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Common conventions of a music video

Shannon Gray

Indie music video Colour mixes and effects added to the video represent the drug use, these effects are clearly used in the Oasis video – Supernova. Close ups of the lead singer are used to show the stars talent. Always youth orientated. The videos are always made for it to be seen as a carefree environment to really show the younger side. Indie music videos will commonly be a performance video to display the skill that the band possesses. A lot of effects are used to again show the drug use, some of these effects are blurring, slow motion and time lapsing. Rock music video These videos are nearly always a performance video, which will sometimes contain a clip from their tour to gain excitement. The band will always be wearing dark clothing including, leather, chains, tattoos and piercings. Common fears e.g. Spiders are shown in videos most of the time. Always based in a dark moody location to set the scene. Little lighting is used. Pop music videos The star is always very dolled up (a Minimal clothing is worn to make The star will always be a very goodmake the video more interesting A dance routine is used to show Lots of close ups on the lead singer Alternative music videos

lot of make-up) the video more seductive. looking man or woman to and appeal to the audience. their talent and skill. to show beauty. Usually based on the band or artists own idea The video is sometimes used to make some sort of statement or message

Alternative videos are always very low budget so are always simply made. Some of the alternative videos are more software made then the filming itself.

Common conventions of a music video shannon gray  
Common conventions of a music video shannon gray