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We believe in authentic communication, able to promote worth contents concerning the respect of environment and people

TanGrì is a network of professionals operating in the field of communication and marketing, based on a philosophy and a preparation oriented to the values of sustainability. Each member of the team works in efficient synergy together with his/ her colleagues, developing a wide and integrated offer contemplating consultancy services for enterprises, associations, social enterprises, public administration offices and, more in general, for all organizations wanting to choose the way of corporate social responsibility and aiming at reducing environmental impact. The term TanGrì reminds of the famous oriental game Tan gram, where one could create countless images of Nature using only seven pieces which initially create a square and can be separated and reassembled in a creative way... MAIN CLIENTS: Regione Toscana e European Union (by mean of public financed projects) CNR Ibimet-Fondazione Clima e Sostenibilità CNR Ibimet-Tessile Sostenibile Comune di Bagno a Ripoli Comune di Scandicci SIAF-azienda partecipata per la ristorazione collettiva in scuole e ospedali Toscana Biologica- consorzio delle aziende agricole biologiche toscane SEET- Ecolabel and Emas certification in Tuscany Other organizations from the green economy in Italy.......


Integrated Communication: Communication projects and plans, educational/ promotional/popular campaigns, research and development of visual corporate identity, planning and care of the online/offline coordinated image Analysis of competitors and stakeholders Positioning and promotion activities Graphics and design: Planning of multimedia materials Fittings and poster designing for exhibitions, workshops and trade shows Orientation and promotion signage for interiors and exteriors eco-packaging Graphic projects and publications paging Handmade illustrations and decorations Press office: creation of press releases selection of ad doc newspapers organization of press conferences forwarding of press kits Green marketing and socio-cultural marketing: 1. Intuitive: “making people accept” sustainable innovations; 2. integrating: combining business, technology, social effects and ecology; 3. innovative: creating new products and lifestyles; 4. inviting: developing new codes which are not shown as a “nasty medicine” but rather as positive, joyful and funny solutions; 5. informed: has less to do with the image and concentrates on education and participation. 5 Is (Grant 2009)

Networking: Conception and realization of innovative projects in order to promote sustainable development Development of networks, synergies and relationships between profit, no-profit and public authorities “Hubberâ€? activities, encouraging communication among professionals, partners and stakeholders in general Creation of green-commerce and eco-business related projects Events: Organization and management of laboratories, exhibitions, workshops‌ Participation in the planning of approaches towards education to sustainability Network coordination of operators for the participation in exhibitions and sectorial events Content management: Writing of contents for websites, portals and blogs Creative copywriting for communication paper materials Creative copywriting for slogans/commercials Writing and editing of publications Writing and forwarding of newsletters Writing and forwarding of graphic mails Web planning and web marketing: conception, planning and realization of web sites and e-commerce portals conception, localization, web promotional campaigns web promotion, SEO oriented, through blogs, social network and creation of online events social web animation


In harmony with our mission, TanGrÏ studies and sets strategies and communication supports with the lowest environmental impact, maintaining cheapness and effectiveness of action. TanGrÏ is part of an ethic and ecosustainable chain aiming at the realization of paper, design and web products. We work according to a network logics with suppliers sharing their values. The principles of the sustainable chain: Use the Network and digital communication, in accordance with the principle of the lowest consumption of material resources. The environmental impact of communication should actually tend to be zero with a minimum use of printed paper; Minimize the purchase of advertising spaces with fee, favoring the free sharing and divulgation of contents; Promotion of economies of scale through the creation of a network of users/clients having the same communication objectives and being able to split up the initial investment. More in depth, for paper products... Study of formats involving the lowest rate of paper waste; Use of recycled paper, certified as ecologic and single-side printed sheets (products realized thanks to print tests and unused paper); Choice of natural and eco-friendly inks; Realization of gadgets hand-made of biodegradable (mater-bi, fabric, etc.) and recycled materials (objects made from reused plastic and realized with the use of natural materials and colors); Creation of supports for stand signage and fittings mainly realized with eco-materials (paperboard and wood, recycled products, innovative and biodegradable row materials, etc‌) with minimized environmental impact, according to the principle of the product maximum resistance (the focus on environment is shown in the consumption reduction!); Selection of printers with production cycles at low environmental impact.

Projects on sustainable textile and fashion TanGrì supports companies which work on the creation of a “new deal” of fashion system, based on sustainability criteria: use of eco-friendly and/or recycled materials, involvement of local artisans and possibly hand made productions, sustainable way of transports to distribute the products, support to young and creative new stylists and designers... To gain this aim, TanGrì promotes this kind productions by mean of advertisments and communication strategies and products and also by mean of a dedicated e-commerce called “evolooktion”.

Progetto FTS 2014 Tessile Firenze sostenibile create a market 2014 for sustainable fashion Firenze companies, using ecofriendly materials

Project for integrated communication products: logo, promotional paper materials, posters, graphic design and copywriting and copywriting. FTS project aims to support the local and sustainable fashion chain!

evolooktion 2014 Firenze

creating a market for sustainable fashion companies, using eco-friendly materials

Project for integrated communication products: logo, e-commerce site, promotional paper materials, ecoshopper, communication plan, coordination, graphic design and copywriting, web marketing activieties

evolooktion is the e-commerce for sustainable and hand made fashion, ethical and made in Italy!!

Tecril project 2014 Firenze

re-using tuscan wool in a creative way and create a new market of wool products

Communication materials according to visual coordinated identy: Book, flyer, decorative panels in eco-cardboard Illustrations by Chiara Tanini

Tecril project aims to use, in a sustainable way, the wool produced in Tuscany, which is currently considered a rejection of the sheep industry. I aims also to “educate� consumers to prefer such as local, natural products.

Projects on local and healthy agricolture and food TanGrĂŹ supports agricolture activities which encourage the production of natural and healty food in the local countryside. It has collaborated with many projects and enterprises aiming to realize such a kind of agricolture and the relative marketplace. In this way, TanGrĂŹ aims to support the development of a new economic sector based on local and healty food chains, in armony with natural seasons and environment, it aims to educate, at the same time, consumers in appreciating this kind of productions.

Associazione pacciamama 2014 Pacciamama Montespertoli


creating a market for natural, local Firenze agricolture products

Project for integrated communication products: logo, Web site, promotional paper materials, ecoshopper, communication plan, coordination, graphic design and copywriting Hand made decorative drawings by Chiara Tanini

fresco in cittĂ

2012-2013 Firenze

creating a market for natural, local agricolture products

Project for integrated communication products: logo, Web site, promotional paper materials, arrangement of sale areas, ecoshopper, communication plan, coordination, naming, graphic design and copywriting

piÚ vicino è piÚ buono 2012-2013

Bagno a Ripoli creating a market for natural, local agricolture products

Project for integrated communication products: logo, promotional paper materials, arrangement of a little market of local producers, ecoshopper, decoration of a van to sell products, communication plan, coordination, naming graphic design and copywriting

parco poggio valicaia

2012-2013 Scandicci

creating a market for natural, local agricolture products

Project for integrated communication products: signs forr the park, promotional paper materials, labels for the products, coordination, naming and copywriting

Projects on green economy organizations and enterprises TanGrĂŹ supports every sort of economic activities which encourages and promotes the production of eco-friendly products and services, from the more innovative and technological ones to the ones which rediscover local traditions: solar and other renewable energies, sustainable tourism, local handcraft, recycling industries, bio-architecture...etc. It has collaborated with many projects and enterprises aiming to realize such a kind of production and the relative marketplace.

eco-quality 2012-2013 Tuscany

creating a market for solar energy in Tuscany

Project for integrated communication products: logo, promotional paper materials, communication plan, coordination, graphic design and copywriting

D’ecocose SopraSotto e-shop

Toscana creativa + SottoSopra real-shop 2012 2013 Toscana

S. Ginimgnano (SI)

creating a market for eco-friendly hand made merchandising products

Project for integrated communication products: promotional paper materials, eco-gadgets, promotion by means of the shopping blog “D’ecocose”

BiPodere o-agriturismo Paglieri SopraSotto agriturismo Toscana creati Podere Paglivaeri

2013 Montespertoli 2012 2012 supporting sustainable tourism in the local countryside

S. Ginimgnano(FI) (SI) Montespertoli

Project for integrated communication products: logo, promotional paper materials, ecoshopper for wine bottles, communication plan, coordination, graphic design and copywriting



Firenze promoting the ecolabel certification for green economy organizations

Project for integrated communication products: Restyling of the coordinated image, Web site, copywriting, graphic design

L’Anfora 2010 Prato

promoting the pick up and recycling of dangerous waste and recyclable materials, in a sustainable way

Project for integrated communication products: Sustainability report, coordination, graphic design

CONTATTI: Lucia Tanini-coordinamento: +393408328645

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