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Insomnia Headaches and Back pains Nausea and Dizziness Muscle tension and stiffness Acne Weight gain or loss (depending on the personality) Chest pains ...


Eating more or less than usual Sleeping too much or too little Overreacting Neglecting responsibilities Isolating from the company of others Excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes Displaying nervous habits such as nail biting, pacing etc. ...

This not a full or comprehensive description of signs and symptoms of stress. Reactions to stress vary from individual to individual. When you are aware of the degree of stress you are facing, it is best to consult a qualified physician who can help you make sense of your reactions. Once you are clear on what requires your attention, you can start working on practical solutions, with or without the assistance of a professional. Take action immediately. You want to get yourself back to a place where you are back in “the driver’s seat”. The important aspect is to feel good about yourself despite what is happening around you. When you feel good about yourself, you will feel confident that you can deal with whatever comes your way. It is important to realize that there is NOTHING WRONG with you because you feel stressed out. There seems to be quite a bit of stigma associated with people who are having a difficult time with their stress levels. This stems from the generalized inability to deal effectively with change. We are simply not taught how to do this. And instinctively, human beings will go into denial or avoidance, or into thinking that there is something wrong with them. There is no reason for this. The very best option open to you is to face the situation square on and to transcend it. This is the effective way. Once, you have done it once, you have already displaced the limits of what you think you are capable off. It serves you well to do this, it builds tremendous confidence. Now, ti is always possible that you have no clue on how to deal with a given situation, or that you are a bit afraid. Get support. Don’t go it alone, it is about the worst you can do.

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Stress is present every step of the way. Here's a list of common signs and symptoms of stress