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Aye Skipper

Concept A mobile application providing logistics, allowing the safe and efficiently sourcing of useful materials from local waste skips.




The Applications name plays on the Pirating theme. Skipper in the context of the boats captain applied to the waste skip.

Aye Skipper benefits both the person searching for materials and the skip owner, reducing waste materials by giving them a new purpose. The app is free and also environmentally positive.

The concept relies on scalability with a larger network meaning higher search results and increased recycled materials.




The amount of waste produced in the UKin one day would fill Trafalgar Square to the top of Nelson’s Column.

Using the current trend of ‘Shabby Chic’ My ambition for this project is my and ‘Upcycling’ with TV shows featuring concern with waste and the throw away Kirstie Allsopp, Kevin Mccloud and culture related to mass production. George Clarke. it is possible to use these sources to direct attention to Aye Skipper giving people an alternative to buying brand new.










(1) Vine:

(1) R.I.P Vine:

(2) App Store:

(3) Advertising

Vine allows user to upload video loops. When using the app its easy to navigate and extremely clean in design. The brand identity is strong, something I tried to mimic with Aye Skipper.

Although wine techinically is good when Instagram who have more users brought out the video feature it defiantly negatively effected vine. I tried to think of a concept for my application that was fairly unique.

When doing primary research on the App Store I tried to specify which icons caught my eye and why. This informed my decision to create a new icon instead of using my orignal logo condesnsed.

Applications generally make money two ways - Paid downloads/pay to access full content of App or targetted advertising. I decided my App would be free and I would allow targetted useful specific advertising.

Primary & Secondary Research












(1) Logo & Icon:

(2) Concept:

(3) Application:

I founs the logo development the most challenging part of the brief. I delayed the final outcome. I began by experimenting with a nortical theme but realised this wasnt the right feel for the brand.

The thing I was most daunted by was thinknig of an idea to apply a concept to. This almost put me off doing the brief. In the end it turned out to be the thing I enjoyed most. Thinking of multiple ideas and choosing the most appropriate one.

I found I was able to progress and quickly establish a strong layout. I enjoyed the process of creating the application system. The application has the minimal pages possible and allows the user to realistically source materials.




Colour Scheme:

The main shape represents the letter ‘A’ for Aye Skipper. I cut the corner out of the triangulated ‘A’ because it looked like a skip and further made the overall shape represent the letter ‘A’

The colour scheme was based on an industrial colour pallette that I found was quite popular within construction and waste management.

Icon: The icon is a simplified version of the logo on the main page. It was too detailed to reduce in size. This is how imagine it to look on the App Store and between other icons.





Further Details/TOS:

Terms of Service:

Posted Advert:

Both ‘Skipper’ and ‘Forager’ encounter the opening page. This increases brand awareness and works as a loading page.

You can make a new search, post a new skip or edit/delete a skip advert that already exists.

I tried to strip down the details page only including necessary input fields Materials, skip size and amount (%). The reason I choose % was because I think it is easier to visualise.

Image input field was a second thought that will be practical. I had to edit TOS in because it is an important step towards combating legality issues.

This page will display after the advert and would be legally binding covering myself/company.

This would appear after the user has posted the skip. This would also be found in ‘Current skips open’ from the start menu.


Commercial Advert:

Commercial Skip:

The icon in the bottom corner allows the user to access existing skips or commercial skips.

This will allow me to generate commercial success. It allows businesses to specifically target users by location/data input. Skips > Skippers.

Another advertising opportunity would be from regular skip user in industry. They would pay a small fee to advertise their rubbish. Less waste = lower rate management costs.

Application map Posting




Search Results:

Result Details:


Currently the user only has the option for one material search at a time. This needs testing. I don’t know how efficient to material searches at once would be.

The results are followed through by pressing them directly. There is an option for distance. Further distance = more results.

Images allow user to assess the skip. TOS are included for the forager from the skipper. The navigation option takes the user to the following page.

The navigation would be third party e.g. Apple/Google maps. This page also allows the user to post feedback directly to the App Store.

Commercial Advert:

Commercial Advert:

If on ‘Search Result’ page the user decides to do a new material search it will open an advert for a local building merchant within the users desired commute entered the ‘Details’ page.

Another advertising opportunity would be from the ‘Navigation page’, if the user clicks ‘No’ I wasn’t successful it would provide another opportunity for a local building merchant.

Is your skip still available skipper? If you select no, we will delete the post Aye


Push notifications: The push notification asks the user after a few days if the skip is stil in use - if it isnt it deletes it. This keeps the application efficient.

Application map Searching

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