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2012 Annual Event E-Program Host Venues — VolleyFest Bears Best / Edinburgh Hamilton Mill St. Ives The River Club TPC Sugarloaf

Host Venues — SwingFest Bears Best / Edinburgh The River Club TPC Sugarloaf

Host Venue — WineFest Bears Best / Edinburgh

Host Venue — RunFest Lake Lanier Islands

This year we play “In Honor” of :

Sharon Weeks, Kathy Barker, Dorothy Robinson, Julie Shrake, Brenda Ingram, Kristi Adams, Rita Kennedy, Kristen Hollinsworth, Doty Sims, Eleanor Laughlin, Joan Ramos, Clair Wolverton, Winkie Bright, Jeana Shumate, Pat Humphreys, Annita Cassah, Deborah Hartman, &ancy Buford, Courtney Beach Thompson, Katharine Beach Hegidio, Kelly Beach Price

Kristi Adams, Julie Hipple, Fay Moore, Daisy Watson, Gloria Watson, Melissa Traylor Alison Cape, Dan Boserup, Diana Cierski, Diana Konkle, Doris Dodd, Gloria Dorsett, Kathy Blevins, Kristi Adams, Linda Polner, Margaret Braswell, Michael Martin, Pam Byers, Pat Shealy, Patty Dailey, Peggy Scott, Reta Fox, Sandra Jernigam, Suzanne Egan

Please check the website for all previous years dedications at Click on “Dedications” 20112Digital Magazine — 2

This year we play “In Memory” of :

Jane K. Wetzel, Elizabeth Jones, Roxie Goodlett, Lori Van Matre, Jan Dennis, Linda Kimmons, Claudia Carrington, Mammie VanStekelenburg, Virginia Grimes, Pat Adamson, PK Anand, &ora Scanlan, Doreen Delaney, Harriet Haro, Sylvia Shy, Denea Woodard, Simone Mighty, Margaret Gilbert Marla Bectrim, Christina Bowker, Anna Blocker Boynton, Daphne Gillis, Charlene Kerry, TJ Kim, Jean Miles, Cheryl Reed, Joan Glover Carol Zuratt, Dick Davis, Donna Applebee, Dot Dykes, Gary Knutson, Ina Cullen, Joy Jacobson, Julia Bargman, Lesli Smith, Renee Russo, Roberta Byce, Sherry Boone

Please check the website for all previous years dedications at Click on “Dedications” 2012 Digital Magazine — 3

Wow! The Sport of Giving just completed another year of successful events! We have made a lot happen over the last twelve years. As our mission expanded from supporting breast cancer to all women’s cancer initiatives, our grassroots support has grown, too. The term “grassroots” is used to denote an effort that derives its power and reason for being from the local community, from common ordinary people. As a grassroots non-profit organization, The Sport of Giving uses a wide variety of fundraising events and venues. In 2012 we staged tennis, golf, and running events. We hosted shopping events and wine tastings. We celebrated at Pink Parties and participated in the Gwinnett Gladiator’s ice hockey fundraiser. If we could find a way to marry a sport to fundraising, we did it! That is the value of a grassroots organization. To make our community a healthier place to live takes all of us. We have an independence that allows us to select where our money will go and keep expenses to a minimum. Our goal is to invite as many people as possible to join us, hoping they too, will find a passion to make a difference in a manner that they can see and feel. We all know someone impacted by cancer. When we make sure every woman has access to the very best medical care and prevention, we are no longer powerless. Together, we make it happen. The Sport of Giving operates under the direction of a board of directors that live and work in our community. Visit our website to get acquainted with them. These dedicated members not only act as ambassadors for our mission, but oversee our day-to-day operations. They thoroughly research and meet every beneficiary to validate the impact our hard earned funds make. We encourage you to do the same. Stop by the screening centers at Gwinnett Medical and you will see The Sport of Giving credited and be greeted warmly by a dedicated and appreciative staff. YOU made it happen. Visit the Breast Care Center at the Northside Forsyth Hospital and you find a plaque of appreciation to The Sport of Giving. YOU made that happen. Call Jennifer Beck, the Patient Navigator and ask her what our funds mean to this American Cancer Society program. She will tell you that YOU make a difference in someone’s cancer journey every day. Stop at TurningPoint Women’s Healthcare and they will gladly give you a tour to explain how your dollars are helping overcome the physical limitations of women on the path to breast cancer recovery. YOU make that happen. As you read through our annual digital program, appreciate the cumulative efforts of our friends, participants and sponsors. We have accomplished so much. Thank YOU for your endless support and belief in our mission. It really does take all of us. We encourage you to join us on Facebook and bookmark our website to keep current with our news and events. This organization belongs to all of us. Cancer never takes a break, so neither will we! Watch out 2013—The Sport of Giving is going to give cancer a black eye. Together, let’s make it happen! God Bless,

Kristen, Lynn and Sheila

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2012 Schedule of Events March 2,3 & 4Gwinnett Gladiators “Pink in the Rink” Spring Season..Marist Aces for the Cure April 27 .Edinburgh hosts its 3rd annual SwingFest April 27 & May 2...The River Club hosts it’s 1st Mens Golf Challenge April 29...The River Club hosts its 7th annual VolleyFest May 2.The River Club hosts its 5th annual Ladies SwingFest May ...Hamilton Mill hosts its 3rd annual Pink Party at Dos Copas May 14 & 15Hamilton Mill hosts its 7th annual Ladies VolleyFest May 15 & 16...St. Ives hosts its 8th annual Ladies VolleyFest September 15..1st Annual RunFest at Lake Lanier Islands September 17 Edinburgh hosts its 4th annual Ladies VolleyFest Sept 25.TPC Sugarloaf hosts its 4th annual Ladies Invitational SwingFest October 1—31...Shula’s “Pink-tini” promotion October 25.Edinburgh hosts its 3rd annual WineFest Oct 29 & 31...TPC Sugarloaf hosts its 12th annual Ladies VolleyFest

2012 Digital Magazine — 5

Doing Good is Athletic, Fashionable & Of Course, Fun

2012 Digital Magazine — 6

USTA recognizes The Sport of Giving’s VolleyFest with 2012 Award

Serving Winners 2012 organizational award recipient is The Sport of Giving. They were selected for their dedication and commitment to women and tennis through VolleyFest, their grassroots effort in the fight against breast cancer. “Among their various charitable sporting events, VolleyFest showcases how tennis is more than just a sport,” said Lacy Barnes, Serving Winners Event Chair. “They make a positive impact on our community and empower participants to make a difference.” The Sport of Giving holds VolleyFest events around the city and has raised over $1.6 million dollars thus far for cancer care and prevention in and around Atlanta. Serving Winners is the primary fundraising event for the Atlanta Youth Tennis & Education Foundation. The AYTEF provides afterschool programs for 2,500 youth at 25 sites in metro Atlanta.

Lynn, Sheila, and Kristen receiving the award from Matt Olson, USTA Atlanta Executive Director

2012 Digital Magazine — 7

Where did our dollars go? Each venue got to choose their own deserving beneficiary this year Meet this years Beneficiaries 1. GWI77ETT MEDICAL CE7TER FOU7DATIO7 Gwinnett Medical Center’s mission is to offer a full range of preventative, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative services in a holistic manner. GMC focuses on patients by delivering innovative services of superior quality at the best value, by fostering continuous improvement in everything they do. The Sport of Giving has been an integral part of this. Our donation will go toward funding in full (and/or partially) the following items that will benefit patients and family members of Gwinnett Medical Center community: Breast Tomosynthesis X Ray Technology Ovarian Cancer Fund Breast Cancer Treatment Handbooks Breast Cancer Support Partner Handbook The Breast Cancer Treatment Handbooks are provided, at no charge, for all breast cancer patients and their families at Gwinnett Medical Center. “Your Breast Cancer Handbook” is a wonderful reference for women diagnosed with breast cancer by helping understand the disease, treatments, emotions and recovery process.

Bears Best/Edinburgh, Hamilton Mill, St. Ives, River Club and TPC Sugarloaf chose GMCF to receive all or a portion on their raised funds.

2012 Digital Magazine — 8

Each Venue was able to choose their own beneficiary! Passionate people make big things happen!

2. 7ORTHSIDE HOSPITAL-FORSYTH The funds donated to 7H-Forsyth will help provide the latest, state-of-the-art technology, and equipment and patient education/support services to enhance Breast Care Center services at 7orthside Hospital-Forsyth. Our funds will help with the replacement of a Bone Density Machine. The 7orthside Forsyth’s Breast Care Center performs 2,644 bone density exams annually. Physicians commonly order screening mammography and bone densitometry exams in the same visit and therefore patients often schedule those exams on the same date in the same facility. The existing bone density equipment at the Forsyth Breast Care Center is approximately 10 years old. Replacing the existing equipment will allow for the installation of a new state-of-the art Hologic Discovery Bone Density machine. Our funds will also supply Breast Cancer Treatment Handbooks that are provided, at no charge, for all breast cancer patients and their families at 7orthside HospitalForsyth. “Your Breast Cancer Handbook” is a wonderful reference for women diagnosed with breast cancer by helping understand the disease, treatments, emotions and recovery process.

Marist Aces for a Cure and the TSOG Board chose 7orthside Hospital — Forsyth Campus to receive the funds raised by their events

2012 Digital Magazine — 9

Did you know that very few hospitals around the country have a patient navigator program? The only way a hospital can support this program is to have it underwritten by people like you!

3. AMERICA7 CA7CER SOCIETY PATIE7T 7AVIGATOR PROGRAM The funds donated to ACS’s Patient 7avigator Program will be utilized to help fund the annual commitment for the position of the ACS Patient 7avigator at Gwinnett Medical Center who works with cancer patients at the moment of diagnoses as they begin their cancer journey. The program is a newly designed and implemented proactive strategy to reach out to and help cancer patients, family members and caregivers in the hospital setting and beyond. The navigator seeks out patients who need and want assistance rather than hoping they will contact them. The objectives are to help cancer patients, family members and caregivers navigate the various systems and demands encountered during the cancer experience. They include: Providing valuable information on cancer and links to needed programs and resources Generating demand for ACS services among those patients not typically reached Improving medical outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for those reached and assisted.

TPC Sugarloaf and River Club chose to fund the American Cancer Society Patient 7avigator Program for Gwinnett Medical Center as their beneficiary.

2012 Digital Magazine 10

TurningPoint Women’s Healthcare provides care for over 300 new women with breast cancer each year. 47% of them need financial assistance for their care. We are honored to be able to supply funds for their care. 5.TUR7I7GPOI7T WOME7’S HEALTHCARE TurningPoint improves quality of life for women with breast cancer by providing, promoting and advocating evidence-based, specialized rehabilitation. Women face staggering physical and psychosocial challenges during and after breast cancer treatment. TurningPoint provides comprehensive breast cancer rehabilitation, including physical therapy, exercise, massage therapy, and nutritional counseling. Awareness of these issues is increased through TurningPoint's breast cancer survivorship education programs that reach thousands of community members and healthcare providers each year. Our funds will help assist the TurningPoint organization to serve as many women as possible, and help break the barriers to care for these patients by providing financial assistance to uninsured and underinsured women. TurningPoint Women's Healthcare walks beside women on their breast cancer journey and is an integral part of their return to full quality of life.

TSOG Board chose to donate to the Turning Point organization

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The Sport of Giving along with ALL of our beneficiaries would like to say a big “Thank You” to all participants, sponsors and volunteers that helped make each and every event successful!

$125,225.00 — 2012 DO7ATIO7 TOTAL A heartfelt thank you from: Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation Northside Medical Center — Forsyth County American Cancer Society — Patient Navigator Program TurningPoint Women’s Healthcare

2012 Digital Magazine — 12

A Special Thanks to The Sport of Giving, Inc Board of Directors For Continued Guidance & Compassion Executive Board: Sheila Stevens — Founder/President Lynn Roberts — Vice President /Treasurer Kristen Sapp — Secretary

Board Members: Allison Cape — Survivor and Advocate Mark Edelstein — Vice President, Relay Health Karyn Greer — 11 Alive Morning Anchor Tracey McElveen — M.D. Radiation Oncologist, RCOG Jeff Nowlin — Executive Vice President Gwinnett Medical Center Jody Pierce — Survivor and Marketing Lynne Mays — Gwinnett Co. Solicitor’s Office Dr. David Whiteman — Southern Plastic Surgery

2012 Digital Magazine — 13

Another Special Thanks to VolleyFest, SwingFest and RunFest Venue Chairs For their continued time, talent and passion Bears Best / Edinburgh

Pink in the Rink

Sherry Hudson

Melissa Nygun Lynn Roberts

Hamilton Mill

The River Club

Edie Atkinson Cheryl Hahn

Amy Kostel Tricia Turner

Joe & Andrea Carroll Francene Goldblatt

Sheila Stevens Darlene Conley

St. Ives Country Club

TPC Sugarloaf

Craig Matteison

Jan McPheeley Lynn Roberts

RunFest — Lake Lanier Islands Joel Crosby Kristen Sapp

All the venues would like to thank their supportive facility staffs. All the tennis/golf directors, shop managers, cart boys, court maintenance and luncheon staff.

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AREA SPONSORS Enterprise Holdings Marine Max Marist Aces To Cure Southern Plastic Surgery Stewart and Lisa Cink The Gordon Flournoy Trust

2012 Digital Magazine — 15

VOLLEYFEST COURT AND SWINGFEST HOLE SPONSORS Ability Services Network Andy and Jane Adams Blue Fern Spa Brad and Susan Williams Brian and Jan McPheeley Buffy Jubard— Stella and Dot Jewelry Rep CWC — Paul and Darlene Conley Dos Copas — Paul Dalrymple Gary and Marianne Foote Georgia Construction Products Georgia Facial & Oral Surgery — Dr. Grant Hogan Georgia Emergency Physicians — Roy and Francene Goldblatt Hennessy Lexus of Gwinnett International Ink Co. Jamie Wood Jax Fine Wines Joe LaMotte and Jane Haro Jim and Jane Maran Joe and Andrea Carroll Kenneth Indof Lake Lanier Islands Lawrenceville Family Practice Mark and Janeen Traylor McKesson Foundation — Mark Edelstein Merrill Lynch — Cecil “BJ” and Karen Loyd Mike Reynolds — Lanier Dermatology Monica Ambrose North Metro Radiology Assoc. Outrageous Interiors

2012 Digital Magazine — 16

VOLLEYFEST COURT AND SWINGFEST HOLE SPONSORS CON’T Pat and Melinda Hague Rick and Sheila Stevens Serious Tennis Sugar Creek Animal Hospital Sugarloaf Eyecare Sue & Jerry Brown The Beaded Eagle The Coca Cola Company The Swan Center Unitorq Actuators & Controls Zubin Meshginpoosh

TOURNAMENT FRIENDS 124 Group — Salon 124 and Genesis Salon American Hole in 1 — John and Beth McPherson Andersen Tate & Carr, P.C. Bank of America Matching Gifts Ben and JoAnn Shanley Bob and Jan Stonikas Boy Meets Girl Creative Charles and Debra Ogelsby Costco Wholesale David and Elaina Mullininx Eye First Vision & Laser Center Festivity Mac and Janet Baker Mr. GA DUI — Mickey Roberts Neptune Pools Preferred Women’s Healthcare St. Ives Country Club and Tennis — Craig Mattieson Steve and Jane Denton Tone Zone Fitness — Tony Kyler Viality Method Studios

2012 Digital Magazine — 17

EVENT PATRON 141 Trattoria 4 Seasons Heating & Air Champions Car Wash Christelle Alves Cindy Gaines Interiors Classic Design Services Cosmedic Dental Solutions Dr. Bruce Carter, DMD Fairway Carwash Gwinnett Place Honda Hamilton Mill Chiropractors Healthy Body and Soul Honesty Jewelry Iron Wok Jarrod Sanders John Hancock Financial Services Karin Egan Keyworth Bank Kiss My Tiara Home Décor Kurz Dentistry La Ti Da Laser Lights Main Street Photography North Atlanta Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry — Dr. Ashley Currington, DMD Pampas Steakhouse Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry — Dr. Rhonda c Hogan, DMD. P.C. Quieti Apparel Ray Engineering Reagan Medical Center Rick and Janice O’Dell Silverleaf Resorts Spooner & Associates The Old Edwards Club TPC Sugarloaf Golf — Mike Lipnick TPC Sugarloaf Tennis

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Dawn R. Guillory Independent AVO7 Representative CALL/TEXT 337-308-1954

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In Loving Memory of Lori Van Matre 2012 Digital Magazine — 21

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John Hancock McKesson Foundation Merrill Lynch

Sheila Stevens — Realtor, Storey Morrow Company Founder, The Sport of Giving Storey Morrow Company Sheila Stevens 2800 Peachtree Ind. Blvd Suite G Duluth, Ga. 30097 Office:678-584 Cell: 404-406-6739

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Proudly supporting The Sport of Giving Year after Year...

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Bear’s Best / Edinburgh hosts a Ladies VolleyFest, Co-Ed SwingFest and WineFest 2012 was a great year for The Sport of Giving at Edinburgh. The third annual SwingFest kicked off our events in April. Forty-three participants (guys, gals, and kids!) joined together on a Friday afternoon in April at Bear’s Best. The weather was very cooperative with the sun showing itself until the last ball was shot! Dinner in Bear’s Best Masters Room, along with raffle and silent auction items provided the perfect start to our events and the perfect ending to our day. Fall events resumed in September with the fourth annual two-day women’s VolleyFest. Riverside Pizza provided lunch for the gals gathered poolside after completing round one. The second day’s rainy weather provided the opportunity to spend time at the Residents clubhouse getting to know all the players and making new friends. Ippolitos graciously provided the venue for the Finale Luncheon. While the staff with excellent service and amazing food spoiled us our guest speaker, Jeff Duggard, from Gwinnett Medical Center entertained us with his comedic side. He offered answers to all of our questions and inspired us to continue our mission to provide cancer care and support to the women of our community. It is important to see where our dollars go and the impact we make! Back by popular demand, the third annual WineFest was held in 7ovember. Guests at Jack’s Place at Bear’s Best sampled wine, beer, and spirits donated by Eagle Rock Distributors. An amazing staff and light appetizers set the stage for an incredible night of fun, competitive bidding wars for the Silent Auction. The Silent Auction is always great entertainment where everyone is a winner. Edinburgh feels very blessed to donate the net proceeds from our events to Gwinnett Medical Center for a new Breast Tomosynthesis machine (x-ray imaging technology) Edinburgh’s total donation was over $11,000. That is 11,000 reasons to say thank you to all of our participants, volunteers and sponsors continued support of Edinburgh’s The Sport of Giving events! THA7K YOU!!

2012 Digital Magazine — 29

Gwinnett Gladiators Pink in the Rink

The Sport of Giving joined with the Gwinnett Gladiators for the fifth time for the annual PI7K I7 THE RI7K weekend to raise money and awareness for cancer. Melissa 7guyen, Event Coordinator, rallied TSOG venues, past beneficiaries, sponsors, board members, neighbors and friends to buy ticket vouchers to see The Gladiators compete on pink ice over three days in March. 645 ticket vouchers were sold that included several groups whose names appeared in honor or in memory on the Gladiator video board. The Sport of Giving was the #1 selling charity organization earning the highest percentage of additional funds from The Gladiators Commemorative Jersey & Stick Auction and 50/50 Raffle held during the three games played. Funds raised during this great event allowed The Sport of Giving donate over $9,000 directly to women’s cancer initiatives in our community where we can see the difference—providing cancer care and prevention. The Sport of Giving is grateful for our wonderful community of support that enabled such success! Mark your calendar for this year’s Pink in the Rink event to be held February 15, 16, and 17! There is a voucher with your name on it!

2012 Digital Magazine — 30

Hamilton Mill hosts a Pink Party and Ladies VolleyFest This spring we hosted our 7th annual Volleyfest Tournament. Once again this year, our kick-off "Pink Party" was held at Dos Copas - Hamilton Mill and was our largest kick-off event to date. A special thanks to Paul Dalrymple and his staff for making this event such a success! The actual tournament was held over two days in May -- we hosted forty players and some dedicated spectators. We had lots of volunteers on hand to manage our raffle ticket and mulligan ("doover") bracelet sales. Thanks to our very generous sponsors, our players and volunteers were treated to wonderful breakfasts on both days, a courtside lunch on day one and a very emotional closing banquet lunch on day two. Our speaker was a three-time survivor who brought us all to tears with her story of her amazing journey, the support she received from friends and family and her uplifting message about the lessons she has learned. We chose as our benefactor Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation's Breast Tomosynthesis technology goal. Gwinnett Medical Center has been our benefactor since year one and we are so excited to continue to be able to contribute to their ongoing research and treatment of a disease that has touched so many of us. This year we were able to donate over $20,000 to this wonderful cause!! The financial success of our event would not be possible without our players, donors, sponsors, and volunteers. We thank each of you and hope to see you again in 2013!!

2012 Digital Magazine — 31

Marist Girls Tennis Team Aces for a Cure

Twelve members of the Marist Girl’s Tennis Team raised funds to benefit 7orthside-Forsyth Hospital during their 2012 season. During twelve regional and state playoff matches the girls counted their aces. They sought pledges or donations based on the number of aces. Some counted their own individual aces and other counted the total team number. Inspired tennis brought the team total number to 184! Their passion for fundraising carried over to a shopping event at Festivity (located in the Forum in 7orcross) to earn a percentage of sales. California Pizza Kitchen also sponsored a day where the team’s friends, family and guests dined for a percentage of sales to be donated to their Aces Event. The Marist Girl’s Tennis Team was happy to donate over $3,000 to 7orthside Forsyth’s for breast cancer patient education materials and a new bone density machine. Congratulations to our next generation of breast cancer activists!

2012 Digital Magazine — 32

St. Ives hosts a Ladies VolleyFest

May 15-16 brought thirty women to the courts of St Ives for their annual VolleyFest two-day women’s tennis tournament. Director of St Ives Tennis, Creig Mathieson announced the winners: Team FAITH Kelli Lufferty & Lisa Levengood, Team COURAGE: Kate Joseph, Team HOPE: Amy Little. Breast Cancer survivor, Bobbie Meneg shared her cancer journey at the finale luncheon sponsored by Hennessy Lexus and reminded every woman to schedule their annual screening. All funds raised were donated to Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation to support the purchase of x-ray imaging technology to help in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Two days that really made a difference in our community. A special thank you to Janet Cross, past Event Chair that established VolleyFest as an event not to be missed at St Ives. A special thank you to all the sponsors and participants. Together we raised our racquets and made an impact!

2012 Digital Magazine — 33

The River Club hosts a Ladies SwingFest, & Mixed VolleyFest On Sunday afternoon, April 29, 2012, the tennis community of The River Club held it’s annual Volleyfest event with a mixed doubles format with 38 men and women participating. The players received an awesome player bag then enjoyed a round robin format which resulted in a championship round at the end of regulation play. They squared off against the top scoring male and second highest scoring female. The remaining participants cheered, "coached" and "encouraged" from the sidelines, all in good fun! The prevailing champions were Radka Winwood and Grant Hogan. Following the matches, all participants were treated to a delicious barbecue dinner generously provided by the Bowen Family. During the dinner, the guest of honor, Allison Bowen Cape, a breast cancer survivor, shared her personal story of her journey with cancer and healing. Karen Young, a Silpada Designs Jewelry sales rep, was on hand with her beautiful line of jewelry, donating a portion of her sales. To round out the afternoon and evening events, all participants were eligible for a drawing of fantastic door prizes. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends and neighbors in good spirited competition for an amazing cause. This past spring the “Sport of Giving” held the Fourth Annual “Swing Fest” golf fund raising event for women’s cancer at The River Club Golf Course in Suwanee, Georgia. The event began with an opening ceremony which included inspirational speeches from Kelly Greer of “Gwinnette Magazine”, and two honored guests who are cancer survivors who shared their heartwarming stories of their journey. 7ext, 7orma Schwartz, sponsored the releasing of white doves, which is generally a symbol of peace, love, and the message that “ there is hope and healing from this devastating disease.” It was magnificent to behold and all were blessed by the sight. At the completion of golf drinks & appetizers served along with a closing ceremony and awards event was held to finish the day. The winning foursome was Lisa Lynch, Donna Lynch, Shannon Aisquith, and Ayna Hagerty. Vendors were also present giving support to the event by giving a percentage of their sales as a donation. The men got involved this year with a Challenge Match against TPC Sugarloaf where they filled teams of 16 each and played a day at each course. GM Doug Meredith was the leader for River Club and GM Vic Alparando was the leader for Sugarloaf. After 2 days of fun-filled golf and competition, River Club Men prevailed this year. They can’t wait for 2013’s match! The River Club hosted a player/sponsor party for everyone after the events at the Clubhouse complete with silent auction, food, drinks and music from The Steven Lee Band.

2012 Digital Magazine — 34

TPC Sugarloaf hosts a Ladies VolleyFest, Ladies SwingFest

TPC Sugarloaf ‘s Sport of Giving events began with the 4th annual “Colors of Hope” SwingFest Ladies 18 Hole Invitational golf tournament on September 26. The tournament theme features awareness colors of Pink for Breast Cancer, Teal for Ovarian Cancer and Lavender the all-cancer color. 48 ladies, sporting their colors, enjoyed the perfect weather, the fun and fellowship of the sport and, afterwards; the Finale Luncheon. This is a special time where we come together as a group: eating lunch in a resplendent setting, handing out awards, gifts, raffle prizes and we hear first hand experiences from cancer survivors. This year’s breast cancer survivor drove from Alabama to share her story - a courageous, young, 30-something mother who wants to help others by promoting the awareness of paying attention to your own body’s signals and acting on it when something is just not right. The 12th Annual TPC VolleyFest began on October 28th at our Pairings Party. “Peace Love Hope” was the theme for this fall event, and the creative decorating committee showcased lava lamps, peace signs, disco balls and a 60s menu – do pigs in a blanket ring a bell?, We were treated to an exhibition by the Georgia State Women’s tennis team and also watched our pros take the courts in mixed doubles. We also found out who our teammates would be for our two-day event. 36 participants played over two windy, autumn days (but no rain!) on October 29st and 31st. During the event, players could purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win many exciting items. There were also silent auction items, which included beautiful baskets donated by TPC Sugarloaf tennis teams. We concluded with a lovely luncheon and inspiring speaker who brought with her the message that women should be vigilant about breast self exams, and they should talk to their doctors about receiving mammograms beginning at age 40. We are very proud to have raised almost $29,000 for the American Cancer Society Patient 7avigator Program at Gwinnett Medical Center/Lawrenceville, and earmarked funds to Gwinnett Hospital Foundation for new Breast Tomothesis X Ray technology. Thank you to all players, committee members and sponsors for supporting VolleyFest and SwingFest and The Sport of Giving – we DO make a difference!!

2012 Digital Magazine — 35

RunFest at Lake Lanier Islands

Saturday, September 15, brought almost 200 runners and rock stars out for ROC’7 RunFest, a 5K Run/Walk benefitting Gwinnett Medical Center’s Ovarian Cancer patient care services. The rock bank, A Rose for Emily, played at the start/finish line with awards given to winners in each age division. Competition was tough with Joan Jett, 7icki Minaj, Lady GaGa & Kiss vying for the “Best Rock Star” prize, but Judy Malley aka Katy Perry was the unanimous choice complete with cupcakes! Elvis made a special appearance for photo ops and sang with the band at the start line. Joel Crosby, owner of Vitality Method Studios & Race Director stated, What better way to Remember Ovarian Cancer than to enjoy the beauty of the Lake Lanier Islands course while making your community a healthier place to live?” Plans are already underway to ROC it again in 2013. Many thanks to our terrific presenting sponsors, Vitality Method Studios and Marine Max.

2012 Digital Magazine — 36

Just a few of the Faces of Difference Makers Here’s to raising over $100,000 for our Beneficiaries CO7GRATULATIO7S!!

2012 Digital Magazine — 37

Special Fundraising Events and Awareness Initiatives were held throughout the year. We urge everyone to find their niche and hold an event to raise awareness and funds to fight women’s cancers!

2012 Digital Magazine — 38

Special Thanks to our Regional Sponsors

Gwinnett Gladiators Hockey

Marist Aces to Cure

2012 Digital Magazine — 39

2012 The Sport of Giving Digital Program  

Annual Digital E-Program for The Sport of Giving