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How to subscribe to your Society email account How to subscribe to Exec email accounts 1. Sign into Convergence with you Uni ID (m number. i.e: m0900351)

2. Click on the add folder button and click ‘subscribe to folder’ (see below for zoomed in image)

3. Click on the folder that you wish to subscribe to and then click ‘subscribe’

How to view your susbcribed folder: 1.Once you have subscribed to your folders, click on ‘Subscribed Folders’ on the left hand side of your webpage. If this is not immediately available but you see a folder with you university number, click on it to bring up a drop down list.

2.You should now be able to see a folder called ‘User’, click on this. 3.This should bring up a folder with your SU Exec alias, click on this. 4.You should now be able to see all the folders you subscribed to under this alias. E.g. for Gen Sec inbox, click on the folder labelled ‘INBOX’ under the susecretary alias.

How to create an identity (this means that you can send an email out as your exec position i.e. Gen Sec) 1. Click on ‘Options’ on the bottom left hand corner of your webpage.

2. Your page should now look like this:

3. Click on ‘New Account’ under the ‘External Accounts’ subheading. You will now see the following page.

4. Fill out your account information correctly, and click next.

5. You will see the following page, fill out the details as follows.

Server name: Port: 110 Target Folder: Inbox Log in/User name: ( Anything that is NOT you actual university login. Recommended: intial and surname e.g. arajapakse) Password: ( anything goes)

6. Once the details are correctly filled out, click next.

You will see the following screen.

7. Click on ‘Create Account’. 8. You might see the following error message. Click OK.

You will see the following screen

9. Click finish. You will see the following screen.

You have now created an alternative identification for yourself. How to send an email from this identity 1. To send an email from this identity, go back to your mail.

2. Click on ‘Write’ to compose an email.

3. Click on ‘Options’ 4. Click on the drop down list next to ‘From:’ to pick which identity to send you email from.

5. Click on your desired identity i.e. General Secretary

Your email will now send from this identity, therefore my email will be from General Secretary and not Anjalie Rajapakse.

6. Write you email and click send. You will need to select your Exec identity every time you with to send an email from your Exec alias, otherwise the email will go from your personal account.

How to Subscribe to your Society Email Account  
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