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“Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.” (Psalm 126) Thank you! You are helping this vision for Pavement Project become reality in children’s lives every day. Sharing the Bible’s life words with children-at-risk means going to the streets – sometimes physically, always metaphorically. It means sitting alongside children ’down in the gutter’,

sharing in their sorrow, being prepared to face the messiness of the world with them. It means going out weeping. But every Pavement Project worker carries seed to sow – God’s Word applied directly to a child’s situation. And time and again we see how the Holy Spirit works, producing a harvest of joy. Thank you for your support. You are helping to reach more children with the message of Jesus’ love – so that they can be included in the harvest, and carried home. As you read the latest news, please continue to pray for this ministry, and to give if you can.

Saved for a Purpose Pavement Project Coordinator Clara Ngobolia reports on a Pavement Project training workshop in Kenya, and a Pavement Project worker with a difference. Last month, we welcomed ten new Pavement Project workers from three separate partner organisations to Kisumu, Kenya, for a five-day Worker Training Workshop. For many of those taking part, it was the first time that they had had the chance to work directly with the Pavement Project materials. It was also a great chance for the workers to meet for prayer, to share fellowship and to discover more about each other’s ministries.

At the end of the training Dixon, one of the workers, shared his story: “I am amazed by what I have learned about Picture Me over the past few days. As a street child myself, I went through many traumatic experiences and there was nobody I could turn to for help. But even then God was with me; I know now that he was saving me for a purpose and this week I have found it! May God help me to prevent these children suffering in the way I did and to focus on him in all I do.” The Pavement Project process begins with showing children pictures of others from around the world who are ’just like them’ – suffering in the same situations. Dixon is his own picture. He is a living,

Pavement Project: worker and child

breathing example of how God can redeem every circumstance, creatively using everything about our lives to his glory, if we will let him. Dixon isn’t the first Pavement Project worker we’ve met who was formerly a street child, and we hope he won’t be the last! Please join us in praying for Dixon and for all the new workers from this workshop as they go on to share the Bible’s life words with the children they meet.

New workers at the Kisumu workshop

Praying for Pavement Project in Africa Pray that God will provide open opportunity for workers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and DRC to minister to children through Pavement Project. Ask God to lead them to the children who need to hear his Word for their lives today. As workers meet children on the streets, in projects, in schools, pray that they will know the right moment to share the Picture Me process, that God will put particular children on their hearts and guide them as they listen to their stories. Ask that they will follow the Holy Spirit’s prompting as they decide which story of Jesus to share with each child, and how to pray with them. SGM Lifewords is the operating name of Scripture Gift Mission (Incorporated), a company limited by guarantee. Registered in the UK. Registered office: 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HS. Company No. 219055. VAT No. GB 2396620 43.

26/06/2012 16:26

An estimated 30,000 children live on the streets in Colombia Photo ©

Be a Pavement Project Friend

Protected by their Father Cleisse Andrade, Pavement Project Coordinator for Latin America, reflects on some of the stories of Colombian children who have been counselled by Pavement Project workers. Adela’s story Whatever stage we are in life, the experiences of our childhood can have far reaching effects on our adult life. This is exactly the situation that Adela* found herself in. When asked to describe herself by a Pavement Project worker, Adela compared herself to “a repulsive worm; something that people want to step on and throw away.” Abused by her stepfather for over 16 years, she shared how he threatened to kill her should she ever tell her mother what was happening. Finally, Adela could take no more. She entered into a suicide pact with a close friend and conspired to take her life. However, whilst her friend sadly died, Adela miraculously survived. Having been forced to leave her home

and living on the streets, she was eventually taken in by a Christian couple. During the counselling session, Adela shared how angry and abandoned she had felt because of what she had suffered. When the worker explained how Jesus cared for her, just as a shepherd does for his sheep, Adela replied that this news had given hope to her heart. At the end of the session, Adela compared herself to “a girl holding hands with the father, because she is loved and protected. He sees the dangers before her and guides her through them.”

Paulo’s Story Many Colombian families have been touched by the conflicts that have

ravaged the country over recent decades. This was certainly the case with Paulo*, a young boy whose brother was assassinated by guerrillas. Only aged ten at the time, Paulo described the anger he felt at his brother’s death. “I was like a pressure cooker, ready to explode” he told the worker during his first counselling session. During the course of the Picture Me process, the worker explained to Paulo that God does not ignore injustice in the world and neither is he indifferent to our circumstances. Understanding that God knew what he had been through, Paulo decided to place his life in his hands. “I now know I am a sheep that is dependent on the Shepherd and that Shepherd is Christ. I am peaceful and relaxed because I know that he will always be with me.”

Did you know that Pavement Project has its own Facebook page? With updates from workers around the world, it’s a great way to keep in touch with all the latest Pavement Project news whilst waiting for your next edition of From the Streets. To join this online community of Pavement Project supporters, search for Pavement Project, or go direct to SGMLWPavementProject

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Please return to: SGM Lifewords, 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HS For more information about our work please visit our website at FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

*children’s names are changed to protect their identity

Praying for families in Colombia Sadly, there are many families like Paulo’s that have lost loved ones in the decades of fighting between rebels and government forces. Please join us in praying for all those families who have suffered due to the ongoing instability, especially those who have lost children.

Pavement Project is an initiative of the SGM Lifewords global family of organisations, working hand-in-hand with people and communities-inneed around the world to find life transforming connections with the Bible. FTS – 212

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26/06/2012 16:26

From the Streets Summer 2012  

The second issue of From the Streets for 2012

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