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Our Mission To establish the scientific basis and clinical translation of reproductive science and women’s health by providing and promoting:

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Reproductive Sciences (RS) is the official Journal of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation.


Leadership and excellence in research, International forums for scientific exchange, Mentoring, career development, and education, Advocacy for research in women's health and reproductive science, and Collaboration with academia, government, industry, and professional organizations.

Dr. Hugh S. Taylor of Yale University is the Editor-In-Chief and under his leadership the Journal emphasizes translational reproductive research. Reproductive Sciences is the preeminent journal for “bench to bedside” research in reproduction. Reproductive Sciences is published by Sage Publications. Reproductive Sciences is a monthly publication. Subscribe and stay informed regarding the latest breakthroughs in translational reproductive research!

Future Meetings

SGI Annual Meetings 2012 March 21-24 San Diego, CA, USA 2013 March 20-23 Orlando, FL, USA 2014 March 26-29 Florence, Italy 2015 March 25-28 San Francisco, CA, USA 2016 March 16-19 Montreal, QC, Canada

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SGI Members

Establish collaborative networks with investigators in public, private, governmental, and professional organizations throughout the world Learn and apply innovative science and research methods in diverse fields of knowledge Mentor and are mentored by those who conduct and promote science and investigative research Make a difference in research funding, research careers, and science in the service of women’s health Create lifelong friendships with other scientists

The First 58 Years

Fifty-eight years ago, a small group of investigators studying hypertensive disorders of pregnancy proposed formation of an "Eclampsia" or "Toxemia" society. The first official meeting of "The Society of University Gynecologists" was held on June 15, 1953, at the Yale Club in New York City. The name was formally changed to "The Society for Gynecologic Investigation" at the annual meeting in Chicago the following year. A premier scientific organization in obstetrics and gynecology, the SGI now has 1,187 members throughout the world. One-third are basic scientists and two-thirds are clinical investigators. SGI members conduct basic, translational, and clinical investigation in the reproductive sciences and women’s health. Areas of focus include obstetrics, perinatology, reproductive genetics, gynecology and gynecologic oncology, endocrinology, reproductive physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology, epidemiology, reproductive infectious disease, and reproductive, stem cell, and developmental biology. Many members hold NIH grants or their international equivalents and/or serve on study sections and advisory councils for governmental agencies and private foundations.

Become a Member

Full Membership Individuals currently occupying a responsible position and who are committed to a productive research career by his/her recent investigations in the field of women’s health and reproductive sciences may apply for membership. While a minimum of two (2) years should have been spent in this research career, there is no requirement that the nominee should have worked at his/her current institution for two (2) years. Eligible individuals must be nominated for membership by an active member of the Society who is in good standing.

In Training Membership Individuals embarking on a research career in women’s health and reproductive science may apply for In Training membership. Applicants may be graduate students, residents, postdoctoral or clinical fellows. If elected, the In Training membership will remain in effect until training is completed at which time application for full membership will be encouraged and expected. Eligible individuals must be nominated for membership by a member in good standing who will state when the applicant is expected to complete training. In Training members may participate in all activities of the Society but may not sponsor abstracts or vote. The maximum length of time an individual may stay in the In Training category is eight (8) years.

SGI Council

President Stephen Lye, PhD Samuel Lunenfeld Research Inst., Canada Immediate Past President Robert Taylor, MD, PhD Emory University School of Medicine, USA President Elect Sarah Berga, MD Emory University School of Medicine, USA President-Nominee Kelle H. Moley, MD Washington University School of Medicine, USA Secretary Treasurer Kirk Conrad, MD University of Florida, USA Council Members Serdar E. Bulun, MD (2012) Northwestern University, USA Yoel Sadovsky, MD (2012) University of Pittsburgh, USA Hilary Critchley, MD (2013) University of Edinburgh, UK James Segars, MD (2013) National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA Jane E. Norman, MD (2014) University of Edinburgh, UK Roger Smith, MB, BS, PhD (2014) John Hunter Hospital, Australia

SGI Web Site

Visit the SGI Web Site For membership and meeting information. To obtain application forms for In Training and Full membership, go to the “Become a Member” link on the Society for Gynecologic Investigation web site:

In Training ad-hoc Member of Council TBD

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Our Mission To establish the scientific basis and clinical translation of reproductive science and women’s health by providing and promoting...