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Semester Report

Joanna Menezes MCVP oGIP

Q1 2013-2014 Jul-Aug-Sep

Q2 2013-14


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SEMESTER 2013-14

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SEMESTER 2013-14

Achievement Progress

Strategic FrameWork

Main Achievements • MA Rate growth – 2013.1: 49% – 2013.2: 69%

• • • • • •

40% of growth in experiences delivered. 45% of growth in Match. Better alignment of Sales and Raising. Top 1 globally in Match and Realization Growth. Top 2 globally in Absolute Realizations in 2013.2. Achievement of match goal in the Brasilombia Cooperation – 56 MA in 6 months.

Main Improvement Points • Keep improving the understanding of the GIP value proposition and perception of the impact (GIP Wings). • Follow through with the process optimization and tracking through Podio. • Diversify supply. • Improve NPS awareness, answers obtained and promoters percentage.

Priorities for this Semester

Needs from the Network • Awareness and dissemination of the value proposition of GIP Program. • Seek for the oGIP Functional knowledge and suggest improvement to the MCVP and the oGIP NST. • Work on LC-LC cooperations. • Anticipate as many raises as possible until march. • Attention with the match criteria with India. • Fire fighting improvement and NPS strength in local level.

Let’s keep THRIVING!!!

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