'hey parentslanu, are u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. David James Pauls and Jael Pauls. Siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov them v'siman'Mazel tov u'mazal y'hey alanu. Y'heyCard lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Wish Tov'tov,with Tribute Contacty'hey the shul 204-452-3711 or click the 'donate' on Yis'ra'iel, lanu,at y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey button lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. Siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman Share your news with us tov u'mazal Contact tov v'siman u'mazal at tov,204-452-3711 siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, y'hey ClaretovWhiteman or anu. Y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey Stay up to date, watch services, and sign up for our email notices at 4 lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel, y'hey lanu, y'hey lanu, u'l'khol Yis'ra'iel. Siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov u'mazal tov v'siman tov u'mazal tov, siman tov

Mazel Tov!

Pursuing a Proud and Exciting Future

A Message From Frank Hechter, President

From my family to yours, I hope you enjoyed a healthy, happy and peaceful Pesach surrounded by family and friends. Congregation Shaarey Zedek has a proud and illustrious past inspired by dedicated congregants and inspired clergy. As you are aware, through the commitment and generosity of two families of our Congregation, we undertook to reimagine the physical plant of our synagogue. A description of the process and the architectural renderings were presented during our High Holy Day services. Since that time additional assessments, quantification and costing of all aspects of the renovations have been pursued. In addition to the visually apparent refinements of the revitalization plan are the necessary upgrades to our



Merchant Services

Small Package Shipping & Courier

Contact Hernรกn Popper today.

Call: 204.816.1500

Please be assured that before any definitive decisions regarding this initiative are pursued, the Board will broadly consult and seek the input from you, the Congregants of our beloved Shaarey Zedek.

Happy Shavuot

Waste Management

Independent, unbiased expenses audit Over 20,000 clients in North America Success based fees WE ARE YOUR VENDOR WATCHDOGS.

HVAC, mechanical, electrical and roofing issues. Currently, we are conducting a feasibility study to explore the strength of affiliation with and to Congregation Shaarey Zedek, and the support for and capacity for a Capital Campaign.

Luxury Secured Living 905 Shaftesbury Blvd. Winnipeg, MB 204.885.7272

The staff and tenants of Shaftesbury Park Retirement Residence would like to wish everyone a Happy Shavuot.

Call Brandi at


to find out more about life at our lovely residence. Where Caring is Our Number One Concernโ„ข



Photo credit: Robyn Shapiro

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Sophie Dinenzon

Shabbat morning September 7, 2019 Daughter of Julian Dinenzon and Analia Matzkin

If you are having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel, we’d love to publish your simcha in an upcoming edition of the Shofar! Contact Clare at 204 452 3711 or

Sutton Rubenstein

Shabbat afternoon September 7, 2019 Daughter of Marla Billinghurst and Steven Rubenstein

Julie Krozkin

Shabbat morning September 14, 2019 Daughter of Alex Krozkin and Iona Gruskin

Alen Yuzi Kushnir Thursday morning July 11, 2019 Son of Leonid and Elena Kushnir

Ivan Glusgold

Shabbat afternoon September 14, 2019 Son of Claudio Glusgold and Evelyn Elson

Samuel Charach Shabbat morning August 17, 2019 Son of Michael and Patti Charach

Sofia Meschler

Shabbat morning September 21, 2019 Daughter of Gustavo Meschler and Daniela Basevich

Emily Tapper

Shabbat afternoon August 24, 2019 Daughter of Jason Tapper and Susie Freedman Tapper

Izzy Silver

Shabbat afternoon August 31, 2019 Son of Norman and Heather Silver


Engagement • Wedding • Children and Family Maternity • Babies • Bar/Bat Mitzvah • Graduation Photowall and Photobooth

204.918.3799 Your story told through my eyes

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I’d Like to Dedicate This Next Song to My Mom Here’s one for Mother’s Day, which just passed… Many of you have seen me playing piano in shul. Accompanying Rabbi Mass or other performers in services. Or maybe at the Simkin Centre or Gwen Secter playing and singing along myself. The piano has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Every time I sit down at the piano I feel alive. When I’m stressed or frustrated, a little silly or bursting with joy, when I’m feeling blue – the piano always offers me an outlet for my feelings. If I go more than a day without playing the piano, I get antsy. I need it. I love it. Playing the piano has opened up so many doors for me throughout my life. Different bands as a teenager. Folklorama and tours with the Chai Folk Ensemble. I’ve been in the pit at the Centennial Concert Hall, worked with so many talented (and professional) singers and musicians, and even scored a free night’s stay at a hostel in France once – all because I can play the piano. And I have my mom to thank for all of it. I remember something Mitch Parks, the legendary Winnipeg pianist, told me once. When he was five, they had to drag him to the piano. A year later they had to drag him away from the piano. I can relate. I started when I was 7 and I had to be dragged. Only it took a lot more than one year of dragging me. Many, many years and lots of dragging. All of it done by my mom. She wasn’t overbearing, just persistent. A stickler with a phenomenal ear. A piano player herself. She wasn’t a fan of my lazy approach. I guess she saw talent in me that needed to be coaxed out. She refused to let me give up. If it had been up to me, there’s no doubt I would’ve quit. It’s not that it was hard. Piano actually wasn’t too hard for me. I did have a bit of an aptitude. The problem was the music. The music I had to study and play was totally uninspiring and unrelatable. Bela Bartok? Who’s that? They don’t play his stuff on the radio. Even Mozart and Beethoven. Sure I’d heard of those guys, but it’s not like I listened to them. The turning point came when I was about 13 or 14. I had really started getting into popular music.

Listening to music. Discovering the bands my parents listened to in the 60s and 70s. The Beatles. Simon and Garfunkel. Queen. Buying my own CDs at HMV and other stores around town. One afternoon, my mom came home from work with a present. Sheet music for Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. A classic! “Why don’t you study this with your piano teacher,” she suggested. “Really? Could I do that?” “Why not!” So I did. A few months later, when it came time to pick a piece for the annual holiday concert, I chose Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ll never forget that concert. One kid after another went up on stage and played a Christmas song. Jingle Bells. Oh Holy Night. Another rendition of Jingle Bells. Rudolph. Another Jingle Bells. One kid after another. Then I played Bohemian Rhapsody! I brought down the house! The lightbulb went off. You mean, I can play songs I actually know? I can get people’s attention? The piano can be a way for me to be a little fun…even a little irreverent? That was the moment everything changed. No more classical repertoire. Now I was actually going out and buying music books. Now I was actually playing piano…for fun! Now my mom was telling me to stop playing because it was 10 o’clock at night! She and I struck a deal. I could stop taking lessons as long as I always did something with music. Played in a band, for example. Or joined Chai. So I did. There was no looking back. Like I said, now they had to start dragging me away from the keys. So next time you see me somewhere pounding away at a piano, you’ll know the story. I can play because I had a mom who wouldn’t let me quit. Thanks, Mom. The next song goes out to you. Maybe something by Queen.


Photo credit: Elaine Halpert

A Message From Rabbi Matthew Leibl

No More Delays

Photo credit: Elaine Halpert

A Message From Rabbi Aníbal Mass A man runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by a sheriff. The sheriff asks for his license and registration. The man asks, “What for?” The sheriff responds, “You didn’t come to a complete stop at the stop sign.” The man says, “I slowed down, and no one was coming.” “You still didn’t come to a complete stop. License and registration please,” says the sheriff impatiently. The man says, “If you can show me the difference between slow down and stop, I’ll give you my license and registration and you can give me the ticket. If not, you let me go and don’t give me the ticket.” The sheriff says, “That sounds fair, please exit your vehicle.” The man steps out and the sheriff takes out his nightstick and starts beating him with it. The sheriff says, “Do you want me to stop or just slow down?” I want to talk to you today about “no more delays”. When reflecting on the “fast” days we have in the Jewish tradition, three are directly related to the destruction of the Temple. We might ask, why do we need three fasts related to the same topic? Isn’t one enough? Aren’t the three fast days remembering the same thing? The answer is no. Each one is quite different and teaches us a different lesson. They may seem similar, but they are not similar at all.

Laufer Notary

"A Convenient Notary to you"

Alicia C. Laufer

The first fast day is the 10th of Tevet. On the 10th day of Tevet, approximately 2500 years ago, King Nebuchadnezzar besieged the city of Jerusalem. We learn from the rabbis that there were severe damages to the city, to the material belongings of its inhabitants but, thankfully, no Jew was killed. The second fast is on the 17th of Tammuz in memory of the moment when Babylonian troops breached the walls of Jerusalem and brought the battle into the city. On this day we lament not just the material losses but the loss of all the people who died that day. The third fast day is the 9th of Av when we fast not just for material objects and human lives but for the loss of our Holy Temple. Each fast day grows in intensity and reflects on incidents that occurred because we didn’t get it right the first time, or the second. I believe the fast days are a wake-up call to remind each of us to live up to our responsibilities. A minor problem today can become a larger and more serious one tomorrow if we don’t take care of it. The longer we delay, the harder it will be. Are you avoiding making changes that can help you live a healthier life? It’s difficult to deal with back pain, joint problems, lack of energy, etc., but the longer you wait, the more severe the problems. Perhaps you are holding a grudge against someone. Going through life with angry feelings toward someone is also bad for our mental and emotional well being. You know you must let it go but the longer you postpone it, the more challenging it will be to have that conversation. Or, even worse, you may lose the opportunity to have it at all. Life is short and time is fleeting. My challenge for us today is to stop delaying those things we know we must take care of…. now. Today can be the start of something amazing.

Mobile Notary Public Phone and Texts: 204-995-4348 Email: Website:


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Purim Carnival Sunday, March 17, 2019

Brought to you by Congregation Shaarey Zedek in partnership with Shaarey Zedek Sisterhood, and PJ Library (Powered by the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg)

Photos by Anton Shvets Photography

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Synagogue Security In recent times we have seen a rise in armed attacks on Jewish institutions specifically in, but not limited to some located in the United States. We could easily write that off by thinking “We don’t have that problem here in Canada” or “that’s not something I am concerned about at Shaarey Zedek”. Shootings at the Synagogue in San Diego a couple of weeks ago and in Pittsburgh only last year, as well as the Mosque massacre in New Zealand, not to mention the Mosque assault in Quebec in 2017, have shown that religious institutions world-wide can be targeted. We are fortunate that we have not been exposed to this type of violence, but that is not to suggest that we are lax in our approach to our security. We have taken several steps to ensure your safety when attending our Shul. These include Silent Alarms located throughout the building which will summon a police response within 3 Minutes (we know this because we have set these alarms off by accident a couple of times). Having greeters at each entrance for our Shabbat services which provides a great deterrence. We are continually training all our staff, including maintenance as to the best way to deal with any type of emergency situation, not only in the area of reaction but more importantly in the area of prevention.



Photo credit: Elaine Halpert

A Message From Ian Staniloff, Executive Director


Yom Yerhushalayim (28 Iyar) Shavuot Day 1 (6 Sivan) Shavuot Day 2 (7 Sivan) YIZKOR Canada Day Terry Fox Day Tisha B’Av (10 Av) Tu B’Av (15 Av) Selichot (21 Elul) Erev Rosh Hashanah

Sun, Jun 2 Sun, Jun 9

Rosh Hashanah 1 (1 Tishrei) Rosh Hashanah 2 (2 Tishrei) Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre) Yom Kippur (10 Tishrei) YIZKOR

Mon, Sep 30 Tue, Oct 1 Tue, Oct 8

Mon, Jun 10 Mon, Jul 1 Mon, Aug 5 Sun, Aug 11 Fri, Aug 16 Sat, Sep 21 Sun, Sep 29

We have had representatives of the Winnipeg Police Services as well as security experts from CIJA, provided through the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, advising us on best practices to deal with all types of situations where we may be put at risk. You should be aware that this also relates to the area of building security and the rare incidents of vandalism and thefts that have occurred over the past few years. An awareness of who is in and around our building is constantly being addressed by our staff. But you can help as well by identifying and reporting any strange or odd individuals and unusual behaviours and occurrences in and around our building. The point we are making is that be assured, we take your safety and security very seriously! In the future we will be asking you to help us even more in being considerate of our security issues. A great example is that we ask you not to park in reserved spots against the building. Although many believe we are just being selfish with our parking spots, the main reason is due to the safety of the building and the people within. It was proven at the Oklahoma bombing in 1995 where terrorists parked their vehicle, loaded with nitrates next to the building and detonated the truck. The blast killed 168 people, including 19 children. More than 500 people were injured. The building was destroyed. Even though you may not be fully aware of all the security measures in place at the synagogue when you are here, we are vigilant and aware! A recent example of this was, as soon as we learned of the shooting in Pittsburgh, we went into a synagogue lockdown, and no one was permitted to enter the building even though Shabbat services were being conducted. This was handled quickly, efficiently and with minimal disturbance to our congregation. I write this article not to frighten you but more to ensure you that we take your safety and the security of Shaarey Zedek very seriously. The reality is we live in a time where the reported rise of anti-Semitism throughout the Western world is not a rumour but a fact. Our Board of Directors discussed this very topic at their most recent meeting and wanted me to assure our congregants that safety and security are uppermost in their minds. However, we are also aware that our responsibility to ensure our safety and security must always be a priority in all our synagogue planning. Of this you can be assured!

Wed, Oct 9

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57th Annual Sisterhood Interfaith Luncheon Guest Speaker: Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg Ensuring Fairness in Access to the 'New Genetics' Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Brought to you by Shaarey Zedek Sisterhood, and made possible in part by support from the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, and The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) Photos by Shelley Chochinov and Jeanne Pauls

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Another Sisterhood Year Is Almost Over

A Message From Louise Raber, Sisterhood, Co-President I hope you attended Pamela Brooker’s breast health program, Taking Care of the Girls, on May 15. Sandy Polanski is winding up another successful Torah Fund Campaign. Be sure you’ve sent in your pledge. The closing function on June 18, chaired by Denise Waldman, will be fabulous as usual but I’m here to talk about what has been and to tell you what you might have missed. We just had a very successful 57th Annual Interfaith Luncheon with 140 people in attendance. This year we were honoured to have as our speaker Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg, a well-known geneticist and researcher. Dr. Rockman-Greenberg spoke on “Ensuring Fairness in Access to the ‘New Genetics’. She spoke about rare genetic disorders that have been identified in the past 10 years. Did you know there are over 7,000 rare genetic disorders (an abnormality in 1 gene)? She spoke of “Recreational Genetics” e.g. “23 and me” and said that 30% of their diagnoses is incorrect. She encouraged people to be involved in medically lead research studies for ourselves now and for our future family and loved ones. The disorder may not be treatable, but at least you will know what is wrong. The research results are protected and not “held against participants”. The genetic results are not disclosed. Research is always on-going. Dr. Rockman-Greenberg

also stressed the importance of diet, nutrition and life style, along with medical care. She believes the Supreme Court of Canada will uphold Bill S-201 GENETIC NONDISCRIMINATION ACT, an Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination. This bill has received Royal Assent and is or will soon become law. Sisterhood thanks Dr. Rockman-Greenberg for sharing her time and expertise. Sisterhood was approached by Elaine Goldstine, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg, to offer financial support through the work of their partners CIJA, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, in Preventing Genetic Discrimination. Federation’s financial assistance allowed Sisterhood to defray costs and, as a result, we chose not to purchase flowers for the table centerpieces but have donation baskets for Willow Place. Thank you to Sharon Allentuck and her committee Sharon Bronstone and Gloria Cantor for creating the beautiful baskets. Sisterhood has supported Willow Place for many years, with Gloria Cantor acting as its liaison. Most of you are aware of the great work Willow Place does to assist women (and their children) who have been involved in physically, mentally or emotionally abusive relationships. We were honoured to have Marcie Wood CEO and Pam Hadder, Community Coordinator of Willow Place as our guests at the luncheon.

A donation bin is located in the lower level of the synagogue coordinated by Shaarey Zedek Sisterhood. Current items in need include: Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Journels, Towels, Facecloths, Laundry Pods, Paper towels, Toilet paper (1-ply), Tissue, Pens, Small Journal books, Craft supplies such as glue sticks, watercolor paper, clear drying liquid glue, glue sticks, paint and paint brushes, Cleaning cloths, Canned Goods, Dry Goods, Peanut Butter, Jams etc., Metal Cutlery (Spoons and Forks), Baby Bottles, Pull-Ups/Diapers (Sizes 4, 5, 6), Diaper Cream, Baby Toys, Craft Kits (For Women, Children and Group Activities), Colouring Books, Teen gifts (i.e. watches, videos, jewelry, sport t-shirts, wallets), Bus Tickets (Adult and Youth), Gift Cards (Walmart, Superstore, Safeway, Tim Horton’s or any similar establishment to be used to purchase required items or for outings).


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Sisterhood Windup Program Thursday, June 20, 2019

Stay tuned for more information

Willow Place is always in need of items for women and children and for the shelter. There is a list of those items on the bulletin board and a collection box beneath the table in the hallway. Gift cards are also an option. We suggest you please leave those for Gloria in the Synagogue office. You may also leave her a message if you would like more information about Willow Place. Sisterhood is volunteer driven. We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers to chair or co-chair our programs and events. If you have a program idea (or more), our Program Chair Pamela Brooker would love to hear from you. Rochelle Pincovich chairs Sisterhood’s Mitzvah Group which hosts the Chanukah and Mother’s Day events at Simkin Centre. This Mother’s Day, Rabbi Matthew Leibl and Jill Brandes provided the entertainment. Rochelle is always looking for volunteers and is available to answer any questions you may have. Remember, volunteers support Sisterhood not only by attending and/or working behind the scenes at its many programs but by becoming an actual member. Your membership dollars go a long way to help Sisterhood do what we do at Shaarey Zedek!

Happy Shavuot


500 - FIVE DONALD STREET WINNIPEG MANITOBA R3L 2T4 TEL: (204) 284-7060 FAX: (204) 284-7105

Year round, the Gift Shop is always there to provide your needs. We try to cover all necessities, but if you have any ideas or requests please let us know. Also, we are always looking for new volunteers and would love to have you join us. It doesn’t have to be on a regular schedule, a few hours every so often would be greatly appreciated.

204 975 3487

HOURS FOR MAY/JUNE 2019: SUNDAYS & THURSDAYS, 10:00 AM TO 1:00 PM (Closed Sun, Jun 9) July/August/ShaareyZedekWinnipeg - Open by Appointment Only - 204 975 3487 204 Closed 452 3711 /SZWinnipeg 13

Photo credit: Robyn Shapiro

Making Space for Children

A Message From Leslie Emery, Lay Clergy Expanding our Shabbat Morning Family Service to a weekly occurrence has been an incredible boost for our young families. I have had the pleasure to help nurture this endeavor for more than ten years and have greatly enjoyed working with the many families and children I have watched grow. The greatest joy of all has been to see how we have shifted as a synagogue community. Combining the Shabbat Morning Sanctuary and Family Services has been an incredibly eye-opener. The kids’ synagogue literacy, the overall enthusiasm and the genuine feeling of community at its best have lifted me, and I know I’m not the only one. After a combined service one Shabbat, I commented to an adult congregant that I was happy I didn’t hear any “shushing”. Her response said it all. “They didn’t need shushing. The kids were just wonderful.” This response, on a full morning when we read from two Torahs, made my heart sing. The kids and adults were engaged and involved, and there was a little something for everyone. It was a beautiful morning. My fondest childhood memories of attending synagogue are those spent surrounded by family – braiding the tzitzit of my Zaida Zivey’s tallit during High Holy Day services, standing next to my Grandma Rhoda, my mom and my sisters singing in the auditorium during Aleinu. This value of family togetherness is difficult to catch – it’s almost invisible – but it creates some of the most meaningful moments in one’s lifetime.

a gift to us. Hearing my daughter spontaneously burst into the Shema at home, or start singing the Torah service, I believe I am beginning to realize the true value of this meaningful endeavor I have had the honour to be a part of. We have created space for a community of families to gather and enjoy being together. Families connect. Young children find role models in awesome teens and tweens. Kindness, acceptance and a common desire to celebrate our Jewish values connect us. Come to shul! The best way to experience Judaism is to live it and then pass along the knowledge to the next generation. I am proud to say that we have managed to turn upside down the idea that synagogue services are a still and quiet. Our synagogue is engaging, joyful and uplifting. It is a true place of community where everyone can be involved and feel connected. To those who helped create this space for young families, thank you! To the young families who come out and partake every week, your open hearts are appreciated! May Shaarey Zedek always be a place where people of all ages can gather and celebrate their Judaism and where children are honoured and accepted as they are. Have a beautiful summer,

The Shabbat Morning Family Service provides an opportunity to soak in those moments and deeply connect over something meaningful, cross generational and beautiful. Moments that have connected Jewish people through the centuries. There’s something so powerful about davening and expressing gratitude together, chanting from the Torah together and sharing the teachings of our ancestors either through a sermon or a puppet show. It has been my great hope that someday I would have a family of my own and a child who enjoyed coming to shul with me. The Family Service has been


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Megillah Reading & After Party Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Photos by Robyn Shapiro Photography

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SPEAKERS FORUM How the Remis Forum Got Its Start By Brian Pauls


Gerry Kalef, another veteran of the group, recalled The timing was just right once World War II ended, that attendance each Thursday to meet together so Jewish successful businessmen and professional with the other guys was virtually compulsory, and men of that epoch were determined to create a that in fact Lanny’s favourite saying was: “get your counterpart to the Gentile enclaves of privilege in priorities straight”. our community. Thus Glendale Golf and Country Club was born, and it remained predominantly a So that is where it had been: an Old Boys Network, Jewish club until well into the 21st century. (according to various Wikipedia entries–an informal system for men to maintain power by preventing The rules of golf were strictly enforced there women from participating). for half a century or thereabouts. Oh, not rules about penalty strokes and But where was it going, in the egalitarian Mulligans. More significant, and a confines of Winnipeg’s largest synagogue segue to this report, was the rule congregation? The answer, luckily, is that that women were rarely allowed on the Old Boys discovered what a few the golf course at any time other marvelous women could do to revive, to than Thursdays; then, and only then, refresh, to regenerate their Lunch group. it was their exclusive domain. What had been a male-dominated narrative has, thankfully, now come to It fell to Lanny Remis and several of an end. his retired and semi-retired pals to fill that yawning gap in their weekly In a speech at the World Economic Forum in calendars by arranging a lunch and Z"L Davos, Switzerland in 2018, Prime Minister Lanny Remis learn session with an invited presenter Justin Trudeau called for critical discussion on the each Thursday at Glendale, and the Lanny issues between the sexes. But it didn’t require our Remis Speakers Forum was born. After a while, they youthful prime minister or the active involvement of relented sufficiently to allow non-golfers to attend, the #MeToo Movement to push the Remis group to non- Jews always were welcome, and as years went action. No, not at all. by, non- members of Glendale (former members, At the forefront today are the new organizers commonly) attained greater representation in the and leaders: Simone Cohen Scott, Bonnie Hofferranks as well. The sole prerequisite that remained, Steiman, and Sandra Caplan. however, was maleness. Sharing the discussion at the podium guided by After Lanny’s death, and under the leadership Bob Shawcross were Carla Goldstein (daughter thereafter of Leonard Kahane and then Barry of Lanny Remis) and Laura Richman (widow of Caplan, Sidney Halpern and Allan Cantor, the longtime member Harold Richman). Remis Lunch group moved to the Shaarey Zedek Synagogue, where it is presently ensconced. Speakers and topics have covered a vast range of ideas and issues over the years, simultaneously Recently, the group got into a lively discussion, interesting but also amusing. led by long-time member Bob Shawcross, about where it had been, and where it was headed. In Lanny Remis died in 2007. As an Old Boys Club, his the zeitgeist, there exist innumerable golf jokes creation survived him a little longer in its golf club celebrating male chauvinism. Varying one of them, venue. Now? Boys AND Girls. The Remis lunches are for everyone. Welcome, please come.



Are you curious, engaged with the world, and have eclectic interests? Judge Charles (Chuck) Rubin thanking David Asper – first Remis luncheon of the season 2019

Do you want to stay informed? Would you like to get together with friends over lunch, and listen to outstanding speakers?


Then sign up for the Lanny Remis Speakers Forum, every Thursday 11:45 - 1:30, held at Shaarey Zedek Synagogue. Season began May 2nd. To register or for more information: or 204-942-1768

Upcoming Speakers May 30th - "Serving THE KING OF KINGS,

L: Bonnie Hoffer-Steiman, Remis Speaker Coordinator C: Carla Goldstein (Daughter of Lanny Remis) R: Simone Cohen Scott, Remis Co-Organizer

alongside HRH Queen Elizabeth", Capt.(Rabbi) Arnold Noteh Glogauer, Chaplain of 17 Wing Winnipeg, Canadian Armed Forces.

June 6th - "My Safari in Tanzania" Noted journalist Martin Zeilig with stories from his most recent adventure June 13th - "We Can Do Better" Kevin Kline, City Councillor for Charleswood and recently Chair, Winnipeg Police Services

June 20th - "Rearing Tomorrow's Citizens" Amanda Doerksen, Program Coordinator of Youth Agencies Alliance

June 27th - "The Jewish Community during Winnipeg's 1919 Strike" Roz Usiskin, former President, Jewish Heritage Centre Sandra Caplan, Remis Hospitality Coordinator, thanking Lorne Weiss for his presentation

Speakers Every Thursday until Season End, Fall 2019


12th Annual Yom Hashoah Commemorative Service Sunday, April 28, 2019 Presented by Congregation Shaarey Zedek in partnership with the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada and made possible in part by support from the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg and The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). Photos by Robyn Shapiro Photography

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Jan 26 to Apr 15, 2019 MAZEL TOVS

HAVE BEEN SENT TO Abe and Toni Berenhaut On the birth of their greatgranddaughter, Ava Denise Jerry and Gloria Moscovitch Lorne Brandes On his Special Birthday Bernie and Sheila Rubenstein Eleanor Burke On her Special Birthday Lorne and Louise Raber, Lindsay and Brian Myer, Pam, Marty, Jordan and Amy Vine Allan Cantor On his Special Birthday Dick and Minnie Bell David and Sheila Brodovsky Roberta Cantor Lorraine Daiter Lorne and Louise Raber Sid Ritter and Beth Goldenberg Morley Rypp Daniel and Rena Elbaze On Julia and Noah’s engagement Sam and Sharon Guralnick Frank Hechter On his Special Birthday Chuck and Ruth Narvey Sam and Betty Searle Linda Wolch and Family Edward Lazar On his Special Birthday Bernie and Sharon Batshaw Rick Lee and Laurie Shapiro On the birth of their grandson, Leif Alexander Sheldon and Tannis Mindell Rick Lee and Laurie Shapiro On the birth of their grandchildren Roberta Cantor

204 452 3711

Rabbi Matthew Leibl and Heather Wadsworth On the birth of their son, Hugo David Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D. and Michael Paterson Bobby and Allison Axelrod, Gavin and Steven Dick and Minnie Bell Mark and Sharon Berkowitz and Family Clara Bernstein Arthur Blank and Patti Cohen Shelley Blum Gary and Pamela Brooker Roberta Cantor Jerry and Susan Cohen Lawrence and Dolly Cohen Sharron Corne Maxine Cristall Neil and Carol Duboff Allan Finkel and Barb Neaman Allan and Linda Finkleman Bob and Shirley Freedman Saul and Brenda Greenberg Jay Greenfeld, Ashley, Kaleen, Hymie and Hershell Marty and Roz Greenfeld Daniel and Ellen Hamburg Isser Held and Family Michael and Bonnie Helper Hartley and Rishona Hyman and Family Phyllis Laveman Jack and Debbie Lipkin Norm, Sandi, Steven and Lewis Promislow Lorne and Louise Raber Joel and Susan Remis Chuck and Naida Rubin Carlos Schor and Ana Plotnicoff Hillel and Marlaina Sommer Donni Stern Gerry Stevenson and Gayle Freed Jory and Jacqueline Stillwater Jason and Susie Tapper, Maddy and Emily Karen Vickar and Family Richard Yaffe and John Statham Harry and Rhonda Youell Ruth Zelcer Lillian Zentner Alex and Harriet Zimmer


Stewart and Ellen Leibl On the birth of their grandson, Hugo David Saul and Brenda Greenberg Benji, Eleni and Carter Itzkow Irv and Susan Micflikier Bonnie Robinson Richard Yaffe and John Statham Saralyn Mehta On her Special Birthday Lillian Zentner Leon Pincovich On his Special Birthday Lillian Zentner Arnice Pollock On the birth of her greatgrandson, Hugo David Bonnie Robinson

Ron Polinsky On his Special Birthday Gerry and Penny Kalef Gordon C. Pollock On his Special Birthday Gary and Pamela Brooker and Family Gordon Pollock Elizabeth Posen On her Special Birthday Larry and Rhonda Kussin Elly Umans On her Special Birthday Larry and Rhoda Kussin Mazel Tovs continued on next page ...

Happy Shavuot! Lorne Weiss

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Roberta Weiss C 204 955 7533

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... Mazel Tovs continued from last page Eric Vickar On his Special Birthday Hillel and Marlaina Sommer Karen Vickar, Sherwin, Brent and Family Richard Yaffe and John Statham David and Susan Wadsworth On the birth of their grandson, Hugo David Bonnie Robinson Alice Weissmann On her retirement Dick and Minnie Bell Sandra Caplan Arthur Cohen and Debbie Maslowsky Zelda Elkin Saul and Brenda Greenberg Barb Neaman Sybil Plattner Solomon Seyoum David and Diane Wilder Harry and Rhonda Youell Bill and Alice Weissmann On their Special Anniversary Karen Vickar and Family Ruth Zelcer On her Special Birthday Liza Berenhaut Josie Grusko Howard Jesierski and Sharon Maltz Ida Kaplan Toby, David and Simon Shapiro Irv and Toby Vinsky Lillian Zentner


Morris Broder, Leona Buchszreiber and Avichai In honour of the naming of their granddaughter, Ameya Mohal Shelley Chochinov Sheri Cohen

Joanne Seiff, Jeff Marcus, Leo and Sammy In honour of their Aliyah during the combined Shabbat morning service Norman and Elaine Silverberg In honour of Norm’s birthday Sheldon and Florence Zamick In honour of Sheldon’s birthday



Harvey Frenkel Wendy Wilder Deborah Schaefer Sam Guralnick Margo Tass Garfinkel Family Rabbi Aníbal Mass ALIYAH Mark Wolch and Family CONTRIBUTIONS Lillian Neaman Jo-Anne Neaman HAVE BEEN Jerome Phomin RECEIVED FROM Garfinkel Family Michael Eleff and Chana Thau Estelle Raber In honour of Michael’s birthday Mark Wolch and Family Mina Engel Bonnie Robinson In honour of her birthday Garfinkel Family Rosie Engel Gordon Larry Vickar In honour of her birthday Sybil Plattner Fay-Lynn Katz Bill Weissmann In honour of her birthday Joel and Penny Shefrin Jerry and Gloria Moscovitch In honour of Jerry’s birthday Marvin and Merle Garfinkel


HAVE BEEN SENT TO Bernie Rubenstein Phyllis Laveman Harriet Zimmer Jackie Stillwater


IN MEMORY OF Harry Adler Jerry and Gloria Moscovitch Morris Ackerman Lois Ackerman, Ron, Karen, Ruth and Families Sidney Ackerman Lois Ackerman, Ron, Karen, Ruth and Families Edith Ainemer Shelley Ainemer Al Aronovitch Marvin and Sandy Polanski Pat Axelrod Harriet Zimmer, Bob Axelrod and Families Mary Barish Earl and Cheryl Barish Pauline Barish Eleanor Burke Lorne and Louise Raber Abraham Bay Dick and Minnie Bell Ettie Bebchuk Bill and Elaine Bebchuk David Bell Dick and Minnie Bell Helen Bell Dick and Minnie Bell Leon Bell Hannon Bell Mendel Belzberg Donni Stern Menicha Berenhaut Abe and Toni Berenhaut Miriam Berenhaut Abe and Toni Berenhaut Morris Benenhaut Abe and Toni Berenhaut Alexander Berkowits Sandra Berkowits Beatrice Berman Larry and Rhoda Kussin

Louis Bernstein Lois Ackerman Jay and Linni Averbach Lloyd and Debbie Baker and Family Sam Bebchuk Dick and Minnie Bell Ben Berkal and Shirley Labman Lorne and Jill Brandes Neil and Judy Charach and Family Pat Charad Sam and Sharon Guralnick Gerry and Penny Kalef Steve and Lisa Kroft Phyllis Laveman Judith Lavitt and Family Stewart and Ellen Leibl and Family Jonathon Leipsic and Family Ted and Harriet Lyons Steven Moscovitch and Sharon Segal and Family Chuck and Ruth Narvey Sharon Posner Norm and Sandi Promislow Lorne and Louise Raber Lorraine Reiner Toby Sawyer Steven and Glenda Scheer Daniel and Sarah Schwartz Joel and Penny Shefrin Elaine Sommer Marc and Cindy Streifler Jeffrey Wassermann Lorne and Paulette Weiss Lawrence and Eddy Werier David and Diane Wilder Greg and Mandy Yakubovich Harry and Rhonda Youell Mark Bernstein Dick and Minnie Bell Sydney Shore and Wayne Sharpe Eric and Susan Vickar Lawrence and Eddy Werier Elaine Wiseman and Family Evelyn Blankstein Marjorie Blankstein Lena Blankstein Marjorie Blankstein Sidney Bleet Rachel Owa Jean Blumenthal Sidney and Marsha Schwartzman Rochelle Blumenthal Gary and Pamela Brooker Pat Charad Stephen and Candice Freed and Family Hartley and Rishona Hyman and Family Lillian Neaman

ONE MORE CANDLE Brings Light to Darkness Adopt the memory of a child murdered in the Shoah. Adopt a memory so that a murdered child has someone to remember that they lived, giving light to the darkness by saying his or her name out loud, saying kaddish, and by simply lighting just One More Candle every year. We are a registered charity. There is no charge to adopt a memory. Donations may be made to One More Candle at 295 Elm Street   Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3M 3N6 , or donate to the Congregation Shaarey Zedek Yahrzeit Fund (204-452-3711). in partnership with B'nai Brith Canada Sam and Betty Searle Sydney Shore and Wayne Sharpe Lory Wainberg Sam and Jean Blumenthal Sidney and Marsha Schwartzman Janet Boonov Sam and Esther Root Jory and Jacqueline Stillwater Albert Boxer David and Irene Meyerowitz Bernice Brownstone Allan and Linda Finkleman Jack Brownstone Susan Brownstone Brock Blair Cantin Harvey and Yvonne Cantin Naomi Chapman Elaine Sommer Irving Colman Lorne and Jill Brandes Bessie Craven Shelley Chochinov Sidney Craven Dick and Minnie Bell Eva Cristall Maxine Cristall Marcy Dempsey Maxine Cristall Neil Dempsey and Family

Mildred Devins Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D. and Michael Paterson Allen and Sandy Berkal Shirley Book Gary and Pamela Brooker Allan and Gloria Cantor Toby Sawyer Diane Silverberg Leesa Streifler, Kenneth Bell and Daniel, Sheila Streifler Eve Vickar and Family Alvin Wire Elaine Wiseman and Family Richard Yaffe and John Statham Joyce Diner Adrienne Diner Meyer Engel Mina Engel and Family Joseph Erlih Velimir and Branka Kon Rose Erlih-Zokich Velimir and Branka Kon Alexander Fages Mel and Arlene Fages Max Feldman Allan Feldman Arnold Frieman Dick and Minnie Bell Victor Tomassetti Elaine Sommer Eric and Susan Vickar

Edith Gardner Gerald and Susan Rosenby Morris Gardner Jeremy and Maureen Gordon, Sid and Harriet Rosenbaum, Jack Gardner Jennie Garfinkel Marvin and Merle Garfinkel Shirley Garfinkel Lloyd, Debbie, Steven and Seth Baker Paul Hartman and Merrill Shwaid Joe and Barbara Krolik Norm and Sandi Promislow David and Mona Rich Carole Stoffman Elaine Wiseman and Family Harry and Rhonda Youell Bert Gillman Lenore Hechter and Frank and Sue Hechter Dora Globerman Harvey and Faye Appelle Israel Globerman Harvey and Faye Appelle Jen Goldman Dick and Minnie Bell In Memory Of continued on next page ...

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... In Memory Of continued from last page Michael Greenberg Jack Shindleman Pearl Gunn Clara Bernstein Mayer Gutwilik Fay-Lynn Katz Kenneth Halprin Lois Ackerman Allan and Gloria Cantor Pat Charad Martin and Linda Fingold Stephen and Candice Freed and Family Hazel Kushner Stewart and Ellen Leibl and Family Ted and Harriet Lyons Anita Neville Gerald and Susan Rosenby Brent Schacter and Sora Ludwig Diane Silverberg Elaine Sommer Leesa Streifler, Kenneth Bell and Daniel, Sheila Streifler Lawrence and Eddy Werier David and Diane Wilder Alvin Wire Elaine Wiseman Harry and Rhonda Youell

Yetta Helper Michael and Bonnie Helper Maier Henoch Martin and Linda Fingold Sam Hochman Barry and Marcy Schwartz Irving Hyman Robert and Barbara Hyman Stanley Hyman Alex and Rose Jacob Sos Jacob Dorothy Kanovsky Isser Held and Family Benjamin Karasick Ken Karasick Philip Katz Fay-Lynn Katz Sandra Kaufman Barry and Marcy Schwartz Louis and Frances Keenberg Frank and Gail Spivak Mikhail Kogan Michael Nozick and Cheryl Ashley Marvin Kohn Bill and Elaine Bebchuk Yakov and Karen Behar Lorne and Jill Brandes Larry and Shirley Brown Allan and Gloria Cantor

Harold and Elaine Charlat Joel and Jessica Cogan Allan and Linda Finkleman and Family Frank and Sue Hechter and Family Michael and Bonnie Helper Stewart and Ellen Leibl and Family Ted and Harriet Lyons Anita Neville Elliot and Harriet Rodin Dick and Joanne Rothberg Deanne Spiegel Barry Stronger Debby Wise and Family Michael and Carole Worsoff Harry and Rhonda Youell Robert Kopstein Jean Kopstein Murray Palay and Ivy Kopstein Ruben Lerner Silvina Holzman and Family Howard Levine Victoria Levine Shirley Lipkin Harvey and Shelley Oman Rose Maister Arthur Maister and Kayla Gordon Abraham Malamud Mel and Arlene Fages Phyllis Malamud Mel and Arlene Fages Katherine Masarsky Nancy Masarsky Sam Maslowsky Debbie Maslowsky Freda Merkel Shelley Chochinov Morris Merkel Shelley Chochinov Boris Mesbur Donald and Belva Gutkin Zena Minuk Adam Brodsky Belle Burke Allan and Gloria Cantor Frank and Sue Hechter and Family Judith Lavitt and Family Freda Raber Ed and Dianne Winters Alana Michelle Moscovitch Jerry and Gloria Moscovitch Ruth Moscovitch Pat Charad Greg and Mandy Yakubovich Marie Muller Harold and Elaine Charlat Jory and Jacqueline Stillwater

Luba Neaman Barb Neaman Morris Neaman Barb Neaman Sally Nelko Sam and Wendy Wilder Herbert Nitikman Donald and Belva Gutkin Norman Oman Harvey and Shelley Oman Thora Ornstein Don and Sheila Katz Abraham Paritzky Henny Paritzky and Family Rachel and Blair Worb and Family Benjamin Permack David and Shirley Permack Rose Permack David and Shirley Permack Ethel Pierce David and Sheila Brodovsky Earl Pitch Sylvia Pitch Molly Pitch David and Sheila Rabb William Pitch David and Sheila Rabb Mischa Pollock Allan and Gloria Cantor Lew Polsky Alvin Wire Chaim Posen Lois Ackerman Ben Raber Sharon Allentuck Marilyn Raber Wilfred Raber Lorne and Louise Raber Max Rady Marjorie Blankstein Alex Richman Phyllis Laveman Sos Plattner Ettie Robinson Karen Vickar and Family Mona Rodkin Louis Rodkin Robert Rodkin Louis Rodkin Saul Rodkin Louis Rodkin Harry and Fay Rosenby Gerald and Susan Rosenby Abraham Rothstein Gerald and Susan Rosenby

Hy and Ella Schwartz Barry and Marcy Schwartz Mayer Schwartz Abe and Toni Berenhaut Herb Schwartzman Sidney and Marsha Schwartzman Fred Shapiro Penny Shefrin Pesach Shapiro Shirley Broder Ruth Shell David and Marli Lerner and Family Roberta Short Jay and Linni Averbach Linda, Rhonda and Michael Black Gary and Pamela Brooker Joe and Barbara Krolik Ben Berkal and Shirley Labman David and Irene Meyrowitz, Elana and Jon Waldman and Phyllis Boxer Sharon Posner Nolan and Lori Shapera and Family Morley Shuckett Sally Shuckett Morris and Dorys Silver Lois Ackerman and Family Richard and Jackie Akman Clara Bernstein Lorne and Marilyn Billinkoff Allan and Gloria Cantor Harold and Elaine Charlat Arthur Blank and Patti Cohen Norman Brod Simone Cohen Scott David Deutscher and Heather Leonoff Betty Eisenstadt and Romeo Finder Eric Ellis and Ruth Lehmann Howard and Lindy Greenberg Stewart and Ellen Leibl and Family Martin and Roxy Freedman Judy Globerman Saul and Brenda Greenberg Phyllis Klein Phyllis Laveman Ted and Harriet Lyons Neil and Elaine Margolis Steven Moscovitch and Sharon Segal and Family Norm and Sandi Promislow Lorne and Louise Raber Gerald and Susan Rosenby Dick and Joanne Rothberg Allan and Rhona ShnierSan and Family Neil and Jemmie Silver and Family

Elaine Sommer Donni Stern Sheila Streifler, Leesa Streifler, Kenneth Bell and Daniel Victor Tomassetti Eric and Susan Vickar, Michaela, David and Chloe Roberta Weiss David and Diane Wilder Elaine Wiseman Harry and Rhonda Youell Lillian Zentner Naomi Silver Norm and Sandi Promislow Lily Silverman Abe and Toni Berenhaut Morton Simcoe Maxine Cristall Harry and Rhonda Youell Arnold and Beverly Zatser Clara Steinberg Dick and Minnie Bell Gary and Pamela Brooker Stephen and Candice Freed and Family Frank and Sue Hechter Kahane Girls Bonnie Robinson Jory and Jacqueline Stillwater Hilda Stern Terry and Carole Gutkin Richard Stillwater Jory and Jacqueline Stillwater, Laurie and Ginny Stillwater Isaac Szczygiel Phil Sheegl Alec Vine Rita Vine Nathan Werner Brenlee Werner Joseph Wilder David and Diane Wilder Oscar Wire Alvin Wire Lillian Yan Stephen and Candice Freed and Family Norm and Sandi Promislow Sylvia Wolfe David and Irene Meyrowitz


Irene Boxer Meyrowitz and Family In memory of Albert Boxer Irwin Corobow and Rosalie Lazar In celebration of Edward Lazar’s Special Birthday Mina Engel and Rosie Engel Gordon In celebration of their birthdays Stewart, Ellen and Leah Leibl and Arnice Pollock In celebration of the birth of Rabbi Matthew and Heather’s son, Hugo David Marvin and Sandy Polanski In celebration of their anniversary Shaarey Zedek Sisterhood In celebration of 89 years of membership in Women’s League for Conservative Judaism Eric and Susan Vickar In celebration of Eric’s birthday Bill and Alice Weissmann In celebration of their anniversary and Alice’s birthday Ruth Zelcer In celebration of her birthday


Corinne Ackerman On her Special Birthday Lois and Ron, Karen and Jerry, Ruth and Tom, Bernice and Ernie, and Roslyn In memory of Jack Brownstone April 13, 2009 From his daughter, Susan In loving memory of Allan Gekht From his Friends

TREE OF LIFE Honour a special simcha or memorialize a loved one with a personalized leaf or stone on the Tree of Life. Our Tree is a signed, original work of art, carved bas-relief and cast in solid bronze. Alder Leaves are available for $200 each.

TRIBUTE CARDS FOR ANY OCCASION Donations start at $18 and can be gifted to a variety of funds.

204 452 3711 Or visit and click DONATE

In Memoriam Louis Bernstein

Beloved husband of Clara Bernstein, father of Barbara (David) Goldenberg, Roz (Marty) Greenfeld, Keevin (Faren) Bernstein and Chutch (Ev) Bernstein

Mark Bernstein

Beloved father of Sandra, Tamara and Mariam Bernstein

Rochelle Blumenthal

Beloved mother of Jennifer Blumenthal (Daniel Bubis), Brian Blumenthal (Lisa Mendelson), Susan (Ab) Freig, Heather Blumenthal (Otto Ehren) and sister of Baky Schwartz

Arnold Frieman

Beloved husband of Myra Frieman, father of Nona (Ashley) Leibl and Gina (Jea) Guertin, and brother of Elizabeth Samuel

Shirley Garfinkel

Beloved wife of Irvin Garfinkel, mother of Reesa (Jerry) Webb and Harvey (Lee) Garfinkel

Bert Gillman

Beloved husband of Frances Gillman and father of Lawrence Gillman and brother of Honey Kowall, and Alyce Gillman Hnatiuk

Marcia Potter

Beloved mother of Janet Scott, Meryl Potter, Mark (Susan) Potter and Sheldon Potter

Roberta Short

Beloved mother of Alissa (Trevor) Miller, partner of Shane Davis, and sister of David Short

Morton Simcoe

Beloved father of Jeremy (Leslee) Simcoe, Benjamin Simcoe, and brother of Barry Simcoe (Marilyn Friedman)

Clara Steinberg

Beloved mother of Michael (Joanne) Steinberg, Lawrence Steinberg, Deborah (Peter) Aronstam, and sister of Shirley Book

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With Dr Rena Secter Elbaze

This course provides a template for a day of unplugging and reconnecting with oneself, loved ones and community, taking the student from traditional preparation to celebration through a variety of medium including challah baking, Shabbat specialties, song and study of inspirational texts.

WOMEN’S NETWORKING GROUP This group offers women an opportunity to discuss strategies for surviving and thriving within the challenges of modern living, Inspired by Jewish wisdom. Come enjoy healthy refreshments and snacks.

Session 3 of 3 Thu, Jun 13, 7:30 - 9:30 PM Lashona Hara - Gossip

Class Fee: $18 Registration Recommended, Walk-ins Welcome We instinctively know that gossip is toxic and destructive but how do we guard ourselves from being sucked into these conversations? Our sages pondered these questions well before the era of social media and its amplification of these negative shock waves. Their research and good counsel can help us navigate these dangerous waters that toss us between seeking information to protect ourselves from potentially harmful individuals and the urge to spread rumours that destroy reputations…

PRIVATE GROUPS Private group sessions can be booked with

Rabbi Matthew Leibl in businesses or other off-site locations - catering included! Please contact our Director of Adult Education for details.

With Dr Rena Secter Elbaze

Session 3 of 3 - Thu, May 30, 7:30-9:30 PM Intergenerational Connections

$18/Person - Please register by Fri, May 24 Grandparents/Parents/Children are invited to participate in this intergenerational experience beyond the world of cell phones and social media to experience a template for a day of unplugging and reconnecting with oneself, loved ones and community. The session will transport the student from traditional preparation to celebration through a variety of medium including challah baking, song and interactive learning.


Join us for a discussion of the weekly Torah portion and insight into Jewish holidays as they relate to modern day life.

Every Shabbat After Kiddush

Register Today

204 452 3711


Dr. Rena Secter Elbaze, Engagement and Education Director 204 975-3489


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our Choosing

Judaism Course is

not just for conversion? Many Jews have taken this class over the years to rediscover and explore Judaism through Jewish ethics and thought, holidays and customs.

27 Week Course Begins Sunday Mornings Starting in September 2019 (Also available online!)

Core Beliefs • Life Cycles • Holidays Field Trips • Jewish Law & Ethics

Learn more by contacting Rabbi Aníbal Mass at 204-287-5138 or

W l a y o R e h t h t i w s n o s s e l t e l l n i l l a b took ba e s I a “ b d e y a l p , o n a i Share your story. Leave Your Legacy. p d e i d u t s A H M Y Ballet, y m d e y o j n e d n a , d o o h r u neighbo ” s e u l B o S Y ‘ e n e r d l i h c club - th d n a r g d n a n e r d l i h c y m y a s o t h “I want c u m h t i w n a m o w g n o r ” w e me asa st J A . r o v i v r u s A . e t a c o n v a d m o w An a e l b a k r a m e r a s a w r e h t o o y t i s r “My m e v i n U e h t m o r f d e t a u n i l a d e she grad M d l o G e h t g n i n n i w , a Manitob 204 452 3711 27 The Endowment Book of Life program is a planned giving program that ooers participants an opportunity to leave both a financial legacy and a historical legacy to the community. A donor makes a promise to leave a bequest to the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba and their family story is inscribed in the Endowment Book of Life. Launched in 1998, the EBOL now has close to 800 published stories.

For more information, please contact Rob Berkowits, Director of Development & Gift Planning Jewish Foundation of Manitoba | Ph: 204.477.7522 | US/Canada Toll-Free: 1.855.284.1918 |



VIDEO STREAM Thanks to a generous donation by Harriet and Teddy Lyons and Family, we are excited to now offer L i v e V i d e o S t r e a m i n g of: Minyan and Shabbat Services Life Cycle Events Shaarey Zedek Special Services and Events Private and Public Events

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Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 AM

Following the service, join us for Kiddush and Torah L’Chayim

A musical, engaging, relaxed and interactive Shabbat morning experience!

Daily Minyan Monday to Thursday 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM Friday 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM Saturday 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM Sundays, Canadian Holidays & Non-Working Jewish Holidays 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM


Shavuot Mon, Jun 10 Service begins at 9:00 AM Yizkor is recited around 10:15 AM

Gratitude • Song • Prayer • Puppets • Torah • Togetherness • Kiddush

Shabbat Family Service For All Families! Photo credit: Robyn Shapiro

Leslie Emery, Lay Clergy and Rabbi Aníbal Mass



Combined with Main Service Jun 15 (10 AM) Summer Schedule after June 22, 2019

Combined Service & Family


A Creative and Interactive Shabbat Morning for Everyone

Saturday, June 15 at 10:00 AM Service led by Leslie Emery, Lay Clergy, Rabbi Aníbal Mass, and Teen Volunteers

Puppet Commentary Play-by-Play of the Service • Kids Participate Throughout the Service Puppet Show D’Var Torah • Musical Instruments • Delicious Kiddush This Service is for Everyone – Single People, Young Families, Interfaith Families, Young and Old – Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Playgroup Explore Experiment



FALL 2019

With Bonnie Robinson, Preschool Teacher A weekly socialcultural program for children to explore the world together and experience Jewish music, holidays and concepts in a creative and playful way.

Wednesday Group

Recommended Ages: 2 and Under Wednesdays 9:30 to 11:00 AM October 16 to December 18, 2019

Mark Your Calendar Shalom Baby

Cost for Children Ages 12 Months and under: Term: $50 ($35 Members) • Drop-ins: $7 ($5 Members) Cost for Children over 12 Months of Age: Term: $90 ($70 Members) • Drop-ins: $12 ($10 Members)

Tuesday, June 18, 2:00 PM Asper Campus

Thursday Group

AMIA Commemoration

Recommended Ages: 3+ Thursdays 1:00 to 2:30 PM October 17 to December 19, 2019

Cost for Children Ages 12 Months and under: Term: $50 ($35 Members) • Drop-ins: $7 ($5 Members) Cost for Children over 12 Months of Age: Term: $90 ($70 Members) • Drop-ins: $12 ($10 Members)

Thursday, July 18, 7:00 PM Asper Campus

Tisha B'Av

Reading of Eicha Sunday, August 1 during 9 AM Minyan

Tu B'Av Event

Tuesday, August 13, 7:30 PM Steinkopf Family Plaza (Riverside of Shaarey Zedek) &

Free trial class for new attendees! Registration and Questions: 204-452-3711







At Adas Yeshurun Herzlia Synagogue das Yeshurun Synagogue 620 Brock Herzlia St. Brock St. SATURDAY JUNE 8TH 2019 - 6


Desserts U R D ADinner Y J |ULearning N E 8Sessions T H 2 0| Kiddush 1 9 - 6| Late PM

Featuring Special Panel Discussion er | Learning Sessions | Kiddush | Late Desserts Rabbi Yosef Benarroch

Rabbi Matthew Leibl Rabbi Anibal Mass turing Special Panel Rabbi Kliel Rose Rabbi Bill S. Tepper Rabbi Yosef Benarroch


E v e r y o n e i s Leibl welcome - Activities for all ages. Rabbi Matthew Rabbi Anibal E a r l y R e gMass istration: and 204.489.6262 Rabbi Kliel Rose Rabbi Bill S. Tepper

ryone is welcome - Activities for all ages.





Shaarey Zedek

Celebrating Community and Culture


SUN JUN 2 Choral Concert 5:00PM BBQ & Bonfire 6:00PM

Choirs Directed by Justin Odwak

Shaarey Zedek


Followed by a Barbecue and Bonfire on The Steinkopf Family Plaza Israeli Music • Food Hot Dogs • Coleslaw • Watermelon Limonata with Mint Beverage

Pre-Purchase Tickets and Save Adults/Teens: Concert Only $10 • Concert & BBQ $18 • BBQ Only $12 Children 12 and Under: Concert Only $10 • Concert & BBQ $10 • BBQ Only $5 204 452 3711 Walk-in Fees - Adults/Teens: Concert Only $15 • Concert & BBQ $25 • BBQ Only $18 Walk-in Fees - Children 12 and Under: Concert Only $10 • Concert & BBQ $10 • BBQ Only $5

Profile for Congregation Shaarey Zedek Winnipeg

Shofar | Jun - Aug 2019  

Shofar | Jun - Aug 2019