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Dear Friends, We would like to introduce you to our new initiative: The Etz Chaim Friendship Drive Our friends include people who participate in our programs, refer their friends to us, and people who support us financially. We want to acknowledge and value your friendship, and if you are a new friend, we welcome you. It is only because of friends like you that we have become the preeminent Jewish outreach organization in Baltimore. We hope you’ll put the Friendship Card, attached to the cover, in your wallet and whenever the opportunity arises, suggest our programs to your friends or colleagues. Please have a look at the Impact Report and the overview of our programs. One the last page you will find the donation opportunities. Please partner generously with us to ensure our continued success and enable us to reach out to thousands more Jewish people. We thank you for your friendship and wish you a good and enriching Shana Tova.

Rabbi Shlomo Porter Dean/President

Rabbi Nitzan Bergman Executive Director

IMPACT REPORT 5773 (2012-2013)


• 66 people went on educational Israel trips • 302 people learned 9,000+ hours in our one-on-one learning programs

• 208 children participated in our children’s programs • 285 people took 2,800 hours of our classes • 440 people attended holiday programs • 580 Shabbos guests enjoyed over 4,000 Shabbos meals • 560 people attended our “Great Speakers Series” EQUALS

• 10 Jewish Couples got married • 16 young adults went to Israel to learn in Yeshiva/Seminary • 4 5 young adults and 30 families increased their Shabbos observance

• 203 people committed to ongoing regular Torah study • 1 ,400 people feel more Jewish, understand what it means, and are more ready to make Jewishly informed life decisions



For College Students

For Young Pr

Powered by JCN (Jewish Collegiate Network) Hundreds of students for Friday Nights and enrolled in Kollel Torah Classes on 5 campuses

Powered b

Young Adults participate in t Shabbatons, Guest Sp

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College Students

For One-On-One

Young Profe



One-On-One Learning in Israel


All at etzchaimusa.o

Powered by PIT (Partners In Torah) Partners, anywhere and everywhere, learn face-to-face, over the phone and over Skype

For Israel

Powered by ISP (Israel Scholars Programs) 30 students and young adults take part in intensive learning in Israel and our Birthright trips

For Young Families


Powered by JFI (Jewish Family Initiative)

by WOW!

the WOW! Learning Program, peakers and Retreats

Raising Kids To Love Being Jewish, Moms’ Coffee Club, Kosher Cooking, Dads’ Dinners and JWRP Israel Trips

o these programs:


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Jewish U

Young Families

Senior Jewish Learning

ademic Courses Learning for Seniors

Senior Jewish Learning

Powered by SJL (Senior Jewish Learn) Regular classes for Seniors at the Pikesville Seniors Centre, Quarry Lake, and Towers.


12:34 PM

org | 410-764-1553

For Academics

Powered by Jewish U

Amazing classes in Basics, Hebrew, History, Kosher, Philosophy, Mysticism, Shabbat and more

OUR SUCCESS STORIES The JCN has been more than I ever expected. It has allowed me to nurture my mind in a both enjoyable and challenging way. I was able to learn about Judaism in a way that allowed for me to directly reflect on my own life. BORIS TIZENBERG, 22 Philosophy and Biology Student, UMBC Amazing spiritual experience. The program allows for learning and growth in a comfortable environment. WOW! is a true highlight of the week."

Partners in Torah has enriched my life in countless ways. I truly look forward to meeting each week to learn. My partner is an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge. I am a better Jewish woman for participating in this amazing program.

Etz Chaim provided me with a warm, welcoming, and fun environment to develop a deep and meaningful appreciation for Judaism. With their help, I am taking time out to study in Israel at Yeshiva.

NATHALIE BRAHVER, 27 Nurse Practitioner

I am extremely thankful to Etz Chaim for everything they do. By way of shiurim, Shabbatons, and mentorship, they have brought young professionals together with an incredible inspiration for learning and spiritual growth.

The 8 week Kosher U course gave me so much information. It was just what I was looking for to be able to keep 100% kosher.

NATAN JOURABCHI, 29 Dermatologist, Hopkins

Through JFI I have learnt that I do not have to keep searching in other spiritualities. Judaism has everything I need and I can spend my time and effort seeking within Judaism."

JEN GATHER, 39 Teacher

I have found my learning through SJL to be very enlightening and stimulating. Although I really wish that I had experienced this at an earlier time, having a study partner has great way to enrich your life.

Friends Help Friends Please partner generously with us to ensure our continued success and enable us to reach out to thousands more Jewish people.

KERRI COHEN, 37, Lawyer

as a friend, I want to ✓ Yes, Partner with Etz Chaim o$  36- Shabbat Sponsorship o$  72- Retreat Sponsorship o$  150- Learning Program Sponsorship o$  250- Guest Lecture Sponsorship o$  500- Israel Scholars Sponsor

MARCUS ROTHBERG, 29 Mechanical Engineer

o$  1,000- Israel Scholars Patron o$  1,000- Etz Chaim Visionary o$  5,000- Etz Chaim Founder Name_________________________________________

Address _____________________________________ City___________________ State____ Zip _________ FALLON GROSS, 29 Preschool Teacher

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o Check Enclosed o Mastercard o Visa Account #____________________________________ Signature___________________________Exp_______

STUART POLTILOVE, 72 Psychologist (semi-retired)


3702 Fords Lane • • 410-764-1553