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‘MDNA’ The  name  of  the   album  lets  you  in  instantly  that   the  album  is  a  pop  album.  It   could  be  an  abbrevia>on  of   her  name,  This  would  allow   the  audience  to  feel  included   and  closer  to  the  album  and   Madonna  herself.  This  is   pulling  the  audience  in  and   making  them  want  to  buy  the   album.  It  could  also  be  a  trick   on  the  word  ‘MDMA’  whilst   trying  to  include  her  name  into   it.  MDMA  is  a  street  name  for   the  drug  ecstasy.  Therefore   this  album  could  be  based  on   her  view  of  ecstasy.    The  font   is  also  quite  hard  to  read   which  might  be  further   evidence  as  to  it  being  based   around  drugs.    

Madonna   MDNA  

The portrait  image  of  her  on   the  front  is  used  so  that  she   can  connect  with  any  of  the   target  audience.  Even  though   the  image  is  obscured  by  the   effect  used  on  the  album,  it  is   s>ll  very  clear  to  the   audience  that  it  is  her.     Because  Madonna  is  such  an   iconic  figure,  Her  face  does   not  need  to  be  clear  for  the   audience  to  understand  who   the  album  belongs  to.  Her   name  clearly  doesn’t  need  to   be  printed  on  the  front   either.  The  fact  that  her   name  can  be  shortened  and   abbreviated  just  shows  that   everyone  knows  her  for  how   good  of  an  ar>sts  she  is.    

This is  clearly  a  pop  album   from  just  seeing  the  colours   that  are  included.  The   mixtures  of  colours  on  this   album  cover  make  it  so   vibrant  and  full  of  fun.  This   informs  you  of  the  type  of   music  that  the  album  is   adver>sing.     The  use  of  red  lips>ck  makes  Madonna  look  ‘sexy’  and  more  appealing.  The  colour  red  connotes  love  and  lust.  It  is  also  a  very  bold  colour   which  draws  aFen>on  to  her.  This  is  the  reason  why  they  used  this  colour  on  her  lips,  To  aFract  the  audience  and  to  draw  them  into  buying   the  album.  The  dark  eyes  show  mystery  and  some  sort  of  disguise.  The  fact  that  she  isn’t  looking  directly  into  the  camera  also  shows  this.    

The use  of  graffi>  in  the   background  of  this  album   cover  makes  it  seem  very   street  and  urban.  Also  the   white  expensive  car  in  the   background  shows  that  they   care  a  lot  about  their  image   and  their  money.     The  use  of  portraiture  again   shows  him  trying  to  connect   with  the  target  audience   and  to  show  who  the  album   belongs  to.  This  in  a  way,  is   to  put  a  face  on  it.  As  he  is   not  looking  straight  into  the   camera  but  looking  down  at   his  pricey  necklace  shows   that  he  cares  quite  a  lot   about  his  wealth.  Even  the   amount  and  chains  that  he   is  wearing  around  his  neck   shows  this.    

Rick Ross  

Port of  Miami  

The dollar  signs  that  have   been  included  in  the  Ar>sts   name  and  album  name  on   the  album  cover  gives   further  evidence  to  them   thinking  about  money  and   wealth.  This  instantly  tells   you  that  the  songs  included   in  this  album  will  be  based   around  working,  jobs,   money  and  possibly  drugs.     The  use  of  expensive  items,   like  gold  chains,  cars  and  the   dollar  signs  show  that  he  is   trying  to  show  off  about  the   fact  that  he  has  money  and   that  he  is  doing  well.  If  the   audience  know  about  how   well  he  is  doing  then  it  will   make  them  look  up  to  him   and  admire  him.  The  use  of   these  effects  on  this  album   draws  the  audience  into   buying  the  album.    

As there  is  no  use  of  much  colour  in  this  album  but  a  lot  of  the  black  and  white  effect,  you  can  tell  that  the  songs  included  in  the  album   and  created  by  the  ar>st  will  not  be  very  cheerful  and  happy  but  maybe  serious  and  in>mate.  The  black  and  white  effect  used  for  the   background  gives  the  album  more  of  an  urban  style  and  look,  it  actually  makes  it  quite  hard  to  see  but  makes  the  viewer  interested  to  see.