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2016 GALLERY 8 Winners 20 Action ON & OFF the Padang 28 Teams Reception 25 SCC Samba Sixes FEATURES 14 The Singapore Cricket Club 18 The 2016 Tournament 22 Ball Patrol / Turf Police 23 Treasure Hunt 24 Tour Fines 26 Hockey Section @SCC Sports Awards TEAM PROFILES 30 SCC Glamour 31 SCC Hollywood 32 SCC Oscars 33 SCC Stars 34 AGC Hockey Club 35 Anothavodie 36 Cairns Jade & Sapphires 37 Green Machine / Grossflottbeker THGC 38 Hawks & Owls / Hockey Magics 39 High Tea Hockey 40 Hollandse Ladies & Mens 41 Hong Kong Cricket Club 42 ISCI / Melville Maidens 43 Melville City Hockey Club 44 Modernians 45 Monsooners 46 The Pink Ladies 47 Tornadoes Hockey Club / UWA Hockey Club 48 Unfit Allstars 49 UQHC Recalcitrant Redmen 50 Wakakichi Tokyo / YM Singa Slingas 51 YMCC Hockey Club 52 YMCC Youth Development Squad 53 Yokoe Japan The 23rd SCC International Hockey 6s magazine is published by: SINGAPORE CRICKET CLUB | Connaught Drive Singapore 179681 T: +65 6338 9217 F: +65 63370119 E: W: /SccHockey6s

MCI (P) 071/02/2017

All information correct at time of print. Magazine printing by Achieve Pack N Print Pte Ltd. Photos courtesy of The Little Red Eye Pte Ltd.




Get ready for a showdown by day and showtime all night at our beloved Padang this March. It’s “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION” at the highly anticipated 23rd edition of the Singapore Cricket Club’s International Hockey 6s on 4 & 5 March 2017. I extend a warm welcome to all participating teams, players, officials and supporters to this annual sporting event which is set to showcase sensational, action packed, six-a-side format hockey. This locally-grown sporting competition features one of the largest 6-a-side hockey tournaments in the world with an outstanding line-up of 64 teams from countries including Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the UK.

best sporting action to you, the SCC Sports Department for their tireless efforts, and to all spectators for your encouragement and volunteers for being instrumental in the success of this event. Come show your support at the Padang for a fantastic weekend of top-notch hockey action. Mohan Bhojwani President Singapore Cricket Club

Players and supporters alike of the combined Men’s and Ladies’ competition can look forward to plenty of thrills over this sporting weekend. The 23rd run aims to challenge the players with an estimated turn-out of an approximately 2000-strong crowd. My appreciation and thanks to the Hockey 6s Chairman, Mathavan Devadas and his Committee, our kind sponsors for their support of our sporting endeavour and aim of bringing the

The Sixes is very quickly becoming an iconic event serving as a marvellous example of both hockey excellence and fun.

I offer my congratulations to the SCC for once again putting out a mammoth event and thank the Club for its continued support of the game of hockey.

There will always be a need for social hockey as not everyone can participate at the highest level and it is encouraging to see the SCC expanding its roster to 64 teams. Hopefully some day in the future parity between Men’s and Ladies’ teams can be achieved.

Mathavan Devadas President Singapore Hockey Federation

The Singapore Hockey Federation welcomes all visiting teams to Singapore for the SCC International Hockey 6s.

Over the years the event has growingly become known as the Singapore Sixes and it is a testament to the hard work of the organisers and staff of the Club who work hard to make it a success.




Roll camera, slate… and Action! I am pleased to welcome all participating teams to the 23rd edition of the SCC International Hockey Sixes, complimented with a cinematic theme. This year’s tournament continues to showcase some of the world’s top-notch hockey. The SCC is very much looking forward to hosting yet another 64 teams from Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the UK and of course, our home teams from Singapore. One of four marquee international sporting events held on the Padang each year, the Hockey Sixes will once again be held right in the heart of the Civic District – the historic Padang, this year over the weekend of 4 & 5 March.

staff for their hard work in organising and running this tournament once again. Without the time and effort put by these individuals, the tournament would not have been possible. I wish all teams good luck and let’s wrap to a successful tournament! Sher Baljit Singh Chairman SCC Games Control Board

Teams will be sure to look forward to some exciting competition and I encourage all SCC members to head down to the tournament to support your team. On behalf of the General Committee and the membership of the SCC, I would like to thank the tournament’s sponsors, our Hockey Sixes Organising Committee Chairman, Mathavan Devadas and his team of volunteers, and our Sports Department and Grounds

Lights, Camera, Action! Greetings from the silver stage. It is my “reel” pleasure, on behalf of the hockey fraternity, to welcome all participating teams and their officials, players, supporters, umpires, sponsors, advertisers, spectators and the Club members to this exceptional display of world-class hockey.

I would like to thank our sponsors and advertisers who have generously contributed and supported this celebration of the sport and especially the SCC’s 6s tournament. Without their commitment, it would not be possible to hold this tournament on such a scale.

The Singapore Cricket Club International Hockey 6s Tournament has been an annual event hosted by the Club for the past 22 editions and remains an event that many of us look forward to each year. The tournament, after all, is not only an impressive exhibition of skill and talent, but also a wonderful platform for building friendships and making unforgettable memories with people who live halfway around the world.

My sincere thanks also go out to the Organizing Committee that is comprised of volunteers for spending their countless hours on organizing the event. It is their sheer passion and love for the game that motivates them to return each year and organize the 6s.

This year’s theme of “Lights, Camera, Action – Showdown by Day, Showtime All Night” certainly is an appropriate one, given how enthralling and action-packed the tournaments in previous years have been.

Last but certainly not least, a very special thanks goes out to the SCC Sports Department and grounds staff who have worked very hard to ensure that the Padang is in pristine condition and that the tournament weekend ahead is a smooth one.

As with all classics, the popularity of this tournament never wanes and continues to expand its reach annually. This year, we are hosting a more star-studded and diverse mixture of participants from Asia, Oceania and Europe than most Hollywood movies. I am convinced that the weekend will be one of wonderful hockey, warm fellowship, great partying and all around good fun and spirits, worthy of film stars.

I look forward to a fun-filled weekend of hockey and wish all participants and supporters a terrific time, as well as a safe journey home. Intekhab Khan SCC Hockey Section Convenor Deputy Chairman, SCC Hockey 6s Organising Committee





ners n i W ent m 2016 a n r u ’ To Ladies

Ladies’ Cup Winner The Pink Ladies (Australia)


Ladies’ Cup Runner-Up SCC Flamingos (Singapore)

Ladies’ Player of the Tournament Rosalind Spink (SCC Flamingos, Singapore)

Ladies’ Plate Winner Intercultural Sports Club Indonesia (Indonesia)

Ladies’ Plate Runner-Up YM Singa Slingas (Australia)

Ladies’ Bowl Winner Touring Lions (Australia)

Ladies’ Bowl Runner-Up Adjutant General’s Corps Hockey Club (United Kingdom)



ners n i W 2016 ment a n r u o T Men’s

Men’s Cup Winner Colombo Hockey & Football Club (Sri Lanka)

Men’s Cup Runner-Up Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore)

Men’s Player of the Tournament Bram Lomans (Hollandse Club, Singapore)

Men’s Plate Winner Anzai Japan (Japan)

Men’s Plate Runners-Up Royal Thai Airforce (Thailand)

Men’s Bowl Winner Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka)

Men’s Bowl Runner-Up Unfit Allstars (Australia)



MEN’S TEAMS AUSTRALIA Anothavodie Applecross Allstars Esperance Kingfishers Fremantle Hockey Club Green Machine Hale Hockey Club Hawks Melville Marauders Modernians Hockey Club Men’s Monsooners Men’s Owls Recalcitrant Redmen Roaming Redmen Touring Lions Unfit Allstars University of Western Australia YM Youth Development Squad YMCC Crabs YMCC Hockey Club

GERMANY Grossflottbeker THGC HONG KONG HKCC Donald HKCC Mickey Hong Kong Football Club Men’s Valley RFC Men’s INDONESIA ISCI Men’s JAPAN Anzai Japan HC Get Wilds Tomochangs UEDA Company Yokoe Japan

LADIES’ TEAMS AUSTRALIA Cairns Jade Cairns Sapphire Esperance Dolphins High Tea Hockey Hockey Magics Melville Ladies’ Modernians Hockey Club Ladies’ Monsooners Ladies’ The Pink Ladies Touring Lions YM Singa Slingas HONG KONG HKCC Daisy HKCC Minnie Hong Kong Football Club Ladies’ Valley RFC Ladies’


INDONESIA ISCI Ladies’ JAPAN Tokyo Mix Six Wakakichi Tokyo SINGAPORE Hollandse Club Jansenites SCC Glamour SCC Hollywood Tornados Hockey Club Ladies’ UNITED KINGDOM AGC Hockey Ladies’

SINGAPORE Barkerites Hockey Club Hollandse Club SCC Oscars SCC Stars Tornados Hockey Club Men’s SRI LANKA Colombo Hockey & Football Club Gymkhana Club Colombo THAILAND Royal Thai Air Force UNITED KINGDOM AGC Hockey Men’s The Clubhouse Casuals



ULE Time Venue

Friday 3 March Team Briefing for Managers & Captains


Gilmour Room

Reception for Teams


Padang Restaurant

8:00am to 6:00pm

Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4


Sixes Marquee

Saturday 4 March League Competition Men’s & Ladies’ Lights, Camera, Action Party

Sunday 5 March Plate Competition

Men’s First Round


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Cup Competition

Men’s First Round


Pitches 1, 2, 3 &4

Bowl Competition

Ladies’ Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Plate Competition

Ladies’ Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Cup Competition

Ladies’ Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Bowl Competition

Men’s Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Plate Competition

Men’s Quarter-Finals


Pitches 1, 2, 3 & 4

Bowl Competition

Ladies’ & Men’s Semi-Finals


Pitches 1 & 2

Plate Competition

Ladies’ & Men’s Semi-Finals


Pitches 1 & 2

Cup Competition

Ladies’ & Men’s Semi-Finals


Pitches 1 & 2

Rolling of Pitch


Pitch 1

Exhibition Match


Pitch 1

Bowl Competition

Ladies’ Final Men’s Final

3:00pm 3:30pm

Pitch 1 Pitch 1

Plate Competition

Ladies’ Final Men’s Final

4:00pm 4:30pm

Pitch 1 Pitch 1

Cup Competition

Ladies’ Final Men’s Final

5:00pm 5:30pm

Pitch 1 Pitch 1


Sixes Marquee

Prize Presentation 12



ket c i r C e gapor n i S e Th

The first Clubhouse pavillion, 1844

SCC Clubhouse, 1907

Established in 1852, the Singapore Cricket Club is today a premier sports and social club in Asia. It is the second oldest sports club in Singapore, junior by 10 years to the Singapore Sporting Club, now the Singapore Turf Club.

Billiards was no doubt played at the Club, but it is seldom mentioned in existing records. Lawn bowls began at the Club in the 1870s and the tournaments were held regularly from 1898.

The Club stands at the centre of the city’s colonial heart, a public space that has witnessed many of Singapore’s triumphs and defeats, upheavals, independence and the annual National Day Parades on 9 August. Cricket was played on the Padang as early as 1837 but it was not until 1852 that the first meetings were called to discuss the formal establishment of a cricket club. There have been no fewer than three clubhouse buildings on the Padang, the first erected some time in the 1860s, the second in 1877. The third pavilion, which forms the core of the present Clubhouse building, was built in 1884. It was extended in 1907 and the northern and southern wings that we see today were added in 1922. Humble Beginnings The Club’s beginnings were quite humble, with the first 28 members in 1853 being mostly men working in the British business and mercantile community, usually as clerks or “junior assistants”. By the 1880s membership had grown to almost 400. It was not all cricket on the Padang. Football of both sorts, soccer and rugby, was established in Singapore in the 1880s, while an annual tennis tournament was initiated in 1875. Hockey arrived in 1892, considering that the rules of the game had been established in Britain only in 1849 and the English Hockey Association established only in 1886.



On 15 February 1942, Singapore fell to the Japanese and the Club was closed for the duration of the war. Significant Events Between 1959 and the early 1970s, numerous cricket teams of Test or first class standard visited Singapore and graced the Padang. The most notable of these were: • The Australian Test team to India and Pakistan in 1959 • The MCC team to New Zealand in 1961 • Ron Roberts’ Commonwealth XI in 1962 • E.W. Swanton’s Commonwealth XI in 1964 • Joe Lister’s International XI in 1968 • The MCC XI on its East African and East Asian tour in 1970 • The Indian and Pakistan Test teams returning from their tours of Australia in 1968 and 1972 respectively also visited Singapore. Unfortunately, their one-day fixtures were washed out. Seven-a-side rugby teams had competed for the Ablitt Cup since as long ago as the 1940s, but it was not until the 1980s that the SCC Rugby Sevens was expanded to become a truly international competition.



ket c i r C e gapor n i S e Th

Anniversaries and the Future In 1992, the Club celebrated its 140th anniversary and organised various functions to raise funds for charity as part of the celebrations with the most memorable party held on the Padang on 30 October, graced by President and Mrs Wee.


A week later, on 12 October 2002, a terrorist bomb in Bali tragically killed eight Club members who were visiting the island to represent the SCC in the annual Bali International Rugby 10s tournament.

On 29 May 1996, the Club passed several landmark resolutions – to embark on a $60-million Clubhouse redevelopment, create a new class of transferable membership and give women full membership for the first time in the history of the Club (offered in November 1997).

On 1 December 2003, a Special General Meeting of members approved the most extensive Club renovation since 1922. Work was completed on 2 February 2007 and the Club held a dinner to celebrate the renovation with guest of honour Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who accepted the title of ‘Visitor’, making him the second recipient of that honorary title after Lee Kuan Yew in 1970.

In the late 1990s, the SCC International Rugby Sevens attained the status of a top international club tournament. In 1998, the New Zealand Rugby Sevens Commonwealth team featuring rugby legend Jonah Lomu visited the Club and played on the Padang. In the same year, Petone from New Zealand, featuring another Kiwi legend, Tana Umaga, won the Ablitt Cup at the Padang.

Today, the Club boasts over 5,000 active members, of whom some 3,000 are voting members. There are currently 13 Sports Sections in the Club – Balut, Billiards & Snooker, Bowls, Bridge, Cricket, Darts, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Squash and Tennis. For more information on the SCC, visit

The millennium year saw a complete re-turfing and repair of the Padang field. In 2002, the Club celebrated its 150th anniversary. Among the event highlights that year was a charity golf match attended by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and Mrs Goh and a gala dinner at the Padang on 5 October.



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Sports Events Medical Coverage

• Sports Medicine Consultation

• ASEAN Schools Games 2015, 2016

• Sports Orthopaedic Surgery

• Causeway Challenge (Soccer) 2016

• Sports Physiotherapy

• HSBC World Rugby Singapore Sevens 2016

• Podiatry & Foot Orthotics

• International Hockey 6s Tournament 2015, 2016

• Acupuncture

• International Premier Tennis League 2016

• Platelet Rich Plasma

• PGA European Tour 2016

• Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy • Pre-Participation Sports Medical Screening

• Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) International Rugby Sevens 2016

• Gait Analysis

• Singapore Powerlifting Invitational 2016

• Ultrasound Guided Injections

• Super Rugby 2016

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nam r u o T 2016

Article by Mathavan Devadas Photos courtesy of The Little Red Eye Pte Ltd

The SCC International Sixes continues to attract considerable interest and as with 2015, the 22nd edition of the competition saw 64 participating teams – 40 Men’s and 20 Ladies’. Such was the desire to come to the event that we continued to receive enquiries up to a month before the event to be placed on the waiting list. This year saw several new Australian teams and a new team from the United Kingdom, the Adjutant General’s Corps. However even before the tournament started there was a casualty – Fremantle Black, who won the 2015 Men’s competition, declined the invitation as the dates clashed with a major club event. Nevertheless there were many teams happy to step in and fill the void. The competition started off with a bang on Saturday morning with four pitches starting simultaneously at 8am – some more enthusiastically than others! We were blessed with bright sunshine contrary to prevailing weather reports. The first day saw the matches going very much to form. SRC (last year’s Cup runners-up), Yokoe Japan, Hollandse Club and our very own SCC Jaguars won their respective leagues to go through to the Cup rounds of the Men’s competition. In the Ladies’ competition the Pink Ladies (defending Cup champions) and Cairns Sapphires (Australia) and both Padang clubs won their leagues. However the Sixes has always been an all-round competition with an element of good social being very important. The theme this year was Samba Sixes, in keeping with the Rio 2016 Olympics. And teams did not disappoint with their dressing. The Sixes dinner was on again held on that Saturday. The teams very sportingly obliged with a variety of costumes to compliment 18

the theme with several being real eye-catchers! The HKCC ladies and YWCC men were especially dazzling with their attire. The band, Wayne Sands and our DJ dished out retro and current chart toppers to entertain the crowd. Teams took to the dance floor as early as 8pm with some unable to leave (for various reasons!) even after the DJ closed for the night at 2am. Many were still at the Club’s Courtyard enjoying the atmosphere and most of all spending money! Party fever notwithstanding, most of the players managed to drag themselves to the Padang on Sunday morning for the knock-out phase of the competition. Some teams were later than most causing the Eagles Nest to issue several final warnings over the PA system, which very often appeared to be falling on deaf ears. Nonetheless, all matches did get underway on time. Of course the more fun-loving teams managed to secure an early release to the SCC bar. At times the said bar was so overrun with players




nam r u o T 2016

that an official had to be placed there as traffic control. Another favourite retreat was the Sixes pool prompting the need for security and a life guard. In the Bowl Final, Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) and Unfit Allstars (Australia) played an exciting match with the lead changing hands before Gymkhana emerged winners 4-3. The Ladies’ Plate final was another exciting affair going to a shoot-out before being won by ISCI.

CH&FC took the lead early only for SRC to equalise very quickly after. SRC scored again to go into the half-time break leading 2-1. CH&FC hit back early in the second half to level the scores and then scored again very near the end to win 3-2. All in all a very enjoyable weekend for everyone and we look forward to this year with some considerable hope. A big thank you to our sponsors Asia Pacific Breweries for Tiger Beer, Science in Sport, Gryphon Hockey, Talenat and Springleaf Prata.

In the main Cup competition, the home team SCC Jaguars made a sad early exit in the Men’s competition to a very good Colombo Hockey and Football Club (CH&FC), who were playing some very exciting hockey. In the Ladies’ competition, Pink Ladies, SRC, Cairns Sapphires and SCC Flamingos all made it through to the semi-finals. Our very own SCC Flamingos fought their way through to the final of the Ladies’ Cup after an exciting 2-1 shoot-out victory over Padang rivals SRC. There they faced the defending champions the Pink Ladies. SCC started the game slow and allowed the Pink Ladies to score early through a penalty corner. However SCC then proceeded to dominate the game and forced five penalty corners in quick succession without success. The second half was another dominant display from SCC who kept the Pink Ladies pinned in their own half for long periods, however was not able to convert the possession to goals. Then off a counter attack the Pink Ladies scored again and the game was over. A good win for the Pink Ladies, but a very valiant attempt by the SCC Flamingos. The Men’s Cup final was between SRC and the CH&FC. SRC was the losing finalists from 2015 and CH&FC was making their first appearance after a two year hiatus. And what a match it was!






ol r t a P oes r e Ball H g nsun The U

We’ve all been there – a pass is missed, ball goes off the side-line and usually heads off into the distance down a slope, into the undergrowth never to be found again or onto a nearby road causing collisions and mayhem. Time is then stopped and 99% of the team stand around bitching about how hot/cold/wet/humid (delete as applicable) the weather is, whilst hurling abuse in the general direction of the remaining 1% who has bimbled off to try to find said ball (aka get another one from the kit bag as they can’t be bothered looking for the other ball or attempting to retrieve the one that caused the pile-up on the adjacent road). Well, not at the SCC 6s as we have the BALL PATROL! They make sure there’s a ball to allow play to continue so those of you who feel the need to constantly be on the move and dribble up your own trumpet in 100 degrees heat, can do so and those of you who, if you don’t stay on the move your old muscles will cease up, can also do so. They are out in the hot sun most of the day (Ed – gawwwd… I hope we don’t get rain this year!) and their efforts mean the scheduling of games remains timely so you can all end on time and therefore get to the bar in good time.

olice P f r u T The Turf Police are a valiant group who rock up year in and year out, they keep things moving along, on schedule and putting aside players’ best efforts, in a safe manner by blowing a whistle. They deal with hissy fits, dummy spits, teddy throwing, rolling of eyes and tantrums a two year old would be proud of. So, be nice and respect the Turf Police! If you’ve ever blown a whistle, remember how hard it is to always get it right and if you’ve never blown a whistle, may be you ought to try.


Article by Pauline Cassidy Appleyard

Soooooooo, be nice to them and say thank you for doing a spec-flipping-tacular job! This year Ball Patrol are students from Saint Joseph’s Institution, Woodlands Ring Secondary School and Orchid Park Secondary School.



Hunt e r u s Trea

Yes, you too can be the most popular person on your team…. even if you did miss a sitter or duffed up a clearance to allow the other side to score….fear no more, the SCC Treasure Hunt will give you the chance to redeem yourself by winning a jug of cooling beverage for your team!

Question/ Task No

Complete the questions below, be one of the first eight to have all the answers correct and you can claim your prize!



What is the name of the SCC Hockey Section convenor? – answer must include his middle name which is a nickname.


What is this year’s theme?


Tournament cocktail – a. What is it called? b. What is the base alcohol ingredient?


On what page are the ‘Two Little Ducks’ hidden?


Have a picture taken of you actually, really, honestly buying some merchandise.


Have a picture of you taken with either a member of the Turf Police or the Ball Patrol.


What number shirt does the Organising Committee member who looks after Magazine and Merchandise wear?


This is the 23rd year of the SCC 6s, give two years when the tournament wasn’t held.


What are the official colours of SCC?



Correct/ Incorrect

Which team won the Men’s Cup in 2006?



RE Article by Pauline Cassidy-Appleyard

So, you’ve just completed the SCC 6s Treasure Hunt and you have won your team a jug, you can either just drink it or… you could have a Fine Session! Here are a few favourites to help you kick things off. • • • • • • • •


No pointing with your finger or thumb – point at things with your elbow only. Double parked – holding two beverages at one time… one MUST be finished. Left hand and right hand drinking – from 0000 mins past the hour to 0030 mins beverages MUST be held in the right hand, 0031 mins to 60 mins of the hour beverages MUST be held in the left hand. Thumbs – Last person with their thumb placed on the edge of the table loses and drinks – observation skills while you’re drunk, yeah right! D*ck of the day – for doing something stupid… On or off the pitch. Wuss of the Weekend – for trying to go to bed early, not drink too much and generally be sensible. No Duty Adults here please! Over-achiever of the Tournament – aka the top goal scorer (no one likes a show off )… FINE! Goal-avoidance – missed a sitter with an open goal? You complete doughnut… FINE!

• • • •

Jug-avoidance – scored two and missed the third? Jug-avoidance is a heinous crime… FINE! Not come with enough players and loaned a few from SCC? Fine for each player loaned and if they score against SCC, another fine for the team. Being too ‘couplie’ on tour – if your other half is a player and your tour together, that’s ok, but too lovey-dovey… FINE! Over-snitching – dobbing someone in to the Fine Master/ Mistress for doing something stupid is acceptable. Being overly zealous and becoming the team-snitch… FINE!

Games to Try • • • • •

Wibbley wobbley – aka Scots man’s p*ss up. Giddy ho-down – ask a senior member of the SCC women’s team if you don’t know this one. Spoof – oldie but goodie. Rock paper scissors – another oldie but goodie. Injury sweepstake – no one likes an injury, but there are some players who, like Bambi, just can’t stay upright or whose hamstrings are strung so tight you could play a tune on them.




ction e S y rds e a w A Hock ports S C C @S

Article by Kanan Packrisamy

SCC Hockey Section’s jubilation on being awarded the prestigious SCC ‘Section of the Year’ award

The Hockey Section bagged major awards at the 9th Annual SCC Sports Awards on 15 April 2016 at the Padang Restaurant. The prestigious event saw all SCC sports represented by their ‘glitterati’ in their best wears. Glamour aside, the melting of these fine people who breathe life into the Club was a joyous occasion, one that celebrates the essence of this Grand Dame. The Hockey Section that has been quietly making inroads into the highest echelons of the local hockey scene finally rose to the occasion this time around. A very special 2015 was capped by the huge recognition bestowed on it by the judges. Nominating its most deserving members for Sports Boy and Sports Girl of the Year, Sports Feat of the Year, Sports Man and Sports Woman of the Year and Team of the Year, the Hockey Section were eager to find out where within the Club they stood. Securing both the Men’s and Ladies’ National League titles the section was excited to see if they will bag a couple of awards. As the evening rode on and the awards continued to be presented to other sections for their fantastic achievements and Hockey stood with none! Excitement was turning to anxiety. Then came the ‘Sports Woman of the Year’ award. As Richard Stapley-Oh (then Chairman of Games Control Board) read out the nominees, he announced Catherine Wheeler to be the recipient. The ever cool and composed Cath received the award in her elegant and humble disposition. Delighted as she was in 26

winning the award, she dedicated it to the entire team for it was tough to get a stand out player as the team worked ever so hard to win the title when it looked so unlikely at the halfway mark. That’s Cath for you, a true blue SCC hockey player. This started the most memorable night for SCC Hockey. Next up, Ken Forbes won the ‘Sports Man of the Year’. The playercoach of the First Team was instrumental in getting the 1st XI Men’s heads around into playing a simple but effective SCC brand of hockey. He was omnipresent in our matches and thoroughly deserved the award. The 1st XI Men had gone through the season undefeated claiming 28 from a possible 30 points. This achievement led to SCC Men’s first ever top flight title and now SCC ‘Team of the Year’ as well. The very proud men strode to the stage and celebrated this mammoth award. Captain Mark Hollingsworth who also won the English National League title with Canterbury expressed how special the journey has been and how the entire team felt this special feeling when the season started that this was their year, and SCC’s year too. The penultimate award of the night was the ‘Section of the Year’. Having won three major awards, the Hockey Section and its convenor waited eagerly to find out if this was going to be the year and it was indeed – SCC Hockey Section won! An especial award to cap and recognise an especial year in SCC’s sporting history! Rajaram thanked every single member of the section



ction e S y rds e a w A Hock ports S C C @S

for their support and contribution however small and made a special vote of thanks for his fellow Committee Members who volunteered their time on and beyond the normal meetings to make the section as success as it was in 2015. Now the pressure to perform continues this year, but key movements out of the 1st XI Ladies’ Team has made it tough to keep up with the standards of 2015. The men know that the opponents who have strengthened will be more wary of them but they continue to be in the mix as do the ladies.

2016 started off well for SCC Hockey as our U19 Junior Girls won the National Junior League 2 title. The Junior Boys finished third in the boys league. Our 2nd XI Men will be in with a good shout for a National Hockey League 2 title and our Ladies 2nd XI squad are also going through a rebuilding stage following the promotions of their key players to the 1st XI Ladies team to make up for the loss of six starting XI from last season’s title winning side due to pregnancies, relocation, injuries and work related reasons. But as always we will persevere.

SCC Men’s Team (SHF National Hockey League 1 Champion, 2015) the ‘Team of the Year’

SCC Men’s Division 1 player-cum-coach, Ken Forbes, ‘Sports Man of the Year’

SCC Women’s Captain, Catherine Wheeler, ‘Sports Woman of the Year’



team profiles SCC GLAMOUR

Singapore Cricket Club, Ladies’ 1st Team


Rhian Frizler (Captain) Position: Forward Years played in the 6s: 2 Favourite movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Hollywood name: Neptune Waterford

Janice Tan Position: Mid-defence Years played in the 6s: A few, but first time with SCC Favourite movie: The Fast & The Furious series Hollywood name: Bunny Thomson

Geer Langezaal Position: Centre Back Years played in the 6s: Lost count Favourite movie: Flodder Hollywood name: Flip Vlietwei

Rachel Flynn (nee Mc Keon) Position: Forward Years played in the 6s: Played in 4 sixes tournaments since 2012 Favourite movie: Platoon Hollywood name: No pets Dublin

Amanda Bird Position: Midfield Years played in the 6s: First year! Favourite movie: Good Will Hunting Hollywood name: Max St. George’s (I guess my Hollywood alter ego is a man...)

Catherine Wheeler Position: Utility 6s Years played in the 6s: SCC since 2006 Favourite movie: Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hollywood name: Pickles Combermere

Shingo Liu Position: Forward Years played in the 6s: Too many to count Favourite movie: Friday Night Lights Hollywood name: Sparky Singapore

Supranee Mathiprechakul Position: Goalkeeper Years played in the 6s: Many Keeps out of trouble by: Doing double shifts as a doctor Likes: Keeping clean sheets Interesting fact: Has never scored a goal in the SCC 6s

team profiles SCC HOLLYWOOD

Singapore Cricket Club, Ladies’ 2nd Team

Pauline Cassidy Appleyard (Captain) Position: Plays wherever Coach Kanan tells me to play Years played in the 6s: Lucky to have played in squllions Favourite movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Hollywood name: Bunty Bromborough

Petrina Anne De Souza Position: Defence Years played in the 6s: 7 Favourite movie: Everything Tarantino! Hollywood name: Toby Tampines

Kayla de Oliveira Position: Forward Years played in the 6s: 2 Favourite movie: Finding Nemo Hollywood name: White Africa

Felicia Clare Paul Position: Defender Years played in the 6s: 2 Favourite movie: Jurassic Park Hollywood Name: Marco Serangoon North

Beverly Goh Position: Defence Years played in the 6s: 1 Favourite movie: The Help Hollywood name/name of first pet: Joy

Mabel Balhuizen Position: Mid- Fielder (right preferred) Years played in the 6s: this is the second year Favourite movie: LOL Hollywood name: Ginga Ninja

Nadia Natasha Position: Goalie Years played in the 6s: 2 Favourite movie: Harry Potter series! Hollywood name: Nano-Nano Singapore

Laura Rogers Position: Defence Years played in 6s: 5..? Favourite movie: Don’t have one, unless it’s Christmas in which case ‘The Holiday’ Hollywood name: Goldie Woodbine

Muna Rylie Position: Forward Years played in the 6s: 6 Favourite movie: The Girl on the Train Hollywood name: Fluffy Lion


team profiles SCC OSCARS

Singapore Cricket Club, Men’s 1st Team

Dan Laslett (Captain) Position: Supreme Goal Getter Years played in the 6s: Sixes Virgin Special note: Excited about playing in this world class tournament

Anandraj ‘Anaconda’ Rengaraj Position: Defender (I eat Midfielders for snack and Forwards for dinner) Years played in the 6s: 4 Special Note: I’m much better when I’m drunk

Ken Forbes Position: Defender/midfielder – it used to be rare to see my over the halfway line, but I’m getting reckless in my old age... Years played in the 6s: 3 sixes, one for the Casuals, two for the SCC Special Note: I once had long blond hair... sorry no photo – they are all deleted!

Doug Archibald Position: GK (because running around in this heat didn’t look like much fun) Years played in the 6s: 3 Special Note: Can’t catch

Greg ‘Reecey’ Reece Position: Defender/Midfielder Years played in the 6s: 2, one with SCC Special Note: Grass helps manage an aching, aging body

Craig Acquaye Position: Midfield/Forward Years played in the 6s: 2


Guy Huckvale Position: Forward, since moving to Singapore. Previously a Right Back for over 15 years Years played in the 6s: First time Special Note: Jean Claude Van Damme played the role of the invisible predator, in the original Predator film (1987), for two weeks before quitting in protest.

Ben Rogers Position: Winger Years played in the 6s: One for Casuals and many for SCC Special note: People think that I am a bit of an irritant – they won’t be too wrong

team profiles SCC STARS

Singapore Cricket Club, Men’s 2nd Team

Sean “One Last Beer” Chen (Captain) Favourite drink: Beer! Favourite bar: Stumps Years played in the 6s: 12 Most memorable 6s moment to date: Minister officiating a Boat Race Secret weapon: Looking sober when drunk Martijn de Blauwe-Casey Ryback Position: Anywhere and everywhere Years played in the 6s: Can’t really tell anymore, attended many, played some, won few Special note: I’m just a cook

Ben “Uncle” Strickland Position: Plays at the back but can run all the way to the front and back Likes: Winning league titles Secret weapon: Does not know his age and can bulldoze anyone or anything without getting injured Interesting fact: Actually is a top bloke

Pete Stebbing Position: Marauding Right Winger Years played in the 6s: Second tournament for the SCC. First attempt ended in tears after an early morning second day exit to SRC 1st – definitely room for improvement.   Special note: Like to think of myself as the Paul Scholes of SCC hockey, but in reality the similarities end at the dodgy ginger barnet and vulnerability to sunburn.

Moritz Schauder Position: Defender Years played in the 6s: 1

Subhas ‘Bash’ Nathan Favourite Drink: Hibiki 17 years Favourite Bar: Stumps Years played in the 6s: 3 Most memorable 6s moment to date: 60s party in 2013 Secret weapon: Play till the last whistle

Chris “The Steam” Jones Favourite drink: Beer Favourite bar: Any that serves beer Years played in the 6s: Lucky 7 or is it 8? Most memorable 6s moment to date: Last year’s Men’s Cup final shoot-out Secret weapon: Cruyff turn

Pradap ‘DJ Daddy Daps’ Salgunan Favourite drink: Tequila Shots Favourite bar: Sean’s place Years played in the 6s: 8 Most memorable 6s moment to date: Jamal welcoming me to the 6s last year Secret weapon: Aneh-conda


team profiles AGC HOCKEY CLUB

United Kingdom

This is the second year the Adjutant General’s Corp Hockey Club has played in the SCC Hockey Sixes and third time touring Singapore. The team is made up of military personnel and consists of the British Army’s Military Police, human resources specialists, educators, lawyers and provost personnel (as well as a few ‘hangers on’!). The teams will include some tour virgins and a few veterans from the previous encounters.

The team has elected for another extended stay in Singapore. This is definitely for acclimatisation purposes and an opportunity to make sure we have actually picked-up a hockey stick before the tournament starts. The team nutritionist (Doogie Hamilton) will be on hand to provide advice on the best curry house in town and which beer provides the optimum performance on match day.

The team mainly plays other military teams in the UK and gets together about 10 times a year, prior to this trip though some of us will be meeting for the first time at Heathrow, London. The team prides itself on its ability to perform on tour and have played in tournaments and festivals all over the world including, Atlanta, Barbados, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and even South Korea. I will leave the readers to judge when we say ‘perform’.

The team coach (Jon Powell) has been selected for his youth and enthusiasm, also for the fact he is very junior. The tour manager (Warren Ginn) can overrule him at any given time and probably for most of the tour.

The touring party is looking forward to escaping the cold and misery of the UK in winter and the ‘excitement’ of serving in the Army! The team will be fully prepared for the rigours of the tournament with three days of pre-tournament training in Hong Kong. It is hoped this will include some hockey, however most of the team want to be tournament-drinking fit by the time we arrive in Singapore, so we will have to see.


This is a combined team profile and I must mention the girls, who were very successful on their first SCC tournament outing, getting to the Bowl final. This was an excellent achievement and one the boys want to emulate this year. Sarah Ballantyne will be back again to lead the team with two willing partners in Katie Jarvis and Kat Geary, both experienced tourists – Kat can’t wait for the tournament party to start! Finally and talking of the tournament party, several members of the team will once again try and outdo each other by attempting to wear as many fancy dress costumes as possible, which will be acquired from the other teams through stealth, bribery or drunken daring do, whilst trying to maintain a steady eye on the following days important first game and international fame... whatever!

team profiles ANOTHAVODIE Australia

A long time ago in a city far, far away…


It is a period of civil war. Every year at this time a new battle begins for the ultimate Singapore Sixes trophy. Once again, each of the YM teams is arguing over which team will have to put up with Jar Jar Binks in their squad this year. #5 Daniel ‘Pud’ Robbins – Jango Fett Oldest of the Fett family and the genetic source of all the clone troopers. Known as one of the most feared bounty hunters, he as the ability to beat opponents by reputation alone – doesn’t need to actually call on any hockey skills. Fires up the jetpacks when he needs to move around the field at pace, but sometimes they misfire.

#5 Garth ‘No Goals’ Sly – General Grievous Once used to be human but removed those parts over the years and replaced them with robotic parts for more defending efficiency. Will take down anyone or anything that gets in his way, whether friend, foe, portaloo or tourist bus just passing by. Has been known to cause serious grief to the psyche of both the opposition and at times, his own team.

#7 Ben ‘BRob’ Robbins – Captain Rex, Clone Trooper Reliable and efficient leader in the clone troopers. Give him a role and it will be done (but he has been known to lose a few troopers along the way with his hard running and propensity for dangerous situations). Has fallen foul to a certain orange-based liqueur, which made him turn into a rouge one at one of the Saturday night parties.

#7 Peter ‘Roy’ Munt – Wicket the Ewok He looks all cuddly and fluffy, but don’t be fooled. Roy will cut the opposition apart with his speed, skills and hockey cunning. Hang on, not speed; he’s as slow as treacle gliding uphill! Prone to falling foul to gin traps, particularly when drinking with Yoda.

#10 Matt ‘MRob’ Robbins – Boba Fett Street fighting, mercenary for hire and damn good at his job. Youngest of the Fett family and a natural born assassin on the hockey field. He can shoot the eyes out of a wamp rat from 16 yards and he is particularly good at hand-to-hand combat. Gets particularly nervous, however, when the Sarlacc is in close proximity.

#86 Rob ‘Smarty’ Smart – Kylo Ren Smarty has a father who was extremely big in the rebel alliance, but he is utterly sick of those comparisons. He loves to cause some havoc and create some evil on the field, but he is also quite conflicted, knowing that deep down, there is still some good left. All of that good rapidly disappears near any Bundaberg Rum. Some may say he has a large nose, but not to his face.

#15 (GK) Rob ‘Swifty’ Swift – Chewbacca Swifty is just slightly larger and hairier than the famous Wookie. He’s also a little bit scarier and harder to understand once he starts drinking. He tells everyone that he is a good goalie and no-one is brave (or stupid) enough to disagree (at least to his face).

#74 Mark ‘Corbo’ Corbett – Admiral Ackbar Corbo gets so excited every time he stops the ball that he has to yell out “It’s a trap!” to let those around him know. The other team members then know to get themselves set in defensive positions, because the opposition are going to attack very shortly. #20 David ‘DRob’ Robbins – Luke Skywalker No, not for the reasons that he might be thinking (hero, strong in the hockey force, luxurious head of hair, etc.) but because he is considered the most likely to crack onto his own sister, without realising it (particularly if she is on Tinder). The hockey force is strong is his family. 35

team profiles CAIRNS JADE Australia

So, for the eighth year in a row the Cairns Jade returns to Singapore for the SCC Hockey 6s. Back with 6s experience are Gabi and Phoebe supported by the new kids on the block Jade, Ciara, Chantelle, Carleah, Ashleigh and Natasha. If their speed and agility through the shopping malls of Singapore is anything to go by, then once again this group will be competitive throughout the tournament. With a blend of youth and experience, the Cairns Jade are once again excited to be competing at the 6s and are sure will leave with fond memories and new friendships forged.


Here come the Cairns Sapphires! Returning for a second time are Billie and Ella, surrounded by newbie’s Taylor, Kloe, Ellie, Billee, Maddy and Kylie. There is speed to burn all over the paddock with this group and they will definitely enjoy running amuck on the slick surface of the Singapore Cricket Club. As always it is not all about the hockey. There are plenty of social opportunities to be taken during this tournament and there is no doubt these girls will return home with fantastic stories and great memories.


team profiles GREEN MACHINE Australia

The mighty Green Machine is back for its third tilt in four years at the prestigious SCC International Hockey 6s. Whilst previous years have been dominated by dumplings, Tiger Beer and the swimming pool, the Green Machine is feeling more confident of a strong showing on the pitch this year, having traded a couple of perennial September no-hopers to another side (for a serving of Sui Mai at the local DTF). The Green Machine 2017 team contains over 1000 games’ first grade experience in the strong Perth competition and a number of premierships, although it may well be argued that the fitness levels of a member or two (or eight) have seen better days. In 2017, the Green Machine has recruited a local doctor to assist with ensuring that everyone has woken up feeling fresh on the Sunday morning. However, on the field, the Green Machine’s real key is likely to be its last line of defence, with its goalkeeper being extremely experienced and possessing hands like turbo-charged windscreen wipers! Bring on the warm weather and the ice cold Tiger Beer!


Founded in 1901, Grossflottbeker THGC is one of Germany´s oldest clubs offering its members the sports of Tennis, Hockey and Golf. Hamburg, the home to Grossflottbek, is the second largest city in the country and its international importance ports among hockey players as Germany´s Hockey Capital. Currently our 1st Men are playing in 2nd German Bundesliga and our Women in 1st Bundesliga – with 1,200 (total 2,000) members below 18 years – is one of Germany´s biggest youth hockey club. We, the 3rd Men from Grossflottbek are rich in hockey experience and contribute a lot to the club’s life by organising many social events on-and off the pitch while competing in the local league. For the first time, a team from Grossflottbeker will compete at the SCC Hockey 6s at the Padang. This years´ team will be enriched by long-time members living across Asia (Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore), to celebrate the beauty of the sport with the hockey community.


team profiles HAWKS & OWLS Australia

RETURN OF THE BIG BIRDS The Hawks and Owls return to the SCC Hockey 6s in 2017 with only one personnel change. Timmo is out due to some weak excuse about a family wedding, but replaced by a very able ring in, Colin Slattery. The immense experience of these teams is often under-estimated by their younger opponents, but as the years roll by we all come to know that this game is played 95% between the ears and the other 5% between beers. Our strength and conditioning specialist has been working hard with both teams using the latest that sports science has to offer to ensure both teams peak at just the right time in 2017. A few early sessions at the local pub have set us on course for another entertaining series of games in Singapore to wow the crowd with our stunning stick skills and unbelievable fitness levels. Looking forward to catching up with all our hockey mates again in Singapore in 2017 to share a few beers and even more laughs in between a couple of fun games of hockey.


There once was a team from Perth, Who played with such joy and mirth. They were called the Uni SOAKS; Full of sheilas, but no blokes. First was Laura, goalie was she. And Jesse and Kath, fast and free. Then Cleo, Rachel and Jack, Their pace up the front doesn’t lack. The backline of Shazza and Murph, To the death they defend their turf. And, the tactics from Adi and Dawn, Will ensure vict’ry on Singapore lawn.


team profiles HIGH TEA HOCKEY


High Tea Hockey will be touring Singapore in 2017 and once again playing a few hockey games in between high teas. Lights, Camera, Action… introducing our SCC 6s Ocean’s Eleven! We follow Danny Ocean’s three rules: 1. Don’t hurt anybody. 2. Don’t steal from anybody who doesn’t deserve it. 3. Play the game like you’ve got nothing to lose.

#6 Kirsten ‘Kirky’ Underwood – Virgil Malloy Singapore Caps: High Tea – 9, Playing – 2 “The Malloy siblings use their combined skills and knowledge of the venue to assist the crew, despite being known to push each other’s buttons from time to time.” – (2006)

Garth ‘No Goals’ Sly (Coach) – Danny Ocean Singapore Caps: High Tea – 0, Coaching – 1 “A gentleman who is the ringleader and ideas man of the crew.” – Wikipedia (2016)

#8 Amanda ‘Gucci’ Versace – The Amazing Yen Singapore Caps: High Tea – 0, Playing – 0 “One of the newbies in the group… brought in for her flexibility and short posture.” – Wikipedia (2016)

#1 Nicolee ‘Nic’ Laird – Linus Caldwell Singapore Caps: High Tea – 0, Playing – 0 “One of the newcomers to Danny’s crew, who has quick hands and is looking to earn their stripes in this venture.” – oceans11. (2006)

#9 Michelle ‘Chopper’ Howell – Basher Tarr Singapore Caps: High Tea – 1, Playing – 1 “A colourful explosives (expletives) expert whose job it is to take out obstacles using equipment to hand, without getting caught.” – (2006)

#3 Natalie ‘Gnat’ Johnson (GK) – Reuben Tishkoff Singapore Caps: High Tea – 1, Playing – 1 “A figure of authority with a good hearted nature, which appears to be exactly what appeals to the crew.” – (2006) & Wikipedia (2016)

#11 Ellie ‘Munty’ Munt – Saul Bloom Singapore Caps: High Tea – 1, Playing – 1 “Brought out of retirement to play a crucial role in the venture.” – Wikipedia (2016)

#4 Deanna ‘De’ March – Livingston Dell Singapore Caps: High Tea – 1, Playing – 2 “The tech guy (gal) who is a surveillance specialist and an expert in the technical side of the venture.” – (2006)

#5 Tanya ‘Mojo Thief’ Sly – Rusty Ryan Singapore Caps: High Tea – 8, Playing – 1 “Danny’s right hand (wo)man… the logistical heart of all the crew’s operations.” – Wikipedia (2016)

#15 Karen ‘Swifty’ Swift – Frank Catton Singapore Caps: High Tea – 7, Playing – 1 “An old acquaintance of Danny and Rusty, who is an experienced player in various venues and one of the first to be recruited for the venture.” – Wikipedia (2016)

Natalie ‘Natty Nat’ Underwood (Manager) – Turk Malloy Singapore Caps: High Tea – 9, Playing – 2 “The Malloy siblings use their combined skills and knowledge of the venue to assist the crew, despite being known to push each other’s buttons from time to time.” – (2006)


team profiles HOLLANDSE LADIES’ Singapore



The Hollandse Club is a Singaporean family existing over 100 years. We are old but not that old and are ready to take home the Cup this year! With a renewed and refreshed team, we take the stage this year and once the cameras are rolling (and also when they are not) we will strike and strike and strike! We are looking forward to the tournament.


team profiles HONG KONG CRICKET CLUB Hong Kong

Hong Kong Cricket Club: Our legacy of on-field and off-field commitments to SCC Hockey 6s over the years speaks volumes. Stand out highlights from the last three years include: - Best dressed playing kits and Saturday fancy dress – who can forget the 2016 UK/Aussie flag combo, 2015 Safari Challenge and the 2014 1970s collective? - Self-appointed ‘Queens & Kings of the Saturday Dance Floor’ titles following year-on-year successes being first and last on the stage. - Numerous celebrations for HKCC team players including hen dos and farewell parties. Thank you to all other teams and spectators who have been involved – by choice or not! - Committed support of the beer tent, 7/11, Starbucks and Club Street. Our on pitch performance has been progressing well, although perhaps with less memorable achievements. - 2014: Remembered how to play hockey on grass. - 2015: Progressed through the group stages. - 2016: Semi-finals (or something near there). 2017 – it can only be the next step better… We join this year with four teams participating and team members from across all our leagues. We look forward to strutting our stuff on grass fields of the Padang! This year, it’s game time. Watch out! Needless to say, we have had a blast making our presence known and are looking forward to fully living up to the “Lights, Camera, Action!” theme.


team profiles ISCI

Indonesia The Intercultural Sports Club of Indonesia (ISCI) has been touring the region surviving various shirt colours and bar visits for over 30 years. We are a ‘campuran’ of mostly unfit expats from all over the world and enthusiastic locals. ISCI’s ability to enjoy hockey tours, occasionally interspersed with actual games, is legendary for hangovers, missed alarms, sleeplessness, apathy and language barriers and we hope to continue that tradition at the SCC Hockey 6s in 2017.


The Southern Stormtrooper Ladies are back for another tilt at the SCC Hockey 6s this year albeit with a new name! Our re-branding as Melville Maidens has re-invigorated the girls and we look forward to a stronger showing now we are back in the more familiar maroon. Our new shirts are awesome (thanks, Loz!) so we’ll look fantastic even if the hockey isn’t so fabulous. With a couple of our regulars unable to tour in 2017 we have recruited well and welcome the experienced and skilful duo Susie Wilson and Gayze to the squad. Unfortunately this does nothing for the average age of our team as it continues to rise! In true Singapore tradition we expect to have more supporters on the sidelines than players on the pitch with Donelle (back in the team after a five-year hiatus) dragging the whole family along. Our Hydration Manager Extraordinaire Robbie is unable to attend this year so Jan has massive shoes to fill – only time will tell if she can rise to the challenge. If those jugs of margaritas are not waiting for us at the end of the days play there will be trouble! 42



Melville City Hockey Club was formed in 1956 and was originally known as Applecross YMCA. Based at our own wet turf ground at Morris Buzzacott Reserve in Kardinya, the club fielded 50 teams in 2016 ranging from 9 year olds to 60+ year olds, as well as running a competition for over 200 children ranging from 5-8 years old.

all complaints should be directed to him. Again, look for the skivvy. And the slightly concerned look on his face.

The club is represented by two teams this year – the Applecross Allstars and the Melville Marauders. Perhaps mostly kindly described as past their prime, the players represent the best the club has to offer in all things other than hockey.

John Cooke – like the moon, shines brightest at night and is a pale shadow of himself during the day, especially in the early hours. Impervious to alarm clocks and current taste in footwear, but always smells nice, so that’s something.

The main thing the Marauders will maraud (if that is a word) is the breakfast buffet, while stars shine brightest at night and that is when the Allstars will undoubtedly do their best work. Not many teams travel with their own pharmacist, paramedic, travel insurance specialists and multiple HR professionals to either deal with or initiate any harassment issues, but we feel it is best to be prepared.

Cameron Robinson – loves it in Singapore, the heat makes his goalie gear even more fragrant than usual. A genial goodnatured man who does not deserve most of the abuse directed his way. Which of course means he does deserve some of it.

A brief introduction to the august group representing the Melville City Hockey Club – if you wish to say hello – I guarantee they will be in the bar or if it is an early game, perhaps still at the hotel (see entry for John Cooke). Dom Reay – A prime physical specimen when seen from the waist up, tends to fall down a lot due to stunted growth of his legs. Will be seen lying on the ground a lot while yelling and Ben Rushton. Have lots of tattoos. Ben Rushton – Premier half-back and distributor of advice. Can be relied upon to provide entertaining commentary on the game at all times. Relies heavily on neoprene coverings to allow him to play, which may create issues in the warmth of Singapore. Can be relied upon to rehydrate appropriately. Gavin Scally – very old, but just that little bit younger than Clarrie. It’s not much but it is important. Hopefully won’t break any arms this year. Mark Lyons – Clarrie to all who know him, continues to play one-legged hockey at a higher level than most of his age can play on two legs. Sadly there are very few of his age playing in Singapore. Mark Watton – non-playing bar captain, due to an unspecified injury related to not having a spine, or some such. Always does his best work one street back. Matt Read – highly respectable public servant in Western Australia, but somewhat less reliable in social situations, Matt tends to wander out of position both on the hockey field and off it. Will likely turn up somewhere, but exactly where can be questionable. Todd Barrett – easily recognisable around the Padang as the only person (perhaps on the island) sporting a slightly too tight black skivvy at all times, Todd organises this adventure and thus

Russell Lee – the long anticipated return to the SCC 6s for the North Korean international, rumour has it that his goal is to start a fracas within his own team on the field at some point between Dom and Ben. Best to stand well clear if that happens, as it will be loud and somewhat comical.

James Pickering – calm, sensible voice of reason and captain, sensibly modifies his tackling technique in line with the more social setting of Singapore. There are others who could follow this example. Nightmare on the dance floor. Nathan Rowden – international man of mystery, was forced to leave Singapore last year and move to Malaysia almost immediately after the tournament. No one is sure if the two things are linked but there can be no surprises. James Welten – young, runs around a lot, loves the uneven grass. Will carry the older blokes all day Sunday. Sean Ranford – the youngest tourist but one fears, given his pedigree, he will succumb to the off-field entertainment and thus be of limited utility to those of us requiring someone else to do the running. Guaranteed he will be out undertaking numerous cultural exchange activities once the sun goes down and perhaps slightly after it rises. Stephen Gibson – Much like Jimmy Welten, Gibbo will carry us on Sunday due to his youth and fitness. Unfortunately his sense of direction isn’t great so if he is anything like last year, he will carry us to the bar. Mark Timmel – another first-timer who may well fall victim to the numerous off-field attractions one street back in Singapore. If you do see us play he will be easily recognisable by his running style, which is reminiscent of a badly hobbled goat. Lloyd King – the ultimate one-speed hockey player, arrives in Singapore ready for action and we are happy to sit in the shade and watch him play. Simon Klass – number 1 goalkeeper and provider of paramedical care, Klassy is indispensable on trips to Singapore, freely offering advice to road users, barmen, fullbacks, etc. Good luck to everyone at the tournament… See you at the bar!


team profiles MODERNIANS Australia

Beth Allison (Beth Illy-son) Beth’s back, so girls protect your ball as this spring defender will keep you in ‘The Chase’ each game. Otherwise known as the trap-queen, she will jab-and-clear you out of the competition. But don’t worry if you sustain any big bruises or ‘Paper Cuts’ coz this off-duty-nurse will take care of you when you’re feeling illy.

Louise Hingley (Lou-dacris) The jet setter of MODs crew, she’s always ready for an overseas jaunt. This winger is all smiles off the pitch, but she ain’t here to ‘Act a Fool’. After a solid season on the up, the only option for any defender she meets is to, ‘Move B*tch Get Out the Way’, because she’s always gunning for that ‘Number One Spot’.

Trish Friend-Pereira (Ken-Trish Lamar) This returning Celtic stick swinger, part-engineer-part-cat obsessed forward, would love nothing more to travel back to the ‘m.A.A.d City’ of Singapore, for another shot at the cup. She knows how to hit a ‘King Kunta’ or two, so you better watch your shins!

Erin Sleight (Erin-em) This seemingly innocent accountant is ‘The Real Slim Shady’; her darker side will have you cowering. Often found lurking in the wing, this pyro will burn your chances of winning, before melting your heart. This pocket-sized tiger is ‘Not Afraid’ to get her stick in. She only needs one shot, because she knows this opportunity only comes once in a year!

Jess Rucks (A$AP Rucky) Jess is no stranger to the team’s ‘Purple Swag’. Devoting herself to tireless training at the gym, she’s preparing to flex her bikini bod at the competition and shake things up! And let’s not forget getting ‘Wild for the Night’/s of partying. Tori Sumner (The no-Tori-ous B.I.G) A summer camp team leader in America, the loyal and devoted Tori returns in 2017. Her reappearance is bittersweet, as we lose the other half of the Sumner duo to a rival rap-gang. Tori’s Indian dribble will ‘Hypnotize’ you and leave you crying for your ‘Big Poppa’. Bec Baines (Tim-bec-land) Bec joins the team with ‘Hands in the Air’. The creative genius behind our kit, she’s more than eager to ‘Give it a Go’! Don’t be fooled by her infectious laugh, wacky shoes and love of everything Mario; A veritable brick wall when defending, she definitely won’t ‘Apologize’. 44

Rita Doyle (Flo-Rita) Rita comes off the back of a stellar winter season, proving herself to be one of the ‘Wild Ones’. Her slick Irish tongue, quick moves and super speed, will have everyone on the sidelines saying ‘Who Dat Girl’. One to watch, she has a very ‘Good Feeling’ about the tournament! Madelline Antill (Drake) Maddy a newbie to the MODS family, made an excellent decision in answering the call up from ‘Hotline Bling’ to join the team. She makes an exciting comeback, after playing for another club. But like all fairy tales, she ‘Started from the Bottom’ and now she’s at the top! Can’t wait to see the ‘Back to Back’ goals saved by this super star!

team profiles



Thanks to Linda Kennaugh for organizing the team yet again. She tells me sometimes it’s like herding a bunch of hockey players to a netball court. Sharon Kirkaldy returns to front up in goals. Sharon recently returned from Europe where she studied wine and champagne to assist with her dynamic coverage of that We have out-bid other people rectangular box. and teams to claim Jo Sgro to our developing champion When I think of the name Cath Lucas, I think of skill, fitness and team. She will be a huge help determination. The Monsooners are lucky to have her as she up front where all the action sparkles her way along the back line, defending to the end – or goes on and she knows how to was that a dream? get a goal. Finally our secret weapon is Julie Hoare. She trains interstate in Our youth policy is to have at least one person under 18 to the humidity and heat (maybe because she lives there but it encourage those more seniors to keep up. Luckily Cara Burton sounds more exciting!) and is the most focused person on the has taken time off study and year 12 to lend a hand for the greater team. Let’s think GOALS, GOALS, GOALS! good of hockey. And for the first time ever, Niamh Kirkaldy debuting at the enviable age of 15 is making her first appearance Last but not least is Jane Marshall. Hockey tragic from way back. Enough said. in Singapore to provide strength to the back line. 2017 is finally here and the Monsooners are ready to claim this as ‘OUR YEAR’. Watch out other teams. This is a warning.

GO MOONSOONERS Ladies! This is it, Victory is OURS!



Normal service was resumed in 2106 for Monsooners with an early Sunday morning elimination from the competition! This will be our ninth tournament appearance and we are looking forward to another great weekend of hockey and socialising.

Our Northern Territory Adelaide Masters contingent will comprise of Kevin Burton (Sheep Dog for Defence Management), Clayton Archer (Our Captain aka ‘Imelda’ – as he always buys new hockey shoes at tournaments), Steve Rowe (Red Wine Lead), Jim Rowe (Whisky & Dark Places Lead ‘Darth’), Andrew Spittle (‘Chinny’ – returning to pay with his mates after the excuse of skiing), Anthony Herbert (Duracell Bunny) plus WA Masters player Glenn Kirkaldy (The Adelaide ‘Great Pass’ Man), Graeme Rundle (The ‘Hammy’ Man) and the youth policy Jamie Burton (Jimba). Michael Tarzia debuts as official water carrier. 45

team profiles THE PINK LADIES


Ready to rip up the red carpet scene, the Pink Ladies are back in glitz and glamour. Rocking their signature colour, they will be seen dominating the dance floor and disarming opponents. M agnificent in goals A lways looking for a good time Z ealous about life J ust fabulous A lways up for a party   C an put away the drinks Q ueen of the dance floor F lirty and fun  L ooking for a 10  I ndecently perfect C oming for the party K iller karaoke  T ypically trouble I ndestructible  K icks butt on the dance floor I nfinitely wise       H andy on the field A nd unstoppable on the dance floor N ever ending holidays  D ifferent dance partner every night O bviously awesome P layer of the tournament I ndefatigable  P retty in pink N aughty on the d-floor I ndisputable decision making C ameo in the forward line S lap hit that is the envy of most T antalising E njoys a gin and tonic… or 6 P retty ok at hockey H opes to make it through the tournament with no injuries


team profiles TORNADOS HOCKEY CLUB Singapore

Founded in 2003, the Tornados HC is a Singapore based multi-national field hockey club, fielding both male and female teams. As always we welcome the SCC 6s and look forward to a great tournament. Our teams are an eclectic mix of nationalities and abilities ranging from South America to New Zealand, so anticipate many languages and not a lot of common understanding as we attempt to play some hockey. Always raring to go for the evening activities we will be sure to delight with our costume attempts. See you on the pitch!


Champions of the Bowl in 2015, the UWA Hockey Club returns to Singapore in 2017, ready to reclaim the coveted title after an unsuccessful (on the pitch) 2016. Once again, core members Boat Peterson and Pex Albrecht have assembled a team that has every chance of making a deep, deep run into finals.

- Predicted Best and Fairest: James Roddan - Predicted leading Goal Scorer: Pex Albrecht - Rising Star Candidate: Michael McAnus - Key player to watch (on field): Boat Peterson - Key player to watch (off field): Conor McKnight

Squad members James Roddan, Sir Martin Sawetell and Conor McKnight return this year with greater knowledge of playing conditions whilst Michael McAnus is brought in due to his recent form representing the UWA U18s at Club Bay View throughout the off-season. Aside from taking out the title, UWA Hockey are keep to prove their talent both on the green and in the tent. With past male model Pex Albrecht tipped to lead the most-photographstaken-with award, it’s likely he will surpass his previous record of Bloody Marys in a night. As seen previously, all you need to succeed in Singapore is a pair of enclosed shoes and a good attitude. The below tournament tips were sent in by an Anonymous Leek. Please review!


team profiles UNFIT ALLSTARS


The club was formed in 1987 with the merger of the Grads Women’s Hockey Club, Cricketers Hockey Club, Old Scotch Collegians Hockey Club, and the Christ Church Hockey Club. The club is one of the largest in Perth and is based at Cresswell Park in Swanbourne, Western Australia. The club fields senior teams in both men’s and women’s competitions from first grade to veterans. In addition, the club has an extensive junior programme for boys and girls of all ages. Out of the magnificent club has come a truly magnificent team – the Unfit Allstars. The appropriately named, Unfit Allstars are a team within the Westside Wolves Hockey Club. The team was formed in 1988 with the gathering of a group of like-minded players, whose love of post-game celebrations were matched only by their deep hatred of attending training sessions. The team won the premiership in its first year and followed that success with premierships in the next four consecutive years. The team won the 2015 premiership, which resulted in massive celebrations. The team attended its first SCC 6s competition in 2001 and developed a taste for the sponsor’s products. Hence, a return in subsequent years has become inevitable. In 2017 the Allstars are fielding their ‘youth’ side with a generous average age of around 40. Whilst in a previous life this team has combined for over 1500 premier league games between them, 2017 certainly sees them consistent with the Allstar edict with their better athletic and sporting days well behind them. In addition, in 2017 the Allstars will be paying homage to Cricketers Hockey Club – cricketers are historically the most successful club in Perth and were one of the foundation clubs that formed Westside Wolves. We look forward to getting out on Allstar Field in the Cricketers green! Gus ‘J-Pup’ Burges (Captain) SCC 6s: 2007, 2008 Position: Forward Fact/Fiction: When he is not stealing goals and glory from his more industrious team-mates, the Pup will be found nursing his jelly beer in one of the local establishments. Sam ‘Lemmo’ Lemmon SCC 6s: 2004, 2006, 2014, 2016 Position: Midfielder Fact/Fiction: More half back than midfielder, Lemmo loves moving one paced up the right sideline picking up easy possessions. If missing from any fixtures will most likely be found at Singapore Turf Club or Din Tai Fung. Warrick ‘Capper’ Price Position: Defender SCC 6s: 2003, 2004, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Fact/Fiction: Imported from Hong Kong, the Big Unit is known throughout Asian hockey for his clumsy feet and physical approach. An experienced Singapore veteran with multiple BOG’s at the Saturday night party.


Michael ‘Funky’ Fraser SCC 6s: 2003, 2004, 2006 Position: Forward Fact/Fiction: Also known as Leaky Bingwa on tour a spectacular but erratic hockey player. Actually that is probably a reasonable description of Funky more generally – particular some of his past performances at the SCC 6s. Paul ‘Macca’ McCarthy SCC 6s: 2003 Position: Defender Fact/Fiction: Not called the Macca the Hacker for no reason – likes nothing more than a strong tackle. Actually he likes cold beer much more than a strong tackle. Greatest challenge in 2017 will again be rooming with Funky. Jason ‘Blacky’ Black SCC 6s: Debut Position: Midfielder Fact/Fiction: Could be very dangerous off the leash for the first time at the SCC 6s. That will not be ideal for the team as he is pencilled in to do most (i.e. all) of the running on field. Ben ‘Benny’ Fraser SCC 6s: Debut Position: Defender Fact/Fiction: Known for his hard-working attitude on the field and squeaky clean image off the field. We are expecting almost certainly that a debut performance at the SCC 6s will be his undoing for each of those. Jeremy ‘Robbo’ Robinson SCC 6s: Debut Position: Goalkeeper Fact/Fiction: One of great junior talents – now getting Robbo in his gear and standing in the net will be an achievement. Still using the same GK gear from 2001 so best advised to keep a safe distance. Peter ‘Cracker’ McKerracher SCC 6s: Debut Position: Defender Fact/Fiction: Controversial selection given he has not picked up a hockey stick in 10 years. However that was easily countered by the fact that he enjoys sledging and generally being a lizard. Huge chance to take Capper’s BOG Saturday night party award. Jonathan ‘Petto’ Petterson (Coach) SCC 6s: 2003, 2004, 2005 Position: Coach Fact/Fiction: The sticky tape holding his body together has finally given way meaning that Petto has taken up the coaching duties in 2017. Not likely to have many of us listening to him on the field so will be put to good use elsewhere with his extensive SCC 6s history and experience.



The UQHC Recalcitrant Redmen return to contest their fourth SCC 6s tournament in 2017 and look forward to an injection of youth, less gin poisoning, more pool time, team walks, solving the problems of the world through deep and thoughtful discussion, and, as always, #teamunity.

Sandal aka Rhys Cullen (FR#2) After near death experiences on both Saturday and Sunday morning last year, Sandal intends to limit his gin consumption on his fifth trip to the SCC 6s. Although the lower gin intake should theoretically increase his hockey output, it is a known mathematic fact that anything multiplied by zero, remains equal to zero.

Gash aka George Kennedy (FR#4) Gash is back for his fourth SCC 6s, with a freshly rebuilt knee and an insatiable appetite for both gin and goals. Disappointingly, Gash was not required to provide any emergency medical aid to the squad in 2016. However, with two debutants and the ever-faint Sandal in the squad, he will surely be required to resuscitate someone in 2017.

Knuckles aka Ross Kealy (FR#5) Knuckles returns for his third SCC 6s tour, having recently shorn his luscious locks in effort to keep loose women from throwing themselves at him. Expect to see him checking in at the airport with nothing more than a hockey stick and reusable shopping bag. A true renaissance man who travels extremely light.

Tugboat aka Warrick Shillito (FR#6) Tugboat steams into Singapore again for his fourth SCC 6s tour, fresh from some recent propeller de-fouling works. It’s not clear what his drink of choice will be in 2017, or if he will adopt the smorgasbord approach in an attempt to ward off the early morning gin death that plagued the squad in 2016.

Godfather aka Sonny Connors (FR#9) The Godfather is going around at his third SCC 6s in 2017, after providing the spiritual leadership and maturity the squad needed in 2016. It is rumoured that the Godfather is yet to actually incur a single out of pocket expense in Singapore thanks to his creative accounting and tax evasion skills.

Keno aka Kieran Powyer (FR#11) Keno will play his third SCC 6s tournament, after making the massive commitment to fly back from London to join the squad in 2017. A fan of logistics, efficiency and beauty, expect Keno to be delivered to the fields in a limousine full of attractive, giggling air hostesses just in time for the first game.

Creep aka Michael Webb (FR#12) Creep somersaults into Singapore for his second SCC 6s tour, after a breakout summer of festivals in Australia during the off season. Pictures of the Creep, clad in nothing but hot pink yoga pants whilst suspended on the slackline, have gone viral. Will he also have to adopt the Knuckles shaven head look to keep the ladies at bay in 2017?

Wang Dang aka Nick Poon (FR#14) Wang Dang is on debut at the SCC 6s in 2017. A man of prodigious mental and athletic talents, the squad will rely on him heavily for goals and tactical nous. As the squads, most ethnically diverse member, Wang Dang will play a pivotal role in maintaining #teamunity.

Boo Boo aka Ryan Kershaw (FR#15) A former UQHC cult hero, Boo Boo also debuts at the 2017 SCC 6s. Having recently graduated with a law degree, Boo Boo will be responsible for representing all and sundry at Kangaroo Court, as well as any actual legal proceedings the squad may find itself involved in over the course of the trip.


team profiles WAKAKICHI TOKYO Japan

Wakakichi Tokyo have been playing in the SCC Hockey 6s since 2012. We are looking forward to getting together and playing hockey once a year in Singapore. We will do our best!


Returning in 2016 for a second year up to the Lion City, the girls were under pressure to repeat their outstanding debut performance, both on and off field. Sly recruiting at the Teams Reception secured them a secret weapon, Sharon and finally with a full complement of nine players, the only thing left to complete are careful preparations of cigars and hydration up at Stumps Bar. Better prepared for the humidity, the girls wowed their fans bagging wins on Day 1, throwing them into the Plate Competition. Unchartered waters called for familiar traditions and the Flamingos were out in force, flamingling with the teams at the Tournament Dinner. The feather ruffling ensured a trail of pink feathers, glitter and sequins between neighbouring hotels.

through the airport with medals draped around their necks, assured in the knowledge they had one-up’d their previous year #internationalathletes. Without goalkeeper or partners, what will become of the YM Singa Slingas in 2017? Only time will tell… HONOURABLE MENTIONS: - Crackers for keeping the flock in check - Moi for conquering her hanger - Jo for not currying up her sheets - Liv for keeping her phone in a ‘safe place’

#1 – Lisa Crocker; #2 – Grace Hutchison; #3 – Moira McKechnie; #7 – Ellinore Buchan (C); #8 – Jen Briggs; #9 – Jo Noronha; Backing it up on Day 2, the girls made it through to the Plate #11 – Ellie Munt; #13 – Olivia Collins; #69 – Sharon Warton finals, conceding to the Indonesian team – but still cruising home




A long time ago in a city far, far away…


It is a period of civil war. Every year at this time a new battle begins for the ultimate SCC Hockey 6s trophy. Once again, each of the YM teams is arguing over which team will have to put up with Jar Jar Binks in their squad this year. #7 Joel ‘Joelski’ Hughes and #14 Chris ‘Rawkus’ O’Reilly – C3PO and R2D2 These are the droids you are looking for and they pair up regularly through the Singapore Wars skirmishes. They constantly abuse each other, on and off the field, but they don’t like being separated. You should see them do the robot dance, it is hilarious. #4 Richard ‘Gibbo’ Gibson – Han Solo Loves to go on the hockey field by himself except when facing easy opposition where he will pass all day. Old-time smuggler (of budgies) who used to be able to move like the Millennium Falcon doing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs but now moves more like someone who has been frozen in carbonite, due to a lack of training. #3 Matt ‘Howelly’ Howell – Darth Vader Tall and imposing on the hockey field, the hockey force runs strong in Howelly’s family – he is a father of twins. He’s likely to do something evil on the pitch, especially if he comes across another YM team. Loves the idea of dressing in black and wearing a flowing cape. #15 Shaun ‘Junior’ McLoughney – Darth Maul Being a Sith apprentice, you just know that Junior is going to cause some mayhem, both on and off the field. Has the ability to do things with his ‘double-ended lightsaber’ that surprises even himself and if he doesn’t know what is going to happen, how will the opposition guess? Everyone is in danger when Junior is on the warpath. #1 (GK) Michael ‘Crocks’ Crocker – Salacious B Crumb Ruthless keeper who sits at the back and takes verbal pot shots at anyone and everyone. Known for his shrill laugh and sadistic sense of humour, he would happily pick the eyes out of a droid if it prevented a goal.

#54 Chris ‘Fiddy’ Buchan – Yoda Fiddy is just slightly older and slightly wiser in the ways of the hockey than Yoda. Do not try to take him on; he knows what you are going to do before you do. His middy-chlorine count is exceptionally high, but when he moves on to bourbon, we’re all in trouble. He is our spiritual leader but is trying to fade into the background of Singapore Wars because he is struggling to keep pace with his wife’s and daughter’s drinking. #44 Paul ‘Temps’ Templeman – Young Anakin Inexperienced Singapore virgin who has wild dreams and big ideals of playing well in the hockey. Before long all those dreams will be crushed and he will have turned to the dark side – making others do the hard work of running, tackling back and making space, while he just gets angry and slashes at anything that moves. #10 Paul ‘The Hoff’ Houghy – Wedge Antilles Critical bit part player who has added to a good hockey story but doesn’t actually do that much of significance. Has popped up for important cameos in a couple of episodes, the most memorable of which involved some serious stunt ‘flying’. Goes missing for a big chunk of the main episodes. #15 (GK) Rob ‘Swifty’ Swift – Chewbacca Swifty is just slightly larger and hairier than the famous Wookie. He’s also a little bit scarier and harder to understand once he starts drinking. He tells everyone that he is a good goalie and no-one is brave (or stupid) enough to disagree (at least to his face).


team profiles YMCC HOCKEY CLUB Australia

A long time ago in a city far, far away…


It is a period of civil war. Every year at this time a new battle begins for the ultimate SCC Hockey 6s trophy. Once again, each of the YM teams is arguing over which team will have to put up with Jar Jar Binks in their squad this year. #1 Doug ‘Dougalicious’ Ockerby – BB8 Short, round and with a heap of attitude. Doug is similarly challenged by stairs and sand, but struggles considerably more than BB8 on grass. Doug always thinks he has the missing piece of the game plan – sometimes he does, sometimes not. He may have found it at KFC.

#42 Michael ‘Fitness’ Maxwell – Alrucca Foskobe I don’t know who he is either, but he is likely to die in a losing battle somewhere inconsequential. Could have even been from friendly fire. Oh well, send in the next soldier. Doesn’t add much to the plot.

#2 Pete ‘Pivot’ Mark – Jar Jar Binks Does some good things on the field and makes some horrible mistakes, but none of the actions (good or bad) are intended, they’re all accidents (especially the good things). Not a single ounce of the force in this one.

#13 Michael ‘Jordy’ Jordon – The Emperor Jordy is always pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Everything on the hockey field seems to fall into his master plan. He sometimes even knows the outcome of the game even before it has been played. With his complexion, he needs to stay out of the sun.

#88 Andrew ‘Cantina’ Caddy – Maz Kanata Not surprisingly, Caddy owns a bar, given how much he likes to drink. Short in stature but wise in the ways of the hockey, Caddy is remarkably nimble for one so wizened.


#29 Paul ‘El Scoro’ Bailey – Droid Our medical droid that was in the early episodes but then disappeared for a few. Now he’s making a comeback. Has repaired a number of the cast over the years, including Yoda and The Emperor. Not overly known for his hockey force talents and not keen on working on Sundays, but an integral part of the Alliance, nonetheless.

#7 Paul ‘Mountain’ Syminton – The Sarlacc The Mountain lies in wait in the forward line, often just left alone and dismissed as not being a threat due to his appearance. He soon demonstrates this as a mistake – Mountain loves to chew up and (sometimes) spit out unsuspecting defenders, as he sneaks goals (as long as he doesn’t break something). Makes Boba Fett extremely nervous when in close proximity.

#98 (GK) Jeff ‘Scotty’ Scott – Malakili (Rancor handler) He’s one of the dungeon gaoler/goalies in the basement of Jabba the Hutt’s palace and he dishes out justice to all concerned. Particularly important to keep the Rancor in line, whether it be on or off the field.

#12 Geoff ‘Coops’ Cooper – The Rancor Coops is an absolute monster on the field. Pity any defender that gets in his way because he will take you down on his way to get the ball. Not safe to be around without his trusty handler, Malakili. Unfortunately, he sometimes telegraphs his shots due to slow movements, but when he swings, he swings hard. Sometimes he even hits the ball. Some of those times the ball actually goes towards goal.

team profiles YOKOE JAPAN Japan

We are Yokoe Japan coming from Tokyo, Japan. This is our seventh participation at the SCC Hockey 6s. We are really happy to come back here again. Name of our team comes from our former head coach Mr. Jun ‘Dorji’ Yokoe, who is now a Sumo Wrestler in Mongolia. Dorji will be joining our team this year as GK. Our best record in the Hockey 6s is 2nd prize in 2011. This year we will try our best to win the tournament with wellexperienced players. We thank the Singapore Cricket Club for giving us the opportunity to play in this tournament. We wish all the best to all participants. Let’s enjoy hockey and drinking together!


Past Winners Year 2016

Competition Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

Winner Colombo Hockey & Football Club (Sri Lanka) Anzai Japan (Japan) Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) The Pink Ladies (Australia) International Sports Club of Indonesia (Indonesia) Touring Lions (Australia) Abraham Lomas, Hollandse Club (Singapore) Rosalind Spink, SCC Flamingos (Singapore)

Runner-up Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) Royal Thai Airforce (Thailand) Unfit All Stars (Australia) SCC Flamingos (Singapore) YM Singa Slingas (Australia) AGC Hockey Club (United Kingdom)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

Fremantle Black (Australia) Royal Thai Air Force (Thailand) University of Western Australia (Australia) The Pink Ladies (Australia) Freo Silver (Australia) Singas Slingas (Australia) Mohamed Nor Izuan Bin Adon, Fremantle Black (Australia) Catherine Wheeler, SCC Golden (Singapore)

Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) Anzai Japan (Japan) Monsooners (Australia) Cairns Sapphires (Australia) Modernians Hockey Club (Australia) Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

SRC Hockey Men (Singapore) Prodigy ‘92 (Singapore) Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) RIHP Rubies (Australia) ISCI Ladies (Indonesia) Seethadevi (Sri Lanka) Edward Welch, Clubhouse Casuals (United Kingdom) Amber Mutch, RIHP Rubies (Australia)

Clubhouse Casuals (United Kingdom) Modernians (Australia) Roaming Redmen (Australia) KL Hockey Club Ladies (Malaysia) Tornadoes Ladies (Singapore) Monsooners Ladies (Australia)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Hollandse Club (Singapore) Colombo Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) Seethadevi Sports Club (Sri Lanka) Scarlet Redbacks (Australia) Southern Stormtroopers (Australia) Imadh Muzammil, Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) Bec Fatnowna, RIHP Old Rubies (Australia)

Tornados Hockey Club (Singapore) Royal Thai Air Force Hockey Team (Thailand) The Reds (Australia) Cairns Hockey Association Sapphires (Australia) Jansenites (Singapore) Monsooners (Australia)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) Freemantle (Australia) Maechens (Japan) Seethadevi (Sri Lanka) Hockey Goddesses (Australia) SCC Gold (Singapore) Shoga Matoba, Seven Stars (Japan) Chathurika Wijesooriya, Seethadevi (Sri Lanka)

Seven Stars (Japan) Hong Kong Cricket Club (Hong Kong) Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Melos 85 (Japan) Super Dux (Australia)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament

Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) KCC (Hong Kong) Riverside Lions (Australia) KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) SCC Slammers (Singapore) SMK Puteri (Malaysia) Keisuke Yoshida, Yokoe HC (Japan) Nadia Abdul Rahman, KL Hockey Club (Malaysia)

Yokoe HC (Japan) YMCC Hockey Club (Australia) VIOBA (Malaysia) Hong Kong Island Queens (Hong Kong) Hockey Goddesses (Australia) Tornados (Singapore)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Ladies Cup Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl Schools Boys Schools Girls Men’s Player of the Tournament Ladies’ Player of the Tournament Boy’s Player of the Tournament Girls’ Player of the Tournament

KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Gymkhana Hockey Club (Sri Lanka) Tannibellies Hockey (Singapore) KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Singapore Cricket Club (Singapore) Hong Kong Cricket Club (Hong Kong) St. Andrews Secondary School (Singapore) CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent (Singapore) Abu, KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Kannagi Arumugam, KL Hockey Club (Malaysia) Gugan Sandran, St. Andrews Secondary School (Singapore) Nurfana Hani, CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent (Singapore)

Clubhouse Casuals (UK) Boatpeople Hamburg (Germany) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Seethadevi (Sri Lanka) Gulf Camels (UAE) Sri Lanka Schools (Sri Lanka) Jurong West Secondary School (Singapore) East View Secondary School (Singapore)


Men’s Cup (Joint Champions) Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl (Joint Champions) Ladies Cup (Joint Champions) Ladies Plate Ladies Bowl (Joint Champions)

Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) & Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Gymkhana Club (Sri Lanka) Royal Klang Club (Malaysia) & Boatpeople Hamburg (Germany) Royal Selangor Club (Singapore) & Singapore Cricket Club (Singapore) Valley Pandas (Hong Kong) PDRM Scorpions (Malaysia) & Kasetsart University (Thailand)




YMCC Youth Development (Australia) Kowloon Cricket Club (Hong Kong)

Past Winners Year 2007

Competition Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Womens Cup Womens Plate Womens Bowl

Winner Hotspurs Black (Australia) Dolphins (Malaysia) Cobra Magic (Australia) Hotspurs HC (Australia) Kesetsart University (Thailand) SCC Frangipanis (Singapore)

Runner-up Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) Gymkhana Sports Club (India) YMCC (Australia) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Police SA (Singapore) United World College SEA (Singapore)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Womens Cup Womens Plate Womens Bowl

Air India (India) Police SA (Singapore YMCC (Australia) Hotspurs (Australia) Cobras Strikers (Australia) SLS Black (Sri Lanka)

Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Cobras Fusion (Australia) Unfit Allstars (Australia) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Valley RFC (Hong Kong)




Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup Women’s Plate Women’s Bowl

Air India (India) Royal Thai Air Force (Thailand) Boatpeople (Germany) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Royal Thai Air Force (Thailand) Kaset Ladies (Thailand)

Maharajah (India) YMCC Hockey Club (Australia) Royal Selangor Club (Malaysia) Police Scorpions (Malaysia) Westside Wolves (Australia) Sri Lanka Schools Hockey Association (Sri Lanka)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup Women’s Plate Women’s Bowl

Air India (India) Penang Sports Club (Malaysia) Chenab Eagles (Singapore) Police Vipers (Malaysia) Royal Thai Air Force (Thailand) Chav Z - Force (Australia)

Kilat Club KL (Malaysia) Singapore Police Sports Association (Singapore) YMCC Hockey Club (Australia) Flying Queens (India) Singapore Recreation Club (Singapore) SCC Survivors (Singapore)


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup Women’s Plate Women’s Bowl

Air India EI Nino Gymkhana Royal Selangor Club Royal Thai Air Force Yokohama

Redza Sports Club Royal Thai Airforce Sri Lanka Juniors Kilat Ladies Singapore Cricket Club Valley RFC


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup Women’s Plate Women’s Bowl

Soul Mates Air India Club Aman Police Scorpions Air India Westside Wolves

Indian Airlines Rosellers Valley RFC Theresians Valley RFC Freemantle




Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Pakistan Intl Airlines Jollylads Club Aman Police Scorpions

Colombo Hockey & FC Singapore Recreation Club Prisons Theresians


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Chenab Singapore Recreation Club Singapore Cricket Club Royal Malaysian Police

Pakistan Intl Airlines Royal Thai Air Force ‘B’ Misfits Police United


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Johore Bahru District H.A. Indian Association Misfits North Coast Raiders

Pakistan Intl Airlines Penang Sports Club Valley RFC Police United


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Singapore Recreation Club Singapore Cricket Club Royal Bangkok Sports Club Police United

Gymkhana Chinese Taipei SIA Sports Club Singapore Recreation Club


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Indian Association Johore Bahru Harimau Hong Kong Phads Police Scorpions

Freemantle Johore Bahru District H.A. Khalsa Police United


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Singapore Recreation Club Sentrans Dutch Club Theresians

Indian Association Hong Kong FC SAFSA Royal Selangor Club


Men’s Cup Men’s Plate Men’s Bowl Women’s Cup

Malacca Club Police ‘B’ Padang Select Royal Selangor Club

Singapore Recreation Club Penang Sports Club Jansenites Theresians


Men’s Cup

Malacca Club



AC K N OWLE DGE M E NTS Main Sponsors Asia Pacific Breweries Limited Science in Sport Gryphon Hockey Tan Wee Lee

Official Medical Partner Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital Advertisers E&R Mineral Makeup Pte Ltd Envotek Energy Goldin Shipping Harry Elias Partnership LLP M&A Law Corporation Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP Talenat Pte Ltd Vapor Pte Ltd

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SCC Hockey 6s 2017  
SCC Hockey 6s 2017