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September 2012 for support group facilitators

Alz h e im e r ' s A s s ocia ti on – Hous to n & S E Texa s

Stuff Hi FRIENDS :) This month’s newsletter contains some important reminders  Every year I need signed documentation that you are willing to continue as a support group facilitator. It is attached to this email. Please return by December 19th 2012 send by mail , fax or email. 

Interesting READ : Always remember that this is informational only . The predominating theory among Alzheimer's researchers is that the formation of sticky amyloid plaques in the brain is a key cause DITTO - Twitter : http:// of the disease. Other scientists believe a different protein called tau, which forms twisted fibers It is just another way to keep in touch with events and peo- known as tangles is the chief cause. Another scientific viewple. point is that the body's immune Quarterly Calls: Tentative Schedule : Dates to system plays a role in causing Alzheimer's disease. Two groups be announced of unrelated researchers published February: Driving papers in the New England JourMay: Communication technal of Medicine about niques their discovery of a mutation of a September : Difficult behavgene that normally helps the imiors mune system protect against AlzDecember: TBA heimer's. The mutation is susTentative Training Schedule:Venues to be pected of interfering with the annouced brain's ability to prevent the January 18th– Houston/Fort-Bend/Katy– New SG facilitators buildup of plaque. Click here to January 23rd– Tune Up—Current facilitaread about it in The New York tors ( Houston office) February 19th– East Tx– Combined new Times: http:// and March– Montgomery/Galveston– April –Brazos Valley /Beaumonthealth/gene-mutation-thatDates to be announced hobbles-immune-response-isMerry Christmaslinked-to-alzheimers.html?_r=2& FACEBOOK If you have a Facebook Account—Please like us alztex?ref=stream

The Offices will be closed for Christmas from December 20th at 5pm ( my birthday :) ) to January 2nd—If you need anything from me please call or email me before that.

Here are some notes re : Caregiving for the Holidays : I have handouts that I can send to you if you only ask :) TIPS:

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Happy Holidays

 Reminder : if a support group attendee is interested on receiving our newsletter , we need their email– we only have an Enewsletter and no longer do a mailed one

Monthly Reports are always due by the end of the month! Fax, scan or mail them in

Program Spotlight Powerful Tools for Caregivers

I will be partnering with Park Plaza Hospital in the Medical Center to conduct a Power Tool series :This program is designed to help caregivers take care of THEMSELVES . It has been shown to improve: Self-Care Behaviors: (e.g. increased exercise, relaxation and medical check-ups) Management of Emotions: (reduced guilt, anger, and depression) Self-Efficacy: (increased confidence in coping with caregiving demands) and the Use of Community Resources: (increased utilization of local services) It is a six week course. Starting February 25th 2013 —We need participants so let your caregivers know. I will be working with you to provide other classes in other areas later in the year –Stay tuned!

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Plan in advance Plan for a holiday season that will meet your current needs. Determine what will be meaningful for you. This may mean following traditions or doing something new. Although traditions are a major part of the holidays, do not let what you have done bind you to do something that will not nourish or comfort you. Set realistic expectations: Be able to let go and say, I am going to have my kind of holiday. Recognize that holidays may be a difficult time . Set limits about what you can and cannot do and communicate them early to family members. Ask yourself, Am I doing what I want to do or what I think others want me to do? Avoid getting caught in the I hate to or I should do trap. Talk to relatives and friends It’s important to have at least one person with whom you can talk openly about your feelings. Make new memories Memories of what was or of a deceased family member are appropriate. Build on these memories, but avoid letting them dominate the holiday season.

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November/December Newsletter  

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