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shane | thornes P.O. Box 418, Saint Clair, MN 56080 ▪ 612.408.1932 ▪ ▪

EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA—TWIN CITIES College of Design, Bachelor of Design in Architecture

Minneapolis, MN Fall 2008—Fall 2012 Cumulative GPA: 3.468

Related Coursework:

the Art of Daylighting Design, Architectural Photography, from Traits to Form Performance, 3D Architectural Modeling and Design, Design in the Digital Age, AutoCAD I, Material Limits: Wood, Memorials and Models, the Architecture of Dr. Seuss, Architecture and Social Media, Architecture and Ecology, Environmental Design and its Biological and Physical Context / Socio-Cultural Context, more . . .

Minnesota Achieve Scholarship

Fall 2008—Spring 2009

DESIGN SKILLS Technology: Experience with many design programs including Rhinoceros, SketchUp, Kerkythea, AutoCAD, 3ds Max Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator; willing to improve and learn additional platforms as neccessary Tangible: Lots of work with model-making, photography, and hand drawing RECENT PROJECTS Thin Masonry Vault, from Traits to Form Performance ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Fall 2012

Collaborated in small groups and as a class to research historical precedents, solve problems, design and build physical models Utilized multiple modeling software solutions to determine geometries of historically relevant vaulted ceilings A successful team effort to build a large-scale replica of a vaulted ceiling segment was completed Using knowledge gained from this extensive process, an independenly designed bus-stop shelter is designed for the University

The Exquisite Box: Creating a Unified Mood, the Art of Daylighting Design

Fall 2012

▪ Executed an intense iterative modeling process resulting in one final “light box” design for a proposed contemplative space ▪ Carefully thought-out material palletes and daylighting strategies are implemented to create a most interesting and dynamic experience

Light, Order, and the transformative potential of Photography in Architecture, Architectural Photography

Fall 2012

▪ Independently completed an intense iterative process, capturing hundreds of photos in order to address the issue of photographic representation of architecture, and meticulously edited photos in order to convey a coherent message about the subject(s) ▪ Provided and received constructive criticism during the weekly review sessions ▪ Incorporated feedback into a final design resulting in an exhibit installation in the Rapson Hall courtyard

OTHER EXPERIENCES Facilities Management, Student Building and Grounds Worker

November 2011—December 2012

▪ Reliably and efficiently performed duties required for the daily maintenance of buildings on a large campus ▪ Effectively communicated and worked with people from a variety of backgrounds to complete the detail and goal oriented work

Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps, Hornline Member

2009, 2011

▪ Collaborated with 149 other young men from a variety of educational and cultural backgrounds under the direction of a world- class staff to achieve a high level of performance ▪ Developed and practiced values such as integrity, accountability, altruism, and a commitment to personal excellence ▪ Gained traits such as flexibility and a tolerance for structured schedules, varying rehearsal conditions, and working in sync as a large group ▪ Entertained thousands of people around the country each summer as a hornline member of this elite marching musical group during the ’09 & ‘11 seasons

shane | thornes P.O. Box 418, Saint Clair, MN 56080 ▪ 612.408.1932 ▪ ▪ WORK SAMPLES From Traits to Form Performance - Instructor: Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla Architectural Photography Instructor: Christian Korab

This vault is the product of a collaborative architecture seminar which has been researching Form and Structure, specifically the work of master mason Rafael Guastavino around the turn of the 20th Century. The final 1/4 scale replica is a segment of his vault for the Manhattan Municipal Building in New York. the Art of Daylighting Design - Instructor: Mary Guzowski

The most successful spaces in architecture pay close attention to the dynamic nature of daylighting, and carefully manipulate it to suit the program and user most favorably. Here, an intense iterative process resulted in a final “light box” design for a proposed contemplative space. Carefully thoughtout material palettes, cuts, gaps, prisms, and intriguing daylighting strategies help create this most interesting and dynamic contemplative space-for-one.

Light, Order, and the transformative potential of photography in architecture: Scrutinized through various diagramming techniques, including photography, technical and hybrid drawings, a stairwell is abstracted and documented in order to more clearly understand the space and its hidden beauty.

Design Fundamentals II - Instructors: John Comazzi, Adam Jarvi, Alicia Liebel

Here, I ask you to stop and see architecture with a new mindset, in hopes of displaying how it poses itself to us. The carefully selected pairings of images provide another level of interest and beauty beyond stand-alone images, and the general arrangement presents a path for your eye to follow both the authoritative and whimsical nature of architecture.

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Shane Thornes - Résumé  

Résumé - Spring 2013

Shane Thornes - Résumé  

Résumé - Spring 2013

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