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No. 6 2014

THE G·SPOT REVOLUTION 40 XC-5 for Britney’s new “Piece of me“ See page 4 87 X-5 into Miley’s Bangerz tour See page 22 Q-7 W debuts in Germany See page 82

Maximum points at ESC See page 88

New dimension to National Theatre See page 92

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Revolution at the best ROI The G-Spot is now on the market in big numbers and has been embraced by our many customers. A concept, thought by many to be impossible, has after tons of hours of dedicated professional research and development and huge investments become a reality, setting new standards in the lighting industry. Due to its maintenance-free nature, the G-Spot provides excellent possibilities for return on investment making it the most popular commercial rental item on the market. In this issue I have further justified this statement and at the same time revealed other aspects of the development process of the G-spot moving head. The IP rating of the fixture has been further demonstrated through thorough testing the proof of which is clearly indicated in this latest edition. I highly value the feedback we keep receiving from new users of the G-Spot. Recently it was tested in London for a full week on the roof of the Royal National Theatre, exposed to the typical miserable British weather and city particles. Robert Ogilvie, Lighting Resources, discovered the unit to be a definite time saver in respect of maintenance, appreciating the crystal clear gobos and the positioning of the DMX cables and of course the IP rating. At SGM, developments are taking shape on a daily basis, and production flow is high – to meet the even greater demand. In this issue I invite you in to see our production facilities, where immense focus is being placed on quality assurance, enabling us to produce the best and most reliable product portfolio in the industry. This spring has seen many interesting and innovative projects in which the SGM product portfolio has been put to creative use. LED tubes (LT100/200) have been utilised in floor mounted mode for choir concerts and music videos, LED balls (LB-100) have been used for stunning visual tunnel effects, while SixPacks created a huge SGM LED wall for the 59th Eurovision Song Contest as part of the most impressive lightshow in recent history (conceived by lighting designer Kasper Lange). Enjoy reading the magazine and enjoy the summer festival season — which promises to offer great inspiration for us lighting enthusiasts across the globe.

Peter Johansen

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

CONTENTS SGM NEWS No. 6 2014 XC-5 adds pizzazz to Britney’s spectacular Las Vegas 4 H.C. Andersen ‘The Angel’ installed with 8 Architectural urban 10 NIN9 clubbing with LT-100 LED 12 SGM package for the Pope’s 13 Ivete Sangalo’s DVD recording with the extensive SGM 14 Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show illuminated by 314 P-5 wash 16 SGM enters the Bollywood 18 Leroy Bennett and Peter Johansen to reconnect at 19 LCV choir immersed in SGM 3D Pixel Tubes for Reflections 20 SGM X-5s put the bang into Miley’s 22 G-Spot performing for Tië 24 Major UK event companies invest heavily in 26 European Capital of Culture explodes into life with 28 UEP invests heavily in SGM’s new generation LED 30 P-5s mingle with the stars at Swiss 31 Pearl Jam blast out with SGM 32 SGM puts the Opera House in the 34 German dry hire specialist Motion receives award for the purchase of 1000th SGM P-5 wash 35 Interviewing Peter Johansen on the development of the 36 G - Spot around the 40 SGM XC-5 at the 2014 IIFA 42 From strength to 44 46 55 P-5 W & P-5 59 The Q-7 and Q-7 60 The 61 The 64 The 66 LB-100..................................................................................................................................................................................................................... page 70 LT-100 / 71 72 73 LS-3.75 and 74 TLD-612 / TLD-612 A 76 ILD / 77 SGM 78 SGM 3D tubes brings vibrancy to Katy B’s music 79 Lee Allen flies The Blue Peter Flag with 80 The Q-7 W Debuts in 82 Interview with lighting designer Michael 84 SGM fixtures light up canonization 86 SGM SixPacks score maximum points at 88 SGM G-Spot adds new dimension to National 92 LD-5s make creative impact at Pryzm and 96 The Danish Art Museum 98 LP-700 for ‘Inside Out’ 99 SGM P-5s light up Kew 100 SGM celebrates ‘Best Trade Show Ever’ 102 Follow us 103 SGM distributors 104

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SGM NEWS No. 6 2014



SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

XC-5 x 40 pcs


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Silent House Productions specify 40 XC-5 for new Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood When Britney Spears’ new Las Vegas revue Britney: Piece of Me opened at the end of last year, leading production designers Baz Halpin and Chris Nyfield of Silent House Productions invested it with a typically dynamic and versatile set.

specifying a scalable touring rig that needs to be trucked from venue to venue? Baz Halpin says exactly the same rules apply. “Besides, this show will still load in and out nine times over the course of two years, so we approached it in basically the same way we would have a tour.”

Halpin, who boasts a veritable portfolio of global superstars among his credits, first started using SGM’s groundbreaking XC-5 colour strobes last year on world arena tours with P!nk and Taylor Swift, as rental stagers PRG invested in inventory to meet the demand.

His Silent House collective of experienced designers have once again ensured a seamless scenography that befits a Las Vegas spectacular — aided by the flawless display of the XC-5s. With Baz and Chris Nyfield conceiving the set design, it was left to Eric Marchwinski to programme the lighting and Philip Ealy to operate the board at front of house.

This time he confirms that he has deployed 40 of the LED strobes on the stage at Planet Hollywood Resort as the only strobe platform in the set. Designed to highlight the pop diva’s signature style and energy as she performs infectious dance hits alongside tracks from her eighth studio album, Britney Jean, the show will run for a minimum of two years and combines a highenergy concert with a pulsating, nightclub feel within the world’s largest indoor projection theatre. “This is a high energy pop show fused with a club environment,” confirms Halpin. “The lighting fixtures needed to be powerful and durable and these XC-5s bring high intensity strobe power with the freedom of colour choice.” Having earlier featured the XC-5s in a number of other touring shows, the production designer adds, “We are using the fixtures in a variety of ways … as a straightforward strobe to create dynamic musical impact, as well as for scenic details in the larger picture.” To accomplish this they have been set in various stage locations — both in the air overhead, at the sides and on the floor carts. Housed in a black, slim aluminium chassis, the XC-5 was designed to sound the death knell of the old xenon-based effects, with such high wattage that they need many generators to power them. The XC-5s can be overdriven 20 times without destroying them, and can produce numerous different flash combinations from the combination of 1,080 RGB LEDs, each offering a lamp life of 50,000 hours. But does designing for a long-term residency impose any different challenges than when


Halpin reinforced the belief he expressed on first seeing the strobes — at the LDI Show in November 2012 — when he remarked “I instantly loved the quality of the colours, the intensity, size and low power consumption … not to mention that the fixture could be more versatile than just a strobe.” After using them over the past 12 months he now states, “I definitely think that LED strobes are now the way to go. “They are a great tool to have in a lighting arsenal — creating a high impact visually while drawing low power and offering great reliability.”

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

XC-5 x 40 pcs


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Lighting Designer Anne Bureau on the front row, the second on the right.

H.C. Andersen ‘The Angel’ installed with P-5 In Sweden, the annual Lights in Alingsås event

Anne Bureau’s design “The Angel” beautifully

focused around H.C. Andersen’s world-famous

conveys the tale’s message — and appreciation

fairy tales. A special installation was designed by

of what we have on earth with the consideration

French designer, Anne Bureau from the lighting

that life perhaps does not end with death. The

design practice Wonderfulight, representing the

optimistic fairy tale is about an angel and a dead

tale “The Angel”. In her design, Bureau utilised

child gathering flowers to carry to heaven, thus

the SGM P-5 wash light supplied by Swedish

the lighting design is located at the cemetery,

rental company Stage & EventLight.

thereby setting the perfect atmosphere.

Now in its 14th year, Lights in Alingsås is

Together with workshop participants, Anne

presented by the PLDA (Professional Lighting

Bureau used 12 P-5s in this her first design with

Designers Association), together with the City

SGM products. Finding the P-5 easy to use,

of Alingsås, where PLDA professionals work

she explains the main effect she envisioned:

with the next generation of lighting designers.

“I wanted to achieve a strobe effect with a

Based on the main topic of the year, workshops

progression along the alley of trees, to create

are created with students, leading up to the

an ascension to heaven type feel”, adding that

opening for the general public.

the P-5’s strobe effect worked really well, and that the public appreciated the finished result.

A record number of 85,000 people visited the


exhibition of lights over its five weeks’ duration,

Further 12 moving heads from SGM, Giotto

where Alingsås’ winter landscape exploded

Spot 700, were selected for Lights in Alingsås’

in colours. Even in spite of the furious storm

opening ceremony depicturing the life and

Simone, 250 guided tours were arranged.

immortal fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

P-5 x 12 pcs

Giotto Spot 700 x 12 pcs

Photos: Patrik Gunnar Helin

Photos: Patrik Gunnar Helin


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Architectural urban regeneration The city of Ishøj is implementing the four basic elements as part of an exciting renewal of its urban areas. SGM fixtures are playing a key role by illuminating the town centre building. As one of the world’s largest lighting design offices, ÅF Lighting is experienced in creating holistic lighting solutions manifesting the right balance between functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. With more than 30 years in the industry, ÅF Lighting was offered an opportunity to develop an overall lighting concept for the urban areas surrounding the town centre in Ishøj, revolving around the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Implementing the elements The first part of the concept, implemented in 2012, was based on the element water. The square in front of the train station near the coastline has been furnished with feature and scenographic lighting in blue and green shades,

artistic projections of ripples and cohesive wave pattern along a 55 metre long retaining wall. The second part commenced in 2013 on the eastern part of the town centre building. The many vibrant activities in the centre have been interpreted to the element fire and energy, which is now reflected in the smouldering glow from the warm red colours of the façade provided by the SGM P-5 and SixPack. The latter two elements, earth and air, are dedicated for future lighting projects in the town garden (earth) and for the many bridges connecting the quarter (air). Selecting the right fixtures Experienced with earlier generation Palco 3 and 5, ÅF Lighting has previously accomplished architectural projects and events with SGM fixtures stretching from the Palm House in Copenhagen’s botanic garden to the Arena tent for Roskilde Festival. Frederik W. Borello, Electrical and Lighting Engineer from ÅF Lighting, explains: “We have been very satisfied with the functionality of the SGM fixtures, and consequently we chose to examine the new product range as well.

Custom-built SixPack and P-5 with aluminium look


“We place high demands on the quality and design of lighting technology as well as technical features such as efficacy (lm/W), enclosure (IP rating) and last but not least of course the pricing.” The SGM SixPack blinder and P-5 wash light proved to be the most ideal lighting fixtures for the task and Frederik describes them as easy

SixPack x 6 pcs

P-5 x 11 pcs

Frederik W. Borello

to integrate into their architecture due to their high IP rating, powerful multicolour LEDs and their compact and minimalistic design. Installing customised P-5 and SixPack ÅF Lighting was responsible for the design and project planning, while LTECH A/S ensured installation and mounting of the fixtures. Frederik explains: “The building’s façades are approx. 35 metres high and built in red bricks. The difference in the base construction of each façade rendered it impossible to place all fixtures alike, hence we have gone to lengths to find the optimal placement so that the illumination appears similar from either viewing angle despite the height of the building.” Six SixPack blinders and 11 P-5 wash lights have been utilised for the initial phase, while another 12 SixPacks and 22 P-5s will be added for remaining western part of the building. The P-5 fixtures have been specified with different spread angles (15˚/21˚/43˚) to ensure the even light distribution, at the same time avoiding light spill onto the adjoining façades. For one of the façades it was necessary to mount the fixtures onto masts to obtain even light distribution, hence special aluminium luminaire arms were produced; SGM therefore customised some of the fixtures in the same aluminum look to match the surface of the masts and create an overall aesthetic appearance. Providing safety and regeneration The town centre has been struggling to survive due to stores shutting and increased competition

from nearby shopping centres. The intention with the new illumination is to turn the negative developments around for the commercial life in Ishøj, and the building now has an appealing effect, especially in the dark winter season. The renewal of the façades has created a glowing landmark in the area with the visual reference to the element fire while also infusing safety in the environment. Cooperating with SGM Further to the cooperation with SGM to custombuilt fixtures with an aluminium look, Frederik says he is delighted with the positive dialogue between ÅF Lighting and SGM. “We have received a high level of service ensuring that the project was completed within our timeframe and with the features we needed, such as the development of stand-alone software, which previously was not standard for the SixPack fixture.” Frederik also draws attention to the wireless DMX feature of the SGM fixtures, which will make it easy at a later stage to establish DMX connection between all the fixtures for remote control of the lighting. Summing up, Frederik says: “We have several outdoor projects, and with SGM having a broad portfolio of outdoor products in compact design and with the latest technology it makes it possible for us to accomplish our projects more easily and effectively – and without compromising the design.”


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

NIN9 clubbing with LT-100 LED tubes A new prestigious club and lounge recently opened in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, which fully embraces its guests with a VIP zone, dance floor and lighting innovations. Club NIN9 is based around the concept of having just nine tables, but the dance venue has already established a great atmosphere, drawing in full houses. SGM’s local distributor in Georgia, AVB Ltd., is familiar with club installations, which is a key area of its work portfolio, and for club NIN9 they were asked to participate from the early planning in the project design, concept creation and scheduling of the equipment. Thus, AVB were able to deliver a turnkey solution for the club including audio, digital signage and lighting equipment, while also handling delivery, cabling, installation and configuration work. Sales Director of AVB, Mr. Giorgi Shanidze, proposed the SGM LT-100 LED tubes for the club centrepiece. Explains Shanidze: “The customer wanted a solution that was different, new, state-of-the-art and stunning when compared to other Tbilisi clubs.” This triggered AVB to install 140 LT-100 1-metre 3D graphic tubes driven by 24 SGM ILD (Installation LED Drivers), placing the tubes in seven rows with 20 units per row and a distance of 50 cm between each tube – all installed in the suspended ceiling above the dance floor.

LT-100 x 140 pcs

ILD x 24 pcs


The right impact For AVB the installation of LT-100s was purely ‘plug and play’. And the wave and equaliser effects created by the LED tubes are easily controlled in the club using Madrix. The Georgian distributor has previously been engaged in installations with SGM equipment such as Shangri La Casino and Cartu Group projects, and can now add another successful project to the list with Club NIN9. “The customer was happy with the result and said that he received exactly what he wanted for his club, which has created the impression that he anticipated,” concludes Shanidze, who himself describes the LT-100 as a unique, new and impressive fixture with versatile application possibilities.

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM package for the Pope’s visit... Brazilian TV station, Rede Globo, provided broadcast coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to Brazil, for which two large stages were provided: one in Guaratiba and another on Copacabana Beach. Spectrun Design e Iluminação supplied all the equipment for the event on the Guaratiba stage. A 70m x 30m stage, which was originally built to receive approximately three million visitors — and prepared to transmit the festivities to the whole world — was illuminated by 66 P-5 LED wash lights and 40 SixPack blinders for perfect colour diversity and light output. Marcos Olivio from Spectrun Design e Iluminação was challenged by the size of the stage and the emphasis to maintain an aesthetic display and he created a stage with numerous columns of various heights and sizes. The function of the P-5 was to

P-5 x 66 pcs

SixPack x 40 pcs illuminate these and they were especially selected for their IP rating to work flawlessly in the outdoor environment. “The power and the colours are the key diffe-

rentiators of these products [SixPack and P-5]. And after this experience in the heavy rain, also their IP65”, explains Olivio. However, unpredictably, meteorological factors resulted in all activities in Guaratiba being transferred to Copacabana with only one day’s notice — and so the planned event for 3 million never took place. While the full setup worked perfectly, it was decided that accommodating three million people without cover would not be ideal. “It rained heavily for five days, but the IP-65 products showed that we were ready to hold the event. Even with this much rain, everything was turned on and working”, Olivio recognises.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Ivete Sangalo’s DVD recording with the extensive SGM portfolio X-5 x 200 pcs

P-5 x 66 pcs

SixPack x 40 pcs

Giotto Synth. 700 x 24 pcs

When Brazilian Latin Grammy Award-winner

people, while at the same time illuminating

Ivete Sangalo recently celebrated her 20th

the stadium was the challenge facing Marcos

anniversary in the business, she did so by

Olivio from Spectrun Design e Iluminação when

recording a DVD called IS20. This took place at

developing his design concept.

the large Arena Fonte Nova stadium in Brazil’s first capital of Salvador, which with its capacity

“The initial idea was to have the entire stadium lit,

of 52,048 will also be hosting some of the FIFA

complementing the lights on the stage,” stated

World Cup matches later this year.

Olivio. “LED technology has made the challenge of illuminating large arenas or stadiums simpler

Spectrun Design e Iluminação was in charge of

and more economical. The energy requirement

the design concept and execution, and to fulfil

for these big shows is now much smaller and at

the task of illuminating the grand stadium, they

the same time this new equipment provides a

selected a large-scale package of SGM light

much greater intensity.

equipment, including 200 X-5 white LED strobes, 66 P-5 RGB wash lights, 40 SixPack blinders and

“Before SGM’s LED technology, we had to use

24 Giotto Synthesis 700 Wash.

PAR 64 lamps with large power generators and a lot of fixtures to illuminate large stadiums.

Accommodating Sangalo’s audience of 40,000


Then came moving light washes, but the rental

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Marcos Olivio - Spectrun Design e Iluminaçã: "LED technology has made the challenge of

illuminating large arenas or stadiums simpler and more economical".

of these was too expensive. However, LED really

imagine using 200 traditional 3000W strobes for

started to change the very concept of lighting

this show? What an energy consumption”, he

while still leaving room to continue evolving.”

smiles. Furthermore, it was the colour range of the SGM products that also caught his interest.

The X-5s and SixPacks were positioned to form a back wall on the stage, while the P-5s were used

Spectrun Design e Iluminação had previously

to illuminate the white ceiling of the stadium,

tested the SGM product portfolio with full

creating the perfect glow for the audience to


safely cross the huge area.

representative in Brasil, LBO. “This made it much





easier to choose the appropriate equipment to Meanwhile, the back wall was created to provide

fulfil the lighting design concept. We have now


mastered the equipment and are aware of its












full potential”, the designer explains.

Sangalo’s intense, upbeat and contagious music. Olivio underlines that for him the choice was

The singer-songwriter, Ivete Sangalo, will shortly

simple when opting for the SGM equipment. “It

be touring in Brazil with a light show and Marcos

was down to the intensity of all the LED fixtures

Olivio confirms that “there will definitely be X-5s

combined with low power requirement. Can you

in this project”.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo fashion show illuminated by 314 P-5 wash lights The Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week took place recently under no fewer than 314 SGM P-5 wash lights. This created the perfect illumination for women’s coming autumn and winter collection 2014-2015 with designer attention given to the architectural construction of the clothing.

Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile) and Asus exhibition. “The show needed to have a vast homogeneous illumination”, comments Bruzzese who tested the P-5 to verify that it could provide just that. “The P-5 gave us that big bang of light with diffused reflection that we wanted.”

P-5 x 314 pcs

Around 600 industry visitors came to see the show, which was also recorded and broadcast on Fashion TV (FTV), other fashion channels and to Ferragamo’s own showroom. Besides taking into consideration a lighting design that was suitable for television, Bruzzese also had to focus on light for the audience entrance as well as the correct white quality light for the catwalk and display of the fashion clothing while at the same time conveying the emotion desired by the fashion designer … all with only a few minutes to prepare for the show.

The Italian design company chose for its location Palazzo della Borsa, the “Stock Exchange Palace” from the 20th century, which proved a beautiful setting. Lighting designer G. Paolo Bruzzese from Newlight Srl had his heart set on the P-5 from the beginning as he has deployed the unit previously to great satisfaction for events such as the Milan

Lighting designer

G. Paolo Bruzzese


For this purpose, the 314 P-5 wash lights were truss mounted from the ceiling. Each unit has 44 RGBW 10W LEDs, creating the perfect flicker-free colour output. “I love the power, the uniformity of light and the small compact size of the fixture,” states Bruzzese, who has many more projects in mind for the P-5 including the Telecom convention, a Chopard Jewelry party and an Expo Gate dinner party.


SGM enters the Bollywood industry There is no end to the positive feedback provided by Light Craft & Sound’s Mr. Arjun Singh after having invested in the SGM LB-100 LED balls. The pixel effect has already been used for several TV projects and Bollywood film set through Corcoise Film, Tips Films, Sunshine and Laxmi Narsimha Production. SGM’s distributor Modern Stage supplied the LB100 stock to Indian rental company Light Craft & Sound, who also often assume the responsibility of the design and installation phase as part of their rental services. Company director, Mr. Arjun Singh, is impressed with his investment describing the products as having “the-first-man-on-the-moon advantage”, finding no local parallel and hence no competition. “The LED balls are easy to rig and operate which make them a hot favourite”, he adds.

Arjun Singh: “The LED balls are easy to rig and operate which make them a hot favourite”

Singh himself was involved in the lighting design and execution, according to the client’s brief, for Philips LED Lights TV commercial, featuring film actor Ranbir Kapoor. For the music video, the LB-100 strings, each containing seven pixel balls with a sphere of 28mm and two powerful RGB LEDs, created a stunning visual tunnel effect surrounding the singer and dancers, with mirrors applied to provide further perspective. “This was the first time we had used the SGM products and the experience was very good and of great satisfaction for the client and technicians involved,” states Singh, who is delighted with the many subsequent rave reviews. At Light Craft & Sound, being innovative is the buzzword, hence seeing great advantages in SGM’s LED technology-based, energy-saving, easy-to-rig solutions, with outstanding interfaces. Another large-scale project including the LB100 will be the upcoming Hindi motion-picture featuring mega star Akshay Kumar – ‘Holiday’. And Singh foresees more projects in the near future as their design team is engaged in new tasks. “We will definitely use them again. They are so easy to rig that it is bound to make them a hot favourite among everyone — from gaffers to directors of photography,” he concludes.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Leroy Bennett and Peter Johansen to reconnect at Entech

again Peter has created a very successful product! I was impressed by the combination of power consumption, brightness and rugged design of the strobes.”

Leading production designer LeRoy Bennett and lighting visionary Peter Johansen will become reunited in July this year — down under.

Over the years the designer has routinely come to rely on lighting solutions in which Peter Johansen has had a guiding hand. Says Peter, “It is great to be involved with Roy again on such groundbreaking events. Our relationship dates back to the early ‘90s … in the days when we were providing scanners and early moving lights. Roy was also breaking boundaries back then — in fact I think we were both raising the bar.”

Responsible for specifying what was eventually more than 500 of SGM’s game-changing X-5 white strobes on Beyoncé’s The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in 2013 — his unforgettable strobe dominated ‘Wall of Inferno’ creating one of the brightest stage displays ever — Bennett heads the line-up of speakers at Entech Connect, Australia’s evergreen trade and technology show. The conceptualiser, who has worked with many of the world’s top artistes, will be discussing his personal philosophy of design on the opening morning of Entech Connect, which takes place at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (July 2324). SGM will also be heavily involved in collateral events, sponsoring the Visitor Network Evening partnership, where Peter Johansen will make a onehour presentation as part of the official seminar programme, Peter has then been invited onto the panel as one of the specialists debating The Future of Lighting Technology, which takes place on July 24th — a session which is sure to draw a large audience.

Aside from SGM’s radical departure from traditional xenon to an RGB solid state approach, LeRoy Bennett also acknowledged the huge economic advantages, both in trucking costs and power draw on European stages … particularly important in making Rammstein’s tour work financially. On his website the designer describes keeping things fresh as “a very painful process”. He says, “ I don’t like to repeat myself … any time new technology comes out that helps to keep things fresh.” And SGM will ensure that supply line of unique technology continues.

At the same time, SGM will also be exhibiting with their territorial partner, Entertainment Technology Australia (ETA) — who launched the SGM portfolio onto the Australian market at last year’s Entech show in Sydney. ETA’s Managing Director Dave Croxton commented, “The momentum we created by reintroducing the new-look SGM brand last year has certainly been sustained; our customers have responded positively to the unique solutions offered by these stylish low profile LED displays in a wide range of touring and install applications.” LeRoy Bennett himself became an early adopter of the X-5 white strobe as soon as it was launched in the States towards the end of 2012. Aside from his work with Beyoncé he also saw a role for them on the sets of industrial band, Nine Inch Nails and heavy metal giants Rammstein — the latest in a long line of solutions masterminded over recent decades by Peter Johansen, both currently and in his previous incarnation. In fact down the years both men have frequently scooped top industry awards on both sides of the Atlantic and today LeRoy acknowledges that “once


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014



deployed in an unusual context, when London

immediately solved. I no longer had to worry

Contemporary Voices (LCV), one of London’s

about projectors, and there was no need to have











a costly set constructed. I challenged the tubes

Reflections concert at the 18th century St. John-

to a production that they may not normally be

at-Hackney Church in London.

used to, and they were perfect for a choir that attempts to be non-traditional; incorporating

Working to a production design by Ali Abbas

these into their show really has given them an


edge they were looking for.”





Owen Pritchard-Smith, of Spirit Design, sourced a number of the 3D graphic tubes from the

The tubes were programmed by Chris Morgan

inventory of Chris Morgan’s Blueprint Events to

in Madrix and triggered from an Avolites Tiger

create a ring of shimmering light from the sticks,


which are loaded with LEDs, each individually addressable. LCV had wanted to present a unique stage set for the 300 people who attended, including Bat






and BBC Sound of 2014 nominee Luke SitalSingh. While the choir performed a number of original arrangements of different songs, vocal percussion and beats were provided by beatboxer BeatFox. After deciding on the title Reflections for the concert, Abbas and Ega-Bourgeois stated, “We settled for a composite environment that would use the architectural language of the Church and form a landscape composed of a series of elements of varying heights within which LCV could evolve and perform.” And this is where the 1m and 2m long SGM pixel sticks came into play. Tasked with creating a unique environment in which the choir would be immersed, Owen Pritchard-Smith admitted, “My initial thought was to use projection to bring this set to life, and reinforce the concept of emotional reflection through content and architectural lighting. But this posed a number of issues; firstly, having the choir submersed within a 360 degree set proved to be a key lighting and camera nightmare; secondly projection is an expensive and preproduction-heavy option, and thirdly, the production team was running out of time for set design and construction. “Then I remembered about Chris at Blueprint and the SGM tubes. Being thin and partially


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

“They provided ideal levels and an environment for the




Smith. “Their flexibility allowed me to create 3D effects that would not have been possible with other options. Their light weight allowed them to be set up and moved around quickly and with ease, really speeding up get-in time. I was extremely pleased with their output and I decided to dress the choir in white to allow them to reflect the colours that I sent in their direction — fully immersing them in the show. “I will definitely be using these pixel tubes again to fully explore their potential to create different environments within productions.”


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM X-5s PUT THE BANG INTO MILEY’S BANGERZ LD ROB SINCLAIR SPECIFIES 87 OF THE LED STROBES Lighting designer Rob Sinclair has incorporated 87 of SGM’s new X-5 LED strobes into the set for the current Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour, which visits Europe in a few months’ time — and he has been relishing the experience of working with them. X-5 x 87 pcs

“It’s the first time I have used these strobes and also my first time working with Miley — and it’s been great fun,” he reports. Introduced to the tour by top production designer, Es Devlin, the experienced LD has been joined by lighting director/programmer Sean Burke, making this the perfect team to deliver Devlin’s powerful and strident creative concept. Describing the show as “a high gloss, high fashion, very geometric wild ride” Sinclair adds, “I knew we needed to fight against an enormous LED wall so I chose the brightest fixtures I could and grouped them into blocks. “We went through many changes on the same basic idea — both to suit budget changes and to fit amongst the other departments.” One of production’s prime concerns had been power draw — and it was John Huddleston from Upstaging, the LD’s preferred vendor, who steered Rob away from conventional strobes and into the energy efficient world of LED. ”When he told me about the X-5s we set up a demo in London so I could see for myself.” Immediately, it was more than the power draw that impressed him. “Although that had been the reason for choosing them initially, I really enjoyed their ability to hold a ‘thermal’ look for longer than a conventional strobe and also the ability to repeat it without having to recharge.” The X-5s are both flown from trusses and also integrated into a hidden back wall behind the video screen. “We have been using them in big, bold blocks,” he says. “This show was no place for small gestures! “I have loved working with them — they are reliable, bright, and use less power.” He confirmed that they will form part of the touring package which arrives in Europe (at Amsterdam


Photo: Steve Jennings

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Ziggo Dome) at the beginning of May — and will again see Sean Burke piloting the show from a pair of High End Full Boar 4 consoles. Like Sinclair, he is hugely complimentary, both of the strobes, and Upstaging’s inventory support. “The thing I like best about these units is the light output and speed of response from command,” he says. “They behave like you would expect any conventional strobe, which is good and up against other nice bright fixtures in the rig the X-5 has no problem holding its own.” Prior to the tour’s kit selection Sean had carried out his own comparison test against industry standard strobes. “The X-5 is not a ‘tube’ strobe and so behaves slightly differently. But I was impressed by the light output and how even the light was. They are exactly the right choice for what we are doing on this tour.” Power consumption is a major advantage, he says. “To achieve the same thing using conventional strobes would require several hundred more amps per phase than what we are using. This, coupled with the compact size and weight, makes the X-5 a great touring product.” Already specifying the fixtures on further upcoming tours, Sean Burke is in no doubt that LED strobes are eventually destined to replace traditional xenon sources. “The size, weight and power consumption of these units make it a no brainer. As long as the units remain reliable into the future this product has potentially a long life in the industry.”

Lighting designer Rob Sinclair “It’s the first time I have used these strobes and also my first time working with Miley — and it’s been great fun. I knew we needed to fight against an enormous LED wall so chose the brightest fixtures I could and grouped them into blocks.”


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

G·Spot performing for Tiësto At the exclusive EDM Copenhagen electronic

For this nine-hour event (running from afternoon

festival, presented by Arive on the terrace of the

to midnight), packed with a strong lineup of DJs

luxurious Stay Apartment Hotel in the Danish

and live acts, production manager and show designer Christian Byriel from CeeBRIGHTER had some specific venue challenges to overcome.

G-Spot x 20 pcs

“Though being challenged with large window façades, an unusual location and an outdoor venue from daylight to dusk, I feel I achieved

capital, the headline artist was undoubtedly

my vision and maintained the aesthetic look

the greatest DJ of the decade, Tiësto, while the

required by the customer,” he says. It became

G-Spot moving head created its own spotlight as

apparent to him that the G-Spot was to play a

the headline lighting fixture.

large role in his achievement.



SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Byriel approached lighting designer Christian

programmed and reliable in operation. “I felt

Vigsø, with whom he has a close cooperation,

safe knowing that should the weather turn for

and together they set up a shootout with four

the worse, I would have no problems as the

leading moving head models. It quickly became

G-Spot is IP65 rated. This is crucial for this kind

clear that the G-Spot’s output and performance

of production. There was absolutely no space

was second to none even when compared with

nor time for makeshift dome solutions, but I did

equivalent discharge lamp-based products.

not have to worry about this at all.”

For his design, Byriel deployed 20 G-Spot LED

Besides this obvious benefit, the production

moving lights to produce a powerful effect,

manager was especially astonished by the

expanding the stage area to embrace the


audiences. “All 20 lamps performed beyond

intensity. Also, the G-Spot played a major role in

comparison and were the perfect choice for this

driving down the total power consumption to a

event. The entire production team was deeply

minimum. “I will definitely spec the G-Spot units

impressed with the bright light output and so

for upcoming events – and for next year’s Arive.

were the guests,” states Byriel, in appreciation

We had high expectations for the G-Spot, but it

of a fixture sufficiently bright to create a striking

exceeded them in all areas,” he concluded.







impact for this high-class hotel both in daylight as well as darkness.

Tiësto came on stage at 10pm, giving his audience of 1,800 dedicated fans a two-hour

With barely eight hours to prepare from get-

unique intimate experience of trance-electronic

in until show-start, everything needed to be

breaks … accompanied by the G-Spot lightshow.

Photos: Christian Byriel -


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014



companies, recently









Blueprint, in


White) wash lights, acquiring a total of 72 heads,


and immediately pressing them into service to


fulfill a creative concept by one of Denmark’s

generation LED portfolio, selecting different

leading lighting designers, Søren Peglau, during

solutions from the Danish company’s catalogue

London Fashion Week.

to boost their rental fleets. Sean Ferris, Hawthorn project manager for the London Fashion Week

recent event at the Danish Embassy, states,

Stage equipment hire specialists, Hawthorn,

“We saw these lights being demonstrated when



they were first launched and I knew immediately

increasingly popular P-5 RGBW and TW (Tunable

that we would be able to use them within some






of our show designs.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014








In fact one of the highest profile

Embassy and then used the P-5 TWs again on

deployments of the LT-200s, he confirms,

an event in Brighton. We like the Tunable Whites

has been on chart topping artiste Katy B’s

because you can vary the colour temperature

recent Crying For No Reason music video.

from warm to cold white. These are great as

Another, which also featured LED Balls,

studio effects because you can achieve exactly

was a major TV dancing contest’s

the correct light for coverage.

Christmas Special.

“I find the P-5s incredibly bright and versatile and they have a beautiful dimming arc. They are generally a really punchy unit with 43° lenses which means architecturally they light building façades beautifully and drawing just 400W they also boast a great power consumption to brightness ratio. The option of three different lenses and a barn door simply adds to the value hence the reason there is already a growing demand for the P-5s.” The P-5s were also used in a recent Cambridge lighting festival championing sustainable lighting by Anagram, Hawthorn’s Cambridge division. Anagram worked with the e-Luminate Festival team to create an interactive lighting installation at St John’s College where the chapel tower changed colour as it interacted with the choir in the chapel during evensong. The tower was lit by the P-5s which were controlled by an AMBX server listening to audio in the chapel though ambient





planning to use them at a London beer festival. LED tubes in demand At the same time, SGM UK confirm that they have made a further sale to Blueprint, run by Chris Morgan. Blueprint already had 250 LT-200 pixel tubes (and 84 SGM ILD Drivers) in their hire stock as well as LT-100 1-metre tubes and around 100 SGM LB-100 LED Balls, but have now increased to 400 of the 2-metre tubes. These have been involved in high profile events ranging from Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium to Battersea Power Station for Cancer Research UK’s Full and Half Marathon as well as the recent London Fashion Week event at the Danish Embassy, where they supplied nearly 200 tubes and 80 ILD Drivers (working alongside Hawthorn). Morgan






increasing our inventory; we have enough controllers to service any event and are getting lots of interest both from customers and other rental houses, for both the Balls and Tubes. The LT-200 is an amazing effect. At the Danish Embassy visitors were impressed even before we turned them on!”

Photos: Lluna Gallego, PhotoDouble L. R


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

European Capital of Culture explodes into life with SGM P-5: A Winner in Umeå’s Winter

volunteers and performers. Meanwhile,




Having been declared European Capital of

place at a central location

Culture 2014 all eyes now turn to the city of

in the city, for a weekend of

Umeå in Sweden. Lumination of Sweden was

art and lighting in a snowy

put in charge of the technical production for the

and icy environment. This

inauguration ceremony, and brought in 36 SGM





P-5 wash lights to create the right atmosphere

Lighting designer

technicians from Lumination


Tobias Hallgren

of Sweden.







opening winter weekend of the cultural year. This incorporated the shows, “Burning Snow”


and “Lit City”.

Lumination of Sweden, who was given the





main technical responsibility for both events P-5 x 36 pcs

and was head designer for Lit City, selected the P-5 for its “light output, versatility and outdoor

Burning Snow was performed on the ice of the

compability” and was delighted with the results.

Umeå River and involved a team of 70 people from

“There was a lot of positive press coverage during

Lumination of Sweden, PRG, Lunatx, Groundfloor

the weekend from all over the world. Umeå City

Production and ARS Electronica along with local

was very pleased with the whole project both in artistic results and practical solutions,” states Hallgren. The 36 P-5 wash lights were supplied by rental service company 2rent, who recently invested in the fixture as its first SGM stock after having them demoed by SGM Sweden’s Mikael Uddh. 2rent partner, Henrik Rydell, explains that he quickly saw the potential. “We love working with the P-5. We can easily set the addresses and mode via Android phones to improve the service level towards the customer. It is also great to be able to read out the data of the fixture when the unit comes back from a rental. We love the design and we keep telling our customers that now you don´t need to hide the lamps anymore, since it is a beauty to look at!” Rydell especially favours the P-5’s NFC function, and foresees future application of the fixture in TV studios for colouring stage props, in shop windows illuminating and promoting products, in car exhibitions around the world and in outdoor environments in general due to its high IP rating. Summing up, Rydell realises he has a winner in his stock. “We know it is a powerful wash and we know it will serve us for many years”, he concludes.


Photos: H책kan Larsson, Extreme Production Stockholm, Copyright Lumination of Sweden


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

UEP INVESTS HEAVILY IN SGM’s NEW GENERATION LED PORTFOLIO Describing UEP’s equipment inventory as both “quirky” and “eclectic”, Steve Butcher, founder of the technical event production company, can draw on many years’ experience providing top level support across premium lighting, sound and staging components. He regularly reviews, and turns over his hire stock to ensure it remains at the cutting edge and recently invested substantially in SGM’s new generation of LED lighting effects, ordering substantial quantities of SixPack pixel blinders, XC-5 RGB colour strobes and P-5 wash lights from SGM UK. UEP had barely taken delivery of the low-profile strobes before they were requisitioned for The Brit Awards 2014 at the O2 Arena. Having set up Universal Event Productions (UEP)

Steve Butcher, with some of this new SGM acquisitions.

“In fact we’ve now replaced all our old power-hungry strobe inventory as a result of these XC-5s”


back in 1998 and watched it rapidly develop, Steve Butcher can reflect on many high end corporate projects featuring not only leading multinational brands including Nike, Xbox (Microsoft), Garnier and Waitrose but also world-renowned artists, including Kaiser Chiefs, Scissor Sisters, Little Mix, Plan B, Dizzy Rascal, Chase & Status, Example, Calvin Harris, Tony Hadley, Midge Ure, Kelly Roland, Disclosure, Hazel O’Connor and many more. “We’ve always been very lucky as music has been central to our activities,” he said. And as an extension of this, last year he set up the hugely successful two-day Chilfest in nearby Tring — an event set to grow this year. “For me that opened up further possibilities with our inventory. I have always been strong on LED technology and when Matt Wiseman [from SGM UK] showed me the SGM products, I instantly

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

loved the build quality and thought of Chilfest. “I knew the LED strobes would be amazing while the P-5s I bought principally to light the trees behind the stage. “At the same time we were looking at changing our LED battens for something brighter and went for 20 of the SixPacks. In fact our principle LD for Chilfest, Simon Maddison, is already considering how he can design these new SGM fixtures into the set, and is looking at pixel mapping opportunities.” Based on the popular blinder, by replacing the traditional halogen with an RGBA LED source the creative LD can achieve so much more, since the fixture combines six outputs of powerful 40W colour mixing with built-in electronics, and individual DMX control over each lamp. UEP already have 16 of them earmarked for a red carpet corporate product launch at the Westfield Centre’s Vue Cinema in Shepherds Bush for major computer games company, Activision.

In a revenue-driven business Butcher immediately saw great potential for dry hire. “One big advantage of all these SGM fixtures is the power draw — you can achieve so much more in a venue with a low power supply. “In fact we’ve now replaced all our old powerhungry strobe inventory as a result of these XC5s.” Summing up, UEP’s MD said the decision to invest in SGM technology had been a “no brainer”. Qualifying this, he described SGM as “a highend product with excellent build quality, offering creative opportunities at a price that is far from expensive. The strobes themselves are totally unique, and overall I am delighted with the purchase.” And Matt Wiseman added, “SGM are proud to be part of Steve’s vision, and look forward to working with the Universal Event Productions team. It’s good to note the dry hire opportunities for a group of products that are already in strong demand within a number of market sectors.”

P-5s mingle with the stars at Swiss planetarium Since opening in 1969, the Swiss Museum of Transport Planetarium has been a source of fascination for young and old alike. Beneath the 18m dome, (with a projection area of 508 m2) visitors experience a breath-taking, starry sky and discover the principles and latest research discoveries from the world of astronomy. This, the only large-scale planetarium in Switzerland, belongs to an exclusive circle that is able to depict dome-filling moving pictures within its 508 m2 area. Swiss technical service supplier, Auviso, who have invested in SGM products through local SGM distributor ASL, have supplied the LED lighting

The Planetarium dome is now solely illuminated

for the refurbishment of the planetarium, while

by P-5 fixtures, which are placed in pre-existing

also participating in an advisory role during the

boxes on the wall.

implementation. Comments Auviso’s project manager, Patrik

As with all new LED models from SGM, the P-5

Peier: “Using P-5 wash lights is definitely an

is equipped with an optimised cooling system

asset to the Museum of Transport Planetarium,

and a control method to guarantee flicker-free

as they provide brighter light and significantly

operation, which is of high importance in its new

reduce the power consumption.”

environment in Switzerland, up among the stars.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

PEARL JAM BLAST OUT WITH SGM X-5s LD Kille Knobel enters the new world of LED strobes

Kille Knobel “…noticed immediately the power, the reliability, and the fact that there are no thermal time outs with the LED strobes.”

SGM’s pioneering X-5 white LED strobes are fast finding favour on the touring circuit — on both sides of the Atlantic and over a wide range of performance. One of the recent adopters has been Seattle band Pearl Jam, products of the city’s rock explosion at the beginning of the 1990’s. Their lighting designer Kille Knobel (who has also worked with fellow Seattle rock band Soundgarden) has been with the band since the early part of the millennium — and this latest tour (which visits Europe in June), is her first outing with the X-5 strobes. It is the band’s most extravagant production to date — and has been conceived with stadiums and arenas in mind. “We knew this production would play mainly in arenas, but also a fair number of stadium, festival and outdoor shows,” she confirms. “We also do many shows that sell 360°, so creating a show that wasn’t compromised when they sold behind the stage seats was a major component in the development of the design.”


Kille had the advantage of working with the band’s set designers, Spike Brant and Justin Collie — who both happen to be lighting designers. “We collaborated on all elements of the show and everything — from the lighting to scenery — we brainstormed as a team. I think the project really benefits when the creative team essentially functions as a single entity.” And the X-5s have helped her with that mission. The LD had first seen SGM’s new X-5 white strobes on a previous visit to the tour’s vendor, Upstaging, last year. “When you are programming there it’s not uncommon for them to pop by with a cool new fixture to check out. While I was interested in trying LED strobes, I wasn’t willing to replace my conventional strobes, with their colour changers, outright. I liked the idea of a side-byside comparison in a real show setting, but noticed immediately the power, the reliability, and the fact that there are no thermal time outs with the LED strobes.” She also noticed the creative attributes of the fixture, something she has been looking to exploit right from the get-go. “One of the nice things

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Photos: Karen Loria

about these strobes is being able to break them down into the individual cells for that purpose,” she observes. “The X-5 also delivers quite a powerful look. I wanted the sources to be somewhat hidden, so, I put them behind the band on the floor for silhouette and way up in the mother grid for big stormy blasts.” The scenic elements themselves are comprised of a very large flown sculpture, affectionately known as ‘the bird.’ “It is hung from high speed Tait Hoists so we can articulate and move the bird during the show. We have oversized lighting orbs on winches and smaller ones on the ground. We also have three lighting trusses directly behind the bird on the same Tait Hoists. When you have a band that plays that amount of different material show to show, having the ability to change the visual environment is critical to maintaining a dynamic experience.” Programming the show (using a grandMa2 with a wing) is Eric Marchwinski. Today Kille Knobel manages the delicate balancing act of pursuing her profession while raising three

children — necessitating much of her design and programming work to be undertaken from home. She says she would be reluctant to give up the choice between conventional and new-age strobing. However, she admits, “I would definitely use these X-5 LED strobes again … it would be fun to use them in an application where I could play more with building patterns and seeing the faces of the units. I really like the power and some of the effects you can get for a sustained period where a conventional strobe would thermal out. “Although in one sense I really hope conventional strobes never go away, there are wonderful applications for LED strobes and the power savings can be really critical on some shows. They are equally as bright as the xenon strobes and if you weren’t looking at the source I don’t think you would be able to tell. “I think we are already seeing LED strobes in a more dominant role on shows, and I don’t think the day is far away when they will be the only strobe type on most shows.”


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM puts the Opera House in the spotlight The new maintenance-free LED moving head and the powerful P-5 wash light from SGM illuminated the Danish Opera House in multiple bright colours during the technical exhibition in Copenhagen last week. The powerful 850 watt RGBY LED source outperforms most 1500 watt discharge lamps and provides a virtually unlimited colour palette. Projecting from long distances, the fixture truly demonstrates its optical superiority with hardedged, ultra crisp animations and a zoom range between 8 and 43 degrees (and pseudo zoom effect by the iris down to 1 degree), while the building is washed in beautiful colours by the popular P-5. When utilized for the Opera House, the IP65 rated fixture was exposed to the cold and wet winter weather, which proved no challenge to this multi-environment moving head which includes a patented technology of an internal dehumidifier. The G-Spot is water, dirt and sand proof and eliminates build-up of e.g. dust or smoke fluid inside, making it the perfect all-round unit with the side-benefit of a low power consumption. The low-profile and robust P-5 once again underlines its brightness produced by the 44 RGBW 10 watt LEDs.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

German dry hire specialist Motion receives award for the purchase of 1000th SGM P-5 wash light At this year’s Prolight+Sound Show in Frankfurt,

exhibitions such as the IAA (International Motor

Hans Günter Dünkel from Motion in Fürth,

Show) or IFA (International Radio Exhibition)

received a special award to commemorate the

in Berlin may require the complete inventory.

purchase of their 1000th SGM P-5 wash light.

Similarly, the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week

"Over a short period of just 18 months since the

will be illuminated with Motion’s newly acquired

product was launched, Motion has purchased

wash lights.

more than 1,000 devices, and thus has the

"In a little more than a year, the P-5 has

largest dry hire inventory worldwide," says a

established itself as the industry standard for

delighted Thorsten Sattler, Director of SGM

LED wash lights and is now joined by the equally


innovative and flexible Q-7 and Q-7W, the light

Motion GmbH is one of the largest dry hire

output of which puts everything else in the

rental companies in Germany with a customer

shade," says Christian Kohl, owner of Motion.

base extending to the surrounding countries.

"Furthermore, for the upcoming season, we

The P-5s are being ordered both in quantities of

are now closely reviewing the G-Spot, which we

16-32 pieces for smaller jobs, while large-scale

expect to replace many of our moving lights in the rental fleet."


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Interviewing Peter Johansen on the development of the G-Spot forced airflow did provide cooling, it also transmitted the outside humidity, dust and smoke residue to the ‘domed’ moving head.

Peter explains: How the G-Spot pays for itself

What makes the G-Spot a universal fixture

What the next step is

What made you set out to develop an IP rated, LED moving head never before seen on the market?

When it comes to expanding our product portfolio, my philosophy has always been to develop something unprecedented on the market – something that the customers need, but might not have realized yet. With the G-Spot, we have seen the many challenges lighting professionals have experienced with conventional moving heads over the years and overcome them. Especially the huge repair costs related to waterdamaged moving heads on outdoor events that rental companies have been facing fueled my desire to focus the energy in our R&D department to come up with a solution. IP65 seems to be the keyword at SGM. Why it that so important?

IP rating is not just in respect of ensuring that the products are waterproof. Surely, that is an important factor, but we also eliminate accumulation of other damaging particles such as dust, dirt and sand which benefits the user saving him time and costs for cleaning - and in the end replacing - the unit. With conventional moving heads, a fixture would be placed inside a dome for outdoor installations to protect it from weather conditions. The dome gave some protection but you had to create a constant airflow inside it to cool down the moving head, and especially the light bulb. While the


Also, a dome has a polycarbonate skin, which enables the moving head to project through the dome. But the polycarbonate has two negative side effects; it reduces the light output dramatically and it distorts the projected image and reduces the contrast. While the G-Spot is beneficial for outdoor environments, what makes it the obvious choice for indoor installations?

On top of being waterproof and dustproof – which may still be a requirement for indoor installations such as on a cruise ship, for a water show, in a circus arena – I believe the G-Spot is the ultimate choice for any event requiring a moving head spotlight… This LED fixture is brighter than conventional moving heads and provides more saturated colours. It is maintenance free and the LED light source exceeds a 50,000 hour-lifetime. With unlimited colour combinations, option to colour strobe and providing the best optical performance on the market, you also get a fixture with no noise, no stray light, no hotspot which can be used anywhere from arctic conditions far below freezing point to warm tropical climates. One of the secrets is a built in dehumidifier and defrost function.

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Best choice for:

• Touring • Theatre • TV • Opera • Outdoor events • Architectural installations • Cruise liners • Circus arts • Stadiums

Where does the G-Spot find applicability?

The G-Spot is a multi-purpose fixture. I wanted to create a moving head spotlight covering all market needs, ensuring that rental companies are not forced to invest in multiple varieties to meet demands. Therefore, many efforts have gone into considering the necessities of the industry segments. Theatres and TV will particularly benefit from the silent fan mode and elimination of stray light, while cruise liners will profit from the dehumidifier technology removing moisture from the air inside the units, and the IP rating preventing internal corrosion damages. Opera houses will benefit from IP rating of the fixture, as a certain humidity level is an important factor for the singers’ vocal health, and the touring industry will especially see the value of the powerful output and low power consumption driving down the need for generators. Architectural designers are released from bulky domes and the side effects from these, which I mentioned earlier and outdoor events never have been easier to maintain. What’s to maintain? The G-Spot has no requirements of maintenance.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

What are the financial aspects in acquiring a G-Spot moving head?

A key focus at SGM is that products must be reasonable in pricing. Though we do not have competition for the G-Spot, we believe in making the technology available to our customers without experiencing fluctuation in pricing. That being said, the G-Spot has a way of returning its investment. With a LED lifetime of 50,000 hours, changing expensive bulbs becomes a habit of the past. A typical moving head must have its light bulb changed on an average of every 500 hours, and inside cleaning must be carried out between each job. The savings on bulb replacement itself actually pays for the G-Spot investment. During the 50,000 hours lifetime, a conventional moving head would need to have approx. 100 new expensive lamps fitted. A 1500W HID lamp costs around USD 250, totaling USD 25,000 for 100 lamps during 50,000 hours of operation. At the same time if


the conventional fixture is serviced for every 100 hours spending two hours each time - that equals to 1,000 man-hours, which again equals to USD 50,000. Just the saving in maintenance and lamp costs more than repays the total investment in a G-Spot making the G-spot virtually free of charge. With ‘sustainability’ becoming a buzzword in the lighting industry, how does SGM approach this development?

On a positive note, sustainability has become a concept rather than a buzzword, which we at SGM embrace. Apart from the visual advantages of being a brighter and a multipurpose unit, we have targeted complying with the future demands for sustainability, as the power consumption is linear to the light output in contrary to conventional moving heads with comparable light output. When deploying a conventional fixture the power consumption is constant around 1500W whenever connected to power, while the G-Spot only draws around 250W at full red maintaining the same output level due to the brightness of the G-spot. You beat the odds developing the G-Spot moving head. What’s next?

The G-Spot is the best moving head on the market. But we still want to make it even more universal by creating a framing module to enhance its performance for television productions, theatres

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

and architectural installations. This framing module will be ready in August as an add-on module expanding the flexibility of the moving head. The framing system replaces one gobo wheel in the module. As the modules are interchangeable, it is easy to add the framing if desired.

Also, I can reveal that we have taken on the next fixture in the G-series; the G-wash…

Problems when using traditional moving heads under domes: • Moisture in fixture • Corrosion in fixture • Destruction on electronic circuits • Dust on gobos • Dust on optics • Dust on bulb • Reduced projection quality • Reduced light output • Reduced lifetime of fixture • Need of service after every event

Advantages when using the G-Spot moving head: • NO need for a dome • NO moisture in fixture • NO corrosion in fixture • NO damage to electronic circuits caused by moisture • NO dust on optics • NO dust on bulb • NO reduced projection quality • NO reduced light output • NO reduced lifetime of fixture • NO need for service after every event

! IP testing made in dust chamber with talcum powder



SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

G-Spot around the world The



Kolding Light Festival in Denmark, Arive EDM

various purposes in creative installation. This






festival featuring TiĂŤsto, Carowinds amusement

gallery of some of the most recent applications

park in North Carolina, Nirankari Park in New

demonstrates the versatility of this powerful and

Dehli, National Theatre in London and Cirkus

bright LED moving head profile. The photos show

Scott in Sweden.

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM XC-5 at the 2014 IIFA Awards XC-5 x 30 pcs

Technical Director Ola Melzig “The XC-5 gives you everything you want from a strobe, and so much more! It comes with a low weight, a small footprint, power efficiency and still, they are just BRIGHT as hell! And very reliable!”

The SGM XC-5 Colour Strobe played a leading role

a stunning array of lighting and LED on a 62’H x

at the recent International Indian Film Academy

132’W x 63’D stage (appx. 19 x 40 x 19 metres)

(IIFA) Awards, held in Tampa Bay, Florida at

which included 30 SGM XC-5 Colour Strobe LED

Raymond James Stadium. The IIFA Awards, also

RGB outlining the stage.

known as the ‘Bollywood Oscars’, has been held annually around the world in cities including

It was a turnkey solution provided by PRG supply-

London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg and Toronto,

ing production management, lighting, rigging,

to name a few. The 2014 extravaganza marked

audio, video, stage, set, site, green carpet, pyro,

the show’s 15th year, as well as the first time the

and crew for it all.

event has been held on United States soil. The show was produced by Wizcraft. Producer The IIFA Awards is a week filled with events

was Prapti Malhotra, Executive Producer was Viraf

based on Indian film, fashion, music, business,

Sarkari, Operations Manager Manmeet Singh and

and culture, with the climax being the IIFA Award

set designer Varsha Jain. All video content was

ceremony. The weekend is typically as big as

also produced in-house by Wizcraft and operated

Super Bowl weekend, drawing in 30,000 or more

by Laura Frank. Technical Director was Ola Melzig.

visitors, and the ceremony being broadcasted to 600 million viewers in 108 countries. It showcases

Melzig said, “The XC-5 gives you everything you

the elite Bollywood ‘Royalty’, with this year

want from a strobe, and so much more! It comes

featuring Hollywood actors as well, including John

with a low weight, a small footprint, power

Travolta and Kevin Spacey, among others.

efficiency and still, they are just BRIGHT as hell! And very reliable!”

Lighting Designer Eugene O’Connor designed


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Photos: M & M Production Mgmt.

O’Connor said, “For this year’s IIFA Awards in

old xenon-based effects, which have such high

Tampa I had originally wanted to use a different

wattage that they need many generators to

strobe but PRG suggested the SGM XC-5s as an

power them. The XC-5 colour strobe utilises 1,080

alternative, which they had just added to their

RGB LEDs, boasting just 4A power consumption

inventory. Although I hadn't used them before

(with 6W standby power) and a lamp life of 50,000

but had heard good things about them I decided

hours. Housed in a black, slim aluminium chassis,

to give them a try. I normally use a lot of 2 Lite

the XC-5 contains 120° lens as standard, tilt of 0°-

Moles around the set and I figured that the SGM's

110°, 1 to 7 DMX channels, and set up is via OLED

would fit in really well with these especially when

5-button graphic display.

used as just a light source to give me lots of different colours and chases, so they were ideal

Peter Johansen, CEO of SGM says, “Having our

to fill out a very big stage plus they also can be

fixtures on yet another production by Ola Melzig

used as a strobe! Very cool.”

is an obvious pleasure. At SGM, we take pride in developing powerful, bright and flicker-free LED

He continues, “The XC-5's worked really well

fixtures especially suitable for TV transmissions

considering the size of Raymond James Stadium

like the IIFA with a key focus on an aesthetic

(65,000 capacity) – I can only imagine the impact

design that allows the fixture to be both a visual

they would have in a smaller venue. Plus the fact

effect as well as an integrated part of the stage.”

that they only use 4 amps of power for what they can deliver is brilliant!”

In the end, the event was considered a huge success and Wizcraft was incredibly pleased with

The XC-5 has been designed to revolutionise

the results. The only mystery left is where the

the strobe industry and mark the end of the

event will take place next year….stay tuned.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014




SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

"I googled other fixtues for a while, but was unable find anything else which even comes close to this. Straight off the bat, it’s a seriously impressive number".



SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Maintenance Free & Multi-environmental

The Environmental Choice; low power consumption

The G-Spot is a maintenance free product with an IP rating of 65. Being water, dirt and sand proof, there will be: • no accumulation of dust or externally induced impact on internal optics, gobos or the light source unit • no smoke fluid build-up inside • no humidity inside • perfect inner cleanness of the luminary • excellent performance in any conditions Worst case scenario in a turbulent environment, the front lens must merely be wiped off, which is a huge time and cost saver effectively eliminating the need for cleaning and maintenance.

Selecting to deploy the G-Spot moving head goes hand in hand with meeting sustainability targets – a high priority for most forward-thinking event promoters. The long lifetime of LED modules does not compromise with the powerful brightness and immense colour range, which simply adds to the value. Being purely LED based (RGBY), it produces substantially higher colour light output than conventional light; for example, a 1500 watt discharge lamp-based moving head produces approximately 1000 lumens whereas the G-Spot, at 250 watts consumption, gives 4000 lumens — four times the output at 1/6th of the power. The light output of the G-Spot is proportional to its power supply, where a comparable conventional spot draws 1500 watt continuously regardless of whether it is dimmed to zero.

The applicability of the G-Spot is unlimited; the IP65 moving head can replace any lighting products in any environment.

Powerful LED light source Not only has the light output been doubled since launching the original prototype — delivering a brightness that now outperforms most 10001500 watt discharge lamps — but the G-Spot also provides a virtually unlimited colour palette. The G-Spot with its 850W high power RGBY LED light source boasts significant luminous advantages when compared with other market

During breaks, the G-Spot ensures: • Low power consumption • Low heat radiation

Power consumption*

Light Output (lumens)*

Efficiency (lumen/watt)*

leading moving heads. The blue registers up to 20% brighter, the red is 400% brighter, while the green matches the best in class.

* G-Spot compared to a market conventional discharge moving head utilizing an Osram HTI 1000/PS Lok-it at 240v


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Safety first

through four fan settings for quiet operation: Silent, Standard, Max and Full Fan Speed.

As the G-Spot is maintenance free, there is no need for engineers to climb the rig to clean out the fixture due to dust build-up on internal optics – and no need to change the light source. With the LED based G-Spot there is no risk of lamp explosions. Discharge lamps have a high pressure inside which may cause the lamp to explode. Such explosions involves the risk of other damaged parts, glass flying inside the product and possibly outside, which could harm people. Also, the fumes from a discharge lamp is very unhealthy, why manufacturers of these recommend that you clear a room for up to an hour when a discharge lamp explodes.

Meanwhile, the exterior design of the moving head has been constructed to prevent stray light scatter causing the fixture to illuminate itself.

Humidity elimination

Danish Design SGM believes that a lighting designer should not only see the benefits of their products, but should also respond to the design aesthetics — from the smooth surface, easy handling and compact design, with function and form combining to solve the challenges of their working practice. With G-Spot the priority has been to design a one-hand operational and ergonomic display, and a lock on the pan and tilt functions.

No noise, no stray light With the G-Spot comes the benefit of a silent unit valuable for any stage installation. The integrated fan provides variable fan control

Ionic membrane dehumidifiers

SGM has introduced a patent-pending solutiOxygen O2 on to ensure the Water H2O complete IP65 of the G-Spot; a Gore-tex Power pressure equalization membrane fitted to equalize the air pressure. Through this Gore-tex membrane air is allowed to pass through the membrane, while humidity cannot. The air humidity will be maintained at a constant level by the electrolysis process of hydrogen extraction which eliminates humidity – thereby creating the ideal environment for electronic circuits.


The G-Spot contains two unique dehumidifiers that electrolytically remove moisture from the air inside the base and head, still providing maintenance free and silent performance. When the G-Spot is powered on, the internal potential moisture dissociates into hydrogen ions and oxygen. The hydrogen ions are transmitted through the membrane to the outside where they react with oxygen of the air causing the water vapour to be discharged.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Long lifetime The G-Spot utilises a high voltage, low current method to ensure the highest possible efficiency of the LEDs - minimizing junction temperature and thereby increasing the expected lifetime of the multiple LEDs, which is 50,000 hours.

allowing for custom-made effects for further shape manipulation, as we use a standard E size, that is 37.5 mm in diameter. The positioning of the gobo wheels is designed to allow for focusing patterns or shapes into either hard, crisp, sharp edges or a softening the edges as required.

Two independent rotating gobo wheels

Controlling by smartphone

The G-Spot has two independent rotatable gobo wheels, with five gobo slots plus one open

The RFID and NFC interfaces ensure easy setup and procurement of data such as running

position on each to control the shape of emitted light. Each gobo are indexable with bi-directional rotation. The standard gobo set has been carefully selected based on the most popular applications and experts opinion. It includes both breakup patterns, popular in theatrical applications, geometric gobos perfect for mid-air beam effects and full coloured gobos that help to create dazzling colorful shows.

hours and error code. Even without unpacking or powering on the fixture, units can be programmed from a mobile phone, product data extracted, and current condition of the unit determined, enabling the user to assess whether it can be shipped directly onto the next tour.

As the G-Spot is IP65 rated, it has watertight gobo hatches for the gobos to be easily replaced


Via the RFID or the RDM the end-user can access constantly logged data and use it for product diagnostics. This built-in, intelligent monitoring system will collect data such as the junction temperature of the LEDs, running hours, fixture temperature, level of internal humidity. All data

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

feeds the internal microcomputer which logs fixture status for health-checking, ensuring optimal running conditions and easy fault location.

Time saving Unlike the standard discharge lamp, the G-Spot has no strike time when powering up the unit to full output. It do not need time to warm up. The same principles applies for cool down time; discharge lamps need to cool down before

down to 1 degree, providing a zoom rate superior to that of comparable products and rendering possible the applicability as both a wash and a spot. Through auto-focus, focus is maintained when

restrike is possible, the G-Spot can restrike instantly.

focal length changes. By the high-speed and precise focus control, crisp beam quality or soft de-focused effects further add to the scope of deployment. The 4-facet rotating prism gives a crisp beam separation and a precise beam

The technician does not have to keep an eye on the lamp hour counter of the G-Spot, as no replacement is needed with a LED lifetime of 50,000 hours. Discharge fixtures has a recommended lifetime of 750-3,000 hours and the technician has to check this frequently and might need to make an early replacement even before having reached the recommended lifetime due to the fixture being out on jobs.

Excellent optical features The focal length of the zoom lens in the G-Spot provides for huge optics zoom ranges from 8 degrees to 43 degrees, with the additional advantages of a pseudo zoom effect by the iris

separation control. Through sophisticated optics and smooth colour mixing, the G-Spot delivers an extensive colour palette from light pastels to vibrant and deep saturated colours. Colour mixing transpires from inside the lamp module for complete seamless and high resolution, while fast and accurate iris with build-in dynamic effects ensures for the maximum creative control. Where a frost filter normally has to be switched either on or off, the G-Spot contains a soft highquality frost filter which is variable from 0% to 100%.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Ultra-high-speed strobe effect As a profit for most concerts and clubbing installations, the ultra-high-speed strobe effect (1-50Hz) introduces instant colour control and the possibility to strobe between two or more colours at any speed by replacing black with any colour. This takes strobe effects to a completely new level. Random strobe and pulse effects can be generated with variable speed.

Easy linking with wireless DMX The G-Spot is compatible with wireless DMX and RDM for bi-directional communication with the most reliable technology from LumenRadio’s OEM solution. Signal strength can be read quickly, directly off the display. The built-in wireless DMX receiver ensures a range of up to 1,000 meters with line of sight and allows users to connect any G-Spot to any existing wireless DMX setup without having to purchase additional hardware. Everything you need is built into the G-spot as standard and there is no need for external receivers. This DMX solution is based on the award-winning CRMX technology (Congnitive Radio MultipleXer) which dynamically scans the 2.4 GHz band and smartly chooses available frequencies to avoid interference with any other wireless equipment using the same band. By choosing a RDM compatible transmitter, it will also be possible to send and received RDM messages to and from the G-Spot greatly expanding the versatility and user friendliness of the DMX network. Setup has never been easier: 1. Turn on the Wireless DMX option in the G-Spot using the user interface built into the base.


2. Press the ‘Link’ button on the wireless DMX transmitter connected to your controller. All available G-Spot receivers are now connected to the wireless DMX network for full control over the fixtures.

Universal connection possibilities With the built-in auto-ranging electronic switchmode, the input voltage can be from 200-240Vac, 50/60Hz, which offers universal connection possibilities.

Effect wheels The G-Spot has two effect wheels for generating optical effect. The effect wheels operate as an extension to one another for achieving continuous animation effect. Their unique design adds life, movement and dynamics to the gobos and they can be controlled in a stepless manner, all of which makes the G-Spot ideal for theatre applications.

High-precision Pan and Tilt The G-spot has a 16 bit Pan and tilt control, with a 540° Pan and 270° tilt movement with feedback.

Dynamic CT Correction A linear dynamic CT correction from 2,000K to 10,000K allows for complete control and accuracy of the colour temperature in a simple way.

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Photometric data




Light output 4270 lm Power 270 W Efficiency 15,8 lm/W

Light output 9090 lm Power 358 W Efficiency 25 lm/W

Light output 3500 lm Power 330 W Efficiency 10,6 lm/W

LUX diagram 8째


Gobos Gobo wheel closest to optics






Gobo wheel closest to light source







Specifcations G路Spot



Light Source 44 pcs. of high power RGBW 10W LED Light Output / 21掳 25,800* lumens Efficacy 58 lm/W LED Source Life Expectancy 50,000 hours Lens Selection 15, 21, 43 degrees Power 410 Watt / 230V Weight 8.9 kg Ingress Protection rating of fixture IP65 Ingress Protection rating of fan module IP55

* Goniometer scan / ocean optics / Viso Light Studio



Brighter An extremely high luminous output of the LED modules with an efficacy of 58 lm/W combined with a flicker free operation suitable for any application and approved by Panavision for TV studio lighting. Lighter Only 8.9 kg Whiter Apart from the large variety of saturated colors that can be created due to the RGBW, the high-performance LEDs produce a very bright white, which provides a full palette of pastel colors and the most powerful and pure white light.

The Opera House in Copenhagen

With the P-5 we had a mission... • to develop a cutting-edge, high performance product, doubling the output

while reducing the cost

• to create an intelligent temperature control with optimized cooling facilities

featuring high-efficiency, low-noise modes

• to produce a user friendly setup with a simple control-button display • to ensure easy support by means of a patented RFID implemented interface

allowing for easy warehouse control and remote diagnostics, updating and

uploading of DMX settings even when in off-mode

• to programme a standalone mode eliminating the need for a dedicated con- troller • to implement a standard built-in wireless DMX receiver facilitating seamless

and individual integration into any environment or location solely requiring

the presence of power

• to allow for numerous mounting options and simple positioning • to accomplish an aesthetic, uniquely Danish design featuring the latest LED technology We did it!



-lights up your day as well as • Monuments and attractions • Architectural buildings • Shopping centers and retail • Bridges • Piers • Interior and exterior concerts • TV shows • Staging • Rental • Etc.

ARoS - Aarhus Art Museum


The P·5 BEAM ANGLES AND COLORS Narrow spread lens of 15° Medium spread lens of 21°




Wide spread lens of 43° Black colored housing White colored housing

Lumens per RGBW 15° 23,000 lumens R: 6,100 lumens G: 7,500 lumens B: 4,300 lumens W: 10,100 lumens

21° 25,800 lumens R: 6,200 lumens G: 8,200 lumens B: 2,900 lumens W: 10,900 lumens

43° 23,500 lumens R: 5,000 lumens G: 7,600 lumens B: 2,500 lumens W: 10,200 lumens

The P-5 patents The P-5 is covered by several patents safeguarding the uniqueness of the product. The P-5 is protected under the following patent: MI2011A001631. Furthermore, the P-5 is registered for design patent in Europe, United States and China.

©SGM A/S 2013. Specifications subject to change without notice Publication Number: 2013/02


The P·5 W & P·5 TW BRIGHTER - LIGHTER - WHITER They might not look as much, but do not let their size fool you. The compact and light fixtures pack a big array of features that will suit any purpose where white “P-5 W” or tunable white “P-5 TW” light is required. They are both effective fixtures for making spectacular and vivid lighting designs upon facades, structures and large buildings with pure white and tunable white light. P-5 TW has a high luminous output of the white with an efficacy of 74 lm/W, while the P-5 W has 81 lm/W. Both units run a flicker free operation approved by Panavision for TV studio lighting, weigh only 8.9 kg and are IP65 rated. P-5 W contains 44 x 4 pcs. of high power 10W LEDs that will produce a stunningly white and bright light with a powerful output of more than 33,000 lumens. P-5 TW contains 44 x 4 pcs. of high power 10W LEDs that will produce a large array of possibilities to tune the high quality light between 2,200 and 5,300 Kelvin with a lumen output of more than 30,000 lumens at 3,500 Kelvin.

The P-5 W and P-5 TW advantages: • Intelligent temperature control with optimized cooling facilities featuring high efficiency and low noise modes • User friendly setup via simple control-button and OLED display • Interchangeable lens kit of 15, 21 and 43 degrees • Built-in wireless DMX receiver • Numerous mounting and position options combined with low weight • IP65 rating for exterior lighting designs


The Q·7 & Q·7W WHITE AND RGBW COLOR LED WASH, BLIND, STROBE The Q series consists of 2 powerful LED lights with the ability to wash, blind and strobe. The Q-7 is a low-profile and compact RGBW fixture, which contains over 2,000 powerful RGBW LEDs, while the Q-7 W contains almost 1,000 cool white LEDs. Both units perform as powerful adjustable wall washers with a spread angle of 110° respectively. The IP65 rated fixtures lights have a small physical footprint, which makes them ideal fixtures for outdoor use to light up buildings, facades, architectural structures and attractions. The Q-7 has a high output of over 28,000 lumens, while the Q-7 W has a staggering output of 60,000 lumens. As versatile as these units are in outdoor applications, just as suitable are they for indoor applications such as TV studios, theaters, exhibition stands and other applications were a flicker-free wide flood of colored or crisp white light is requested, meanwhile providing the entertainment designs with a flashing bright color strobe effect.

The Q-7 RGBW and Q-7 W advantages: • High performance LED fixtures with low power consumption • USITT DMX 512 A and RDM controllable • Lightweight construction of only 8.1 kg • True LED alternative to traditional flood lights and strobes • User friendly setup via simple control-button and OLED display • Numerous mounting and position options combined with low weight • Elegant Scandinavian design • LED source life rated at 50,000 hours • Ingress Protection Rating of IP65


Technical University of Denmark


PIXEL CONTROLLABLE Specifications • Light source

2,970 white LEDs

• LED source life expectancy

50,000 hours

• Power


• LED panel

Three individual controllable LED segments

• Weight

5.8 kg



Experience extremely high luminous output of nearly 3,000 pure white LEDs placed into three individually controllable LED segments. The X-5 makes it possible to create unique effects never delivered before by a strobe. The X-5 is a lightweight, compact and ultra-high performance LED strobe with an exceptionally low power consumption of only 4A. The X-5 is a robust, state of the art LED fixture providing an alternative to traditional, expensive and fragile Xenon lamps. Use of the X-5 will result in advantages such as the utilisation of less cabling, fewer Gen-sets and lower maintenance cost. The X-5 delivers maximum effect at a lower life cycle cost compared to traditional strobes.

With the X-5 we had a mission to...

• develop a cutting-edge, high performance strobe with low power consumption • implement a strobe consisting of three individually controllable LED segments • transform the strobe from being secondary and fragile, to being primary and robust • include an intuitive user interface • implement a stand-alone mode eliminating the need for a dedicated controller • produce a noiseless strobe • allow for numerous mounting options and simple positioning • accomplish an aesthetic, uniquely Danish design featuring the latest LED technology And we did it!


The X·5 THE WORLD’S FIRST PIXEL CONTROLLABLE STROBE Never before have lighting designers seen strobes that offer pixel control. With the X-5 we have re-written the rules on the stroboscope concept. We have conceived the brightest LED Strobe ever and produced a fantastic pixel product. Just imagine the possibilities of combining a strobe with a pixel blinder and you will have some idea of the concept. Each X-5 strobe has three cells that can be operated independently of each other and when fitted to either the twin BCC-2 or quad BCC-4 this creates a ready-made, perfectly spaced pixel blinder.

The X-5 patents The SGM X-5 is covered by several patents safeguarding the uniqueness of the product and its distinctive exclusive design.

©SGM A/S 2013. Specifications subject to change without notice. Publication Number: 2013/06


The XC路5 THE BRIGHTEST COLOR LED STROBE With the X-5 we conceived the brightest white LED strobe ever and with the same technology we developed the XC-5 with a high luminous output of over 1,000 power RGB LEDs. The XC-5 is a lightweight, compact and ultra-high performance LED RGB color strobe with an exceptionally low power consumption of only 4A. It is a robust, state of the art LED fixture providing a true alternative to traditional, expensive and fragile Xenon lamps. With the XC-5, the rules of the stroboscope concept have completely been re-written. Just imagine the possibilities of combining a strobe with RGB capabilities; it revolutionizes lighting design. Housed in a black, slim aluminum chassis, the XC-5 contains a 120掳 lens as standard, and set up is via the OLED 5-button graphic display.


The XC·5 ADVANTAGES • High performance LED RBG color strobe with low power consumption • USITT DMX 512 A and RDM controllable • True alternative to traditional strobes • User friendly setup via simple control-button and OLED display • Stand-alone mode eliminating the need for dedicated controllers • Noiseless LED RGB color strobe • Numerous mounting and position options • Lightweight and aesthetic Danish design

Specifications Light source

1,080 RGB color LEDs

LED source life expectancy

50,000 hours




5.8 kg



Our R&D team did the workout so you don’t have to. Imagine a fixture that has: • the power to illuminate a building and blind audiences • the finesse to wash a cyc with even colour • the flexibility to create simple or complex colour matrix designs • the creativity to display graphic content • the technology to emulate a halogen lamp • the convenience of RFID for easy configuration and data readout • the lightness provided by a mere weight of 8 kg



When rigged together, SixPacks create a perfect low resolution and extremely powerfull video wall. Animated graphics can subsequently be laid over the display to create stunning high powered images. One SixPack fixture contains six individually addressable 40 watt RGBA lamps creating a staggering output of 7,200 lumens in total. Why halogen emulation? Each SixPack features a Halogen Emulation Mode (SGM unique feature) which is designed to mimic the rise and decay of a traditional halogen lamp. This mode creates a retro look allowing designers to add more flexibility to their constructions.

With the SP-6 we had a mission to... • develop the world’s first RGBA LED fixture with a halogen emulator • create a high-power, low-resolution video pattern • create a stylish design utilising the latest LED technology • combine six outputs of powerful 40 watt colour mixing with build-in electronics and individual DMX control of each pixel • produce an advanced LED fixture with multiple functionalities for the LD to

operate (e.g. to display animated text or programmed patterns)

And we did it!



The trapezoidal design of the SixPack enables the fixture to be rigged into curved shapes such as a speaker line array. This also makes it perfect for outof-the-box and unique installations while maintaining an easy rigging system for quick and safe setup and dismantling. Unlike any others fixture, the SixPack has all its control features on the rear for easy access on stage allowing it to be placed in e.g. stage stairs. With an IP rating of IP65, the SixPack is designed to be used in an outdoor environment allowing it to be used as a uplighter on building facades.



All On Light output

7,200 lm


240 W


30 lm/W

Spread Angle 13˚

Red Light output

3,300 lm


59,4 W


56 lm/W

Spread Angle 13˚

Green Light output

2,600 lm


72,4 W


36 lm/W

Spread Angle 13˚

Blue Light output

1,600 lm


77,7 W


21 lm/W

Spread Angle 13˚

Amber Light output

2,500 lm


60,5 W


42 lm/W

Spread Angle 13˚

The SP-6 patents The SGM SP-6, also going by the name the SixPack, is covered by several patents safeguarding the uniqueness of the product and its distinctive exclusive design.

* Goniometer Scan / Ocean optics / Viso Systems Light Spion™ ©SGM A/S 2013. Specifications subject to change without notice Publication Number: 2013/06


LB ·100 LED Ball Multiples of LB-100 LED Balls are designed to form a video light curtain with 120mm pixel pitch. The curtain is made up from 0.85m long strings, each containing seven white LED Balls. Each 28mm sphere contains two powerful RGB LED’s (rated at 42mW per pixel) built into the white plastic moulding. These can extend to a maximum length of 6.8 meters (using 56 balls) and total power consumption is just 42W. The system can be controlled via DMX as well as with a dedicated video server or ordinary PC with Artnet™ (the Artnet signal is then distributed by the A-4 to DMX Converter). These semi-transparent IP65-rated LED Balls can be viewed in 360° and be used to create alluring 3D spatial effects. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including TV scenography, theme parks, exhibitions, video art, clubs, shopping malls … and just about any fixed installation.

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Connections Diameter 28mm Data input Male locking 4-pin RS765 Pixel pitch 120mm socket Data output Female locking 4-pin RS765 Installation socket Orientation Any Electrical specifications Ambient operating conditions Power Consumption is 7.4W per 7 pixels Maximum ambient temperature (Ta) 50° C (122°F) Accessories Minimum ambient temperature C-1, Power adaptor cable (Ta) -30° C (-22°F) Part # 830060201 Operating humidity 98% TLD-612 Touring LED driver Part # 80070201 Signal source ILD Installation LED Drive LB-100 DMX Control 21 channels Part # 80070216 According to standard USITT DMX 512 A TLD-612 A Touring LED driver - ART Net IP 65 Part # 80070221


LT·100/200 3D Graphic Tube The LT-100 comprises a series of one-metre long pixel sticks, loaded with RGB LEDs at 35mm pixel pitch — all DMX drivable via any proprietary media server, or pixel mapping DMX consol. This 3D graphic tube was demonstrated at Frankfurt’s prolight+sound 2012 via 300 sticks, suspended from the ceiling. However, it made its nightclub debut at Home, in Lincoln, UK where it provided a staggering overhead 3D vertical and horizontal zip effect. The theory of pixel mapping is that two dimensional objects are transformed into three dimensions with the help of advanced programming techniques; thus each LT-100 LED pixel can be addressed individually enabling the LJ to create genuine 3D lighting effects, such as 3D waves or 3D bars which can be easily manipulated in terms of speed, colour, brightness, direction, and much more. This creativity will be extended further by the future release of 2-metre and ½-metre lengths (LT-200/LT-50). SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Signal source LT-100/ LT-200 Diameter 25mm LT-100 DMX Control 81 channels Pixel pitch 35mm LT-200 DMX Control 162 channels Connector cable length 1000mm According to standard USITT DMX 512 LT-100 Length 1006mm IP 65 LT-200 Length 1951mm LT-100 addressable pixels 27 pixels Connections LT-200 addressable pixels 54 pixels Data input Male locking 4-pin RS765 LT-100 Weight 280g socket LT-200 Weight 514g Optics 2x170° view angle Installation Orientation Any Ambient operating conditions Maximum ambient temperature (Ta) 40° C (104°F) Minimum ambient temperature (Ta) -10° C (14°F) Operating humidity 98%

Electrical specifications Power supply voltage 12V Power consumption per LT-100 (27 pixels) 20W Power consumption per LT-200 (54 pixels) 40W Accessories C-1, Power adaptor cable Part # 830060201 TLD-612 Touring LED driver Part # 80070201 ILD Installation LED Drive Part # 80070216 TLD-612 A Touring LED driver - ART Net Part # 80070221



Photo: Morten Rygaard

LED Dome These LED domes can be used in any orientation, with a maximum number of 35 domes in a single PSU chain. The outer diameter is just 80mm (ceiling cut-out diameter of 70mm), with a total depth of 53.3mm (depth below ceiling of 35mm). The LED domes can function in maximum ambient temperature of 40°C and minimum of -10° C. Control is via three-channel DMX.

SPECIFICATIONS LD-5 dimensions Ambient operating conditions Outer diameter 80 mm Maximum ambient temperature Ceiling cutout diameter 70 mm (Ta) 40° C (104°F) Total depth 53.3 mm Minimum ambient temperature Depth below ceiling 35 mm (Ta) -40° C (40°F) Weight 82 g Operating humidity 98% Signal source Installation DMX Control 3 channels Orientation Any According to standard USITT DMX 512A Max. number of LD-5 on one PSU chain 35 Accessories Electrical specifications LD-5 Power injector Power supply voltage 24V Part # 83062010 Power consumption per LD-5 1.5W LD-5 Data + Power injector IP 65 at front Part # 83062009 A4 ART Net to DMX Converter Connections Part # 80070217 Data / Power input RJ 45 (Cat 5) connector Data / output (loop through) RJ 45 (Cat 5) connector max. 3m cable


LP·700 LED Pix The LP-700 comes in chain lengths of 6.75m (including connector). With a pixel pitch of 120mm, and individual pixels measuring 40 x 40 x 17mm (LWH) each length has 56 addressable pixels. Installable in any orientation, it is IP65-rated, with maximum ambient operating temperature of 50°C and minimum of -40°C. Signal source is DMX512 A (with 168 controllable DMX channels). The power consumption of each pixel line is just 62W.

SPECIFICATIONS Signal source Dimensions DMX Control 168 channels LP-700 Chain Length (incl. connector) According to standard USITT DMX 512A 6.75 m Individual Pixel Length / Width / Height Connections 40 x 40 x 17 mm Data / Power input Waterproof male Pixel pitch 120 mm connector TE 2106136-2 Addressable pixels 56 pixels Data output Waterproof female conLP-700 Weight 1.2 kg nector TE 2106125-4 Installation Orientation Any Ambient operating conditions Maximum ambient temperature (Ta) 50° C (122°F) Minimum ambient temperature (Ta) -40° C (-40°F) Operating humidity 98% IP65

Electrical specifications Power supply voltage 18V +-0.5V Power consumption of LP-700 Chain 62W Accessories LP-700 Power supply, Part # 83061701 LP-700 Power injector, Part # 83062008 LP-700 Data + Power injector, Part # 83062007


New improved design - now with Neutrik Power Connectors.

LS路3.75 LS路4.6

Designed and assembled in Denmark.

ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION LED SCREENS The LS-3.75 and LS-4.6 LED screens are designed around the same, robust however slim and sleek display cabinet, while the modules diverse to meet the exact requirement of each installation. Both the LS-3.75 and the LS-4.6 screen come with a high light output (950 cd/sqm for LS-3.75 and 900 cd/sqm for LS-4.6), and a contrast ratio of 1,600:1. The LED chips are 3in1 SMD, which makes them suitable for applications where picture quality and brightness are important. The screen has no fans, so it is completely noiseless, and the high refresh rate of 2,880 Hz makes it perfect for applications such as television, theatre, exhibitions, show production and concerts. The SGM LS-4.6 features 4.6mm pixel pitch, while the LS-3.75 features 3.75mm pixel pitch, suitable for applications where the absolute best picture resolution and quality are required. LS-4.6 is recommended for applications where the viewing distance is 5 meters or more (e.g. concerts), while LS-3.75 is recommended for a shorter distance of 4 meters or more (e.g. conferences).


For further specifications please visit our website:


With the LS-series the advantages are numerous: • Simple construction with focus on a robust and sleek design • SGM developed software for control and configuration providing the ultimate simplicity for the user • Advanced mechanical design allowing for easy servicing • Low-weight modules attractive for touring and rental use (8.5 kg) • Completely fanless modules create an intelligent, noise-free system • Neutrik Power Connectors for safe connection • Various pitching possibilities with the comfort of a uniform display • Ultra-hi-res picture quality providing exceptional brightness and contrast levels together with an unique color uniformity • High refresh rate of over 2,800 Hz for a flicker-free operation • Cost-effective solutions based on SGM’s advanced LED technology • Easy-to-assemble units for suspension or mounting • Long-termed commitment to the sustainability of the environment by using energyefficient, long-life LEDs

Background picture: 166 LS-4.6 panels on the Ferrari stand, Geneva 2013


For further specifications please visit our website:


TLD·612 TOURING LED DRIVER The TLD-612 Touring LED driver has specifically been designed for powering and driving the LB-100 LED balls and the LT-100/LT-200 graphic tubes. The driver’s six outputs can control up to 6 x 8 pcs. LB-100 strings or 6 pcs. of LT-100 or 6 pcs. of LT-200. Maximum total power consumption is 360W and each LED pixel uses 3 DMX channels. The TLD-612 is IP65 rated for both indoor and outdoor application, and uses 2 DMX universes in 5pin XLR.

TLD·612 A TOURING LED DRIVER - ART-NET The TLD-612A offers all the same features and driving capabilities as the regular TLD-612, with the variation of offering an Ethernet EJ45 Artnet interface instead of regular 5-pin XLR DMX interface. The output of the TLD-612A is completely individually configurable by software, which makes it possible to send any channel range in any universe to each output. The Art-Net interface is especially designed for high-speed / high-flow DMX, and thereby making it a perfect match for pixel mapping. This makes the TLD-612A suitable for applications that require numerous DMX universes, at a cost-efficient level. This driver ensures quick and easy installation for touring.

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (LxWxH): 715 x 80 x 182mm Weight: 4 kg Installation Orientation: Any IP Rating IP65 Electrical Specifications Power supply voltage: 100-240 V (50 / 60 Hz) Maximum Power Consumption: 360 W (max)


Connections / Signal source (TLD-612) Signal source: USITT DMX 512A DMX Data input: locking 5-pin XLR male sockets Driver Data output: locking 4-pin RJ765 sockets Connections / Signal source (TLD-612A) Signal Source: Artistic License Art-Net 3 Art-Net Data input: RJ45 Connectors Driver Data output: locking 4-pin RJ765 sockets

ILD INSTALLATION LED DRIVER The ILD, Installation LED Driver, shares the majority of the features of the TLD-612A, but has a smaller and more compact power supply, which makes it suitable for permanent installations, where a small physical footprint is required. The ILD is capable of driving either 6 pcs. of LT-100 tubes, 3 pcs. of LT-200 tubes or 3 pcs. of full length LB-100 strings (7 pcs. of LB-100 per string). The ILD is also IP65 rated and has daisy-chainable Ethernet for Artnet input, and it has a power consumption of maximum 120W. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (LxWxH): 258 x 65 x 116 mm Weight: 2.1 kg Installation Orientation: Any Electrical Specifications Power supply voltage: 100-240 V (50 / 60 Hz) Power Consumption: 120 W (max)

IP Rating IP65 Connections / Signal source Signal Source: Artistic License Art-Net 3 Artnet Data input: RJ45 Connectors Driver Data output: locking 4-pin RS765 sockets

A路4 ART-NET TO DMX CONVERTER The A-4 is a universal high-speed 4 port Art-Net to DMX converter. It is designed to be a very cost-effective, but high quality product, which can compete with the best performing products on the market today. The A-4 Art-Net to DMX converter is 100% configurable by software to listen to any Art-Net universe on any subnet, and output this to any of the 4 DMX ports. Furthermore, the A-4 is designed especially for high-performance pixel-mapping applications, which makes it perfect for use in applications where many Art-Net universes are required. The housing of the A-4 is extremely compact and rugged and is designed for touring as well as fixed installations.

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (LxWxH): 95 x 65 x 115mm Weight: 0.7 kg

Electrical Specifications Power supply voltage: 100-240 V (50 / 60 Hz) Power Consumption: 10 W (max)

Installation Orientation: Any

Connections / Signal source Signal Source: Artistic License Art-Net 3 Art-Net Data input: RJ45 Connectors DMX Outputs: 5-pin neutrik locking-DMX

IP Rating IP20


SGM ACCESSORIES MOUNTING POSSIBILITIES FOR THE X, P & Q SERIES The BCC mounting brackets, which can be ordered as an accessory, adds a whole range of rigging, hanging and suspension opportunities to the fixture. The simple and clever use of quarter turn brackets makes the mounting of the fixture easy. After the mounting of the fixture, it can be hung from the ceiling, wall or floor via wires, truss or fixed to a pole in almost any desirable position. The BCC-2 and BCC-4 is an accessory for all the following products: X-5, XC-5, P-5, P-5 W, P-5 TW, Q-7, Q-7 W. The BCC-2 dual bracket will hold up to 2 fixtures

The BCC-4 quad bracket will hold up to 4 fixtures

MOUNTING POSSIBILITIES FOR THE SIXPACK The horizontal hanging bracket is an accessory for the SP-6, SixPack, which enables you to mount up to 8 pcs. of SP-6 horizontally hanging from beneath each other. The horizontal bracket features 2 pcs. of adjustable brackets for holding any standard G-hook or any type of half coupler clamp for mounting on any truss size. The SP-6 horizontal bracket will hold up to 8 fixtures


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM 3D tubes brings vibrancy to Katy B’s music video Event technology specialists Blueprint were recently tasked with the challenge of providing dynamic lighting to enable British chart topping artiste Katy B to make the video promoting her next single, Crying For No Reason.

“This shoot was pulled together within a very tight time frame and as such there was limited time to produce content in advance; but with the flexibility of the tubes we were able to manage the final positioning on site.”

And so they turned to their inventory of next generation LED tools from SGM, notably the 120 x 2-meter long LT-200 3D pixel tubes. This was accompanied by 60 of SGM’s ILD controllers and a lot of SGM extension cable.

Madrix was a natural choice to control the 60,000 DMX channels in a 3D patch, allowing creation of the 3D content and effects in real time to suit the creative vision. Toby used multiple layers to build up the effects to the required density, ensuring sufficient coverage over the large work space.

Said Jacob Swan-Hyam, producer at RSA Blackdog, “The tubes added great depth to the video bringing what would traditionally be 2D video out into the space, and allowing the camera to track in through the tubes.” Toby Shipway, Blueprint’s SGM technician, added that the SGM LT range of products are incredibly bright for their compact size but still have the finesse to work at much lower intensities making them suitable for film and television work. “Crying for No Reason was filmed using less than 25% of the tubes’ potential power,” he notes.

Comments on Katy B’s official website went even further, as they trailed how the video was shot. “By now you’ll have seen the spellbinding video for Katy’s next single Crying For No Reason … well now you can see some of the behind the scenes graft that went into creating the spectacular light show.” Directors of the video were Sophie Muller and Ross McDowell, Production Company was RSA Blackdog, and Producer was Jacob Swan-Hyam.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

LEE ALLEN FLIES THE BLUE PETER FLAG WITH SGM P-5s and SixPacks on long-running children’s BBC TV show Television lighting director Lee Allen has quickly adopted SGM’s new highly efficient P-5 LED washlight as an essential part of his inventory, after being introduced to the fixture by rental specialists Richard Martin Lighting (RML). The West London based moving light specialists had made a substantial investment in the product in time for the BBC’s fundraiser Children In Need late last year, and when they demonstrated the attributes to Allen he was quick to earmark them for the children’s programme Blue Peter, for which he is LD. The second longest-running TV show in the UK (having first aired in 1958), the evergreen British children’s programme, an essential part of Children In Need, was shot outside the new MediaCity studios, at Salford Quays in Manchester. Lee explained why he was so enthusiastic about using this low-profile light, which came supplied with 43° and 21° interchangeable lens. “This was the first of two occasions I have been fortunate enough to use them,” he said. “For use outside MediaCity I required an IP65 rated light to illuminate the building, and the music we were incorporating live into the show. “For me the P-5s being wireless was a big bonus, as we had a large area to work in — so to just plug in power, with no DMX to put out, was great.” In addition to the wireless DMX and IP65 rating he also praised the high output ratio from such a compact footprint.

“They are so bright so only a few were required on the building,” he confirmed. “With them being RGBW we could get some nice pastel colours and saturated colours in just using the RGB.” He also noted that working on shows with a fast schedule, any attributes that help reduce rigging/ de-rigging time — with fewer cables creating a neater look onsite while at the same time reducing Health & Safety issues — is a bonus. Therefore he was eager to deploy them again for the Blue Peter Christmas Show — this time indoors at MediaCity in the open centre — which is glazed down all three sides of the space. “Once again the brightness was amazing,” he reports. “Even before it became dark outside the lamps were showing up really well — and once again, being wireless DMX, rigging was both quick and easy.” But this time he decided to go even further — adding a number of SixPacks from the SGM portfolio. This increasingly specified effect provides a unique pixel array based on the popular blinder. But by replacing the traditional halogen source with RGBA LED source — combining six outputs of powerful 40W colour mixing with builtin electronics, and individual DMX lamp control — it can achieve so much more. “I used these for down-the-lens eye candy,” he confirms. “We rigged them on scaffold pole and tank traps, and since the units are again IP65rated I will be using them next time I’m outside.” Of the fixtures’ attributes, he says, “The units are just so bright; they have a clever function to mimic tungsten lights which I will play with when I use them next. And having the short tails of power and DMX makes rigging a quick and easy process when used close to each other.” Another key benefit highlighted by Lee for use in a TV studio application was the ability to address the fixtures via RFID. “It gave my gaffer a chance to use his phone with the SGM app on the Android platform — and he addressed them a lot quicker than pushing the buttons on the fittings!” In summary, Lee says he would have no hesitation in using both SGM fixtures “again and again.” The IP65, in particular, is a big plus “as at very short notice I could suddenly find myself moving the show from inside, to the outside.”



SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

The Q-7 W Debuts in Germany

Q-7 W x 12 pcs - 20% on

During the first quarter of 2014, SGM’s new Q-7 W white LED wash blind strobe made its first appearance at several large German productions. It all started back in February with 12 Q-7 W utilised for the Finnish band Sunrise Avenue – for their gold album ‘Unholy Ground’ tour and for lead singer Samu Haber’s special performance at a popular talent show. Shortly afterwards, the German LEA Awards were equipped with 48 of the powerful cool white Q-7 W. Each year the Live Entertainment Awards are presented during Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt’s Festhalle, and as sole supplier for the event, PRG (Production Resource Group) presented a complex stage design showcasing the highest technical levels of light and sound. The Q-7 W put on an outstanding performance functioning as a blinder providing total whiteouts for up to 13,500 visitors of the hall. Meanwhile, at Prolight+Sound itself, 22 units were rigged at the SGM stand and another 12 units installed for the Agora stages. Over the four-day course of the show numerous bands played at the Agora stages with the highlight being the performance of Toto singer Bobby Kimball during the SGM party. Next up was the German music award Echo, which was also packed with SGM fixtures. In addition to P-5 wash lights and SixPack blinders, 48 Q-7 W were deployed on the main stage. The awards show was broadcast to 4.2 million viewers and received performances by top artists such as Shakira, Kylie Minogue and James Blunt. Rounding up a successful first quarter for the Q-7 W in Germany was the most popular event of all … the German TV show, Pop Idol. Once again a large array, consisting of 32 powerful fixtures, was put to great effect at the show’s finale for a large live audience and almost 4 million TV viewers.


Q-7 W x 12 pcs - 100% on

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Interview with lighting designer Michael Rahr Lighting designer Michael Rahr takes on the exhibition design for SGM’s large-scale stand of 210 sqm at Prolight+Sound 2014 SGM News interviews Michael about his approach when engaged in the specific task of designing both a stand concept and light show for a lighting manufacturer — as well as his take on where the lighting market Is heading.

Why and how did you become a part of SGM’s exhibition design? “Last year I had the opportunity to use a number of SGM’s products at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Later I met with Peter Johansen at LDI in Las Vegas, where we talked in depth about products and design. I must have enticed him with some ideas, as he asked if I would like to come up with a design concept, which I of course thought could be cool.” What type of design work do you normally engage in? “I work on a variety of projects from lighting design to content creation, 3D drawings to holograms; the list is long but it’s the variety of the work that drives me.” What is the idea behind your design for the SGM stand at Prolight+Sound 2014? “Harmony. I want to combine colours, beams, pixels and light into a beautiful harmony. It is important to me that it all plays together. I want to use the products to light up the entire area – more than just showing features and random colours and effects.”

Michael Rahr with Peter Johansen


What is interesting to you in designing the SGM stand? What has been your challenge? “I like what SGM stands for – not just the quality of the products, but the vision behind it, and where they want to go. The biggest challenge has definitely been to display as many products as possible and at the same time keep the harmony to make a perfect picture. And then afterwards being able to take a step back and think ‘yeah that looked quite nice, but I can still do do more!’” From where do you draw inspiration for your designs? “From everyday life actually. I tend not to search for inspiration — you know it when you see it and if that doesn’t work I jump into my car and drive around for hours. Amazing things can happen when you have nothing to do other than drive.” How do you characterise your design work in five words? “Innovative, harmonic, trustworthy, playful, daring to be crazy.” How does that correspond to working with SGM? “Quite well I think. SGM know what they want and where they are going, and I like that. It’s important to have an open mind and not to be afraid to throw ideas up in the air. At our concept meetings, SGM has been very open to that approach.”

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Where do the challenges of designing light shows for a lighting manufacturer lie? This was actually one of the biggest challenges. For trade shows you normally use lighting fixtures to enhance products or services and the lighting fixtures in most cases should preferably not be seen or take focus from the object you want to enhance. I went around this in two ways: the products on display should be treated not just as lighting fixtures but as products on display … just as if you are doing a car show. The products themselves should look good! Secondly I needed to treat the SGM lighting fixtures as products showing off what they can produce lighting-wise.” What is the most important thing for you to consider when choosing a lighting fixture? “That’s simple; what are you going to use it for? I always select some key fixtures where I can be very specific and demanding to their features and specifications. The key fixtures must always be of a certain standard and work flawlessly. For the secondary fixture, I look into availability and make it work.” What does SGM’s product range offer you as lighting designer? “I think SGM have a range of versatile products that can be used for different applications. For one thing, you know that you will get a lot of light output. Moreover, the colours look really good and most importantly they’re reliable! For many of my designs I need to consider what equipment the lighting company can supply, but I quite often request the SGM P-5 — another product from the range.

“Something else that is important for me as a designer is the support I can get from the manufacturer or distributor. Some designs are straightforward while others are a bit more demanding in respect of the products. I like the fact that I can get a straight answer from SGM.”

Looking towards the future with your experience, how do you see the lighting industry evolving? “That is a quite tricky question actually. There’s no doubt that LED technology will move forward as will the integration with lighting and motion graphics. I think we will see the basic lighting fixtures as we have now with more features, lower weight, more light output, weather-proof qualities, low power consumption, etc. But in order to make new ground-breaking products, you have to play… think differently; for example to create a moving light ‘drone’ that can hover above the audience. This may not be possible or safe at the moment, but thinking outside the box does lead to new innovations.”

Michael Rahr is a conceptual designer who for the past 20 years has been making lighting, video and concept designs for entertainment/ performances and corporate events and exhibitions on the global arena. Apart from designing the SGM booth at Prolight+Sound 2014 in Frankfurt, Michael is currently in the design process for the Danish Roskilde Festival and the new ground-breaking experience Corabelle, a haven for fans of electronic music, in Denmark.


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM fixtures light up canonization concert For the recent canonization of Pope John Paul II in Poland, TSE Grupa played a key role as one of the longest-serving lighting companies in the Polish market. TSE Grupa supplied all lighting equipment and multimedia solutions, and carried out the installation at the Sanctuary of John Paul II near Cracow, while their own Adam Tyszka and Sebastian Pachciarek were responsible for designing, preparing and coordinating the light show for the great celebration concert. For this major achievement 45 SixPack blinders and 44 P-5 wash lights were deployed. TSE Grupa has had the LED fixtures from SGM as part of their stock almost since product launch, and the company is more than satisfied with its investment, having used the fixtures in various applications. Pachciarek commends the SGM fixtures for their low weight, low power consumption and quality of light output. “These are the most important parameters for a TV show, and the SGM products meet these demands. However, for this particular


outdoor concert we also needed waterproof fixtures, and for that the SGM fixtures were the ideal choice”, he says. Catholic pilgrims gathered to attend the open-air concert, recognizing the elevation of Pope John Paul II to saint, which was also broadcast by TVP1 (Polish national public broadcaster). This concert differed significantly from TSE Grupa’s usual projects, where the concert theme could be jazz or pop. “This project was designed to be ‘light and reverent’, I feel confident that we achieved this target”, Pachciarek informs - backed up by the groundswell of positive feedback the company received after the concert. As a self-proclaimed LED supporter, Pachciarek was pleased to be working with the SGM fixtures and was especially impressed by the IP rating. With many upcoming projects in the pipeline offering further opportunities for use - including TV shows, festivals and corporate events - the versatility of the powerful, low profile units is underlined once more.

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SixPack x 45 pcs

P-5 x 44 pcs


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM SIXPACKS SCORE MAXIMUM POINTS AT EUROVISION When Austrian drag act Conchita Wurst was crowned the winner of the 59th annual Eurovision Song Contest in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, it brought to the end a spectacular show, in which SGM’s pioneering LED lighting reigned supreme.

four different surfaces, allowing the stage to be transformed from act to act. This included the huge, classic SGM LED back wall — measuring 110 metres wide by 13 metres high — and it was here that over 350 SixPack blinders were used to such dramatic effect.

SixPack x 362 pcs

Once again, SGM had been appointed an official technical event supplier as the evergreen event arrived in the company’s own back yard … taking place in the spectacular B&W Hallerne at Copenhagen’s Refshaleøen — a former ship’s wharf that has been transformed into a Eurovision Park.

In a groundbreaking design, the show’s creative director, Per Zachariassen and lighting designer Kasper Lange (with whom he has worked for ten years) ensured that content throughout the 26 artistes performing could be delivered to









SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

production director Ola Melzig had fallen in love with in Malmö, were in evidence again as Kasper Lange used most of a complete inventory of 362 SixPacks to form a dazzling, pixel-mapped back wall matrix effect. Each fixture combines six outputs of powerful 40W colour mixing with built-in electronics, and individual DMX control over each lamp, to boost the LD’s creativity. Given a free hand to design and specify the show, he was using the fixture for the first time — and was thoroughly impressed. “I had a strong idea where I wanted to go with the design — and the SixPacks are a good, stable and very powerful fixture which we used selectively, as special effects.” A Hippotizer was used for the pixel mapping and the lighting was controlled from a series of grandMA desks. After a week of spectacular events leading up to the final, SGM CEO Peter Johansen had declared that over his many years in the industry this was

probably the finest lightshow he had witnessed. “I am proud of the design Kasper Lange made and delighted that he chose SGM fixtures as part of his incredible show,” he said. It further underlines the fact that Denmark is emerging as a growth country in the lighting industry, with both the company Peter founded in the 1980s and SGM now sharing residence in Aarhus. “It's great to know that the coolest lights in the world are being developed and produced in Aarhus, which is fast becoming the lighting industry’s answer to Silicon Valley. In fact Denmark supplied 25% of the lighting used at Eurovision.” With an innovative approach to lighting technology and LED, SGM constantly strives to produce new tools for important lighting designers such as Kasper Lange — and the results were all too clear as the extravaganza at B&W Hallerne proved. The inventory of SixPacks was supplied by main

Peter Johansen: “I am proud of the design Kasper Lange made and delighted that he chose SGM fixtures as part of his incredible show,”


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

contractor, LiteCom A/S, sub-contractor PRG and SGM’s rental partners from around the world. The purchase of the SixPacks represents a substantial investment for both vendors. While PRG are already a heavy user of SGM equipment worldwide, LiteCom is fast becoming a significant SGM rental customer in its native country, having steadily increased its investment in X-5 LED strobes and P-5 wash lights — and now the SixPacks.

According to LiteCom account manager, Balder Thorrud, Litecom had joined forces with PRG in order to answer an EU tender issued by DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation). Having been respective leaders in their field for several years, the vendors had already set up a close working relationship with Kasper Lange. “And once again, it has proved a great collaboration,” confirmed Thorrud, adding that the back up from SGM had been extremely positive.

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

Although Lange is experienced at working high profile TV talent shows for DR, including X Factor, Denmark’s Got Talent and Danish Eurovision, he admits, “This was the largest project I have been involved in — by far.”

Eurovision generated 5.4 million tweets on social media, with a peak Twitter activity of 47,136 tweets per minute when Wurst's victory was announced.

To get an idea of scale, the production, in which 450 staff were engaged, attracted an expected television audience of more than 120 million fans. Figures released the following day showed

Photos: Jakob Boserup


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM G-SPOT ADDS NEW DIMENSION TO NATIONAL THEATRE Lighting students use award-winning fixture to light up London over the Thames Five Production Arts students from City College Norwich recently lit the exterior of London’s prestigious National Theatre during its 50th

anniversary year, after winning leading British drama school Rose Bruford College’s Junior Ready Steady Light competition. The ‘prize’ was coordinated by the National’s Head of Lighting Resources, Huw Llewellyn — and a pair of SGM’s groundbreaking G-Spot LED all-weather spots were ready to test the creative abilities of the fortunate students — selected by Llewellyn and provided by SGM UK.

Photos: Matthew Wiseman


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

The students were given advanced training to allow them to gain a more in depth understanding of the software used to light the iconic theatre on London’s South Bank before being given full creative rein, as they lit up the theatre nightly between April 26th-May 2nd — in three-minute sequences starting at sunset. Huw Llewellyn first saw the G-Spot immersed in water at last October’s PLASA Show and was immediately impressed. “I was just walking past the stand and wanted to see which nut had decided to put an LED light in a fountain — I must say, it was a great surprise to see it operating perfectly through water. “I knew that as well as providing students with a creative tool, it would also give us an opportunity to assess the fixture for our own use up on the roof. We certainly put it through its paces as we

Photos: Matthew Wiseman


had torrential rain the night after we put it up. But I needn’t have worried about that, or the output as it was certainly bright enough.” In fact, with one G-Spot set on the roof of the Grade II-listed Theatre, firing almost 50 metres onto the Lyttelton Flytower, and the other in the workshop, where the venue’s technicians could verify the exceptional build quality and optical path, SGM’s award winning fixture was probably subjected to its most demanding challenge yet. Huw Llewellyn confirmed, “We hooked it up to an [Avolites] Tiger Touch — it was a doddle to programme cues and our technicians gave it an excellent report.” Meanwhile outside, the National assisted the students with programming cues into the Pharos as they attempted to represent stars in an abstract way. “We knew G-Spot would offer them a new dimension — rather than just the usual colour

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

washes — and G-Spot gave them a chance to add texture and use gobo projections such as the impressive ‘Spiral Leaf’. We were all surprised by the clarity of the gobos and as for the colours, when RGB mixing the blueish white was perfect, and worked really well with the concrete building.

mounted in a protective dome. But using domes racks up so much cost, and there are still lamps to be changed and cleaning to undertake, which further racks up the costs.”

“We also experimented with the zoom and focus and had a look at some of the glass gobo effects in G-Spot to represent clouds, which we all really liked.” Throughout, G-Spot was used effectively to attract surprised passers-by and commuters heading across the Waterloo and Hungerford Bridges. But much as the students loved the experience, Huw Llewellyn and his team were able to assess the potential cost savings of an IP65-rated fixture that can operate without a protective dome. “We have used the roof position in the past for cameras and other live broadcasts and fixed position moving heads doing gobo projection,

In summary, Huw Llewellyn could not have been more impressed by his first experience with G-Spot. His assessment:

“This is perfect for outdoor theme parks; you don’t need expensive domes and it will handle proper architectural lighting. Also, you don’t need to constantly change lamps or filters or wipe the domes clean. It’s completely low maintenance and during the time it was here provided us with many options and helped us promote the concrete bunker that is the National Theatre!”


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

LD-5s MAKE CREATIVE IMPACT AT PRYZM AND WALKABOUT SGM’s versatile and compact LD-5 light domes are increasingly finding favour in some of the UK’s key late night entertainment venues. Having been plunged into paper lanterns for Wonderland in Maidstone, and featured in a giant immersive display at Sanctuary in Glasgow, they are now being put to equally innovative use by two installation specialists, Andy Pound, Operations Director of Technical Arts Ltd, as part of Luminar Leisure’s Oceana nightclub conversions into Pryzm, and by Sound Power Director David Ridout as a standard fit in the large Australian outback themed Walkabout Inns. These LED domes, with an outer diameter of just 80mm, can be used in any orientation, with a maximum number of 35 domes in a single chain. They can also be custom designed to fit any housing, and are controlled via three-channel DMX.

The Pryzm installation An example of their adaptability was shown by Pound in Bristol where Oceana has meta-


morphosed into Pryzm. He helped transform the old R&B room into the stylised Velocity — as part of an interior concept realised by Glyn Dyer Design. “The room has its own distinct feel — gold, black, blingy and luxurious,” says Pound. “The club wanted to enhance that effect and the low level LD-5 crystal ceiling does just that; the pixels are individually addressable with scrolls and patterns to give a sophisticated lighting effect — it’s both subtle and classy and is highly effective.” Earmarking around 100 LD-5s, Andy Pound explained, “We removed the dome itself to create a point source and placed it inside a box, with the ‘crystal’ in another. In actual fact we have used a diamond shaped glass paperweight bonded onto a square of glass, with very close tolerances. You not only get the twinkle off the crystal but when smoke is added you almost get a pinspot type beam on the floor such is the strength. It’s an easy install and as plug and play as it gets.” The effects are programmed to deliver random patterns via the existing lighting controller.

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

The LD-5s have now been earmarked for future Pryzms in Leeds and Brighton, where they will flex their muscles even further — pixel-mapped to handle scrolls under the command of a ShowCAD Artist, which will also be retrofitted into Pryzm Kingston.

David Ridout has now specified large quantities of the LD-5s in a number of venues over the past six months — beginning at the refurbished Walkabout in Carlisle, used by day as a soft pink and white wipe and 3D pixel mapped during night time trading to create an entirely different ambience.

The Walkabout installation

Sound Power has also provided similar solutions at Walkabout Birmingham — followed by a larger deployment in the refurbished Blackpool site. They then carried out further installations in Lincoln, Temple and Nottingham.

Operated by Intertain since 2009, Walkabout Inns are also using LD-5s — this time as a chameleon fixture.

The Sound Power director explains, “[Walkabout] wanted to replace the old halogen downlighter because of the prohibitive running and maintenance costs. They wanted a fitting that could act as ambient light during the day, transforming into a night time vibe via a series of light rafts. These we populate with the LD-5s.” He adds that the LD-5s have the additional benefit of introducing an aesthetic dimension. “The original Walkabout concept was for a themed rustic outback environment under a corrugated iron roof painted red, with a lot of tray work overhead. But this became dated over time and the client wanted to soften the environment right down. It’s about moving the concept along.” The lightshows themselves are driven from a ShowCAD Artist, with ELO touch screen and DMX expanders, programmed by Greg McLenahan. These are then driven by Madrix, programmed by Dan Kirby, to create pixel mapping, scripting, sound to light and text effects. There are three separate settings on the master ShowCAD controller for different trading times. Once the DJ has left, the ShowCAD clock will reset the system for the following day and recall the Madrix states which run on a separate PC. “It’s a highly dynamic and versatile solution and Intertain are very happy with it,” summarises David Ridout.


The Danish Art Museum ARoS illuminated by Q-7 RGBW color LED wash blind strobe and P-5 Wash Light.

LED lighting systems by SGM

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

LP-700 for ‘Inside Out’ installation As part of the “by Light” project in Malmö, Sweden, Bo Andersson and Johan Moritz created the idea and artwork for a special installation on one of the city roundabouts in 2004. Now came the time to renovate the installation and Moritz called upon SGM to deliver the LED lighting. Mikael Uddh from SGM Sweden suggested the LP700 LED Pix as best fit for purpose, and so the installation comprised 20 cabinets with three LP700 strings in each (a single string incorporates 56 RGB LED pixels in a chain measuring 6.75 meter and provides a pixel pitch of 120mm). The concept for this installation is based on a scene from the famous book ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams, where a man builds in a four-walled house turned inside out. Thus the door that people would be inclined to take into the house opens into a lawn with benches and pedestrian pathways. Mikael Uddh informs: “The LP-700s were premounted on customised plastic frames to fit the original design of the cabinets. The frames were also prepared with DC power supply and

an ArtNet node to translate the ArtNet DMX into three universes of DMX to the LP-700.” Live Media Group was the local contractor who handled the mounting and installation of the show controller feeding ArtNet to DMX, as well as all cabling. Johan Moritz, who acted as part artist, part lighting designer, employed by the City of Malmö, is more than satisfied with the impact created by SGM’s LP-700. “It seems to be a stable product that delivers the quality the City of Malmö was seeking. It also fulfills the resolution in accordance with this task – at a reasonable price”, he adds. The idea for this installation was to create a meeting place within the urban area, and Moritz is satisfied with both the result and the local residents’ appreciation of the artwork. “With this installation we have tried to represent the make-up of the inhabitants of Malmö in a both relaxing and contemplative way,” he states. This installation is fully operational every day of the year (during the dark hours) – adding up to approximately 4,200 hours a year of operation.

Johan Moritz


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM P-5s light up Kew Gardens First ever Illuminated Trail takes visitors on a mile-long journey of magic and light

years including illuminated trails and outdoor site specific work across the UK from Kent to Glasgow.

White Light’s inventory of SGM P-5 IP65-rated LED wash lights was recently pressed into service to help illuminate the famous Kew Gardens.

For this project — Culture Creative’s biggest nature-based project to date — White Light supplied 24 tonnes of lighting equipment, 900m of rigging bars, more than 26km of cable, and more than 300 ways of dimming, as well as production support, to get the show up and keep it running. Staged deliveries from White Light’s base in Wimbledon brought more than 650 fixtures to site including cutting-edge LED technology in the shape of more than 40 of the new SGM P-5 LEDs, under the control of Avolites Pearl consoles, while hazers provided atmospheric effects on the trail.

For the 2013-2014 holiday season, production management company Culture Creative teamed up with the lighting specialists to help re-imagine part of London’s Kew Gardens, a World Heritage Site, for a special night-time trail. The Illuminated Trail took visitors on a mile-long adventure, with lighting and production elements uncovering hidden spaces and revealing new looks for the Garden’s mainstay structures. Overseeing the project was Culture Creative Director Zoë Bottrell who worked with Lighting Designer Phil Supple of Light Refreshment to bring Kew to life. The project continues a long relationship between the companies, with White Light supplying several Culture Creative projects over the past eight


Breathtaking nature-based project

At Kew’s Palm House, Phil Supple created a vivid four minute light show to serve as the trail’s finale, using all the P-5 wash lights to bring the trail’s largest structure to life. The powerful RGBW units pack a real punch, with 44 individual LEDs producing more than 23,000 lumens per unit. The fixtures offered Supple a bright, low-power lighting solution

SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

for the project, providing countless colour options and interchangeable lenses for added flexibility.

High demand for SGM fixtures The SGM fixtures are a recent addition to White Light’s hire stock and are already in high demand for concert touring, live events and installation clients. Stated White Light Hire Director Dave Isherwood, “We’ve had designers looking for punchy, compact LED wash units for a while, both for use indoors and outdoors, and the feature set on the P-5, including compatibility with Wireless Solution’s wireless DMX, fits perfectly into our existing inventory. They were a logical choice for this project at Kew Gardens.” Culture Creative Director Zoë Bottrell describes the unique nature of the Kew Illuminated Trail: “This project has been the longest and most challenging trail we have undertaken in terms of length of trail, complexity of infrastructure and length of run, with 27 shows.

says, “It was a lot of fun. We love working on Culture Creative projects, especially where we can do something that has never been done before – like the Kew Gardens Trail.” He continued, “Two of the biggest challenges were the large amount of equipment across an expansive space and the outdoor conditions. We were able to overcome these by carefully planning logistics and providing flexible support for Phil [Supple] and his team. The end result was fantastic and we are proud to have been a part of it!”

“Working with White Light and the team is always a pleasure and they are an integral part of the success of how our site specific work can be delivered. We have always had exceptional service and 2013 was no different — from warehouse prep to site services everyone has been great.” As for tackling the project’s inherent challenges, Dave Isherwood

The Palm House at Kew Gardens. Photos: RGB Kew


SGM NEWS No. 6 2014

SGM CELEBRATES ‘BEST TRADE SHOW EVER’ A number of major milestones passed during four-day German show Having presided over international trade fairs at the highest level spanning four decades, SGM boss Peter Johansen was able to declare that the recent Prolight+Sound 2014 in Frankfurt was unquestionably his best trade show experience ever. There were numerous reasons to celebrate, not least being because LD Michael Rahr’s inspired lighting concept was one of the most dynamic and interactive seen in the lighting segment of the show; it enabled visitors to address directly the cornucopia of ground-breaking LED effects. Specifically, SGM passed several milestones. First, Michael Herweg, head of SGM Deutschland GmbH, was able to present Fürth based dry hire company, Motion Light with a special golden P-5 to mark the 1000th sale of the high-selling/ high-powered energy efficient wash light. Then another mighty company, PRG, which has already embraced the P-5, placed a massive order with SGM UK. Based at PRG’s UK office in Birmingham, Paul Weaver, Head of EU Asset Management, was on hand to confirm this investment.


SGM also took the opportunity for some heavy promotion — both on and off the stand. Within the booth area they again partnered with OASE Living, the German fountain pump and water feature company, to prove again just how impervious to liquid the IP65-rated G-Spot LED moving head really is, as it performed faultlessly throughout while undergoing a permanent soaking. Externally too, SGM had a mighty presence as the sole lighting sponsor of the Agora Stages (giving them a ready made party venue for the Thursday evening, where Toto singer Bobby Kimball was among the performers). In addition, the adjacent Festhalle was also equipped with 48 SGM Q-7 W low profile cool white flood lights for the LEA (Live Entertainment) Awards. Summing up, Peter Johansen said, “This show honestly couldn’t have gone any better for SGM and everyone was talking about Michael Rahr’s lighting design. The stand was permanently crowded and the quality of traffic we were able to drive to the stand was exceptional. I believe this was a real watershed in SGM’s continuing development.”

SGM SGM NEWS NEWS No. No. 6 6 2014 2014

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