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MESSAGE The Singapore Cricket Club will host the highly anticipated 22nd edition of the SCC International Hockey 6s Tournament at the Padang on 5 and 6 March 2016.

One of the largest 6-a-side hockey tournaments in the world, it aims to challenge the players and excite the spectators with an estimated turn-out of an approximately 2000-strong crowd including former and current World Cup players and even Olympians.

I warmly welcome all participating teams, players, officials and supporters to this annual sporting event geared up to showcase top-notch, action packed, six-a-side format hockey.

My appreciation and thanks to the Hockey 6s Chairman, Mathavan Devadas and his Committee , our kind sponsors for their support of our sporting endeavour, the SCC Sports Department for their tireless efforts, and to all spectators for their encouragement and volunteers for being instrumental in the success of this event.

Themed ‘SCC Samba’, players and supporters alike can look forward to plenty of fun over the sporting weekend in March. Combining the Men’s and Ladies’ competition, this home-grown tournament will feature a stellar line-up of 64 teams from countries like Australia, Japan, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom battling it out for glory on the historic Padang.

The Singapore Hockey Federation welcomes all visiting teams to Singapore for the 22nd SCC International Hockey 6s. This event has been a fixture on our calendar since 1992 and it has grown in size and stature since then. It is good to see that the tournament has embraced the Rio theme in this Olympic year and I am sure hockey fans in Singapore will be entertained by some exciting matches over an entertaining weekend.

Show your support at the Padang t for a truly great weekend of top-notch hockey. Capt. Baldev Singh President, Singapore Cricket Club

of the organisers and staff of the Club who work hard to make it a success. I offer my congratulations to the SCC for once again putting out a mammoth event and thank the Club for its continued support of the game of Hockey. Mathavan Devadas President Singapore Hockey Federation

Over the years the event has growingly become known as the Singapore Sixes and it is a testament to the hard work

I am pleased to welcome the participating teams to the 22nd edition of the SCC International Hockey 6s. This year’s tournament promises to showcase some high class hockey with SCC very much looking forward to hosting 64 teams from Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the UK. One of four marquee international sporting events held on the Padang each year, this year’s Hockey 6s will once again be held on the picturesque and historic Padang Field over the weekend of 5 and 6 March 2016. After-match fellowship will be hosted in our Club and I encourage all SCC members to spend some time at the tournament and join top level hockey players in celebrating their on-field successes. 


On behalf of the General Committee and the membership of the SCC, I would like to thank the tournament’s sponsors, our Hockey 6s Organising Committee Chairman Mathavan Devadas and his team of volunteers, and our Sports Department staff for their hard work in organising and running this tournament once again. Without the time and effort put by these individuals, the Hockey 6s would not be possible. I wish all teams a successful and fun tournament. I speak for all members in warmly welcoming you all to the Singapore Cricket Club! Richard Stapley-Oh Chairman SCC Games Control Board

MESSAGE Olá! It is my great pleasure, on behalf of the hockey fraternity in Singapore, to welcome the teams and their officials, players, supporters, umpires, sponsors, advertisers, spectators and the Club members to this exceptional showcase of world-class hockey. The Singapore Cricket Club International Hockey 6s Tournament has been hosted by the Club for the past 22 years and remains an event that many of us look forward to each year, for a great number of reasons. The tournament, after all, is not only an impressive exhibition of skill and talent, but also a wonderful platform for building friendships and creating unforgettable memories with people who live halfway around the world. The popularity of this tournament continues to grow every year and this 2016, we are blessed with the participation of 60 teams from Asia, Oceania and Europe, providing a diverse and competitive mixture of teams.

A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors and advertisers who have generously contributed and supported this celebration of the sport and especially the SCC 6s tournament. Without their commitment, it would not be possible to hold this tournament on such a scale. My sincere thanks also goes out to the Organizing Committee that is comprised of volunteers for spending their countless hours on organizing the event. It is their sheer passion and love for the game that motivates them to return each year and organize the 6s. Last but certainly not least, a very special thanks goes out to the SCC Sports Department and grounds staff who have worked very hard to ensure a smooth tournament weekend. I look forward to an entertaining weekend of hockey and wish all participants and supporters a terrific time. Intekhab Khan Deputy Chairman SCC Hockey 6s Organising Committee

With the theme of this year’s tournament being “SCC Samba!” in conjunction with the Olympic Games being held in Rio de Janeiro, there is no doubt that this 2016 tournament will be a colourful and exciting carnival of sorts for both players and spectators alike.

Once again, I wish to welcome all the 64 participating teams to the 22nd SCC International Hockey Sixes 2016.

As in past years this year’s tournament will feature a very good mix of teams from Asia, Europe, and Oceania. I am very sure the weekend will be one of wonderful hockey, warm fellowship, great partying and all around good fun and spirits.

I certainly want to thank our sponsors and all other advertisers who through their continued loyal support and generous contributions have made this year’s tournament a great success.

A very special thank you to the very resourceful Organising Committee whose Chairman and members have come forward to take charge of the various tasks required to be done, in the planning, organizing and execution of this year’s tournament. I wish all participants and supporters a fun filled weekend and a safe journey home. K Rajaram Hockey Section Convenor Singapore Cricket Club



Mathavan Devadas Tournament Chairman Teams & Schedule

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K. Rajaram Padang & Infrastructure

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Intekhab Khan Deputy Chairman

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Competition Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

Winner Fremantle Black (Australia) Royal Thai Air Force (Thailand) University of Western Australia (Australia) The Pink Ladies (Australia) Freo Silver (Australia) Singas Slingas (Australia) Mohamed Nor Izuan Bin Adon, Fremantle Black (Australia) Catherine Wheeler, SCC Golden (Singapore)

Runner-up Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) Anzai Japan (Japan) Monsooners (Asutralia) Cairns Sapphires (Australia) Modernians Hockey Club (Australia) Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

SRC Hockey Men (Singapore) Prodigy ‘92 (Singapore) Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) RIHP Rubies (Australia) ISCI Ladies (Indonesia) Seethadevi (Sri Lanka) Edward Welch, Clubhouse Casuals (United Kingdom) Amber Mutch, RIHP Rubies (Australia)

Clubhouse Casuals (United Kingdom) Modernians (Australia) Roaming Redmen (Australia) KL Hockey Club Ladies (Malaysia) Tornadoes Ladies (Singapore) Monsooners Ladies (Australia)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Hollandse Club (Singapore) Colombo Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) Seethadevi Sports Club (Sri Lanka) Scarlet Redbacks (Australia) Southern Stormtroopers (Australia) Imadh Muzammil, Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) Bec Fatnowna, RIHP Old Rubies (Australia)

Tornados Hockey Club (Singapore) Royal Thai Air Force Hockey Team (Thailand) The Reds (Australia) Cairns Hockey Association Sapphires (Australia) Jansenites (Singapore) Monsooners (Australia)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) Freemantle (Australia) Maechens (Japan) Seethadevi (Sri Lanka) Hockey Goddesses (Australia) SCC Gold (Singapore) Shoga Matoba, Seven Stars (Japan) Chathurika Wijesooriya, Seethadevi (Sri Lanka)

Seven Stars (Japan) Hong Kong Cricket Club (Hong Kong) Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Melos 85 (Japan) Super Dux (Australia)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) KCC (Hong Kong) Riverside Lions (Australia) KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) SCC Slammers (Singapore) SMK Puteri (Malaysia) Keisuke Yoshida, Yokoe HC (Japan) Nadia Abdul Rahman, KL Hockey Club (Malaysia)

Yokoe HC (Japan) YMCC Hockey Club (Australia) VIOBA (Malaysia) Hong Kong Island Queens (Hong Kong) Hockey Goddesses (Australia) Tornados (Singapore)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Schools Boys Schools Girls Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament Boy’s Player of the Tournament Girls’ Player of the Tournament

KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Gymkhana Hockey Club (Sri Lanka) Tannibellies Hockey (Singapore) KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Singapore Cricket Club (Singapore) Hong Kong Cricket Club (Hong Kong) St. Andrews Secondary School (Singapore) CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent (Singapore) Abu, KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Kannagi Arumugam, KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Gugan Sandran, St. Andrews Secondary School (Singapore) Nurfana Hani, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent (Singapore)

Clubhouse Casuals (UK) Boatpeople Hamburg (Germany) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Seethadevi (Sri Lanka) Gulf Camels (UAE) Sri Lanka Schools (Sri Lanka) Jurong West Secondary School (Singapore) East View Secondary School (Singapore)


Men’s Cup (Joint Champions) Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl (Joint Champions) Ladies Cup (Joint Champions) Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl (Joint Champions)

Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) & Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) Royal Klang Club (Malaysia) & Boatpeople Hamburg (Germany) Royal Selangor Club (Singapore) & Singapore Cricket Club (Singapore) Valley Pandas (Hong Kong) PDRM Scorpions (Malaysia) & Kasetsart University (Thailand)




Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Womens Cup Womens Plate Womens Bowl


Hotspurs Black (Australia) Dolphins (Malaysia) Cobra Magic (Australia) Hotspurs HC (Australia) Kesetsart University (Thailand) SCC Frangipanis (Singapore)

YMCC Youth Development (Australia) Kowloon Cricket Club (Hong Kong)

Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) Gymkhana Sports Club (India) YMCC (Australia) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Police SA (Singapore) United World College SEA (Singapore)


Competition Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Womens Cup Womens Plate Womens Bowl

Winner Air India (India) Police SA (Singapore YMCC (Australia) Hotspurs (Australia) Cobras Strikers (Australia) SLS Black (Sri Lanka)

Runner-up Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Cobras Fusion (Australia) Unfit Allstars (Australia) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Valley RFC (Hong Kong)




Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup Women’s Plate Women’s Bowl

Air India (India) Royal Thai Air Force (Thailand) Boatpeople (Germany) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Royal Thai Air Force (Thailand) Kaset Ladies (Thailand)

Maharajah (India) YMCC Hockey Club (Australia) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Police Scorpions (Malaysia) Westside Wolves (Australia) Sri Lanka Schools Hockey Association (Sri Lanka)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup Women’s Plate Women’s Bowl

Air India (India) Penang Sports Club (Malaysia) Chenab Eagles (Singapore) Police Vipers (Malaysia) Royal Thai Air Force (Thailand) Chav Z - Force (Australia)

Kilat Club KL (Malaysia) Singapore Police Sports Association (Singapore) YMCC Hockey Club (Australia) Flying Queens (India) Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) SCC Survivors (Singapore)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup Women’s Plate Women’s Bowl

Air India EI Nino Gymkhana Royal Selangor Club Royal Thai Air Force Yokohama

Redza Sports Club Royal Thai Airforce Sri Lanka Juniors Kilat Ladies Singapore Cricket Club Valley RFC


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup Women’s Plate Women’s Bowl

Soul Mates Air India Club Aman Police Scorpions Air India Westside Wolves

Indian Airlines Rosellers Valley RFC Theresians Valley RFC Freemantle




Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Pakistian Intl Airlines Jollylads Club Aman Police Scorpions

Colombo Hockey & FC Singapore Recreation Club Prisons Theresians


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Chenab Singapore Recreation Club Singapore Cricket Club Royal Malaysian Police

Pakistian Intl Airlines Royal Thai Air Force ‘B’ Misfits Police United


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Johore Bahru District H.A. Indian Association Misfits North Coast Raiders

Pakistian Intl Airlines Penang Sports Club Valley RFC Police United


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Singapore Recreation Club Singapore Cricket Club Royal Bangkok Sports Club Police United

Gymkhana Chinese Taipei SIA Sports Club Singapore Recreation Club


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Indian Association Johore Bahru Harimau Hong Kong Phads Police Scorpions

Freemantle Johore Bahru District H.A. Khalsa Police United


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Singapore Recreation Club Sentrans Dutch Club Theresians

Indian Association Hong Kong FC SAFSA Royal Selangor Club


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Malacca Club Police ‘B’ Padang Select Royal Selangor Club

Singapore Recreation Club Penang Sports Club Jansenites Theresians


Men’s Cup

Malacca Club




Ladies’ Cup Winner PINK LADIES (Australia)

Ladies’ Plate Winner FREO SILVER (Australia)

Ladies’ Bowl Winner SINGAS SLINGAS (Australia)

Ladies’ Cup Runner-up CAIRNS SAPPHIRES (Australia)

Ladies’ Plate Runner-up MODERNIANS HOCKEY CLUB (Australia)

Ladies’ Bowl Runner-up SINGAPORE RECREATION CLUB (Singapore)

Ladies’ Player of the Tournament CATHERINE WHEELER (SCC GOLDEN, Singapore)



Men’s Cup Winner FREO BLACK (Australia)

Men’s Plate Winner ROYAL THAI AIRFORCE (Thailand)


Men’s Cup Runner-up SINGAPORE RECREATION CLUB (Singapore)

Men’s Plate Runner-up ANZAI JAPAN (Japan)

Men’s Bowl Runner-up MONSOONERS (Australia)

Men’s Player of the Tournament MOHAMED NOR ISZUAN BIN ADON (Fremantle Black, Australia)


PARTICIPATING TEAMS MEN’S TEAMS AUSTRALIA Anothavodie Esperance Kingfishers Green Machine Hawks Melville City Hockey Club Allens Melville City Hockey Club Peters Monsooners Men’s Owls OX Travellers The Crabs The Hotspurs Touring Lions Unfit Allstars University of Western Australia UQHC Recalcitrant Redmen UQHC Roaming Redmen Wasps HC YMCC Hockey Club YMCC Youth Development Squad HONG KONG Hong Kong Cricket Club Men’s Hong Kong Football Club Men’s Valley RFC

JAPAN Anzai Japan HC Get Wilds Tomochangs UEDA Company Yokoe Japan SINGAPORE Prodigy 92 SCC Favelas SCC Jaguars Singapore Khalsa Association Singapore Recreation Club Men’s Tornadoes Men’s SRI LANKA CH & FC Colombo Gymkhanan Club Colombo THAILAND Royal Thai Air Force UNITED KINGDOM AGC Hockey Club Men’s

INDONESIA ISCI Men’s Nusantara Hockey Club Men’s

LADIES’ TEAMS AUSTRALIA Cairns Jade Cairns Sapphires Esperance Dolphins High Tea Hockey Modernians Hockey Club (Women’s) Monsooners Women’s Team Pink Ladies Singas Slingas Southern Stormtroopers Touring Lions Ladies’ HONG KONG Hong Kong Cricket Club Exotic Parrots Hong Kong Cricket Club Amazon Lizards Hong Kong Football Club Bluejays Hong Kong Football Club Firebirds Valley RFC


INDONESIA ISCI Ladies’ Nusantara Hockey Club Ladies’ JAPAN Tokyo Mix Six Wakakichi Tokyo SINGAPORE SCC Ipanemas SCC Flamingos Singapore Recreation Club Ladies’ Tornadoes Ladies’ UNITED KINGDOM AGC Hockey Club Ladies’



Friday 4 March 2016 Team Briefing for Managers & Captains


Gilmour Room

Teams Reception


Padang Restaurant

Saturday 5 March 2016 League Competition Men’s & Ladies’ 8:00am to 6:00pm SCC Samba Party 7:30pm

Pitches 1, 2, 3, 4 Sixes Marquee

Sunday 6 March 2016 Plate Competition

Men’s First Round


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Cup Competition

Men’s First Round


Pitches 1, 2, 3 &4

Bowl Competition

Ladies’ Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Plate Competition

Ladies’ Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Cup Competition

Ladies’ Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Bowl Competition

Men’s Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1,2, 3 & 4

Plate Competition

Men’s Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Bowl Competition

Ladies’ & Men’s Semi-Finals


Pitches 1 & 2

Plate Competition

Ladies’ & Men’s Semi-Finals


Pitches 1 & 2

Cup Competition

Ladies’ & Men’s Semi-Finals


Pitches 1 & 2

Rolling of Pitch


Pitch 1

Exhibition Match


Pitch 1

Bowl Competition

Ladies’ Final Men’s Final

3:00pm 3:30pm

Pitch 1 Pitch 1

Plate Competition

Ladies’ Final Men’s Final

4:00pm 4:30pm

Pitch 1 Pitch 1

Cup Competition

Ladies’ Final Men’s Final

5:00pm 5:30pm

Pitch 1 Pitch 1


Sixes Marquee

Presentation of Prizes


SCC HERITAGE TRAIL Athletic Sports which were an integral part of this programme up to 1900. Football of both sorts, soccer and rugby, was established in Singapore in the 1880s, while an annual tennis tournament was initiated in 1875. Hockey arrived early in Singapore, in 1892, considering that the rules of the game had been established in Britain only in 1849 and the English Hockey Association established only in 1886.

Established in 1852, the Singapore Cricket Club is today a premier sports and social club in Asia. It is the second oldest sports club in Singapore, junior by 10 years to the Singapore Sporting Club, now the Singapore Turf Club. The Club stands at the centre of the city’s colonial heart, a public space that has witnessed many of Singapore’s triumphs and defeats, upheavals, independence as well as National Day Parades. Nearby historic buildings include Raffles Hotel, St Andrew’s Cathedral, City Hall (on the steps of which the Japanese surrendered to the British in 1945), the Old Supreme Court (to re-open with City Hall as the National Art Gallery of Singapore in 2014), Old Parliament House (now the Arts House), Victoria Theatre and Memorial Hall, and Empress Place Building (formerly government offices and now the Asian Civilisations Museum). Cricket was played on the Padang as early as 1837, only 18 years after Sir Stamford Raffles founded the settlement of Singapore in 1819, but it was not until 1852 that the first meetings were called to discuss the formal establishment of a cricket club. There have been no fewer than three clubhouse buildings on the Padang, the first erected some time in the 1860s, the second in 1877. The third pavilion, which forms the core of the present clubhouse building, was built in 1884. It was extended in 1907, and the northern and southern wings that we see today were added in 1922. Humble Beginnings The Club’s beginnings were quite humble, with the first 28 Members in 1853 being mostly men working in the British business and mercantile community, usually as clerks or “junior assistants”. In the 1880s, however, membership had grown to almost 400 and was seen as a social feather in the cap, not only by the businessmen who founded the Club but also by the power-brokers and decision-makers in government. Presidents in the early days of the Club included several governors of the then Straits Settlements: Sir Cecil Clementi Smith (SCC President, 1883, Governor, 1887-1893), Sir Frank Athelstane Swettenham (SCC President, 1902-1903, Governor, 1901-1904) and Sir Arthur Henderson Young (SCC President, 1909-1910, Governor, 1911-1920). It was not all cricket on the Padang. A popular event almost up to World War I was the SCC Annual Sports, and the SCC


Billiards was no doubt played at the Club, but it is seldom mentioned in existing records. Lawn bowls began at the Club in the 1870s, and the tournaments were held regularly from 1898. Membership of the Club had reached 878 by 1914. World War I affected Singapore sport badly (although the crown colony was not directly involved in the conflict), and the supply of sporting “manpower” was sharply reduced. Cricket suffered in particular, and in 1922 the Club was unable to make up a full team to play in Hong Kong. Morale must have been improved by the visit, in 1927, of Charles Gordon Macartney and his Australian cricket XI. Macartney’s team, which included eight Test cricketers, actually lost one match, against Malaya. Another major cricketing event occurred 10 years later, in 1937 – a three-day match by Malaya versus Sir Julien Cahn’s XI, the first English cricket team to visit Malaya or the Singapore Cricket Club. On 15 February 1942, Singapore fell to the Japanese, and most Europeans who had not escaped were interned. The Club was closed for the duration of the war. Even after Singapore was liberated, in 1945, it was clear that life in the crown colony would never be the same again. Elections in 1959 were won easily by Lee Kuan Yew’s People’s Action Party, which proceeded to form a strong majority government in a self- governing Singapore. It was reported that the new government was considering taking back the Padang from its lessees, the Singapore Cricket Club and the Singapore Recreation Club. In the event this did not happen, but the government did insist, in 1962, that all clubs in Singapore maintain at least 50 per cent Singaporean membership. Prime Minister Lee made his first official appearance at the Club in 1963, when his wife presented the Lee Kuan Yew

visiting Singapore in 1887, in commemoration of the many games the British Navy had enjoyed on the Padang. Anniversaries and the Future In 1992, the Club celebrated its 140th anniversary and organised various functions to raise funds for charity as part of the celebrations. The most memorable event was the 140th anniversary party held on the Padang on 30 October, which was graced by President Wee Kim Wee and the First Lady.

Shield to the Club’s ladies’ hockey team. He returned in 1970 to accept the honorary title of “Visitor” to the Club. Significant Events Between 1959 and the early 1970s, numerous cricket teams of Test or first class standard visited Singapore and graced the Padang. The most notable of these were:

• The Australian Test team to India and Pakistan in 1959. • The MCC team to New Zealand in 1961. • Ron Roberts’ Commonwealth XI in 1962. • E.W. Swanton’s Commonwealth XI in 1964. • Joe Lister’s International XI in 1968. • The MCC XI on its East African and East Asian tour in 1970. • The Indian and Pakistan Test teams returning from their tours of Australia in 1968 and 1972 respectively also visited Singapore. Unfortunately, their one-day fixtures were washed out.

Although the future of the Club looked grim during the 1960s, because of declining membership, financial difficulties and the possibility of government action, it survived (largely because of the sterling work of Club President Andrew Gilmour, after whom the Gilmour Room is named), and during the 1970s and 1980s it began to prosper once more. Concern for the community became a hallmark of the Club during the 1980s, the most outstanding example of this being an SCC Extravaganza Charity Day in 1984, the same year in which Singapore celebrated 25 years of self-government. The event raised $285,000 for the Community Chest of Singapore. Seven-a-side rugby teams had competed for the Ablitt Cup since the 1940s, but it was not until the 1980s that the SCC Rugby Sevens expanded to become a truly international competition. The SCC Soccer Sevens (which has now evolved into to a sixa-side tournament) has become an equally popular annual event, and in 1991 it was enhanced by the presence of British soccer stars Gordon Banks, Bobby Charlton, Roger Hunt, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters (all members of the England team that won the 1966 World Cup), Mike England, Pat Jennings, Kevin Keegan and Tony Woodcock. The highlight of 1991 was the visit of Singapore President Wee Kim Wee on 6 December, and his acceptance of honorary membership of the Club. Another event of interest in 1991 in the context of the Club’s history was the discovery of the oldest sports trophy the Club has in its possession – a Challenge Cup presented to the Club by Vice-Admiral C.B. Hamilton and officers of the British ships

An SCC Hockey Sixes competition was inaugurated in 1992. In October 1993, the Singapore Cricket Association organised the first International Cricket Sixes tournament on the Padang, in which teams from 10 countries participated. On 29 May 1996, the Club passed several landmark resolutions – to embark on a $60 million clubhouse redevelopment that will involve building two storeys underground, creating a new class of transferable membership and giving women full membership for the first time in the history of the Club. In November 1997, the Club started offering a new class of transferable membership. In the late 1990s, the SCC International Rugby Sevens attained the status of a top international club tournament. In 1998, the New Zealand Rugby Sevens Commonwealth team featuring rugby legend Jonah Lomu visited the Club and played on the Padang. In the same year, Petone from New Zealand, featuring another Kiwi legend, Tana Umaga, won the Ablitt Cup at the Padang. The status of the Club as a premier institution in Singapore was again underlined when Mr S.R. Nathan – a long-time member of the Club – was elected President of the Republic of Singapore in 1999. The millennium year saw a complete re-turfing and repair of the Padang field, including an improved drainage system. The year was also marked by the courtesy visit of His Royal Highness Prince Norodom Ranariddh from the Kingdom of Cambodia. In 2002, the Club celebrated its 150th anniversary with a year of festive activities organised by the specially formed anniversary committee. Among the highlights of the anniversary year was a charity golf match attended by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and the First Lady. The anniversary celebrations culminated with a gala dinner at the Padang on 5 October. A week later, on 12 October 2002, a terrorist attack in Bali tragically killed eight Club Members who were visiting the island to represent the Singapore Cricket Club in the annual Bali International Rugby 10s tournament. On 1 December 2003, a year after the 150th anniversary, a Special General Meeting of Members approved the most extensive Club renovation since 1922. Work was completed three years later, and on 2 February 2007 the Club held a dinner to celebrate the renovation. The guest of honour was Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who accepted the title of “Visitor”, making him the second recipient of that honorary title after Lee Kuan Yew in 1970. Today, the Club boasts a total of some 5,920 active Members, of whom 3,300 are voting Members. There are currently 13 Sports Sections in the Club, the largest being Tennis (524 Members), Golf (491 Members) and Squash (379).



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2015 TOURNAMENT RED, WHITE AND… GOAL! The Sixes this year (the 21st in the series) was the largest tournament yet in terms of participating teams. A total of 40 men’s and 24 ladies’ teams participated as compared to 40 and 20 teams respectively in 2014, which was the previous high. Of the participating teams there were a record number of six Japanese teams and new teams from Indonesia and Australia. The competition started off with a bang on Saturday morning with four pitches starting simultaneously at 8.00am – some more enthusiastically than others! We were blessed with bright sunshine contrary to the weather report, thanks mainly to a concoction of garlic, chillies and onions planted on the Padang by our Chief Marshall’s sister. The first day saw the matches going very much to form. Hotspurs and Fremantle Black (Australia), SRC (Singapore) and Clubhouse Casuals (United Kingdom) notched up perfect records in their pools in the men’s competition. In the ladies’ Competition, Pink Ladies and Cairns Sapphires (both from Australia) and home team SCC looked impressive coming out of the pool matches.


Article by: Mathavan Devadas

However the Sixes has always been an all-round competition with the element of good social being very important. So the weekend was marked by quite strikinglyattired teams such as the YMCC Men and the Valley Ladies. The HKCC Men started out interestingly enough when their kit man did not manage to roll out of bed in time for their 8.00am start and they were seen playing in nothing that resembled a team uniform! The Sixes dinner was on the Saturday again. The theme for this year was “Red White Gold, SCC Sixes Celebrates SG50”. The teams very sportingly obliged with a variety of costumes with several being real eye catchers! The band and DJ dished out songs from the 60s, recalling memories of when Singapore was young. Teams took to the dance floor as early as 8.00pm with some unable to leave (for various reasons!) even after the DJ closed for the night at 2.00am. Many drifted off to Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and goodness knows where else, with some not quite making it back to the hotel or for that matter, the Padang the next day!

2015 TOURNAMENT Party fever notwithstanding most of the players managed to drag themselves to the Padang on Sunday morning for the knock-out phase of the competition. Some teams were later than most causing the Eagles Nest to issue several final warnings over the public address system, which very often appeared to be falling on deaf ears! But once again matches did get underway, almost according to schedule with the more fun-loving teams managing to secure an early release to the SCC Bar. At times the said Bar was so overrun with players that an official had to be placed there as traffic control! Another favourite retreat was the Sixes Pool which fortunately held its structure despite the numbers. Next year a lifeguard maybe required! In the main Cup competition, matches continued to go to form with Hotspurs, SRC, SCC and Fremantle Black making it to the semi-finals for the men and SCC, Pink Ladies, Cairns Jade and Sapphires making it to the ladies semi-finals. Unfortunately for the home team, both SCC teams did not make it to the final. The ladies recovered some consolation when their captain, Catherine Wheeler, was voted Ladies’ Player of the Tournament. In the men’s Plate final, Royal Thai Airforce and Anzai Japan entertained the near 400 crowd to a pulsating match with Anzai taking the lead, followed by the Thai equalising then racing to a 3-1 lead. Anzai fought back to make it 2-3 but were unable to claw back the game.

The ladies’ Cup was played between two Australian teams, Cairn Sapphires from Queensland and the Pink Ladies from Perth. Both teams started off cautiously but picked up the pace in the second half. Both teams had chances but the Pink Ladies scored through Nicola McEvoy and held their lead to win 1-0. It was the first time! The men’s Cup final was a showdown between defending champions SRC and Fremantle Black. Again both teams started cautiously and SRC actually had the ball in the net but the hooter for half-time had gone a slit second before the ball crossed the line and the goal was disallowed! The teams fought to a 0-0 draw even after extra-time and the game went to a shoot-out, where the Fremantle keeper, Muhammad Nor Iszuan proved to be exceptional saving two SRC attempts, allowing his team to win the shoot-out 2-1. Curiously Iszuan was from SRC but as he was not required for the weekend, he played for Fremantle who did not have a keeper… fate can be cruel and kind! All in all a very enjoyable weekend for everyone and we look forward to 2016 with some considerable hope. A big thank you to our sponsors – Accor, Asia Pacific Breweries for Guinness, C. Melchers for Raymond Weil, Fish & Co, FTO, Gayatri, Talenat, and THORB.


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FEATURE SCC 6s Treasure Hunt Article by Pauline Cassidy Appleyard

Want to WIN your team a jug of something yummy and refreshing with the Sunday* SCC 6s Treasure Hunt? Answer all the questions below and complete the tasks fully and the first 10 correct and completed Treasure Hunt questionnaires will WIN a jug! Simply go to the merchandise stall in the Village, have your answers and completed tasks checked and if you are one of the first 10 teams, collect the WINNER voucher, head to the Village bar, swap voucher for jug (Tiger Beer/Pimms/Lime Juice) then return to your team as the all-conquering, beverage providing hero that you are! Question/ Task number

Question/ Task


What is the name of the Chairman of this year’s SCC Hockey 6s Organising Committee?


How many years has the tournament been running?


Which year was the Singapore Cricket Club founded?


Show the quiz evaluator a picture of you with any member of the Organising Committee.


What does the word ‘Padang’ mean in English?


Name a Pitch Official on Pitch 4? Take a photo with them.


There are two tournament phrases on the merchandise and in the tour magazine, provide one of them.


Who won the Women’s Cup tournament in 2002?


Take a photo of you actually, really, truly, honestly buying something from the merchandise stall.


What colours do the teams of SCC play in?


Show photo to evaluator

Show photo to evaluator

Show photo to evaluator… at the merchandise stall!

*Note: • The SCC 6s Treasure Hunt may only be played on Sunday, 6 March 2016. • All vouchers may only be redeemed on Sunday, 6 March 2016 at the Village Bar. • Limited to one jug per team.


Correct/ incorrect



Article by Kanan Packrisamy | Photo Credits: Benny Kee

NWL 1 Champions

Craig Acquaye scoring vital 3rd Goal v Jansenites


here has been something in the air since last season and the season has come to a close under very special circumstances. SCC has won both the National Hockey League 1 and National Women’s League 1 title. A first occurrence of this achievement given that it is the first time since hockey started in Singapore back in 1902 for SCC to land the men’s title. This is an exceptional achievement by the men’s squad who juggled work, family commitments and worked around the horrid haze to train hard. Their diligence willed them to train even twice a week at the latter stages of the competition. The results were very evident. The SCC 1st XI men took the title 3-points ahead of their nearest and fierce rivals Singapore Recreation Club (SRC). The fact SCC remained undefeated throughout the season ensured they set a club record of 2.8 points a game.

their record, the Ladies went onto to win the National Women’s League 1 title too by the same 3-point margin ahead of SRC, the defending champions. It was a very special league title as at half way mark the ladies were 5-points adrift with 5-games to play. When Jansenites beat SRC in round 7 our ladies knew that we were right in it. The ladies trained conscientiously and worked on set plays and penalty corners religiously to get it right on match day. Get it right they did! They scored a vital 2-1 win over SRC after trailing at half time. They followed that win up a mere 17 hours later by destroying newcomers Nanyang Polytechnic 10-0 to truly fire the ladies to down Tornados 2-0 on the final weekend to win the league for the 2nd time in 4-years. It was a special occasion for many of the SCC players for whom this was their first success at this level. The Section appreciates that we were blessed to have this set of highly skilled and driven players. We need to continue to attract such talent to the club in order to genuinely keep the Singapore Hockey Skies Gold and Black.

The previous record of 2.64 points was set by 1st XI Ladies en route to their title in 2012. Not too disappointed to lose out on

NHL 1 Champions

Ladies 1st XI captain Catherine Wheeler receiving the League Challenge Trophy from Mr Parasuram



FEATURE Singapore… It’s a FINE city… SCC Tour Fine Guide and Games Article by Pauline Cassidy Appleyard

So, you’ve just completed the SCC 6s Treasure Hunt and you have won your team a jug, you can either just drink it or… you could have a Fine Session! Here are a few favourites to help you kick things off. • • • • • • • • •


No pointing with your finger or thumb – point at things with your elbow only. Double parked – holding two beverages at one time… one MUST be finished. Left hand and right hand drinking – from 0000 mins past the hour to 0030 mins beverages MUST be held in the right hand, 0031 mins to 60 mins of the hour beverages MUST be held in the left hand. Thumbs – Last person with their thumb placed on the edge of the table loses and drinks – observation skills while you’re drunk, yeah right! D*ck of the day – for doing something stupid… On or off the pitch. Wuss of the Weekend – for trying to go to bed early, not drink too much and generally be sensible. No Duty Adults here please! Over-achiever of the Tournament – aka the top goal scorer (no one like a show off)… FINE! Goal-avoidance – missed a sitter with an open goal? You complete doughnut… FINE! Jug-avoidance – scored two and missed the third? Jug-avoidance is a heinous crime… FINE!

• Not come with enough players and loaned a few from SCC? Fine for each player loaned and if they score against SCC, another fine for the team. • Being too ‘couplie’ on tour – if your other half is a player and you tour together, that’s ok, but too lovey-dovey… FINE! • Over-snitching – dobbing someone in to the Fine Master/ Mistress for doing something stupid is acceptable. Being overly zealous and becoming the team-snitch… FINE!

Games to Try • • • • •

Wibbley wobbley – aka Scots man’s p*ss up. Giddy ho-down – ask a senior member of the SCC women’s team if you don’t know this one. Spoof – oldie but goodie. Rock paper scissors – another oldie but goodie. Injury sweepstake – no one likes an injury, but there are some players who, like Bambi, just can’t stay upright or whose hamstrings are strung so tight you could play a tune on them.






Singapore Cricket Club Ladies Pauline Cassidy Appleyard Plays at Left Half/Right Half, Left Back/ Right Back Joined SCC in July 2002 Played in 12 6s tournaments Keeps out of trouble by floating off the coast of Singapore on her outrigger canoe dodging the ferries to Bintan and Batam. Likes cups of properly brewed tea, Roly’s crumbly fudge, Starbucks blueberry muffins and Jack Daniels Interesting fact: Has never had all of the above in one sitting. Sophial Plays in Defence Joined SCC in 2010 Played in one 6s tournament Keeps out of trouble by… disappearing  Likes food Interesting fact: I eat a lot. Like… a lot. Hannah Plays as a Goalkeeper Joined SCC in 2013 Played in three 6s tournaments Avoids trouble by trying to look innocent! Likes travelling Interesting fact: I have 21 cousins! Beverly Plays in Defence  Joined SCC in 2015  Haven’t played in a 6s tournament!  Keeps out of trouble by smiling :)  Likes: Getting things done  Interesting fact: I am afraid of birds. Natasha Wong Plays as a Midfielder  Joined SCC in 2014 Played in one 6s tournaments Keeps out of trouble by sweet talking my way out of trouble  Likes buffet dinners and sashimi Interesting fact: People call me by my nickname, Nuts


Shingo Liu Plays as a Forward Joined SCC in 2007 Played in seven 6s tournaments Keeps out of trouble by staying in the background Likes having a good conversation over a few bottles of vino Interesting fact: Looking for sponsors to fund my rollercoaster world tour 2017. Drop me a note if you have some spare change Muna Plays as a Forward Joined SCC in 2008 Played in three (?) 6s tournaments Keeps out of trouble by flashing… a smile ;) Likes travelling, food and more food!  Interesting fact: Had one tooth partially knocked out while surfing! Was rushed to the A&E and ended up getting a root canal treatment. PS: The surfing company informed me they’ve not had any serious injuries in 13 years! Sok Plays as a Forward Joined SCC in 2013 Going to play in in my first 6s tournament Keeps out of trouble by MIA-ing… off-season Likes hiding in the shade Interesting fact: I don’t like running Felicia Clare Paul Plays in Defence, ventures into Midfield and wanders in the front I am not sure how many sixes I played in, could be zero Stays out of trouble by tackling really low and running like Forrest Gump Likes to travel Interesting fact: I don’t really know the rules of hockey


Singapore Cricket Club Ladies 2nd Team Rosalind Spink Plays in Midfield Joined SCC in 2007 Played in quite a few 6s tournaments  Keeps out of trouble by running  Likes boats

Petrina Anne De Souza Plays in Defence Joined SCC in 2007 Played in seven or eight 6s tournaments… I can’t remember Keeps out of trouble by bribing with candy Likes big buts and I cannot lie Interesting fact: Did you know banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.

Ellysha Jaffar Plays as a Goalkeeper Joined SCC in 2015 This is my first 6s tournament! Keeps out of trouble by not saying anything  Likes going on adventures!

Emily Chan Plays in Midfield/Forward Joined SCC: 2007 Played in six 6s tournaments Keeps out of trouble by playing for the Singapore National Team Likes winning titles Interesting fact: Youngest 1st XI Captain of SCC

Rachel Flynn (née McKeon) Plays as Top Goal-scoring Forward Joined SCC in 2011 Played in three 6s tournaments Keeps out of trouble by playing hockey Likes having a laugh Interesting fact:  At the end of this season I will have played hockey for 2/3rds of my years on earth

Susan McKay Position in Defence Joined SCC in 2008  Played in six 6s tournaments Keeps out of trouble by avoiding Ros. Likes tying one on

Catherine Wheeler Position at Half Played in many 6s tournaments Keeps out of trouble by working and taking care of her family Likes winning titles Interesting fact: Is SCC’s Club Captain

Supranee Mathiprechakul Position as a Goalkeeper Played in many 6s tournaments: Many Keeps out of trouble by doing double shifts as a doctor Likes keeping clean sheets Interesting fact: Has never scored a goal in the SCC 6s

Rhian Frizler Plays somewhere upfront Joined SCC in 2014 Played in one 6s tournament Keeps out of trouble by working late and getting up early Likes hockey Interesting fact: Non venomous snakes have round pupils. So if you encounter a snake just check out the eye shape



Singapore Cricket Club 1st XI Men’s Nine of our finest 1st XI Men’s squad, led by Team Captain Jamie Chambers, will don the SCCs colours for the coveted SCC Hockey Sixes Cup, but everyone knows that the main event is the Saturday Night Party!



Singapore Cricket Club Men’s 2nd Team Intekhab “Tremendous” Khan (Team Manager) Favourite Drink: Yellow Coloured Water Favourite Bar: Courtyard Number of 6s Attended: 15 Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: SCC winning the 6s Secret Weapon: Ihsan hockey stick

Sean “One Last Beer” Chen (Captain) Favourite Drink: Beer! Favourite Bar: Stumps Number of 6s Attended: 12 Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: Minister officiating a Boat Race Secret Weapon: Looking sober when drunk

Patrick “Paddy” Meredith (Vice-Captain) Favourite Drink: Beer Favourite Bar: Any Bar! Number of 6s Attended: 2 Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: Difficult to remember anything, really… Secret Weapon: Amazing lack of pace

Chris “The Steam” Jones Favourite Drink: Beer Favourite Bar: Any that serves Beer Number of 6s Attended: Lucky 7 or is it 8? Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: Last year’s Men’s Cup final shoot-out Secret Weapon: Cruyff Turn

Chris “Silver Fox” Rogers Favourite Drink: G&T, lots of ice Favourite Bar: Stumps Number of 6s Attended: 11 Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: Getting out of Stumps Secret Weapon: Stumps

Mark “Apples” Appleyard (aka “Bollox” pre-SG) Favourite Drink: Ale Favourite Bar: Cafe Iguana Number of 6s Attended: 14 Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: It’s all a blur... Secret Weapon: Drinking capacity

Martijn “Le Bleu” de Blauwe Favourite Drink: Tequila Slammer Favourite Bar: Kiosk Number of 6s Attended: Define attended? Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: That time SCC made semis Secret Weapon: Surprise

Ben “Uncle” Strickland Position: Plays at the back but can run all the way to the front and back Likes: Winning league titles Secret Weapon: Does not know his age and can bulldoze anyone or anything without getting injured Interesting Fact: Actually is a top bloke

Subhas “BASH” Nathan Favourite Drink: Hibiki 17 years Favourite Bar: Stumps Number of 6s Attended: 3 Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: 60’s party in 2013 Secret Weapon: Play till the last whistle

Pradap “DJ Daddy Daps” Salgunan Favourite Drink: Tequila Shots Favourite Bar: Sean’s place Number of 6s Attended: 8 Most Memorable 6s Moment to Date: Jamal welcoming me to the 6s last year Secret Weapon: Aneh-conda


TEAM PROFILES AGC Hockey Club United Kingdom

The AGC Hockey Club is a team made up of personnel from the British Army’s Adjutant General’s Corps, and is comprised of the police, human resource specialists, educators and lawyers. The Hockey Team ranges from people of various ranks from private soldiers up to Majors, with the ages ranging from 18 to far too old to mention. Through dedication and commitment, but mainly in order to: get a break from slaving behind our desks; get away from the muddy training fields; or just make up for time lost in those more dangerous hot and dusty places, we also play hockey.  Our games are played primarily amongst military circles within the UK, but we also go further abroad, travelling on tours around the globe since our Corps formed in 1992.  These tours have seen us play games, festivals and tournaments within the US, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

excitable bunch, with a penchant for tears and tantrums. We are expert at making cringe-worthy stick tackles, often get our left and right feet mixed up, merrily get in each other’s way, and can often confuse the opposition by deploying our patented floorial from defender straight to the opposing attacker.

Our philosophy is that teamwork must prevail over individual skill, but that’s mainly because we are lacking in skill. An Without doubt we are destined to be the most feared bunch argumentative bunch, we also fall short in the aforementioned of the tournament, primarily due to the shortage of facilities teamwork department too. But while we lack in these for us to get our team strips washed. areas, we more than make up for with our child-like enthusiasm. Perhaps you could say we are a mal-coordinated but

WASPS HC Australia

The mighty WASPS dream team returns to Singapore for the 2016 SCC Samba 6s another year older and wiser(?). Having learnt from the experience of last year, we are determined to ensure that we exert as much effort on field as off field (as if!), and look forward to the challenge of taking on all comers. We will Samba, Salsa and Cha Cha the opposition asses off the pitch and if that doesn’t work there’s always our Brazilians! “When my baby, when my baby smiles at me I go to Singo, me oh my oh, I play Hockey, and lots of drinko…” (Apologies to the late Peter Allen). We shall play on the pitches, we shall drink in the stands and we shall fight in the bars and in the streets. We shall never surrender! We will play, we will win and we will conquer… and if not, well bugger it – who wants a beer?


TEAM PROFILES Anothavodie Australia

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the YMCC Muppets on the Padang tonight. We’ve been coming to the SCC Hockey 6s tournament since 2003. The list has expanded to three teams (YMCC, Youth Development Squad and Anothavodie) and the belts have expanded considerably as well. Given the number of times someone in the squad has called someone else a “muppet” for doing something dumb on the hockey field, we thought that it was appropriate to associate each team member with a Muppet that most resembles them. #5 Daniel “Pud” Robbins, #7 Ben “Robbo” Robbins, #10 Matt “MRob” Robbins, #20 David “Robbo” Robbins – The Flying Zucchini Bros Luigi, Giuseppe, Marco and Heathcliffe (the Mama’s boy) are a crazy bunch of tumbling acrobats that do amazing feats of daredevil on the hockey pitch. They, along with Gonzo, are the most likely to do the Human Cannonball, which involves the three other brothers launching Heathcliffe the full length of the field with the ball on his stick. As he lands in the attacking circle, he tumbles and then shoots a goal. Importantly, Heathcliffe records it all on his Go-Pro that he wears on his chest, although the footage can be somewhat erratic. They even have their own You-tube channel that nobody watches.

#5 Garth “No Goals” Sly – Gonzo Known for doing some crazy things on the field, usually led by his beak. Throws overheads like Gonzo being shot out of a cannon – they could go anywhere. Gonzo has been known to crash land into goals while playing. Gonzo loves his little chicken “The Mojo Thief”.

#12 Geoff “Coops” Cooper – Rowlf “And now the continuing story of a quack who’s gone to the dogs.” The good doctor has recently repaired his own Achilles tendon in his back shed with some superglue and binder-twine, so is expected to break down very early in the tournament.

#54 Chris “Fiddy” Buchan – Statler Seen it all before and happy to offer “constructive” criticism from on high. Won’t move much from the one spot for the entire tournament unless it is to go into the grandstand to get his hat, while the game is going on.

#98 (GK) Jeff “Scotty” Scott – Count von Count “I luv to count ze goals as they go in ze back of my net. One goal, ha ha ha, two goals ha ha ha, three goals ha ha ha. Where are my fullbacks? I can only count one fullback, ha ha ha.”

University of Western Australia Australia

UWA HOCKEY CLUB 2016: THE TITLE DEFENCE The defending Bowl champions have recovered from the excessive celebrations following last year’s miraculous maiden triumph in Singapore. Thirsty for more, the boys from the University will be back stronger and more determined to be victorious on and off the field in 2016. The selection process is being finalised at the time this report is going to press, but expect a number of regulars, a few new faces and a couple of surprise selections to ensure that substitutes are available for another finals campaign. Look out for us at the bar or sipping mojitos on the boat (Ku De Ta) and hopefully hoisting the Bowl again on the winner’s stage. We look forward to going back to back.


TEAM PROFILES Cairns Jade Australia

The Cairns Jade brings both youth and experience to Singapore in 2016. Four athletes return from 2015 to combine with the enthusiasm of four new athletes. There is speed to burn in all lines with this group and the Jade are keen to progress well into the Sunday afternoon competition. No doubt the whole Singapore experience will be enjoyed by all. Our athletes:

Emily Witheyman-Crump

Quinlee McAlister

Katie Pozzi

Rachel Mewett

Ella Burman

Claudia Philp

Phoebe Nixon

Gabi McArthur

Cairns Sapphires Australia

With a grand final appearance in 2015, the Cairns Sapphires are keen to take that one more step in 2016. Four players from 2015 have returned for their second Singapore appearance with four new athletes joining the ranks. The group are excited not just about competing in the Singapore 6’s but enjoying the hospitality that only Singapore can bring. Our athletes:


Maddy Turner

Alice Phillips

Hannah Cochran

Ireland Maloney

Lisa Fatnowna

Chantelle Yates

Billee McDonnell

Kendall O’Reilly

TEAM PROFILES Esperance Dolphins & Kingfishers Australia

The Esperance Hockey Association is a family orientated club that caters for all ages and abilities. All games are played on a Saturday, starting at 9.00am for the Minkey kids, followed by the sub-juniors, then juniors, under 17s and finally the senior games. All grades play in mixed teams until they reach senior level. Senior members are often at the grounds from 9.00am to 5.00pm volunteering their time to actively encourage hockey in Esperance and then hitting the field themselves. Esperance is a remote regional town, with a total population of approximately 15,000 people. Our distance to other towns limits our ability to play in a larger competition. However, we are fortunate to have a fantastic hockey culture which boasts eight women’s teams and six men’s teams. We play grass field hockey six months of the year, culminating in a hugely popular and very social, Grand Final Day. We proudly send teams to regional and state-based competitions with the firm belief that enjoying the game is the most important factor (plus a chance to have a play on turf). We love socialising after the game and revel in the added bonus of representing Esperance. The Esperance Dolphins (Ladies Team) are made up of representatives from four local teams, with all players keen to enjoy the Singapore hospitality and the opportunity to play something a little different. They are a social group who will enjoy mingling with other opponents after the game and looking forward in putting the “Sing” into Singapore with a Karaoke night. With more than 15 years separating the youngest and oldest players, they are a team for all generations and are all passionate players who love being out on the field rain, hail or shine. They know how to play hard, play fair and have fun (both during the game and after). Teammates Justine and Priscilla never stop running, while Jess and Niccole will sneak the ball past the opponents with style. Natasha, Georgina and Monica thrive in taking the ball off you in defence and Tara protects the goal with fierce determination. The Esperance Kingfishers (Men’s Team) are made up of players from four different teams with over a span of over 20 years in age, covering a few generations of hockey experience. Whilst fierce competitors on the field, all players relax and enjoy some social downtime after the game. The Kingfishers are predominately farmers who know how to work hard in all conditions and will prove to be a tough team on the field. Scoring goals is a passion taken seriously by Mathew and the Carmody boys – Tom, George and Jack. Heath and Matt are the experienced backmen who will make heading towards goals a difficult task. Marcus and Perrin move around the field with stealth while passing the ball with pin-point accuracy to their teammates. Both teams have no experience in a 6s tournament, so they are looking forward to a new challenge in a different environment, to swinging their sticks and working their hips at the SCC Hockey 6s competition.

Yokoe Japan Japan

We are Yokoe Japan from Tokyo Japan and this is our sixth participation to the SCC 6s. We are really happy to be back here again. In order to win the tournament this year, we have hockey stars from Japan, Hong Kong, Houston, Manila and Yokota in our team and we will show our best performance and wonderful goals at the Padang. Lastly, we would like to thank Singapore Cricket Club for giving us this opportunity to join such fantastic tournament. Best wishes to our hockey mates. Let’s enjoy hockey and drinking together! Cheers!


TEAM PROFILES Hawks & Owls Australia

HAWKS AND OWLS PLANNING TO SWOOP Experienced is the word that best describes these well drilled athletes from Perth. Hawks – In line with the dinner theme, this team has gone all Brazilian this year, with the on-field flare akin to the renowned soccer greats from South America. Led by the famed Nuniso and backed by his almost able bodied team of all-stars, it is expected this team will be permanently playing on the exhibition ground this year to give the crowd a treat for the weekend. With complex set plays and unbelievable skill levels, this will be entertainment for all the family. The core all-star team is back featuring Caveato in goals, Donuto and Kelpo repelling all, while it will be raining goals from the likes of Ando, Timmo, Evando and Luko… and then we woke up! Owls - Led by the Jamie Dwyer-like Damian “Coops” Cooper, this team will again be a force to be reckoned with come Sunday when the fun turns serious. Having recruited well in the last 12 months, they are joined by the nippie Darren Miller in 2016, backed up by the massive experience of the likes of Rodereda and Wood and the silky skills of Devereux and D’Orsgana – and that’s just at the bar! With tinkle toes Gallagher in goals and “Black Magic” Bridgie (his words) in the forward line, this group will be hard to beat.

HC Get Wilds Japan

As an alumni of the Keio University Hockey Team and the pioneer of hockey in Japan, we are proud to have great team work. We will use our intelligence, speed and quick response to on-field strategies to tackle our opponents – no matter who they are! This is Japanese Ninja Style Hockey! We are ready to make a Wild Sensation in Singapore!


TEAM PROFILES High Tea Hockey Australia

One half of the team has wanted to visit Singapore for some time. The other half has been visiting Singapore annually for several years, but choosing high teas, shopping and hockey spectating over hockey playing. After many years of discussion, procrastination and negotiation, we finally have a team! The high tea and shopping schedules have been adjusted to accommodate two days (or possibly one day and one game) of hockey. In keeping with the theme of this year’s tournament, each player has been matched to their ideal Olympic sport. #3 Natalie “Gnat” Johnson – Skeleton Singapore Caps: High Tea – 0, Playing –0 It is said that you have to be crazy to stand in goals and have hockey balls whacked at you. It is also said that you must be crazy to go head-first on a thin board down an icy slope. That’s our Nat!

#7 Natalie “Natty Nat” Underwood – Golf Singapore Caps: High Tea – 8, Playing – 1 Natalie’s long limbs enable her to have fabulous reach on the hockey field (which is useful when your knees are kaput). When she hits the ball, however, you get confused. Where is the pin she is aiming for? Is this hockey or golf?

#4 Deanna “De” March – Modern Pentathlon Singapore Caps: High Tea – 1, Playing - 1 De is our multi-skilled team member, whose Darwinian lungs will be very well-suited to the playing conditions in this tournament. De is highly adept at juggling her two children (a 2- y.o. and a 42-y.o.) and excelling at any sport she chooses. For these reasons she is our choice to compete in the Modern Pentathlon. Can you ride a horse, De?

#9 Michelle “Chopper” Howell – Fencing Singapore Caps: High Tea – 0, Playing – 0 If wood-chopping was an Olympic sport, Michelle would qualify in a heartbeat. However, she has to settle for her second preference – verbal jousting. Michelle is committed to practising both skills in Singapore, so umpires beware!

#5 Suzanne “Suze” Bowyer – Cross Country Skiing Singapore Caps: High Tea – 0, Playing – 0 Suze is our cultural ambassador, splitting her time between France and Australia with a little hockey in between. If she’s half as awesome at skiing as she is at hockey, she’ll be there in Rio (if she can find any snow?).

#10 Lorraine “Mahon” Mahon – Gymnastics Rhythmic Singapore Caps: High Tea – 0, Playing – 0 Lorraine brings creative and artistic flair to the forward line, often bamboozling defenders with her twirling and ball movement. These skills put her in good stead for an admirable performance in Rio. It also helps that she’s the only member of our team who’s anywhere near the qualifying age for Gymnastics!

#6 Kirsten “Kirky” Underwood – Football Singapore Caps: High Tea – 8, Playing – 1 Kirsten’s unique hockey style of using her feet and diving all over the field indicates she would have easily qualified for the Olyroos in her day (but only because AFL is not yet an Olympic sport!).

#15 Karen “Swifty” Swift – 100m Sprint Singapore Caps: High Tea – 6, Playing - 0 As a committed defender, it may surprise some to see Karen’s name on the start list for this event. However, with her surname “Swift” and drinks waiting at the finish line, we think Karen will ‘Bolt’ it in. Welcome to the red, white and green Karen, these colours will look good on the winner’s podium!


TEAM PROFILES Hong Kong Cricket Club Hong Kong

The SCC Hockey 6s is a firm fixture in the HKCC Men’s and Ladies’ Calendar and we are delighted to enter two teams again this year, ready to fight hard for some silverware and lead the off-pitch fun. Thank you in advance to SCC for hosting what will be another fantastic event! For any other teams returning from the 2015 event, you will be sure to remember the safari kits the HKCC Ladies donned during the day and (self-proclaimed) flawless cheerleading routine at the Saturday night party. So what can you expect this year? More zebras? To remain the last ones dancing on Saturday night (third year in a row…)?   Right, you are! Expect sequins. Expect feathers. Expect Samba. Expect a reprise of the 2015 games and challenges, this year focusing on four individuals… Oh, and for those HKCC team members reading this with a quizzical look on their faces – yes, it’s your turn. Those false kit designs, “trials” and serious team talks have paid off.   Look out for HK (pause) CC Ladies. You’ll know when we’ve arrived.

Hong Kong Football Club Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Football Club has a proud tradition of touring and for many decades both the men’s and ladies hockey sections have been covering the globe to attend hockey tournaments. Hong Kong Football Club Ladies – The SCC Hockey 6s is a favourite “local” tournament destination and once again the ladies are excited to have two teams entered. On their last visit to Singapore the Ladies A team made the Cup Final and this year they hope to bring home some gold rather than silver. Rumour has it they are also gunning for Party Night prizes… a competitive bunch? Just a little, but they know how to party! Hong Kong Football Club Men – Touring under the revived “Roosters” moniker the men have finally got themselves sorted this year and also look forward to an improved performance. Signing up a mix of “wise old men” and “youthful talent”, they hope to progress beyond the Sunday morning a “one game wonder” status. It’s fair to say they will give the girls a run for their money on the dance floor too!



Indonesia The Intercultural Sports Club of Indonesia (ISCI) is a loose mix of largely tropo expats from all over the world and enthusiastic locals, which has survived in various shirt colours and bars for over 30 years. Whilst our attempts to get to the bar are occasionally interrupted by games of hockey, we remain fiercely competitive (as drinkers anyway). ISCI’s ability to have fun while trying to play hockey, through hangovers, missed alarms, sleeplessness, apathy and language barriers (and that’s just amongst ourselves!). Knows no bounds and we hope to continue that tradition at the Singapore Cricket Club Sixes in 2016!

Tornadoes Singapore

The Tornados Hockey Club returns to SCC Hockey 6s in 2016. Tornados is the only club dedicated solely to hockey in  Singapore  with a broad range of expats and locals. Our teams this year will feature Americans, Aussies, Dutch, English, Scotts, Irish, Indian, Kiwis, South Africans, Singaporeans, Spaniards and a German-Korean. Wherever the party is, the Tornados will be there. Watch out for Roger the Rhino on Saturday night.


TEAM PROFILES Modernians Hockey Club (Women’s) Australia

This 2016 tournament sees the return of the Mods Hockey Club ladies team well rested after a successful competition last year. Coming away as runners-up and with the silver plate still sparkling in circulation amongst the northern suburbs of Perth, the team is looking forward to an action packed weekend ahead full of socialising, partying, shopping, cocktails and the odd game of hockey here and there. Lead by Captain Beth Allison who also serves as our team nurse, we have a number of returning favourites including goalkeeper Donella Berry, Jo Sgro, Kylie Cardinal and Courtney Caddy. Donella and Jo are still celebrating their successes post winter season at the Australian Masters Tournament in Queensland. Kylie is still on a detox programme from Singapore last year and Courtney is hoping for a reverse tomahawk goal for the second year in a row. Joey Yorke is returning for the fourth time but with her older sister Penne in her suitcase. We’re hoping Penne brings experience from her days playing in the Australian indoor hockey team and twice as much fitness as the rest of us! This addition continues the tradition of having a set of siblings in the team. Fiery Irish girl, Trish Friend-Pereira is celebrating her last year at the tournament before she departs Australia permanently and heads back to Ireland for better hydration and more frequent rugby games. On a special note we welcome Jessica Rucks to the team who made the life-changing (and soon-to-be regrettable when her first Singapore Sling hangover sets in) decision to accompany the team. She increases the average height of the team and hasn’t been playing hockey long enough to learn about the side effects.

Hockey ability of the team is debatable and apart from a few participants in a very casual summer competition the rest of us have been watching our sticks get drowned by dust in the cupboard. Thank goodness Captain Allison is coming armed with Dencorub, Tiger Balm, a team masseuse, Nurofen, set of crutches, Epsom Salts and a bottle of whisky to help ease the expected pain. The team was most excited to hear about the theme of the tournament party this year and put our fitness and pre-season training on hold to prepare our costumes. We felt it important to include a quality photo as an example of what to expect come Saturday night. Looking forward to participating in a great tournament once again!

Melville City Hockey Club Australia

Melville City Hockey Club (MCHC) was founded in 1956 and is currently one of the largest hockey clubs in Western Australia. Fielding two teams in the SCC International Hockey 6s tournament for 2016, the depth of the club is evidenced by the handpicked collection of individuals who will compete in Singapore. Most striking to the keen observer will be the physical attributes of the teams. The relentless Singapore humidity will extract a monumental toll on this naive group. Their style of play is literally heart stopping.


TEAM PROFILES Monsooners Australia

The Monsooners Men makes their eighth tournament appearance in 2016. In the 2015 version they finally made it past the first round of the Sunday games and finished as runners-up in the Men’s Bowl to UWA! That game was clearly one too many for them and unwilling sub-rotations were noticeable which Glenn kindly reminded everyone about at half-time! Big thanks to John Mayes and Stevan Kottritsch, two well-known locals who performed for Monsooners with distinction and G & T. This year, the mainly Darwin-based team should comprise of: Kevin Burton, Clayton Archer, Simon George, Glenn Kirkaldy, Gary Cox, Steve Rowe, Jim Rowe, Anthony Herbert and debutant Jamie Burton. We can’t wait to get to Singers again!

Members of the Monsooners Women’s Team have dusted off their hockey stick, and spent a few weeks trying to get some resemblance of fitness back – hopefully in time for the first round of hockey games. The team this year finds a number of return veteran players, including Sharon Kirkaldy (keeper), Cath Lucas, Heike Schimitzek, Abbie Vasantha and Linda Kennaugh alternating between defence and attack, with Julie Hoare up front together with youngster Cara Burton, who is making her third trip back to the tournament. They have also secured the services of Jane Marshall, well known to many of the Australian teams as a centre forward to be reckoned with and welcome Jane and her husband Graeme, who is the team manager (although I don’t think he knows it yet!). The team looks forward to another well organised tournament and a good weekend of hockey.


TEAM PROFILES Nusantara Hockey Club Indonesia

Nusantara Hockey Club (NHC) is a field hockey club based in Jakarta established in 1982. The club is open to anyone who would like to play hockey in their free time. For a past few years, the club started emphasis on the development of young players and actively participate in local and overseas tournament. Some of our 2015 achievements are the Champion of ISCI Youth Hockey Challenge, Runners-up of the Jakarta Hockey League and third placing of Singapore Indoor Challenge. This is our first time joining the SCC Hockey 6s and we hope to have a good experience and fun from the tournament.

OX Travellers Indonesia

OX Travellers are delighted to be returning after a fantastic experience in 2015. The core team remains and are keen to improve on last year’s performance. No nightclub will be left unvisited to achieve optimum performance (in addition, a dedicated Team Manager will ensure that results are actually lodged on a timely basis). Mark Beecham, Peter Cahill, David Duran, John Howell, Christopher Ingle, Ed Knowles, Alasdair McDonald-Moss are all returning, plus some new faces. OX Travellers is a Melbourne based team and consists of current and past members of the Old Xaverian’s Hockey Club. A number have played in Singapore and SE Asia previously. There is a mix of young and experienced players (i.e. fast and slow). The Touir, as SCC Hockey 6s is known by the OX’s, is to encourage further social interaction with the global hockey community.


TEAM PROFILES Pink Ladies Australia

Back this year, the Pink Ladies come ready to rip up the dance floor. Despite being devastated by injuries and the impact of age, the Pink Ladies will lead by example with their silky skills and groovy moves. One thing’s for sure, you may not see the angels you saw last year! Maz – In the mood to cut loose, Maz will be looking for a good time between games. Favourite colour: Pink Chablis / Favourite movie: The Pink Jungle (1968) / Favourite song: Bad Influence – Pink / Lucky number: 1 / Status: Sensationally Single / Form: Impassable Jacq – Birthday girl. Welcome to her party! Favourite colour: Fuschia / Favourite movie: Touch of Pink (2004) / Favourite song: Get the Party Started – Pink / Lucky number: 2 / Status: Absolutely fabulous / Form: Absolutely fabulous Felicity – Hoping someone will make the perfect pass. Favourite colour: Cerise / Favourite movie: Pink Panther (1963) / Favourite song: Heartbreak Down – Pink / Lucky number: 4... but looking for a 10 / Status: Perpetually single / Form: 5’7”, ravishingly svelte, electrifying blue eyes, killer legs Tiki – Will cameo in times of certainty. Looking for a dance partner who can keep up. Favourite colour: Magenta / Favourite movie: Heller in Pink Tights (1960) / Favourite song: Where Did The Beat Go? – Pink / Lucky number: 5 / Status: Married / Form: Consistent... Consistently injured Hando – Commercial goddess. Won’t be too taxed in this role. Favourite colour: Blush / Favourite movie: Pink Angels (1972) / Favourite song: Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – Pink / Lucky number: 6 / Status: Sublimely single / Form: Dangerous Pippa – Recently returned from boot camp. Watch out for the real MVP. Favourite colour: Rose / Favourite movie: Pink Narcissus (1971) / Favourite song: Funhouse – Pink Lucky number: 7 / Status: Committed (to party) / Form: On point

Steph – Indefatigable in defence. Favourite colour: Amaranth / Favourite movie: The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) / Favourite song: F**kin Perfect – Pink / Lucky number: 9 / Status: Prematurely promised / Form: Dazzling Buzzy – Hot new recruit. Might control the game but is still to be inducted to the dance floor. Favourite colour: Hot Pink / Favourite movie: Pink Flamingos (1972) / Favourite song: Just Give Me a Reason – Pink / Lucky number: 10 / Status: Untouchable / Form: Can play stickball

Nicola – Looking for a good umpire, Nic will be the first to question the decisions. Favourite colour: Bubblegum / Favourite movie: Pretty in Pink (1986) / Favourite song: Trouble – Pink / Lucky number: 8 / Status: Strictly samba / Form: Lucky when it counts


TEAM PROFILES Singas Slingas Australia

The Singas Slingas hail from all levels of the iconic Western Australian hockey club, YMCC. Although confusing a number of punters by failing to take the YMCC name but keeping the club’s questionable colour scheme, the Slingas had a surprisingly successful first year at the Hockey 6s Tournament, taking out the Ladies Bowl championship in 2015. After initially scoffing at the idea of six-minute halves, two minutes into Game 1 and sweating profusely, the team realised they had very little on-field class, and were not much better off the field. Swapping ice-baths for pool sessions and rehydrating with cranberry and vodka gave the Slingas the recovery they needed to turn around straight losses on Day 1 to a triumphant grand final victory against host nation Singapore during the finals on Day 2.

The Team (left to right on photo) Liv Collins – If you like knowing where your hotel is and being in possession of your wallet and phone at all times, Liv is not the girl for you.

Elli “Mini Buchs” Buchan – Died and came back to life, thanks to the restorative powers of Tiger Beer, karaoke and inter-team mingling.

Grace “Tay Tay” Hutchison – Popular with dancing cheerleaders and serious on field flair bagging four in the final.

Jen Briggs – Goalkeeper extraordinaire and wife of the team’s official drinks mixer.

Cassie Smith – Likes a man in a uniform, if that uniform is a bull costume. Jo Norona (The Team Manager) – Runs rotations like a pro and has a penchant for curry in bed. Lisa “Crocks” Crocker (The Team Mum) – Infinitely wiser and more responsible than the rest of us.


Moira McKechnie – A culinary force to be reckoned with. Don’t leave this girl waiting for a meal if you want to live! Terri Newman – Token soccer player and hockey newbie and Where’s Wally mastermind. The original team, plus a few fresh recruits return to the Singapore Cricket Club in 2016 to defend their title. Beverages and shenanigans mandated. Winning a game not guaranteed.

TEAM PROFILES The Crabs Australia

The YM Crabs have scuttled their way onto the beaches of Sentosa and are storming into their six consecutive appearance of the infamous SCC Hockey 6s. Descending from the shores of the Indian Ocean in Western Australia, The Crabs are a consequential component of the YMCC Hockey Club, providing the perfect balance of skill and inexcusable antics.    Determined to back up from the escapades of previous years, the team are focussed on demonstrating their typical relentless and unfashionable style of crab hockey, crushing their international rivals without compromise.     An uninterrupted preseason of Tiger tinnies and crab legs has provided the perfect preparation and conditioning to acclimatise to the unique conditions that the team will face in Singapore. No stone has been left unturned in their continued quest for crab glory. Well hydrated after a long hot summer, the lads are prepared for their assault at the title on the now familiar and memorable Padang turf. Unfazed by previous years’ defeats, the team are focussed on creating unsurpassable crab history and redefining international grass hockey in the process.

This year the team will be bolstered by the return of a number of seasoned crab veterans, to ensure the team is well-placed to cause significant carnage on and off the field. After a two-year sabbatical in the US, the Crabs will welcome back their prodigal son (Mr S. Moore-Crouch), who is expected to launch himself back into the festivities and prove he hasn’t missed a beat. Typically outrageous and always unpredictable, The Crabs will no doubt be the team to watch in 2016. Win, lose or draw, The Crabs are back for another weekend of unrestrained and unexplainable shenanigans sure to live up to expectations. Hear the scuttle! This is the year of The Crab! The 2016 Crab line-up includes: Justin ‘Shoog’ Sims (Captain), Tristan Sleigh (Manager), Andy ‘Animal’ Webster, Tim ‘Princess’ Masarei, Matt ‘Big Guns’ Webster, Nick ‘Chicko’ Wilson, Dean ‘Bundy’ Parry, Scott ‘Coco’ Reiffer, Tristan ‘Diesel’ Sleigh, Tim ‘Timmy’ Moore-Crouch, Sam ‘Spud’ Morgan, Simon ‘Sal’ Moore-Crouch (Emeritus Captain), Sam ‘Dumbo’ Lequaietermaine (12th Man).



UEDA Company has participated in the SCC Hockey 6s tournament since 2012. All players in the team are also umpires from Japan, Singapore and alpha (we promise the best!). They are all full of zest and looking forward to make as many friends all over the world through various field hockey tournaments as they can. We welcome anyone who wants to join us in our exciting adventures around the world.

Valley RFC Hong Kong

Valley Rugby Football Club has just celebrated its 40th anniversary. Since its formation, the Club has aspired to provide an environment that mixes a strong social element with that of a competitive sports club and this has produced the spirit of Valley RFC which is still alive and important today. Valley offers rugby, netball and hockey to men, women and juniors of all ages. The hockey section was formed in 1992 and has grown into one of the largest and most successful in Hong Kong. Valley currently has five men’s and five women’s teams that play throughout the hockey leagues in Hong Kong and draws talent locally and the rest of the world. As a club, we try to blend a good mix of competitiveness with a social side; whether we won, lost, or drew, we’re first to the bar for post-match banter and analysis. The touring team for the 22nd Singapore Cricket Club 6s is comprised of players from Valley’s A Team who have had a mixed season so far. This season was always going to be tough after losing about six starters, but the returning guys and new recruits have started to blend and play consistently as a new team. Valley is excited to be returning to Singapore and will bring a good mix of tour veterans and rookies to the Padang and bars of Singapore.


TEAM PROFILES Unfit Allstars Australia

John “Hubba” Hay SCC 6s: 2015, 2016 Position: Forward Fact/Fiction: He drinks and he smokes and he tells dirty jokes – perfect inclusion in this team! The club was formed in 1987 with the merger of the Grads Women’s Hockey Club, Cricketers Hockey Club, Old Scotch Collegians Hockey Club, and the Christ Church Hockey Club. The club is one of the largest in Perth and is based at Cresswell Park in Swanbourne, Western Australia. The club fields senior teams in both men’s and women’s competitions from first grade to veterans. In addition, the club has an extensive junior programme for boys and girls of all ages. Out of the magnificent club has come a truly magnificent team – the Unfit Allstars. The appropriately named, Unfit Allstars are a team within the Westside Wolves Hockey Club. The team was formed in 1988 with the gathering of a group of like-minded players, whose love of post-game celebrations were matched only by their deep hatred of attending training sessions. The team won the premiership in its first year and followed that success with premierships in the next four consecutive years. The team won the 2015 premiership, which resulted in massive celebrations. The team attended its first SCC 6s competition in 2001 and developed a taste for the sponsor’s products. Hence, a return in subsequent years has become inevitable. Chances are, you will find team members located in the bar area over the weekend of the tournament. That is when their festivities aren’t interrupted by those pesky hockey games! Peter “Bad Boy” Barblett (Captain) SCC 6s: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016 Position: Lurkin’ high, or wheezing on the sidelines Fact/Fiction: Bad Boy is constantly thirsty. Look for him at the Stumps bar (or in the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel) at any time over the weekend. David “Johno” Johnston (Manager) SCC 6s: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016 Position: Ex-midfield Fact/Fiction: Lovin’ retirement from playing and vowed to not bring his stick this year, but available to run the briefing on Friday!

Simon “Si” Andrew SCC 6s: 2015, 2016 Position: Defender Fact/Fiction: Has played at the SCC 6s many times for many teams. Second year with us and looks forward to booking into the correct hotel this time around. Chris “Pos” Nelson SCC 6s: 2015, 2016 Position: Where we tell him Fact/Fiction: Proved himself to be a valuable team member last year. Handy on the field, but outstanding at the bar. Keith “Hog” Walker SCC 6s: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016 Position: Push backs only – then bench Fact/Fiction: Hog is renowned for the high quality of his push backs and will be doing little else this year. Hog earned his Singapore fame by sleeping on a bar stool at the Raffles Hotel. David “Yuey” Yu SCC 6s: 2013, 2015, 2016 Position: Defender Fact/Fiction: Still holds the elusive aim of scoring a field goal from fullback – will this be his year? No – probably not! Michael “AB” Barblett SCC 6s: 2013, 2015, 2016 Position: Where we tell him. Fact/Fiction: The youngest member of the squad with the worst haircut. Drew “Mr Sex” Smith SCC 6s: 2010, 2016 Position: Goalkeeper Fact/Fiction: Took a while to recover from the stress of the SCC 6s previously, but he’s stupidly forgotten about that now and he’s bringing sexy back. Chris “Rolly” Rowholt (Coach) SCC 6s: 2003, 2016 Position: Coach Fact/Fiction: Former coach of the French national men’s team. Skills are completely wasted here, as nobody will listen so Rolly’s going for a drink.


TEAM PROFILES UQHC Recalcitrant Redmen Australia

The UQHC Recalcitrant Redmen return to contest their third SCC 6s tournament in 2016, and look forward to more submerged pool furniture head injuries, Paul Simon’s karaoke, adding more members to the Short Bus XI and most importantly, as always, #teamunity. Sandal aka Rhys Cullen Sandal has only just recovered from his hangover after the dinner last year and will be going around in his fourth SCC 6s. He will look to remain alert and conscious for a significant part of the tour, although some would say that he is a better tourist when he remains unconscious. Gash aka George Kennedy Gash will return for his third appearance at the SCC 6s and is bringing enough medical grade superglue to put the entire team back together. Unfortunately, the team mascot, The Bobcat, is still too large and unpredictable to travel in Gash’s luggage and will be supporting remotely again this year. Kenny aka Sam Gowty Kenny is also back for his third SCC 6s. Kenny acted as Gash’s emergency room assistant after the submerged pool furniture accident last year and is now addicted to medical television. Kenny has been watching reruns of RPA in the chamber since March 2015 in preparation for the 2016 tour. Tugboat aka Warrick Shillito Tugboat docks in Singapore again for his third SCC 6s tour after making headlines with his successful ‘air-swing’ penalty shootout technique last year. Keep an eye out for Tugboat in the Changi duty free shops as he tries to convince other passengers to carry part of his gin purchase through customs for him. Keno aka Kieran Powyer Keno is back after a successful debut at the SCC 6s in 2015. Keno revelled in his new-found freedom in the centre of the field last year and the team expects him to do all of the running again this year. Known for his work on and off the pitch, expect Keno to be facilitating an ‘after party’ in a hotel room near you.


Pretty Boy aka Sonny Connors Pretty Boy is back for his second tour after taking a gap year in 2015 to go to the Soundwave music festival instead. Pretty Boy claims he went to Soundwave to see Faith No More, however he was reportedly seen wearing black eyeliner and moshing to Marilyn Manson. He will spend most of the 2016 tour learning the words to Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’. Knuckles aka Ross Kealy Knuckles also returns for his second tour after missing the 2015 trip. He has recently seen with a top knot or ‘man-bun’ which makes a mockery of his history as a feared axeman. Will the new hairdo affect his tackling technique on the pitch? Will he flee to Thailand after the 2016 tour, like the 2014 aftermath? Time will tell. Showcase aka Ross Farwell Showcase debuts at the 2016 SCC 6s and as the team’s token South African, not much is expected from Showcase except for racist outbursts and limp performances against the Japanese teams at the tournament. Listen for Showcase muttering things in Afrikaans about biltong, springboks and #teamunity. Creep aka Michael Webb Creep, on debut at the 2016 SCC 6s, is known for his ability on the slack line. For those who don’t know, a slack line is effectively a mobile tightrope setup that is used to attract hippies. His gymnastic ability will serve him well, as he will have a lot of work to do in the net cleaning up after our defensive lapses.

TEAM PROFILES UQHC Roaming Redmen Australia

Returning for our fifth SCC 6s, the Roaming Redman show wine-like qualities and continue to get better with age. We are back in search of that allusive gold medal. True to our name the Roaming Redmen can be seen enjoying the many attractions of both the SCC and Singapore. As a bunch of old fellas we have continued our relentless search for talent, tourists and sometimes hockey capabilities, bringing a Queensland state-wide representation in 2016 (and one New South Welshman) and who will no doubt preform equally as well on the field as we do off it. Master Ceefoo aka Chris Fenton Masterful in any position, particularly on grass, don’t be deceived by his looks. This Zen Master can turn it on at the sound of a siren. Back for his fourth consecutive SCC 6s, count with us the number of goals and tackles he just misses so as not to make the rest of the team look bad.

The Knob aka Rob Von Nesselrode Born in the 50s, grass is definitely this man’s game. Having been known to score incredible goals, Knob is also back for his fourth SCC 6s. Height being his main weapon of choice, Knob was once a Singapore expatriate and is the back-up Tour Guide if Berro is otherwise disposed.

Berro aka Mark Berridge Back for his seventh SCC 6s, not even relocating from Singapore back to Australia can keep the Team Leader and Tour Guide of the group from making another appearance. His mobility and skill in his favoured fullback position have to be seen to be believed.

Jono aka Jonathon Stokes Jono is back for his second appearance with the Roaming Redmen. Ever safe at the back, the team’s goalkeeper redefines agility. Jono is a welcome reappearance in the team’s line up, however a word of warning, be wary of his night club selections after the tournament dinner.

Ferg aka Alan Ferguson This skilful fullback (come centre forward when he gets stuck high and can’t get back) is also back for his fourth consecutive SCC 6s. The blond pretty boy of the team has promised not to fall asleep in the hotel lobby this year, with his focus purely on the game (possibly).

Josh aka Josh Hunt One of the babies of the team, last year’s debutant is back for another go having fallen for the same fatal attraction we all have for this tournament. The team medico is as handy with his hockey stick as he is with a scalpel, although one could argue he is less healing and more harming with his hockey. Josh is the only resident NSW in the team – you’ve gotta have one, right?

Slippery aka Chris Attard Another member of the team back for his fourth consecutive SCC 6s, this midfielder shows all the mobility of a retired goal keeper, only running when time to sub. Now doing his off-season training in Mackay, he is one of the state wide representatives the team brings this year. Balders aka Steven Wagner How this man has a passport is beyond our comprehension, but this SCC veteran is back for his fifth SCC 6s, in search of some gold bling. Now residing in Cairns he has been preparing his Adonis-like body in the tropics in readiness for this year’s event. Known for his introverted disposition, if you listen closely, you may just hear his disappointment when something doesn’t go his way.

Whippet aka Wayne Follett Hailing from Ipswich, this man is not unaccustomed to receiving the odd heavy hit or two and returning the favour with gusto. Back for his third SCC 6s, this midfielder come striker is the team’s pace attack, loves to score and is eager to slot a few home in 2016.


TEAM PROFILES YMCC Hockey Club Australia

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the YMCC Muppets on the Padang tonight. We’ve been coming to the SCC Hockey 6s tournament since 2003. The list has expanded to three teams (YMCC, Youth Development Squad and Anothavodie) and the belts have expanded considerably as well. Given the number of times someone in the squad has called someone else a “muppet” for doing something dumb on the hockey field, we thought that it was appropriate to associate each team member with a Muppet that most resembles them. #1 Doug “Dougalicious” Ockerby – Oscar the Grouch. Always grumpy on the field and bizarrely is happiest when he’s at his grumpiest. This causes confusion in him which makes him both grumpier and happier simultaneously.

#42 Michael “Fitness” Maxwell – Scooter. Has a knack of always looking busy on the field without doing much. When he does do something it usually doesn’t work. Off the field he has a knack of not doing much while looking like he’s not doing much.

#2 Pete “Piviot” Mark – Beaker. If he was a ranga these two could be twins. He’s a crazy scientist and basically all of his experiments on a hockey field go wrong.

#10 Paul “The Hoff” Houghy – Grover/ Supergrover. Grover’s arms might be a little buff for this comparison, but certainly both have a tendency to fly through the air doing “heroic” actions. A bit like Beaker in that not much of what he does on the hockey field is as he intended to do it.


#7 Peter “Roy” Munt – Dr Teeth. Our local dentist has a cracking set of chompers that he polishes himself. If you look closely enough you might see the sneaky gold tooth that he uses to dazzle the opposition.

#13 Michael “Jordy” Jordon – Elmo. Orange, annoying and likely to have a big whinge if things don’t go his way. Jordy is such a big star on Singapore Street that he has his own breakaway segment – he lives in “Jordo’s World” where he is boss of everything that happens on tour. Like Elmo, Jordy loves hugs and kisses and being tickled.

#13 Aron “Shak” Chakera – Kermit the Frog. Similar overall physique to Kermit, although Kermit probably covers the ground slightly better. A push-up competition between Kermit and Grover could be interesting.

#15 (GK) Rob “Swifty” Swift – Animal. Has the craziest eyes in the business and the rest of him quickly catches up once he has a drink. You have to be a bit of a nut to be a goalie anyway, so it probably helps.

TEAM PROFILES YMCC Youth Development Squad Australia

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the YMCC Muppets on the Padang tonight. We’ve been coming to the Singapore Sixes tournament since 2003. The list has expanded to three teams (YMCC, Youth Development Squad and Anothavodie) and the belts have expanded considerably as well. Given the number of time someone in the squad has called someone else a “muppet” for doing something dumb on the hockey field, we thought that it was appropriate to associate each team member with the Muppet that most resembles them. #7 Joel “Joelski” Hughes and Chris “Rawkus” O’Reilly – Bert and Ernie. Hardly ever seen apart, although this trip there might be a few problems because Ernie has bought his beloved pigeon (Dea) for this trip. The major difference is that in this duo, Bert comes up with the hare-brained schemes and Ernie tries to talk him out of them, without much success.

#86 Rob “Smarty” Smart – Sam the Eagle. Has a no-nonsense approach to hockey except when in the defensive circle with the ball when he is likely to break character and do a look-away pass to the keeper, via the opposition centre-forward.

#7 Paul “Mountain” Syminton – Captain Link Hogthrob. In times of crisis, the Pigs-in-Space Captain of the starship Swinetrek pulls out a great half-time speech that nobody listens to. Often clashes with First Mate Piggy about the direction the ship should go, but who doesn’t?

#3 Matt “Howelly” Howell – Guy Smiley. His comedic timing has helped establish him as the self-proclaimed “SCC 6s’ Favourite Game Show Host”. He is bringing his sister “Girl Smiley” to help him out with the drinking requirements.

#74 Mark “Corbo” Corbett – Beauregard. Another Singapore virgin so he will be performing the janitorial role associated with Belvedere – lots of cleaning up empty bottles and discarded drumstick leftovers of the Colonel’s finest. Uses a distinctive left-handed sweeping style of hitting on the field.

#1 (GK) Michael “Crocks” Crocker – Miss Piggy. Singapore virgin and somebody had to go Miss Piggy so Crocks lucked out. Besides, he is a bit of a diva and has been known to pull out karate moves at any time. Will be watched closely in case he makes moves on Kermit.

#4 Richard “Gibbo” Gibson – Walter. Tiny little Muppet who’s pretty new to the Singapore Muppet Show but plays a starring part on the field. Self-confessed “world’s biggest muppet fan” who would do anything to join the touring crew.


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2016 SCC Hockey 6s