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Managing The Anxiety Niggle Take One Easy Step And Begin To Manage Persistent And Niggling Anxiety - Managing Test Anxiety _____________________________________________________________________________________

By William Henry -

Feelings of anxiety usually relate to a negatively imagined future. When anxiety lingers we experience it as a niggle. It develops a habit of popping up everywhere and morphing into different forms. We may talk with someone and feel reassured for a time and then the niggle reappears, this time with a different twist. I was with someone I knew a few days ago who was concerned about his health. He was due to visit a consultant soon and clearly was anxious to know in advance the precise details of the next step.

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Logically he knew it was impossible, especially in a health system that was unfamiliar to him. Still he kept going over different scenarios about what might happen and what it might mean.

How do you feel?' I asked him. 'I feel very well', he said. And indeed he did look well. I knew he had lost his wife the previous year and, as I guessed, he revealed that perhaps if she had undergone tests she would still be here. I asked him to tell me more about how they met. He began talking about their life together and I watched as he relaxed and settled into his tale, the anxious expression gone from his face.Anxiety is a low level of fear and often our deepest fears have their roots in childhood and so are hidden from our conscious awareness.

Who knows what deeper hidden fears were at play here but switching the conversation to happier times had a noticeable effect on him. More importantly, he felt the change within him. If you ever experience a prolonged period of anxiety niggle break the negative cycle by switching to happier memories. It may not totally erase your anxious feelings. You may need to give yourself time to explore your fears more fully.What it will do is help put things into perspective, halt the drain on your precious energy and bring you back to the present.

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Managing test anxiety  

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