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Valentine Collections 2012 xo,

A Seasonal Candy, Candy-Making, and Baking Supplies Product Guide

Please Note: Quantities are limited and a few seasonal products in this catalog are available for pre-order only. They are marked “pre-order� online.

Bulk Valentine’s Candy

Pretty Pink

Cinnamon Taffy

Rock Candy Sticks

Chocolate Hear ts


Gumballs Strawberry Gummy Bears

Strawberry Hard Candies

Pink Chocolate Gems

Jordan Almonds Shimmer Candy Pearls

Bubble Gum Dum Dums

Bubble Gum Jelly Belly Beans

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Bulk Valentine’s Candy

Red Hot

Cherry Fruit Sours

Cinnamon Squares

Cinnamon & Cherry Sticks

Valentine Gummy Bears Sour Sanded Gummy Hear ts

Cherry Gumballs

Iced Lollipops Red Sixlets Classic Very Cherry Jelly Belly Beans

Red Raspberry Gummies Cherry Gummy Rings

Hot Tamales To-Go Boxes!

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Bulk Valentine’s Candy

Snow White

Coconut & Vanilla Jelly Belly Beans

Vanilla Taffy

Chocolate Hear ts

White Chocolate Pretzels

c Ro

Shimmer Sixlets Candy Scoop Set


Jordan Almonds

Shimmer Gumballs

y nd Ca s

ick St Par ty Pails Pineapple Hard Candies White Chocolate Gems

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Novelty Candy

Pure Fun!

Hot T ip! Affix wax lips to lollipop sticks to create a party bouquet.

Dark & Milk Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Peeps

Wax Lips

Classic Conversation Hear ts Chocolate Roses

Hello Kitty T ins Filled With Cinnamon Hots

Smooch Milk Chocolate Bar

Proof That I Love You Milk Chocolate Bar Conversation Hear t Pops Gift Set

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Baking & Candy Making Supplies


Hot T ip! Make Triple Decker Hot Cocoa Stir Sticks with edible Valentine decorations.

Cinnamon Crunch

Sanding Sugars

Peppermint Crunch Cinnamon Hear ts

Sweet Candy Hear ts

Edible Hear t Glitter

Valentine Sugar Layons

Icing Roses

Real Chocolate Melts

Confectionery Melts


Rolled Fondant

Buttercream Icings

Writing Gels

Baking & Candy Making Supplies Raspberry Stripe Cello Bags


Loving Hear t Ballotin Box

Red Foil Cookie Box

Pink Cake Box (5 sizes!)

Baking Pans, Cups & Cookie Cutters Nesting Hear t Cookie Cutters

Kiss Up Cello Bags

Candy-Making HQ

Hear t Cake Pan

out our Hot T ip! Check k Collection Brownie Cookboo

Pantastic CakePan

Valentine Chocolate & Candy Molds

↰ Brownie Duo Hear t Cutters

Foil Baking Cups

Lollip Hot Dots & Zebra Baking Cups


Stic ks

ip! Hot T

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