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Q3 Report


MKT Report

Recruitment Q3 Programme Profesional Global


Ciudadano Global


LĂ­der Global



MKT - Functional Achievements January


• OES Execution

• OES Execution

• Functional Visits

• Functional Visits

• Promo Materials for recruitment

• BTL Action for OGIP Coordination

• Líder Global launch and trainings

• The Answer Is Colombia(Portal)

March • Let’s Go Mexico • The Answer is Colombia (MA materials for iGCDP, oGCDP and oGIP) • ICETEX Promo materials

• MKT Challenge • Materials for Xpros • Nomadas • Website revision

Next Steps • Transition (All May) • Website Follow Up (DDL: May 15th) • The answer is Colombia review for GIP (DDL: May 2nd) • Follow Up of ICETEX Promotion (Ongoing) • Review of Empaque y Vamonos (DDL: April 28) • Conversion follow up - call center and ADN (DDL: April 28)

Conclusions/Improvement Points • Prioritization according with operations and fast results • Start transition for medium-long term projects • Report culture for recruitments • SDP para MKTers • Start VPs O/PR transition • Define Comm network tracking • Implementation channel – need to centralize all information at one place apart than PODIO (Working on a Wiki)

PR Report

Main Achievements Q1

Alliances PARTNER El Tiempo EF

Marca Colombia Colombia Joven CESA Aviatur Wo

In Negotiation

RESULT/TYPE OF ALLIANCE Negotiation to make a event with Portafolio / Partnership launch in social media (partnership signed) English Test Platform for EPs and members working Promotion of global citizen in twitter/ presentation of Colombia for SED trainees Promotion of oGCDP program in their social media channels/ Participation in Y2B Defined the new partnership /host of Y2B Meeting to talk abouth leadership with Jean Claude Bessudo and 20 AIESEC leaders/ meeting BD for GCDP project/ 1 Ticket to Mexico for MCVP IGCDP 2014-2015 National Corporative videos of AIESEC in Colombia. (TMPTLP, IGCDP, OGCDP, IGIP, OGIP, AIESEC)




Sponsorship for xpros, IC and national Events

Alberto Vo5

English Test Platform for EPs and members working

External Events Negotiations to participate in: -Foro de LĂ­deres y Emprendedores en la U: Participation as promoter, speaker and activity to give for free a exchange fee - Campus Party: Promotion and speaker - Expo estudiante: Stand -Approach to El Tiempo to deliver a business event -Participation in Expobecas Casanare 2014 in Yopal. Results: Contact with Chamber of Commerce, Government, Unitropico University interested in have AIESEC.

Public Relations -Application to BID project with AIESEC Andes -Support Showcasing strategy: Endorsement letters from Diego Molano( Fundación Bavaria)- Paula Gutierrez (HUB) -Video of Diego Molano and Jaime Castillo (Colombina) -Presence in national meeting of National System of Volunteering -B2B strategy launched -AIESEC in Colombia support the initiative “Pacto por la Educación” -Application to IGN awards -Application to IC 2016 -BoA meeting -Clo support

Internal Events LDC: -Negotiation with the hotel closed -OC selection - LDC Applications launched - Execution of ER plan - LDC preparation • Negotiations with Peñalisa for NATCO • Planning of Aulas de Inmersion event

Life Long Connection Activities with Alumni Network -LLC strategy launched -Alumni Network CRM in podio implemented -KM of local reports - First national newsletter sent - Standartization of national database - NPS support through 2 alumnus as speakers - LLC wiki ready

How many GIP and GCDP TNs have you raised through Alumni from January 1st to January 31st 2014? # times alumni delivered training or sessions to your entity # leads recommended through alumni # Exchanges enabled through alumni # of Global Families from Alumni # of Alumni participating in BoA or GAL

10 41 26 17 34 27

Amount of money received through Alumni donations - amount $ Have you had any negative experience, or brand violation caused by an alumnus or alumni in your entity during january 2014?



Functional Achievements •Execution of PR agenda: Alumnus, partners •National AIESEC in Colombia impact report development •PR wiki developed •PR visits in Cali,Pereira •PR visit in Yopal • Contacts for BD: Nestle, Aviatur •PR Task force execution

Next Steps April- May • Close the negotiation with Peñalisa for NATCO (25th april) • Natco preparation: OC selection, promotion, applications (10th may) • LDC (12-15 april) and Y2B execution (8th may) • Media appearance: Portafolio, El Tiempo, ADN ( 28th may) • Execution of SED event (14th may) • Launch the AIESEC in Colombia corporative videos (29th may) • Track the LLC strategy implementation (April-may) • Transition (April- May) • Close negotiation with ACRIP ( 9th May)

Conclusions/Improvement Points February - Was very good have a bigger NST to support the PR activities - We need to have a stronger showcasing team - In order to be PR more focused we need to have a events manager - Y2B must to be a PR strategy, not only BD strategy

IM Report

Main Achievments • Start prices updates (2013 to 2014) • OGX products names updates and contract changes • IGIP contract update according to the new model provided by FLM • Efront (National Education Platform) Software update • Zendesk (Helpdesk software for firefighting) Creation • OTT development ( information gathering) • Contract prices rules update (special cases such as Epic, etc) • OGX new products implementation “empaque y vamonos” BD OGIP.

Main Improvement Points • Zendesk implementation plan • Zendesk upgrade to 31 user • OTT development using API

Priorities for this Q • OTT final phase (15 may) • Transition (30 may) • Zendesk implementation (10 may) • Start documentation (20 may)



Comm Q3