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Aye Skipper Target market research

Target audience defined Age - 17/50 Location - Nation wide Gender - Mixed Income level - Mixed Education level - Mixed Marital or family status - Mixed Occupation - Mixed industry, time available to source materials Ethnic background - Mixed background Personality - Interests in restoration or DIY, money saving, recycling, creative mentality, trend aware and willing to take a chance Attitudes - Positive attitude, open to up-cycling and aware of both environmental and financial savings available Values - Understand the value of money, handmade goods, limitations of available resources and interested in the future Interests/hobbies - DIY, restoration, interior design, construction and gardening

Are there enough people that fit my criteria? Because of the nature of the materials that can be sourced it opens up multiple opportunities across different sectors and disciplines. The two main markets would be construction and restoration/ DIY. There are other disciplines that may benefit - people with log burners could use wood materials as fuel. There are many other examples of this with more emerging with the application implementation. Will my target really benefit from my product/service? Will they see a need for it? They will benefit from the application as there is real world benefit, using the digital application to source physical materials. Can they afford my product/service? Aye Skipper is enticing because it is free and accessible to anyone with a phone and internet connection. There would be no loss if someone tried the application and didn’t use it/rate it apart from their time. This is the beauty of mobile applications. Can I reach them with my message? Are they easily accessible? Digital advertising can be fast as the turn around time could possibly be instant. The first approach I would take would be to contact the people defined in this document. The power of social media can drive the user base of Aye Skipper fast and efficiently. The cause means that people such as Kevin Mccloud who has a recycling/up-cycling attitude with emphasis on looking after the environment could potentially figurehead the application.

Kirstie Allsopp Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free - Channel 4 B&Q collaboration with online DIY video tutorials

Youtube “Kirstie Allsopp b&q”

Kevin Mccloud Man Made Home Channel 4 #manmadehome Social media presence

Kevin Mccloud Man Made Home Channel 4 #manmadehome




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